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Monday, July 15, 2013

LTHP Quickies!! Handmade Wrap Bracelets by Penchantelle

(**Press Sample**)
Good evening dolls!! 

  This evening I have something a bit different. I was contacted by a lovely woman named Leslie about featuring her handmade creations, and I could not pass the opportunity up. I am a firm supporter of all things artisan, handmade and beautiful. The second I checked out Leslie's shop on Etsy, Penchantelle, I was captivated. Her bracelets are beautifully made, her photos were beautiful, I knew I had to share with my readers.  
penchantelle photo DSCN6483_zps54d3b821.jpg
 Leslie uses many different kinds of beads and accents. She also takes custom orders. For my bracelet I requested a Black wrap and beads to match my hair (Teal and Purple). Leslie delivered a beautifully made, delicate, yet eye-catching wrap bracelet.
 The package was so cute and my bracelet came in an adorable little bag and was protected from the elements. I loved the packaging.
Pnchantelle photo DSCN6476_zps4473ff44.jpg
 For my bracelet Leslie used Purple, Blue and Silver Delica beads. Per Leslie; the blue ones are actually Hex Delicas, which is just a different type of cut. They are just lovely and have a neat duochromey look to them. SO sparkly in Sunlight. I also love the adorable metal flower clasp detail. 
Penchantelle photo DSCN6496_zps9adbe9ac.jpg
 I am just in love with her work. Leslie also makes bracelets for charities and holds all kinds of great promotions. You guys should definitely check out Penchantelle's Facebook Page so you can keep up with updates on Happy Hours and other promotions. 
 Leslie has been kind enough to create a coupon code for LTHP readers. Use the code letthemhavepolish for 10% off your entire purchase. She also has a happy hour event coming up on August 2nd at 5:00 PM (PST)! 

Get in touch with Penchantelle: [Facebook] [Pinterest] [Etsy].

 I am just now learning to accessorize. I seriously sucked at it lol. But with pretties like this one it has become easier to accent my outfits. I love the clean and beautiful simplicity behind Penchantelle's bracelets.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Scofflaw Summer Colors Swatches and Review

(**Press Samples**)
Hello and happy Monday darlings! 

  Today I have a few swatches of a, new-to me, handmade nail polish line. I know Scofflaw has been around for sometime, and I had bee eyeing them with a vengeance haha. The only pretty I owned by this brand was in the form of a nail polish pendant of David Bowie's Bulge that was made for me by the lovely BeadsInk. So, when Finch got in touch with me about featuring her new Summer shades I jumped at the chance. 
scofflaw summer photo Scofflaw_zps98de3158.jpg
 All of these polishes are so complex, yet beautifully executed. I am so beyond impressed with her unique blends and beautiful use of shimmering bases. All four of these shades had fantastic formulations as well. All swatches are shown with a top coat. 

Scofflaw Little Edie in the Grey Gardens
Scofflaw Little Edie in the Grey Gardens photo DSCN5864_zps6edbb1cc.jpg
 First I have to talk about how much I love the name/ inspiration behind this color. For some time I was fairly fascinated by the story behind "Grey Gardens". Something about this polish really does capture the essence of Little Edie for me. Little Edie in the Grey Gardens is an ethereal blend of Pastel Yellow hexes, Coral hexes, Lavender squares and small Golden glitter all suspended in a very light, squishy Grey base. The kicker is the fantastic Yellowy-Green shimmer in the grey base. I love how delicate, yet unique and eye catching this blend is. I used Three easy coats of color for my swatch. 

Scofflaw Paranoid Android
Scofflaw Paranoid Android photo DSCN5854_zpsb727d7d1.jpg
So.Much.WIN!!! Paranoid Android is a chunky blend of Black, Red, Silver and *I think* Plum hexes suspended in a shimmery, squishy Sky Blue base. There are also some smaller Blue glitters that really add some serious twinkle to this pretty. I love, love the blend of colors here. The Red particles really bring this color to life for me. I used Three thin coats of color for my swatch. 

Scofflaw Wyld Stallyns
Scofflaw Wyld Stallyns photo DSCN5839_zps6b2e43fb.jpg
 Wyld Stallyns is a shimmering Red-toned Purple base accented with hot Pink squares and Plum hexes as well as small Golden twinkling glitter. I think I also picked out some Blue particles and larger Golden hexes. This shade had the "sheerest" formula of the bunch as the base is an actual shimmer and not a squishy creme. I used Three thin coats of color. 

Scofflaw Electric Salamander
Scofflaw Electric Salamander photo DSCN5809_zpscc213dbb.jpg
 Electric Salamander is an AMAAAAZING mix of Blue and Green hexes. There is a mix of Sparkling and matte glitters here that is just perfection. The base color is an interesting, shimmery White-Grey. I just love this color, the Blue hexes are perfect in this base color. The application on this shade is very good, I used Three coats of color. 

