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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Spam! International Edition

Been a while right?

  So today is supposed to be a challenge day but all Three of us are out of it lol. We will be back on Tuesday or at some point next week, we will definitely get back into it soon! I've had these swatches stashed away for EVER so I thought it was time to post them. All these polishes came from The Netherlands. Well all but one, which came from England. 
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick Friday Swatches with Essence!

Happy Friday!!! 

  Today I have some quick swatches Three new Essence releases. You guys may have noticed that Essence's Colour & Go line just went though a little re-vamping. The bottles were re- designed to hold more product, the brushes were slightly rounded off, but remain flat and quite a few new colors were added to the line. I was a fan before and I am a fan still. I've still not made a trip to my Ulta to see if they have the new line available yet. I'm sure they have them and I can't wait to see some more of the new shades. 
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shimmery Skittles with Essence Polishes

Good Morning! 

  Sometimes I forget that I can wear more than one polish at once lol... See.. I was having this dilemma because my Dutch swap buddy Sharon sent me Five duo pens from Essence and I couldn't decide which one to wear first. There was also the part where I lined them all up and loved how all Ten colors looked together so I decided to go for shimmery skittles. 
 Skittle nails are such an easy way to brighten your day a little. For this I used all of the colors in my Essence Duo pens. Sharon sent some pens from the Season of Extremes Collection and the Colour3 Collection. I posted a picture of the duos below. I sponged the tips of my skittles with the corresponding shimmer to the base color.

Here are all the duo pens. The Colour3 Pen in Blue has a dupe for Nfu. OH 52 on one of the ends.

Here are al mu bases.
These were all Two easy coats of color.
That's it for today. Keeping short and sweet like my nubs :D which I will be growing out... Maybe... I can't decide.... 

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chick Nail Polish Mermaid Inspired Mani

Good Morning and Happy Humpday!

  I was not in a Pink mood when I came home from work yesterday. Also, I've had this mani in my head for sometime and I felt like I had to do it NOW! I'm keeping things really short today because it is very late, I am very tired and I still need a shower... But these pics should really give you something to stare at... Mr. LTHP and I could not believe how amazing this turned out.
 I started with a base of Two coats of Chick NP Raven's Egg. I sponged the tips of my nails in Chick NP All A Twitter. To give the tips some sparkle and a little something extra I lightly sponged all over the Light Blue and somewhat into the Dark Blue with Finger Paints Sparkle TC. I stamped using Red Angel plate RA-111 and Essence Be Optimistic! This light Blue is amazing for stamping! I added some gemstone accents on my Ring Finger and Thumbs. This mani goes back to one of my first layered manis. Some of you may remember [THIS]? I freaking LOVE this!!
The gemstones came from Avon and they were a gift from my lovely M-I-L Cindy. Julie from CNP!! I hope you are reading!! I love this look soo much and your lovely colors inspired the whole thing. 

Thanks for stopping by!

(**Chick NP products provided for review**)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spam Sunday!! Total and Utter Randomness Edition

Hi loves!!

  For this edition of Sunday Spam I have some totally random swatches. The actual plan for Spam Sundays is to have some sort of Theme but for this first one there were a few colors I needed to swatch or wanted to re- swatch. Spam Sundays are really fun to work on so I'm really happy last Sunday's Post had such a positive response. 

  So like I said, this week is going to be a little bit all over the place but I hope you guys enjoy the spam non the less :D....
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Essence Planet Earth Splatter Mani

Hi hello and happy Caturday!!

  Today I have a totally awesome splatter mani. I haven't really been shy about my love of Essence Color and Go polishes. I really wish that the ENTIRE Essence line was available in the states. They release some really incredible stuff in Europe... I own some of that awesomeness thanks to the lovely Deborah but I just cannot get enough of these little polishes.... So, it had been a while since I busted out my Color & Go's and I was really wanting to play with some of these because I just love these little suckers. I have a really cool mix of colors and I always want to mix them in really contrasting ways... As such :D!
  So for this mani I started with alternating bases of Lime Up! and Underwater. Then I splattered with the alternating colors using a little coffee stirrer straw thingie. I love those because I can really aim at the nail and it makes it a little less messy and a lot faster for me. How cute is this combination?! It looks like pictures of Planet Earth from Space or something. I am just over the moon with this mani! To top it all off I added a coat of INM Northern Lights.
And there you have it! I love these polishes!! They are .99 cents and they are just AMAZING. They have outstanding formulas and great brushes. I love theseee!!! Go get some!! lool!!

