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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chick Nail Polish Fall/ Winter 2012 Releases

Happy humpday!

  Today I have some new releases by the uber cute, Vegan- friendly brand- Chick Nail Polish. I've been a fan of this brand from the very first time I saw their adorable Chicky logo. Last year All A Twitter was one of my top polishes for the year. I've never been let down with Chick NP's formula either! I think these would make such cute gifts. 
 On a side note: Julie also released an amazing cuticle oil this past Fall. It is a Tangerine- Ginter scented cuticle oil and it has an amazing texture. I LOVE how it smells. Sometimes I want to wear it as perfume.
To see close up swatches of these Four shades just continue reading♥.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day 21: Inspired by a Color

Yay for this week being almost over!! 

  Today Rie, Sam and I are taking on day 21 of the 31 Day Challenge. The prompt for today is to be "inspired by a color". Last year I found myself having quite the dilemma over trying to figure out what to do for this challenge. The task to be inspired by a color leaves me open to do, pretty much, anything I want right? 
 I kept it simple by doing a cute gem design. My base color is Chick Nail Polish in Hipster Chick(full review soon). The color is so cute, fun and "Spring-y" that I just had to go for a flowery gems look. I started with Three thin coats of Hipster Chick and topped it off with some Seche Vite followed by Cult Nails Wicked fast to add the gems. I got my gems from a local shop but they can be found on eBay as well as several other e-tailers. I really like how playful and cute this look turned out. Now don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Color-inspired looks for day 21!

(**Chick NP provided for review**)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day 11: Polka Dot Nails


  So today is day 11 of the 31 Day Challenge. The task today is polka dotted nails. I'm super tired today. My new meds are doing a number on me in terms of energy... As in, I don't have any, EVER. I get tired really fast over nothing. Me no likey! 
 For my polka dot nails I started with a base of Chick Nail polish in Biker Chick. The dots were done using Cult Nails Nevermore, Pomegranate Lacquers in Blue Screen of Death and Julie G Oh Em Gee!. I initially didn't have a plan for my "dot placement" so most of my nails ended up with different patterns. These are cute, but they were cuter in my head lolol!! 

  Now don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Polka Dot looks for day Eleven!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy "Indie-pendence" Day!! Patriotic Mani Spam

Happy Fourth oh July!!! 

  To all my American lovelies anyway :D! I actually ended up doing a few different Patriotic themed manis for this holiday. That usually never happens! It only seemed fitting that I celebrate independence day in some awesome indie polishes right?! Today I will be featuring some beauties by Couronne d'Or Vernis as well as Vivid Lacquer. I must say I am completely blown away by these Two ladies creations and will have separate posts on their beauties later on but some of the pretties they sent my way inspired some awesome July 4th manis. 
 To see these manis just continue reading :D!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chick Nail Polish Hen House #FLBeautyBloggers Swag!

Hi loves!!

  Sorry for this super late post today. I had a lousy morning and better part of my day and I am just starting to feel better now. I hate days like this. Luckily I have some awesome polish on my nail and another awesome polish to show you guys today. Chick Nail Polish was kind enough to sponsor our Beauty Bloggers of Central Fl meet-up we just held this past Saturday. So a HUGE thank you to Julie and Chick Nail Polish for sponsoring our event :D! I managed to get my hands on a Chick shade I had been really debating for whatever reason.. I'm so glad I have it now! I love me some Vampy Nubbies :D.
 This is Chick Nail Polish in Hen House. This is a delicious vampy Plum. This color is deep and sexy and perfect for a night out. The formula on this color is SO easy to work with, it practically applies itself. This is not a super dense creme so it gives this Plummy shade a touch of squishiness and I love that in my deep shades.
I cant wait to see more shades from Chick Nail Polish. I seriously LOVE their chickie logo and I'd love to see more of them lined up on my racks haha.

Thoughts on Hen House?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Spam!! Pink & Black & Blue for You....

Happy Sunday loves!!

  For today's Sunday Spam I will be showing you some pretty Pinks, Blacks and Blues. The inspiration for this theme comes from a line in one of my favorite songs. The song is called "Bruises" by The Chairlifts. I will post a video at the bottom of the post. It is the cutest little love song and I can't help but smile whenever it comes on my iPod or Pandora. I have really strange taste in music and find a lot of inspiration from songs. Music is my happy place so it seemed only fitting that I do a Sunday Spam based on one of my favorite songs.
To see some pretties just keep on reading!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chick Nail Polish Mermaid Inspired Mani

Good Morning and Happy Humpday!

