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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sparkle + Black= ♥

I love Black polish...

  And I love glitter even more. Combine Black and Glitter and you get one of my favorite things ever. I remember when I was 13 and getting my first Black polish ever. It had silver sparkles in it... It took 4 coats to be opaque and it took forever to dry so I smudged it... My nails looked like butt, but I felt like such a rebel haha... Since then my hand has gotten a little better and so has Black polish....

This is Two coats of Confetti's Ice Ice Baby over O.P.I Black Onyx. I really love these types of glitters that make any polish come to life. This consists of iridescent glitter packed full in a clear base

Here is Confetti's Party Palace Blue over O.P.I Black Onyx. Two coats of glitter. Party Palace Blue is basically a Cornflower Blue jelly packed full of iridescent Blue micro and medium glitters. LOOOOOVE this one! I suggest clicking for detail.

Here is Two coats of W'n'W Kaleidoscope over O.P.I Black Onyx.

Here is a swatch of O.P.I's amazing Black Onyx. Two coats. Hawt patent leather nails as a result!

  This is the amazing Bettina Midnite. Which I've covered recently.

Behold! Sinful Color's What's your Name?. I love the sparkle in this one. Its an awesome Blue to Purple duochrome glitter packed in a shiny Black base. The formula is amaaaazing on this polish. Well pigmented and extremely shiny. My pics are only showing the Blue sparkle but this is still absolutely stunning!

Here are some crappy pics of the very awesome ICING Blackout. This one is a black base packed full of Holographic Glitter. The formula on this one is ok. A 3 coater, I usually put down a base of O.P.I Black Onyx and layer this over it.

 Isn't glitter just awesome? As big of a pain in the butt as glitter is to remove I still love wearing them sooo much. They are fun and they make me happy. Sparkly Black polish is just the shiz. It's edgy and fun at the same time and I always end up staring at my nails when I wear these types of colors.

Sparkle makes everything better.... just like bacon...
<3 Cristina