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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Truffle Tuesday!! LVX Celeste Swatch and Look

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Happy Truffle Tuesday!! 

  For this week's pick Truffle went with another shade of Blue!! What is it with my kitties and Blue? Miss Muffin was very fond of picking me Blue shades as well. I find it adorable that Truffle has kind of carried on that trend with her last Two picks. For this week she went with a soft, dreamy shade of baby Blue by LVX called Celeste. 
 This color inspired me to go for something that looked sweet, like candies or something. I don't know why that was... But this is what I ended up with, and I LOVED em!! 
LVX Celeste look photo DSCN7102_zps9b443005.jpg
 For this look I started with Two easy coats of LVX Celeste. Once my base was dry, I taped off my stripes and painted over with LVX Viridian. I really loved the look of my nails at that point but they did not feel done, so I added a black "drip" with Cult Nail Nevermore. To give the final look a really "sweet" finish I added some of Sally Hansen's Wool Knot from their fuzzy coat collection to the drips. I wanted it to look like sprinkles over hot fudge. I finished the whole look with some KBShimmer Clearly on top to add shine and smooth out the nail art. 
Truffle LVX Celeste photo DSCN7041_zps3f09ae92.jpg

LVX Celeste is a wonderful, white based baby Blue creme. The formula on this shade was so unbelievable! I only needed Two easy, effortless coats of color for my base. I expect color like this to have difficult formulas, but this one was the complete opposite. Here are two coats + top coat. 
LVX Celeste photo DSCN7055_zpsd391b767.jpg
 Thank you all for stopping by! Now, I must go find some ice cream. Because looking at these nails over and over have really made me hungry for some cake and ice cream haha. I know I must not be the only one this happens to ♥! 

Thanks for stopping by today!! Much love from Truffle! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

X-Mas Rush!!! Zoya Holiday Drips

Good Morning loves!!

  Today I am starting a mini-series that will go until Christmas Day. Nothing but Holiday themed looks, all day, everyday until December 25th! I'm kinda bummed I'm getting started so late in the month, but better late than never! Today's look is a quick drippy mani in some beautiful Zoya Ornate Collection colors.
 This look started with two easy coats of Zoya Ziv. For the Green drip accents I used Zoya Logan. For the Red drips I used Zoya Posh. I used a fine brush to freehand my drips. My initial idea was to let Posh dry to its intended satin matte-finish. Basically I wanted matte against glossy. That didn't work out too well, Posh was kinda looking like dried blood drips on my pretty Gold base. Instead I top coated my nails all in Seche Vite followed by Cult Nails Wicked fast. The top coat brought out the pretty Red tones in Posh and brought the look up to Christmas speed, instead of glam-Halloween lol.

  What do you guys think of my melty Christmas look?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day 24: Inspired by a Book

Hi my lovelies and happy Sunday!!

  I had a fantastic Holiday weekend! I hope all of you celebrating did as well! My thanksgiving was wonderful. The hubs and I went to my parents house for an awesome, Puerto Rican style, feast. I cooked a giant batch of Arroz con Gandules y Tocineta. My mom made a glazed ham with Pineapple and cherries, alcapurrias and tostones! For dessert we had Dutch Apple pie from an Amish restaurant. Everything was DELISHHHH! I think I gained like 5 pounds over the weekend!
 I didn't really do the Black Friday thing, did you guys? Black Friday scarred me for life when I worked retail. I just can't bring myself to enjoy shopping while shoulder-checking people left and right lol. The husband did all his shopping online, and is already teasing me about the goodies he picked out for me! I'll probably wait 'till the last minute to do my shopping like a TRUE American lolol!
  So onto the reason you read this blog hahah! NAILS! Today Rie, and I will be catching up with Sammy who posted her Day 25; Book inspired nails back on Thursday. The girls and I also decided that for the last few days of the challenge we will only be posting Challenge nails on Tuesday and Thursday. Those last few days are pretty though. Speaking of which, the look you will see today is the FOURTH take... Yeah.. I re-did this mani four times.. I was pretty frustrated...
 First the nail art, my base color is Zoya Dana. My dotting was done with Lime Crime Parfait Day. I then did a matte top coat over my dotted base and waited for it to dry fully. I then did some shiny Black drips with Milani Black Swift. I liked the cool shiny black drips against the matte Pink dotted base. I did my drips with a very fine brush. I finally got a hang of the technique (kind of!). I must say that after four tries, I am pretty much ecstatic with how these turned out. I used Twee & Honey This is Matteness matte top coat to take out the shine on my Pink base.  
  So the base for nails was inspired by my WAH Nails Book of Nail Art cover art! How fitting right? I found out about this book from the awesome Sammy. She posted a look she did a while back and I absolutely had to have the book. The black drips on the nails were done because the drippy nails are one of the looks that the book teaches you to do, and I was hell-bent on getting the drips down! I love this book BTW! It is a fun and well put together guide for great nail art.
 Even though it took me several tries to get them down, I really like the finished look! These were eye-catching and girly, with a twist. Now don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Book inspired looks for day 24!