  I was not in a Pink mood when I came home from work yesterday. Also, I've had this mani in my head for sometime and I felt like I had to do it NOW! I'm keeping things really short today because it is very late, I am very tired and I still need a shower... But these pics should really give you something to stare at... Mr. LTHP and I could not believe how amazing this turned out.
 I started with a base of Two coats of Chick NP Raven's Egg. I sponged the tips of my nails in Chick NP All A Twitter. To give the tips some sparkle and a little something extra I lightly sponged all over the Light Blue and somewhat into the Dark Blue with Finger Paints Sparkle TC. I stamped using Red Angel plate RA-111 and Essence Be Optimistic! This light Blue is amazing for stamping! I added some gemstone accents on my Ring Finger and Thumbs. This mani goes back to one of my first layered manis. Some of you may remember [THIS]? I freaking LOVE this!!
The gemstones came from Avon and they were a gift from my lovely M-I-L Cindy. Julie from CNP!! I hope you are reading!! I love this look soo much and your lovely colors inspired the whole thing. 

Thanks for stopping by!

(**Chick NP products provided for review**)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

LTHP's Favorite Nail Polishes of 2011- Top 10 International/Indie Picks

Happy Thursday and good morning to you all!

  Today's post is my Top Ten Picks in the International/ Indie brands category. The reason why I decided to give these their own post is because there have really been some excellent polishes to come to us from smaller and international brands this year. This way it was also easier to be able to narrow it down to 10 picks per category. When I first took on the task of picking my faves of the year I thought I'd have like 54 picks :D.... Anyways.. Enough rambling! In no random order, I give you my Top 10 Indie/International brand picks for 2011.

A England Tristam: The Mythicals Collection
A England comes to us from.. You guessed it! England! This brand was started up the the very lovely Adina and she burst into the scene with a super strong collection. Tristam is Navy Blue scattered holographic perfection. Not only is this color unique and beautiful, it has an outstanding formula. When Adina created this color she really knew what she was going for because this was no mistake :D. The whole collection is really beautiful but Tristam is on a league of its own.

Chick Nail Polish All A Twitter: 2011 Collection
Chick Nail Polish has not been around very long but man did they grow on me fast! This Baby Blue creme just blew me away! It is THE perfect shade of Bridal Blue and it also has an outstanding formula. This brand is new to the scene but if Julie keeps coming up with colors like this one Chick Nail Polish will soon be a part of everyone's collection.

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly: Released in 2011.
 Blackened Green linear holographic goodness... What more could you ask for? This Aussie brand really knows how to make a killer holo. When this color burst into the scene we all went crazy and when I finally got to try it I could see why. While the base is clearly green it looks practically Black and I had been dying for a black linear holo.

A Englad Galahad: The Mythicals Collection
This could easily be my most favorite creme of 2011. This color also got a lot of love when it first came out. It is just Teal perfection. I could sit here and try to think of a flaw with this color but there are non.... 

Specialita HITS Hefesto: No. Olimpo Collection
When I first saw this my eyes popped out of my head. I love this shade because while it can be worn fully opaque it can also be layered over anything to give other colors a strong linear holographic finish. The formula on this shade is just brilliant as well. Brazilians make some amazing polishes!

Bettina Hustle: Dico Collection/ Fall 2011
Puerto Rican brand Bettina really makes some iller cremes but when they do a shimmer they really make a statement. This whole collection was a part of my "short list" but when it really came down to it Hustle kept screaming my name. I love the subtle Teal to Purple shift when it's layered over Black. I love that it looks spectacular on it's own and droolworthy over Black.

Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude: A Day at the Races/ Summer 2011 Collection
  Florida based Cult Nails is ran by the awesome Maria who really knows how to wow us with her amazing creations. This is just the perfect shade of nude for my skin tone but I am also in love with the awesome Pink/ Golden flashes that play hide and seek in this creamy base. This was my first true nude love. 

 Cult Nails Captivated/ A Day at the Races 
 Do I even have to explain why this is in my top 10 picks? I hope I don't lol... 

