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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SpaRitual Twisted Vine + Golden Rule


  Today I have some more colors from my recent Apothica haul. This is a brand that I was never really curious about because I've read that it's basically Orly in a different bottle... But moving on... I did manage to find two mini pretties that I figured would be a good introduction to the brand and I'm very curious now....

This is Golden Rule. A pretty Gold glitter suspended in a clear base. I love the glitters in this. It is a mix if small and even smaller Gold glitters. For this I only did one coat of Golden Rule over Twisted Vine.

 And this is the lovely Twisted Vine. An amazing Hunter Green creme. This is such an awesome Fall color IMO. However this does look very familiar to Orly's Enchanted Forest.  The formula was good and easy to work with. For this I did Two coats of Twisted Vine.
I really love this combo and I'm thinking waaaay ahead here... Wouldn't this be an awesome holiday mani? 
<3 Cristina

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Essie Geranium

Holy bright nails!

  If this isn't Summer perfection, I don't know what is.... Here is another Essie pretty from my recent Apothica haul.

**Edit**: I have been informed by my lovelies that a "Geranium" is indeed a flower lol. See this whole time I though it was just another made up name. To me "Geranium" sounds like something that should be on the periodic table of elements lol.
Geranium is an Orange toned Red. IRL this is far more Orange that this picture lets on. My camera never does colors this bright any justice. I am loooving this. The formula is somewhere between a jelly and a creme. I needed Three coats to get rid of the VNL. I can't wait to do my next pedi in this color! Also, see how shiny this is? That's is with no top coat. This is fierce and for some reason I also love the name. If Geranium was a real thing (which as I know now it is lol) it would probably is be this color, bright and bordering on obnoxious... Just Perfect!!

Thoughts on Geranium?
<3 Cristina

Friday, June 24, 2011

Essie Tart Deco + Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow

Hi loves!!

  Today I have a super pretty combo. I know I just recently did a Peachy- Gold- Red mani but this one has a little something special going on... Deborah Lippmann's Boom Boom Pow. This had been a long time lemming of mine that I never thought would actually make it to my collection. I got these two pretties in my recent Apothica haul.
So for this I sponged Boom Boom Pow over Essie's Tart Deco. Then I stamped using this pretty flower design from Konad Plated M9 in Konad Red special polish. Just for fun after it was all said and done I decided it needed a rhinestone and that pulled the whole look together for me.
Now I know Boom Boom Pow is steep at $20 a pop but I have the kind people of Apothica to thank for a sponsorship that allowed me to get a lot of Essie pretties along with this Golden stunner. BBP is full of WIN. I love all the different sized glitters in it and I love the super micro fine glitter that floats in the clear base. I also love that it is a true, bright Gold. According to the Deborah Lippmann website there is 24k Gold powder in this. I assume they mean the micro fine particles that float in the clear base giving it a Golden- cloudy look. This is just amazing and I can't wait to layer it over everything.

 Essie's Tart Deco is a beautiful bright Peachy creme. The formula for this was slightly annoying. It was just a tad streaky but not too terrible. For this I used Three coats of color.
And there you have one of my favorite manis to date! I am so in love with Boom Boom Pow and Tart Deco as well. Tart deco is Summer perfection and so flattering. I am so happy to finally have some Essie's I can get excited about in my collection. I could not be more pleased with Boom Boom Pow. I mean just look at it!! It's amazing.

Thanks for stopping by
<3 Cristina

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! Essie Knockout Pout

Happy Pink Wednesday!!

  For today I decided to go with one of my new Essie polishes I picked up in a recent haul. For some reason I've never been very curious about Essie but lately I've been looking more and more at their colors and finding myself attracted like a moth to a flame. So in this haul I picked up a lot of older Essie colors that I am strangely excited about.

  For this Pink Wed I decided to go with the awesome Knockout Pout. This one is an awesome BRIGHT bubble gum Pink. This borders on neon and actually dries to a slight satin finish so a good top coat is a must have to bring out the creamy shine in this pretty. The formula for this is incredible! So smooth and creamy. This color comes from their Summer 2010 collection. This is Three coats of Knockout Pout.

IRL this is a lot brighter and a lot Pinkier. However, because it has that slight neon-ness my camera freaked a bit and made it look a bit more muted than it really is. If you love bright Pinks you absolutely need this Essie pretty in your Collection. For the stamp I used plate BM16.
What's on your nails today?
<3 Cristina