 Scofflaw is available from Shop Llarowe as well as Etsy. These babies were just released a few weeks ago. I am so seriously impressed with everything about this polishes. The only one I was not crazy about was Wyld Stallyns, but that is a personal preference thing. The other Three shades have completely won me over.

 I also want to take a quick second to thank the amazing Nikkie of Nikkietutorials on Youtube for mentioning LTHP on her June faves video. I'm still in shock and just so ecstatic and fangirly. I am a huge fan of Nikkie's work and her personality. She has accomplished so much at such a young age, makes me feel lazy haa! She has also lit a fire under my butt to finally write out a post on my nail care routine. Which I will certainly be doing soon. THANK YOU NIKKIE!!! It seriously means to world to me ♥.

Have you had a chance to try Scofflaw's creations yet? Which are your favorites? From the ones I just went over today, I cannot pick a fave. I am in love with them for different reasons. They are all just so unique and beautifully made. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Indie Spammy- Spam!!

(**Press Sample**)
Good afternoon my darlings! 

  Look at me getting a post up!!! I hope you guys have missed me as I have missed you. A few days ago I asked you guys on Facebook if you were interested in seeing some indie spam and the answer was a big 'ol Yes. SO spam you I shall.

Lac Attack Hogwarts over OCC Power Plant 
  Hogwarts is an awesome mix of small Blue, Silver, Orange and Green glitters suspended in a clear base. I love the unique blend of colors and the pretty, sparkling effect it creates when layered.

Colores de Carol Hero in Disguise 
 Hero in Disguise is a muted Grey jelly with very subtle Blue-Violet shimmer accented by Marigold and Coral hex particles as well as Black stars. This is a really cute polish, and I loved wearing it, But it was not the easiest to work with, and I had to do quite a lot of fishing to get the glitter pieces on the nail. I used Three coats for my mani.  

R. Hobby Cosmetics Holo Berry over SindiePOP White Gold 
  Holo-Berry is a blend of small Raspberry and Black glitter suspended in a clear base.

Twee & Honey Glittertits over Picture Polish Kryptonite
  Glittertits (LOLOLOLOL) is a mix of chunky Silver holo hexes and smaller Silver holo particles suspended in a clear base. This is a fantastic topper for just about any shade.

KBShimmer Where my Peeps At?
 Where my Peeps At? is an adorable, soft Yellow jelly with small Pink, yellow and green glitter accented by Circle glitters in Gold, Green, red and Pink. This polish is just TOO CUTE!!! I am really liking the Circle glitters, they add something new and unexpected.

  I am still working on getting better on my end. I have not been extremely well, but I am staying as positive as possible. I have many beauties to play with and I am really wanting to feel better so I can dive back into my stash. Truth is I can no longer downplay how unwell I've been feeling. I had been working really hard at "mind over matter" but lately my body is winning. On a positive note, I am keeping track of my ideas in a notebook and when I feel well again there will be SO much awesome happening!!!

 Do you adore any of these?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Etsy Mania! Aphrodite Lacquers Birthday Polishes Look

Good afternoon and happy Friday!! 

 Today I have a fun look featuring some Aphrodite Lacquer shades. These polishes are from the B-Day Collection. I really loved this small group of polishes. Right now there is only one of the shades available on the shop. I hope she will be restocking the B-Day polishes because they are SOOO cute and fun. 
  This look features It's my Party, which is a vivid Neon Pink shimmering creme-jelly. I LOVED this shade. It is SO vibrant, but squishy and shimmery. The shade of Pink is the perfect, neon Barbie Pink. Application was great on this shade. I used Three thin coats. The awesome Purple shade is Wrapping, Ribbons, Bows. This shade is a grape Purple jelly packed full of micro electric Purple glitter. The formula on this shade is a little sheer and need build up. It is also best to wait between coats. I used Three thin coats for my base. Both of these shades dry a bit dull and gritty so a good top coat is a must. I really loved wearing these shades. Isn't it funny how sometimes less really is more?

 And here is a swatch of the loveliness that is Make a Wish from the Aphrodite Lacquers B-day Collection. This shade is a lightly shimmering White crelly base packed full of Small Silver hexes. This shade is simply beautiful. The formula was a dream to work with and I only needed Three thin coats. Aphrodite Lacquers are seriously some of my all time favorite Handmade polishes. I love her signature "sammich in a bottle".
 What do you think of these pretties? Aren't they fun? I can't wait to see new goodies from Aphrodite Lacquers. In this mad, polished world of ours there are a LOT of talented ladies making beautiful polishes. It is SO hard to narrow down my favorite indie polish makers. I can safely say that Aphrodite Lacquers are definitely at the top of that list.