Happy Caturday!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Muffin Mondays!! Essence Time for Romance and more Hair Pics!!

Hi and happy Monday!

  I hope everyone had a safe and fun Holiday Weekend. I had an awesome weekend with the family and Mr. LTHP. Today Muffin had some Essence pretties to choose from. These beauties came all the way from The Netherlands thanks to the lovely Deborah from LVCAM. This was one of the sweetest nail mails ever. I was feeling down and stuff and Deborah sent me some Amazing pretties to cheer me up :D. Today's pick reminds me of something that Deborah Lippmann might do....
  This is Time for Romance. The name is so fitting. This is a Mauvey/ Rosey version of Deborah Lippmann's Accross the Universe (Which I am now the proud owner of a dupe of...). This pretty is made up of Pink Hex glitters and irregular shaped and sized smaller Pink and Pink iridescent bits suspended in a Mauve/Pinky Jelly. I think this would do better layered but here I have Three coats of Time for Romance on it's own. It's a very romantic and pretty glitter. ♥!!!

 Not the best pic.. My lights were jacked up!

Anywho!! Here is me in the Sun with mah cray cray hair!! But how cute is this dress? It came from Delia's and I got such a good deal on it! It's so comfy and cute!!

Here is a close up of my hair! I loove it so much!! I will make it my mission to make sure it remains vibrant and awesome!!
  Well that is it for this Monday. Have a lovely day ladies!!
♥ Cristina

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam Part 4

Happy Caturday!!

   Today I have another mini swatch spam post. I'm hoping to have something more exciting tomorrow for you guys. I really hope you don't mind all this swatching I've been showing lately. I swear I will be stamping more often and stuff soon. I just have a lot of nonsense going on in my real life right now (BOOOOO!)... But I don't want to abandon my lovelies...
  Rodeo Fanatic is one of my China Glaze favorites. This is a lovely Teal shimmer with a slight duochrome runnign though it. This is Two effortless coats.

Above is Essence Can't Cheat on Me. I picked this cutie up at Ulta not long ago because the second I saw the micro Silver shimmer I knew there was that certain holo something about it. In Sunlight there is a subtle holographic effect to this polish. I can't wait to layer this over darker colors to give them more dimension. This was Three coats and no top coat. Very shiny on it's own.

And last but not least is Bettina's Amethyst. This is a lovely soft metallic Purple with a great formula. IRL this is much more Red toned but the picture is not too far off from what the color actually look like. This was Three coats and no top coat. My momma brought me this pretty from her trip to Puerto Rico. She also brought me two other pretties that, as it turned out, I already had so I will be adding them to my upcoming giveaway. 

Happy caturday lovelies!
♥ Cristina

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam!

Hello lovelies!!

  Today I have more spam! I've been doing a lot of swatching lately because A) It's fun sometimes lol. B) I have a lot of time to kill. C) I have a lot of colors to try and finally D) I am soooooo stuck in a creative Black Hole at the moment :(.
   Also, the giveaway is now closed! A big Thank you to all the lovelies who participated, tweeted,facebooked and blogged!! I was celebrating 500 Followers and thanks to all of you a WHOLE lot of new lovelies have found their way to LTHP!! I hope you all continue to visit and enjoy this site as much as I enjoy and love working on it for you, my wonderful readers! I will be announcing the winner very soon so stay tuned for that! SO! Onto so polish!

How I Met your Magenta is an awesome Magenta base with a subtle Golden micro-shimmer. I didn't realize there was a Golden shimmer in this until I started applying it. The formula is a bit sheer but easy to work with. At Three coats I had a little of VNL but it wasn't noticeable at all.

This is w/o Top Coat. Dries to a cool Satin Finish!

Gray's Anatomy is apparently a pretty close dupe of Lippmann's Wicked Games. This color is basically a light Grey shimmer with a slight Purple/ Green/ Pink duochrome. It's pretty and ethereal. The formula is a little runny and sheer. This is Three coats and the only decent picture I managed to take. Sorry it' so crappy lol.

