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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Spam! International Edition

Been a while right?

  So today is supposed to be a challenge day but all Three of us are out of it lol. We will be back on Tuesday or at some point next week, we will definitely get back into it soon! I've had these swatches stashed away for EVER so I thought it was time to post them. All these polishes came from The Netherlands. Well all but one, which came from England. 
To see some Sunday spam continue reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Etsy Mania! Lacquistry Glitter, Bitch!

Hi loves! 

  Today's post features another Etsy beauty. Well, kind of... Lemme tell you a little story. So, a looong time ago I did this HUGE glitter swatch spam post. There were A LOT of combos and swatches. As usual I was sharing the post on my Facebook and I did so by using the tagline "Hey guess what? I love glitter bitches!!" Well the awesome Jenna, who runs the shop Lacquistry, saw that and made a comment that now she HAD to make and name a polish "Glitter, Bitch" ahaaahhaha and so this creation was spawned. 
  Jenna is an amazing indie creator. And she has also set the bar EXTREMELY high for all other indie sellers when it comes to customer service. It took us SIX tries to land on a glitter/ color combination that we both loved. We finally landed on version Six of Glitter, Bitch and here she is. The inspiration behind this polish was Effie Trinket of The Hunger Games Trilogy. 
  Glitter, Bitch is a combination of Small holo Pink hexes, Gold Squares and and hexes, Metallic Purple and Matte Plum hexes. There is quite a bit of textures and finishes mixed in this glitter and I just love it! And let me tell you, this is DENSE :D. I think I could wear this w/o a base color as well. For this look I layered my Glitter, Bitch over Catrice's Dirty Berry(SWOOON). This combination actually does remind me of one of Effie's fantastic costumes. Jenna did such a beautiful job of bringing my vision to life. I cannot thank her enough for putting all the time and effort into making this happen.  You may remember me posting about one of the prototypes in  [THIS] post.
  Right now Jenna's shop is open and she has her Fall collection up. Her polishes sell like hot cakes :D. And why shouldn't they? They are AMAZING and unique! I don't know if Glitter, Bitch will be a part of Jenna's perm line-up as it was kind of a spur of the moment colab between Jenna and I ♥. Either ways  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and this beautiful glitter combination. 

THANK YOU JENNAAA!! You are a gem! 

(**GB provided by Jenna**)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dotty Nail Art with Catrice Polishes

Happy Thursday!! 

  I love Summer nail trends. They are always vibrant and fun. This year I've been seeing a lot of Watermelon themed nail art and I thought I'd give it a shot. I wanted to do something a little different and more "grown up". I went with a cute "dotticure" in a Watermelon color scheme. I think this is a fun take on the trend. I love doing "dotticures" because they are a fast and easy way to spice up any manicure. Some of my favorite manicures have been of the dotted nature. 
 For this easy look I started with a base of Catrice's King of Greens. This color is really just outstanding. Once my base was dry I started placing the dots. I started with the big Coral dots which were done with Catrice Meet me at Coral Island. Then I did some medium dots in the same color. For the small White dots I used Milani White on the Spot which is the best dotting White ever! For the Black accents I used Milani Black Swift which is another amazing polish for dotting.
  I wanted to add something a litle flashy to set the whole manicure off so I did some very small dots with Mavala Electric Green (cannot wait to actually wear this shade). For this "dotticure" I used my dotting tools from Born Pretty Store. I topped the whole thing off with some SV and then some INM Nothern Lights for sparkle.
 I hope you guys enjoyed my take on Watermelon Nails. I really like how these colors work together. Hhhhmmm.. Maybe I should start turning to Fruit for inspiration :D!. Also, I decided against growing my nails out. You guys replied with so much love for the nubs that I decided to keep them that way. I do love my nubs #ClubNub <3!

What do you think of dotted melons?

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catrice King of Greens and Heavy Metallilac

Happy Caturday! 