Bettina Coutour: New Classics/ Fall 2011 Collection 
This muddy Taupe is just so sophisticated and just a classic (no pun intended). Mostly I am madly in love with how it makes my skin look. It really plays well with my skintone and that really made this shade special for me. 

Bettina Starfish: Resort Collection/ Summer 2011
This is, hands down, my favorite shade of Orange in my collection. It is just amazingly bright and juicy. When i think of Orange, a true shade of Orange, this is what comes to mind. I wish Oranges would photograph better but regardless this shade needed to be in my top 10 because I LOVE it!!

  That is it for my Top 10 picks from International or Indie brands. I could have easily done a top 20 but I had to cut it down lol. This year I really got to experience different brands from different countries and companies of all sizes. It is nice to see what is trendy in other places and what smaller companies who are not so much influenced by media and fashion can come up with. I have not been blogging for very long but it seems like there was a slight boom in cool international and indie shades this year. A lot of brands also became a lot more accesible to us U.S gals thanks to etailers like Llarowe, Overall Beauty and Harlow &Co. I cannot wait to see what these companies will do in 2012!

Thoughts? Faves? 
♥ Cristina

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Skittles with Chick Nail Polish!

Happy Thursday!!

  Ahh Cuteness!! Today I have some Holiday nails. I've been slacking on the Holiday nail spirit this year but I fully intend to do a mini Holiday series soon. Today's look features some super cute colors by Chick Nail Polish. I went with a simple design for this one but I ended up really liking this look :D.
 So for this simple look I went with a base of Gavie Green and Wild Rooster. Then I added the cute stamp using Bundle Monster plate BM04 and Konad White special polish. I added some cute gems to accent the corners of my nails and give the look some extra Holiday flair. I accented the stamp with some dots and topped it all off with Seche Vite.

Here is Gavie Green and Wild Rooster by themselves. Gavie Green is not this "aqua" IRL. It is an Emerald Green shimmer that dries to a cool satin finish. My lights and camera made this color too Blue. It looks like a much Greener Turned up Turquoise by China Glaze in real life. It has an excellent Two coat formula. Wild Rooster is an amazing shade of candy apple Red and it could easily be a One coater. Wild Rooster has an amazing creamy formula and dries sooo shiny and fast!
I need to think up some more cute Holiday manis!! These are always so much fun to work on :D. I'm going to try to have some more accurate pics of Gavie Green soon.

Don't forget to follow @ChickNailPolish on Twitter!

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

(**Chick NP Products provided for Review**)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Chick Nail Polish Swatches

Hi hello!!

  Today I have some swatches of some pretties by Chick Nail Polish. This is a "new to me" brand and I LOVE their cute little bottles!!! They are BIG 3 Free and they also have great Customer Service. My favorite part about these polishes.. The freaking adorable bottles!!! I know I already said that but.. Yeah... Just too cute!! I also love the theme behind all of their polish names. Very cute and girly. But most of all... UGHH the cute little chiky bottles!!
All A Twitter. OMG OMG OMG Baby Blue creme perfection. It's a nice pastel soft Blue. The formula is a little thick but manageable. I could not stop staring at my nails with this pretty on. This is two coats. Yay for Twitter Blue!!

Raven's Egg. A Royal Blue shimmer. This is very similar to Zoya's Ibiza but this is a tad bit brighter. Very nice classic color with an excellent formula. Two coats. Yumm!!! Super Sexy!

Moss. Yummy Yummy emerald Green formula with a hint of dustiness to it. OMG do I love this color. I am big sucker for these types of Greens I actually don't have anything similar to this pretty. This was two easy coats. So refreshing!

Gr8 Gray Owl. Amazing light Grey creme. I love this because it is GREY. Not putty, not greige, not Purple Grey... Just a nice clean Light Grey. Another great color. I really love this one a lot. Two easy coats.

  That's all I have for today. I'm really loving this cute Brand. I love their bottles and the themes of the names.  These are only four of their great colors. I suggest checking them out. They have really cute colors and I mean just look at those cute bottles!!!! And just in time for the Holidays you can get 20% off at checkout by using the code "CHICK20" and they are also offering free shipping on 3 or more bottles!

♥ Cristina

(**Product provided for Review**)