Caribbean Frost made me cringe when I read the name. Anything with the word "frost" in it worries me... And then I put it on.. And then I couldn't stop staring. It's not actually frosty, just shimmery. This is a gorgeous Turquoise shimmer with a light Green/ Blue duochrome flash that gives this color amazing depth. This is two effortless coats.

Night Prowl is an awesome Black Base with a fine Purple glitter packed in it. This is similar to ChG Mummy may I? but the glitter in this is much smaller. This is Two coats of awesomeness. This is w/o a top coat so as you can see it does need one to prevent a gritty finish.

This is Essence Movie Star. This is your basic concrete Grey creme. As I've come to expect from these tiny polishes, the formula was flawless and so easy to apply. My regular readers know I can't get enough Grey and this is an excellent one to have. I'll be doing some Grey creme comparisons soon. I have a few .

Last Chance...Oh Last Chance how I love thee... This is amazing. Dark Hunter Green creme, amazing and totally unique in my collection. I don't have anything close to this color and I absolutely love it. The formula bordered on jelly- like so it was a dream to apply and opaque in Two coats.

And here is the amazing Milani Gold FX. Awesome Bright Gold hex glitters! This one was a bit tricky but as you can see it can be worn on its own. This is about Three coats. It is hard to judge coats because I had to apply it in somewhat of a dabbing motion since the glitter kept wanting to go toward the tips. I cannot wait to play with layering this! 

Sorry for the randomness haha! Do you enjoy these types of posts?
<3 Cristina

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun with Essence and Crackle

I was feeling playful today...

  And colorful!

  I really looove this mani soo much! I love all the color and the Cracked Concrete topping I added :).  I found the formula on the crackle to be easy to work with and application was fine. All of the colors used below the Crackle are Essense Color and Go colors. 
Matte <3<3<3

I have soo many goodies to show you guys in these coming weeks!
<3 Cristina

Essence Lime Up!, What do you Think?, Everybody's Talking About, Plum Perfect
CG Cracked Concrete- Crackle
TC: Seche Vite, Mattely in Love

Monday, February 14, 2011

Momma's Choice! Essence Edition

Hello darlings...

  I had an "ok" weekend. I'm hoping for some answers from my doctor this Tuesday but there is still a few more tests and things that I need to have done.
  So, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen that we made a new addition to our family. This was the best part of my weekend. And this is why I had my mom choose me my Monday mani. See we adopted a lovely kitty whom we named Truffles. A big thanks to one of my lovelies, Jenna Lynne, for the name idea :)!
Some of my lovelies have already suggested "Truffle Thursdays :)"... lol
  She is Eight months old and came from the coolest, cleanest, no kill, kitty shelter you have ever seen. The Cat Depot in Sarasota, FL. Currently they had a lot of kitties in need of homes and there were sooo many sweet boys and girls. If you live in the area and are looking for a pet friend I highly suggest you check The Cat Depot out.  
  So anywho, Muffin was far too distracted by her new baby sister to pick me something so I had my awesome Mamacita help me out :). She picked for me Essence's Underwater and No More Drama. She liked both too much to decide and I looooved the combo. For this mani I took inspiration from Deniz at Emerald Sparkled.
  Underwater is the Navy Blue and No more Drama is the soft Lilac tone. I beyond love these Essence Color & Go polishes. Only .99 cents, excellent formulas and cute colors. Oh and I can't forget the fact that they have GREAT brushes. They resemble O.P.I Pro- Wide but like a scaled down version so it fits in the bottle. For both of these colors I only needed Two coats of color and the formula could not have been more pigmented or smoother. You cannot see it but Underwater has scattered light Blue glitters in a dense creme base. It looks very pretty. No more Drama is a simple Lilac creme. very flattering and totally up my alley. I really like how this mani turned out quite a lot :). Thanks for the awesome color choice Momma!

Have you guys tried these polishes?
<3 Cristina

Essence, No more Drama, Underwater
Dots: Underwater, Sally Hansen Color Quick, Teal Chrome
Plate: BM19
TC: Seche Vite