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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ulta 3 Pacific Fever- Win of Wins!

Good morning and happy Friday!!

  Today I have a lovely Aussie polish from the brand Ulta3. This brand releases some AMAZING colors and I really wish that we got them here in the U.S. I got this pretty thanks to the lovely Carina. I've only worn this once.... WHYYY?!!! As I was applying this color yesterday I kept wondering why this had not been on my nails more than once. I wore these nails last night to a work party along with a pretty Turquoise stones necklace and it looked soo pretty! So, should I stop blabbing now and let you take a peek at this amazing polish?
For more details about this lovely polish and layering just keep on reading.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Evolution of a Mani with China Glaze Celtic Sun and my New Nubs- A Must Read

Good morning loves!!

  So, here's the dealio... I usually work on Muffin Mondays on Sundays..... Well Saturday night became extremely eventful when womanly things lined up just right not 26 minutes into the new year... Needless to say I feel like crap and I am in a lot of pain and the last thing on my mind is doing my nails. I decided to do a live Muffin Monday so I will be back later with a Muffin post. In the meantime please enjoy this awesome and totally accidental mani... It's a funny story...
 So it all started with me really wanting to try Celtic Sun. Which is a freaking awesome neon highlighter Yellow. I just got it recently at Sally's. It's an older color but it's still totally awesome and new to me. My camera will never do neons justice.... I started with a base of Two coats of Julep's Holly , which is a light White with just a touch of Pink and it has a pearly shimmer. This color turned out to be a perfect base for this neon Yellow. I then layered Two effortless coats of Celtic Sun over the Julep, topped it off with some SV and it was awesome... Also... Thoughts on my new nubbies? I'm kind of enjoying them....

So then I decided that I wanted some totally Rock 'n' Roll nails and the checker stamp I just got was the perfect choice so I did just on my Ring finger as a cute and chic accent nail. Total love for this look. So I was pretty sure this would be the final look for the night and I was just rocking out with the hubs celebrating New Year's eve when suddenly...
The plate is SE22 and I used Konad Black Special Polish
  I totally jacked up my pinkie nail!!!!!!! Apparently it had not fully dried... So I re- did it and not 10 seconds after applying my top coat (literally) on the newly painted pinkie I jacked it up AGAIN! So I decided I was not going to re-do it a Third time...

   What did I do? Glitter will cover ALL our sins loool!!! I added a coat of my new favorite layering glitter that I found at Charlotte Russe and the pinkie was good as new. And then I was thinking my hand was looking uneven so I did on my Index finger as well... BUT THEN.. I thought my Middle and Thumb nails were looking out of place being naked so I added some awesome star stamps from Bundle Monster plate BM05. And voila! A whole awesome and accidental look was born! I wish this looked as awesome bright as they do in person...
The contrast of the Black against the neon Yellow is just so much fun!! And also I am freaking LOVING this checkered stamp! Ladies!! Salon Express kits at CVS "As Seen on TV" section. It was only $10 and it comes with this plate that has the checkered stamp.

And this was THE final look of the night. I am so in love with this look. It's fun and edgy and I am so shocked at how much I love this shade of neon Yellow. I also love how the CR glitter looks over this bold shade. It is just the perfect contrast.

Thanks for stopping ladies and see you later!!!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Charlotte Russe Pink Glitter over Zoya Kennedy

Happy Sunday all!!

 Today's post is a quick one. I found this un-named glitter at Charlotte Russe not long ago and it reminded me of a more sheer version of O.P.I's Teenage Dream so I got it since I missed out on the Katy Perry Collection.
  This pretty is made up of Micro Pink glitter and larger Silver/ Holographic/ Iridescent larger bits. It is definitely a layering polish and it SMELLS lol. But it is so pretty, girly and sparkly. For this mani I layered Two coats of the un-named Charlotte Russe polish over Zoya's Kennedy. Which turned out to be a really dreamy combo in person. 

So that is it for today. Just some quick and cute layering. Charlotte Russe has some really cute layering glitters. If you have not yet checked your CR for polishes you should. They have some cute things.. As well as Pac Sun.

Happy Sunday!
♥ Cristina

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today is a BIG Day!

Hi guys!!

   My best friend is getting married today!! I can't believe how fast today came!! I am so happy and excited for her. I wish them the best of luck and I know they will do great as husband and wife! I will be posting pictures of the official manis soon. I've been in Puerto Rico since Thursday and all of these past few posts have been scheduled, including today's because.. OMG is the interwebs slow here!! loool!!!

  So for today I am showing you guys what is probably my new favorite layering combo...
  This Black glitter polish has no name :(. It is part of a duo nail polish I found at Charlotte Russe. I saw it and I HAD to have it. I am a sucker for anything that has black glitter... But this is so much more! It's Black glitter and Blue iridescent glitter and smaller pink glitters and random large Silver hexes. It's just amazing... AND THEN.. I layered it over NOPI Kim-pletely in Love. This is just a dreamy amazing combo! I'm so glad I found this pretty... Now I just have to make it last o.O.

So yeah.. I am in love with this. I may do a sweep of Charlotte Russes all over town to find me some more backups of this because it's so pretty. I'm off to celebrate this day with my bestie!!

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina