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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Spam! Indie Mania Edition

  Been a while, no? Today I have some utterly random indie spam. I had these swatches sittin in a folder I thought had already been posted..... UMM NOOOO lol! So I figured since it had been a while since my last swatch spam post today was just as good a day as any to bust these out. 
To see swatches of these indie beauties just continue reading. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Candeo Colors Orchid and Dolce

Good morning lovelies and happy Tuesday!

  Today I have.. You guessed it! MORE Etsy finds! The shop in the spotlight today is Candeo Colors. I stumbled upon these Two pretties by, what I assume to be, nothing more that pure luck. I had never heard of this shop but these were the last Two colors she had available that day and I NEEDED them. Candeo Colors has very fast made a name for themselves and they sell out within minutes of opening shop. These are not easy to come by as it seems to be the case with a lot of these Etsy frankeners. But with beauties like these... Why would they not sell out within seconds?

Candeo Colors Orchid over Zoya Reagan
 Orchid is a beautiful deep Purple-y/Magenta shimmery base packed full of Large Holo-y Hexes and smaller copper hexes in the shimmery base. This color could be opaque on its own but I layered it to give it a little extra depth and to make my bottle last as long as possible. I'm in awe of the combination of glitter colors and sizes. This polish is nothing but pure glittery awesomeness and sophistication.

Candeo Colors Dolce over Milani U Pinky Swear
 Oh Dolce.... This is just yummy... I cannot think of a better word to describe this. It is a soft milky Pink base packed full of all different sized glitters in White, Pink and Violet. There are also some Half Moon glitters that I had no luck picking up but they are there. Once again, I layered my Dolce to make sure I don't run out any time soon. I love the look of this creamy glitter. The name is perfection.
 I can't wait for mainstream companies to start watching these girls more closely. I don't want dupes.... But where is THIS kind of creativity in our mainstream brands? Lesbi-honest... We all love these Etsy frankens, and their creators are seriously talented ladies, but the low supply to the very high demand is just not working out. Also, the whole "stalking" bullshit is getting old. I feel like we are all giving ourselves heart attacks over snatching up even just one bottle. I cannot be mad at these ladies because we all know they work their fingers to the bone but I can still hate the fact that it's like the biggest C*CK tease ever! "Hey look at these amazing polishes I can make...-.... Oh.. But you can't buy any...."