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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

O.P.I Pink of Hearts 2014 Duo

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 In the midst of getting ready for work, I have also decided to get a quick post up for you guys :D. Todays quickie is all about O.P.I's Pink of Hearts release for their breast cancer awareness duo, 2014. Every year O.P.I comes up with beautiful Pink themed shades to support the breast cancer cause. This year was no exception with the introduction of a new crelly glitter shade and the revival of an old favorite. 

O.P.I The Power of Pink- This adorable shade is a creme-jelly based polish. The base is a soft, milky shade of Pink. This beautiful squishy base is accented by matte white and fuchsia glitter. The glitter varies in sizes, there are chunky hexes and small hexes that create an almost floral look. I experienced absolutely NO problems when working with this color. The spread of glitter is great and the base is perfectly smooth and buttery. I used Three thin coats.  

O.P.I Mod About You- Long time O.P.I fans will recognize this name. Mod About You is an O.P.I classic. This shade of soft, white- based Pink has been a favorite of mine for years. The formula is fantastic and does great in Two coats. I did notice that the new version is a slightly different shade than the original shade. I'm not sure if or when O.P.I might have reformulated this color, but my older bottle is definitely a more White based Pink, where the new one is slightly warmer and more vibrant (my camera hates photographing pinks so it muted this one a bit). 

Here is a quick comparison I did on Instagram of the old Mod About You and the new one.
 Along with these two beautiful shades the duo also includes an adorable, small glittery nail file with a BCA ribbon charm. This duo is available now at professional salons including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and Ulta as well as a lot of other retailers and online. Retails for $16.95.

What do you guys think of this years duo?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

O.P.I and Zoya Fall Comparisons

Good evening! 

  This quickie post is just a comparison between some of the Fall colors from O.P.I and Zoya that "have been called into question" lol. These were the only Four I could find some sort of dupage for in my stash. 

O.P.I It's my Year and Zoya Daul
My verdict: Not dupes. Daul pulls more to the Blue toned side of Purple than It's my Year which leans a bit more Mauve. Also the shimmer in It's my Year leans more Golden and seems a bit more dense and evident. Daul is more of an Orchid Purple and the shimmer is more delicate and multichromatic. They are definitely very similar and in the same family but not dupes. I ♥ them both quite a lot!

O.P.I DS Luxurious and China Glaze Riveting
My verdict: Not dupes. The difference here is pretty clear. They are both spectacular colors!

O.P.I Danke-Shiny Red and Zoya Elisa
My verdict: Dupes. There is no difference here except for in formula. The Zoya formula was slightly more saturated with color and shimmer.

O.P.I Nein!Nein!Nein! Ok Fine! and Zoya Noot
Verdict: Dupes. Once again I could not spot the difference here except for in the formula where Zoya beat out O.P.I, in my opinion.


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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bettina Disco and Color Club Glassfleck Comparisons

Hi and happy hump day!

  This post is really quick! I've had a lot of requests to do some comparisons of the Bettina Disco Collection and the Color Club Take Wing Collection over Black. So here ya go loves!
And there you have it :D. Sorry I messed up when I was painting the wheel lool but you guyes get what is going on right? They are pretty much the same over Black. The trick to the Color Club polishes is to keep a light hand and do a thinner coat (just one) over Black to get the duochrome to come out and play.

Final verdict: You need the Color Club Take Wing Collection whether you were lemming the Bettina Disco Collection or not. The Disco Collection was very LE anyways.... So get your hands on these Color Clubs while they last because they are spectacular!

  Be back later!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Color Club Take Wing and Bettina Disco Collection Comparisons

Hello (again)!

  This will be a QUICK second post with some promised comps between the Bettina Disco Collection and Color Club's Take Wing Collection.
  I won't go into full detail about where they differ (because they don't much) but if you were lemming the Bettina Disco Collection- Color Club's Take Wing will cure that right up! I could not compare Groovie to Wing Fling because I swapped out my Groovie but it is pretty safe to say they would have been dupes or "close enough". The biggest difference is that Take Wing has a Sunny Yellow in place of Bettina's Purple glassfleck, Boogie. Another difference is that the sparkle in the Disco Collection is more fine that that in Take Wing. The colors in Take Wing are slightly sparklier than those in Disco. I compared Daisy Does It to China Glaze Lighthouse. Lighthouse is far more "Golden". The Color Club polishes are slightly more saturated with color.

SOOO! Long story short: If you were lemming Bettina's Disco Collection RUN out and get yourself Color Club's Take Wing Collection, you will not regret it!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

O.P.I and Bettina Comparisons

Hi loves!

  This post will be another quick comparison between some Bettina colors and some O.P.I Colors. I will keep things short and sweet as usual with these posts.
To see close ups just keep reading.

Monday, January 30, 2012

O.P.I and Zoya Spring Comparison Shots

Hi loves!!

  This will be a super quick post. I wanted to get the comps out of the way before I showed you guys O.P.I's Spring collection. I figured it would make it easier for those of you wondering if there is any dupage between O.P.I Spring and Zoya Spring.
 To see close ups of these just keep reading.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Comparisons: Color Club vs. Zoya

Hi Loves!

 This time around I just have some quick comparisons of some dupes I found between Color Club and Zoya.
  The difference is barely there. Caitlin is a bit more dense and pigmented which makes the shade just a tad lighter that Shabby Drab. These are not exact dupes but they are close enough that if you have one you don't need the other.
Dead on dupes. The Zoya formula is slightly better.

And there you have it! Short and Sweet!
♥ Cristina

Monday, July 4, 2011

Zoya Snow White v. Zoya Purity

Hi loves!

  Just a quick comparison post between Zoya's Snow White and Purity.
Top: Snow White
Bottom: Putiry
So the biggest difference here is that Snow White is slightly more muted than Purity. As far as formulas go they are very different. Snow White is a more squishy, soft white and it it slightly streaky. Snow white is a Three coater. Purity is a more bright, clean White. Purity is a true creme and is much more opaque and easy to work with, two coater. Snow White is more shiny but it does require some attention. I love both for different reasons.

Thanks for stopping by :)
<3 Cristina
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Requested Comparisons


  This is just a quick post of some requests I've had to compare some colors in my collection.

Up first is Zoya's Ibiza and China Glaze's Little Drummer Boy. The difference is quite noticeable here. They are really different. I don't even need to get into detail do I? Happy to report that these are not dupes.
Top: Zoya Ibiza
Bottom: CG Little Drummer Boy
And here is O.P.I's Sparrow me the Drama and Jordana's Pink Bunny. These are also not dupes. SMTD and Pink Bunny could be fraternal twins though. The difference is the SMTD has that drop of Grey that makes it a dirty Pink. Pink Bunny has a drop os lavender in it which makes it a very bright, clean Pink. 
Top: OPI Sparrow me the Drama
Bottom: Jordana Pink Bunny
I hope this helps those of you wondering about these colors. 

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Cristina

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dupe Alert!! O.P.I Be a Dahlia Won't You vs. CG 108 Degrees

Hi again:)!

  It's comparison time!!
Top: O.P.I Be A Dahlia Won't you
Bottom: CG 108 Degrees
What say you ladies? I say if you have one, you don't need the other. 108 Degrees is slightly more opaque only needing Two coats v. Three for Be a Dahlia Won't You. However, I found that the slight Purple Sparkle comes across more in BADWY.

You guys decide! Dupes or not?
<3 Cristina

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zoya Dupage

Hello lovelies,

 I had a couple of requests from some lovelies to see actual side by side comparisons of the dupes I had found to the Zoya Summertime Collection. So as always, ask and you shall receive. Here are some comparison pics.
Zoya Mira v. OPI Funky Dunkey
Pinkie and Ring- O.P.I Funky Dunkey
Middle and Pointer- Zoya Mira
Zoya Kieko v. OPI Pamplona Purple
Pinkie and Middle- OPI Pamplona Purple
Ring and Pointer- Zoya Kieko
Zoya Tamsen v. OPI Off with her Red!
Pinkie and Middle- OPI Off with her red!
Ring and Pointer- Zoya Tamsen
Zoya Areej v. OPI Dim Sum Plum
Pinkie and Middle- OPI Dim Sum Plum
Ring and Pointer- Zoya Areej
Zoya Breezi v. OPI Suzi says Feng Shui
Pinkie and Middle- OPI Suzi says Feng Shui
Ring and Pointer- Zoya Breezi
 And there you have it. I'll let you guys decide what is a dupe lol. I will say in person I could not tell a difference except for in the case of Kieko and Pamplona Purple, but the difference is so barely there. If you have one you don't need the other. For those of you who are sticklers for formula the Zoya formula is marginally better.

I hope this helps those of you still deciding,
<3 Cristina

(**Zoya polishes featured sent by Zoya**)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

NYX Carnival v. Happy Birthday v. Party of Five Glitters

Hello lovelies!

  So today I'll be showing you the awesome NYX Carnival. This is yet another dupe of the very popular Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann.

Carnival consists of Small and Large Hex glitters in Blue, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Green. This is also similar to Milani's Gems. This goes on very chunky. There isn't the issue where all the glitter wants to go to the tips with every brushstroke. For this I used Two coats of Carnival. I suggest clicking pics for details.

Here is Happy Birthfay, Pof5G and Carnival next to each other.

 I like all Three for different reasons. I think Carnival comes closer to Happy Birthday than Party of 5 Glitters. Pof5G has too much Silver glitter in it now that I see them all together. Nothing is quite as graceful as Happy Birthday though. I say it's good to have these dupes as back-ups since I really want my Lippmann to last as long as possible ($$$) :)

Thoughts lovelies?
<3 Cristina

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dupe Alert!! Zoya Summertime Collection

Hello lovelies,

  For some reason I made it my mission to find dupes to Zoya's Summertime Collection because while the colors are all very beautiful I couldn't help but feel that I had seen them before... Well sure enough... Granted I'm comparing to the spoons, but these are very accurate and I could not tell the difference in person as I was comparing. Without further delay here's some dupage!
Mira v. OPI Funky Dunkey
Kieko v. OPI Pamplona Purple
Tamsen v. OPI Off with her Red!
Areej v. Dim Sum Plum
Breezi v. Suzi says Feng Shui

  The only one I do not have a dupe for is Sooki. That is OK because I'm not a huge Red type of gal anyways.. But there you have it! Oh well lol! Thank goodness for those beautiful shimmers that accompany these during the Summer. No one can do shimmers like Zoya :). That is for sure.

Can you tell the difference? Yeah me neither lol!
<3 Cristina

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Whole Lotta Grey!

Hello lovelies!

  Today I'll be showing you all my grey cremes. I will not be doing descriptions on all these as I have covered all these colors before but I wanted to show you them all together! Because Grey is awesome!!! Oh and pardon some of the crappy older pics lol.
Zoya Dove
Zoya Kelly
Rimmel Grey Matter
Zoya Loredana
Zoya Caitlin
Pelican Gray
Movie Star
Morning Glory

And now some Grey Skittles!
From Thumb to Pinkie:
Savina Morning Glory- Bett. #197- Rimm Grey Matter- CG Pelican Gray- Bett .Sand Blast
From thumb to Pinkie all Zoya's. Dont these look like a collection?
Loredana- Kelly- Caitlin- Harley- Dove
Grey is the best. It can be worn any season and it flatters anyone.. I think, at least! It's an easy color to wear and usually my default when I cannot choose from my arsenal of colors lol! Grey will always be the new Black.

Which is your fave Grey/Greige if you have one?
<3 Cristina