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Thursday, June 7, 2012

#FLBeautyBloggers Neiman Marcus Breakfast Event

Hello again loves!!

  This time around I wanted to share some "scenes" from this past Saturday. The lovely people of Neiman Marcus of the Mall at Millenia were so amazing to the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida. They put together a lovely breakfast for us followed by a great presentation from their beauty department. This was very exciting as I got to learn a lot more about the Neiman Marcus beauty department. 
  I don't really have a Neiman Marcus nearby me so it is not a store I am not entirely familiar with and most of the time I don't even feel comfortable going in there when I am in a mall that has one. IDK what it is about high end designer merchandise that makes me so nervous. I feel "inadequate" when I walk through stores like Neiman Marcus (lol?). I'm weird like that. 

Yes... There were LOTS of pretty nail polishes. These are from LeMetier. Summer Neons is where it's at!
 Intimidtion aside, I had an amazing time and by the end I felt better about being there among all those beautful cosmetics that I could never afford hahahah! I keep it real....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Spam!! #BeautyBloggersOrlando Meet up Edition- A Must Read!

Hi loves!!

  Today's spam post will be something a little different. This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing Beauty Blogger Meet Up for us Central (ish) Florida ladies. It took place at the amazing Cafe Tu Tu Tango at International Drive, Orlando. So today I will be showing you guys a ton of pics I took while at the event. Now keep in mind.. I am not a "photographer" lol... So some of these pics kinda suck... Mostly because I was SOOO excited to be there meeting everyone that I was trigger happy and taking tons of pics! I will list all of the bloggers that were at the event and our sponsors as well.

  I will be sharing everyone's links at the end of the post. If I missed anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know so I can add you!
There are quite a few pics so read on after the jump to see all the fun!