  So I have this awesome swap buddy in The Netherlands named Sharon. She's been a loyal LTHP Facebooker for a while now and she pretty much rocks. All I can say is she knows my taste well! I gave her complete freedom in what to send my way. I wanted a "sampling" of The Netherland's prettiest polishes. Sharon definitely delivered! She sent a small mountain of amazing polishes my way. Among that epic pile of color were these Two stunners by Catrice. 

Catrice King of Greens
 This is King of Greens. The name is perfect for this color. For some reason this particular tone of Green reminds me of American money, shimmery money lol. The shimmer in this polish is crazy amazing. I usually save this description for my rich shimmery Reds but King of Greens really does glow. The micro shimmer reflects light beautifully in this polish. I love that while vivid it is not an "in- your-face" shade of Green. It is very sophisticated and eye catching at the same time. The formula is very saturated with color and shimmer. This could have almost been a one coater but I did Two to get an extra smooth and glassy surface.

Catrice Heavy Metallilac
  I'm literaly sitting here trying to type about this color and I keep getting distracted by the pictures and wishing I was wearing this right now. Heavy Metallilac is an AMAZING Amethyst toned Purple shimmer with metallic Pinky-Lilac flashes throughout. Once again this color GLOWS and I mean that.  I have not loved a Purple shade this much since O.P.I Plugged in Plum. This color is just electric! The second I started applying this my jaw pretty much dropped at it's beauty. The formula is flawless and could do with One coat but I did Two.
 Sharon really hit the nail on the head when she picked these out for me. They are seriously STUNNING! Can you believe that in Europe this is a "normal" brand?! Lucky bishes loool! Catrice makes stuning shades with fantastic formulas and I am so happy to finally have some in my collection, I never thought I would. I love international polishes. So cool to see what is trendy in other places.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Catrice Birdie Reloaded! and Blue Cara Ciao Gradient Love!

It's Monday!!! 

  And Muffin misses you guys very much! I promise she will be back soon. Mommy LTHP just has to get her shiz straight lool! Today I have a cool gradient I did using my very first Catrice polishes. Very recently I did a swap with an amazing woman from The Netherlands and she sent me small mountain of Dutch polishes :D! I returned the favor with some awesome glittery goodness and some Bettina. 
  Within that mountain of polish were Catrice's Birdie Reloaded and Blue Cara Ciao. I could not decided which one I wanted to wear more so I went with both in gradient form. 
 I started with Birdie Reloaded! as my base color on all Ten nails. For this gradient I used the same method I posted a tutorial for the other day. I love how doing a gradient with primaries makes it look like you used Three colors. After I was done I was wishing I had done the Blue on the tips instead. See? Having the Blue towards the cuticle gave me a slight case of the Smurf hands. I did manage to clean it up nicely but still.... I think the gradient looks kinda cool flipped with the "lighter" color towards the free edge of the nails.
  I actually got lots of complements on these.... And I still thing my gradient work needs WORK lol. I topped this all off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast. Never in a million years did I think I'd love a top coat more than Seche Vite but Wicked Fast just took that title! Seriously guys!! If you have not yet or have been skeptical about trying it... STOP WAITING and try it! You will not regret Wicked Fast!

Here is a swatch of Birdie Reloaded!. These are my very first experience with Catrice polishes and I can honestly say I am super happy girl.
 Birdie Reloaded! is considered to be a  dupe of Chanel Mimosa. This is a beautiful shade of Sunny Yellow with amazing Yellow/ Golden shimmer. The formula on this color was a very pleasant surprise. When Mimosa came out a lot of people were let down by the poor quality of the formula so I was worried that a similar color would suffer the same issues. My worries were for nothing. This color has a very creamy, even and smooth formula an is perfect in Two easy coats. This particular color has a wide brush and I got it to cover my entire nail in one stroke. LOOOVE!
A HUGE thanks to Sharon D. for sending all these beauties my way!!! These colors are s bright and happy all I wanna do is nail art! Sharon definitelly prepped me for the Summer!