Monday, October 8, 2012

LTHP is Back! Daddy Kool Records #MunnyShow 2012 Inspired Nails!

Hi guys!

  I am back! Yes!! I wanna thank all of the AMAZING bloggers that stepped in for me for the past Two weeks. You ladies blew my mind in several different directions, and I know my readers were in amazing company. I'm just in awe of the talent in this community. Also, on that note... While I was gone LTHP reached 5,000 followers!! WOW! I need to plan something special to celebrate this milestone!
  Today's manicure are the nails that I wore to this years Munny Show at Daddy Kool Records in Downtown St. Pete, Florida (post about this later on today!). My nails were inspired by the sticker that the Record shop, along with many other shops on the DT strip were displaying on their windows to promote the local "art show".
  For this fun look I started with a base of Zoya Purity. For the striped nails I used my striping tape from Born Pretty Store and Milani Black Swift. On my middle finger I stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM19 and Zoya Robyn. The splatter finger was done with JulieG Oh Em Gee, Zoya Robyn and Milani Black Swift. On my thumbs I did a drip effect using Black Swift and Oh Em Gee. 

  Here is a crappy thumb shot... Still getting a hang of the drip technique. I topped off all my nails in some Seche Vite, followed by INM Northern Lights TC then followed by one last coat of Cult Nails Wicked fast.

 Here is a shot of the poster that inspired the nails and the nails :D. I am actually so happy with how these turned out. Even at the point when I had all my nails coated in a clean white canvas I really didn't know what I was going to do with each nail and it all just came together out of the Blue. The color palette is just right on for awesome nail art!
  I missed you guys so much!!! I had a nice little break, recovering nicely (still working on that). I feel better every day and I am SO happy to be back!! 

  I hope you guys enjoyed this nail art!!! Who knows... I may just be back later with a Muffin Monday but I will def have a post up soon about the show! 

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

N-n-n-n-n-Nick- Nick-Nick- Nickelodeon- Nails!

I'm a kid of the 90's....

**Quick Edit**: Holy smokes guys! This is my 800th post!! Let's celebrate with some SLIME!!! 

  And in the 90's Nickelodeon was KING! I miss 90's Nick SO much. Remember Doug, Clarissa Explains it All, Hey Arnold and Rocko's Modern Life!? Man.... Those were the days.... Thank goodness for Netflix and their thorough availability of so many of these shows! So back when Nick was King they were all about the Slime and their colors were always this radioactive, Snot Green and... Well... Radioactive, Cheetos Orange. 
  Since I was such a huge Nick fan-girl it only seemed fitting I pay tribute to one of my favorite childhood memories with some slime-y nails using two of China Glaze's Summer Neons for 2012. 
  These colors are PERFECT for a Nick inspired mani! I used Orange you Hot? and I'm with the Lifeguard. I did the bases in alternating colors and the drip in similar fashion. My drips are not the best but I think they work for the look I was going for. I had so much fun working on these and thinking back to the countless hours I spent wishing I was on Family Double Dare and Guts... I topped it all off with some INM Nortern Lights.
I hope these bring back some fond and fun memories for some of you! My husband pretty much cracked up and busted out laughing when he saw these and immediately yelled out "N-n-n-n-nick" LOOOl!

  Ahhh the memories.
(Image Source)
 I can name EVERY character in this photo lol. Can you? 

I hope this mani does Nick proud lol!! Any 90's Nick fans in the house?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sephora by O.P.I My Personal Serpent and Havana Dreams Drip Mani and My very First Tutorial

Hi lovelies!!

  Today I have a post full of firsts!! I received this pretty $OPI colors from a micro swap I did with one of my Facebook friends. Today I have my very first "drip mani" and I did a tutorial to go along with this post. It's not a great tutorial but I was so excited to start playing around and practicing and such that I just went for it with what I had available for recording lool! I have a tutorial for this look up on You Tube.
 I cannot believe I forgot to take a swatch pic of My Personal Serpent which is the dark Teal color I am holding and wearing as my base. My Personal Serpent is a dark Teal creme and a true ONE coater.  For the drip effect I used Havana Dreams and to top it all off I used a thin coat of INM Northern Lights. I really loved working on this mani because this is such an easy technique and just fun to work on. Later on I should have a Tutorial on this look. :)

What are your thoughts on my drip mani? Have you checked out my giveaway yet?
♥ Cristina