 Do you have an indie maker(s) that always blows you away? I have quite a few myself :D.

(**Aph Lacquers provided for my considreation**)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Muffin Monday!! Pretty & Polished Tomboyish

Oh My!! 

  Yes, you are seeing correct! Muffin is back!! I don't even remember how it has been since I last did a Muffin Monday, even Muffin forgot what it was all about lol. For those of you who may be newer to LTHP Muffin Mondays are a feature that I started back in 2010 and I used to do it EVERY Monday. Basically I would like up random polishes and which ever shade Muffin "picked" I would feature in one way or another.  As I started to get busier and busier it because harder to keep up with the weekly Muffin Mondays. That said, so many of you lovelies reached out to me asking where Muffin was, I had to bring it back!!
  For today's feature miss Muffin picked me one of my new Pretty and Polished acquisitions, and one of the coolest polishes I've played with in a long time! 
 To see Muffin's pick in action just continue reading ♥.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Etsy Mania! Aphrodite Lacquers Peacock Earrings and VIP Room

Good morning my lovelies!! 

 Today I have a couple of swatches of some beautiful layering glitters by Aphrodite Lacquers. I really love Aphrodite Lacquers creations. They are all very unique but in terms of collections they are very cohesive. I also love that many of her creations do not require undie colors. These two glitters I'm showing today are meant for layering but they are AMAZING!

Aphrodite Lacquers in Peacock Earrings over Color Club Port-folio
 This combo was pretty much meant to be!! Peacok Earrings is a great blend of Black and Satiny White Squares in varying sizes. There are also small Teal and Silver prismatic hexes suspended in a micro shimmery base. This is just an awesome, fun layering polish. I really like the interesting mix of shapes and colors in this pretty.

Aphrodite Lacuqers VIP Room over Nicole by O.P.I Feeling Grape-ful
  VIP Room is a beautiful mix of opalescent squares and micro opalescent shimmer. This polish is just beautiful, ethereal, angelic? I layered it over many colors, but when I saw it over this medium Purple, I knew this was the combo I would show you guys.
 That will do it for today :D. My nails are finally evened out so I can start swatching again and finally start doing tutorials!! I am SO ready and excited to get going with tutorials for you guys. 

 Don't forget to check out Aphrodite Lacquers shop!! 

(**Some products provided for review**)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Never too Old to have Icing on the Cake... Or a Makeup Stash Video

Badum Tssss- See What I did there? lolol

  Anywho, tomorrow is my 26th Birthday!! Say what? Anywho, it seemed fitting to post these B-Day Collection polishes by Aphrodite Lacquers :D! As of this very second my nails are naked and still pretty nubby, but growing out nicely. I still have not decided what kind of mani I want to rock tomorrow but it will definitely be bright and fun! I'm thinking I might be celebrating in more Aphrodite Lacquers B-day Polishes. They are just so cute and some of them match my new hair colors (pictures coming soon). 

Aphrodite Lacquers Icing on the Cake over Sation Holiday Golightly 
 Icing on the Cake is a beautiful and delicate blend of Satiny White hexes in small varying sizes suspended in a light, micro shimmery base. I really love the snowy, ethereal effect Icing on the Cake created over my soft Aqua base. The glitter spread on this polish is fantastic. This pretty topper is definitely the icing on any manicure!

Aphrodite Lacquers Never too Old 
 Never too Old is a sheer Black jelly packed full of twinkling Violet-Pink- Blue multichrome shimmer. This shade is pretty sheer on its own so I had to build it up to achieve this look. I think I used Four thin coats of Never Too Old. That said the formula is actually even and easy to work with, just sheer. I kinda actually love how it looks in the photos, it has depth. This shade could also be layered over dark colors to create cool and different effects.

  ANNNDDD many of you had been requesting that I do a video about my makeup stash. So guess what?!! Videoooo yo yo! I can't thank you guys enough for all the amazing feedback on my You Tube channel. I am so excited to get going with tutorials and the continuation of the FAQ series. Very excited!

 Also here is a random vlog update!! 
I can't believe I'm turning 26 tomorrow!! Off I go to decide what to put on my nails for my 26th Birthday... I don't feel 26... What is 26 even supposed to feel like haha?! I guess that is a good thing right? Being young at heart (and hair lol).

(**Nail products provided for review**)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Etsy Mania!! Swatch Spam Edition

Happy Humpday!! 

  Today I am doing a handmade edition of Swatchy Spamalama! I am keeping things short and sweet today because it is pretty late and I am pretty tired. I spent the day in a cleaning fit lol! So! Today's polishes are all handmade!

ANDDDD Yay!!! I finally have an updated tour of my polish room on You Tube!! Check it!! 
To see closeup shots of the pretty handmade polishes just continue reading!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Etsy Mania! Happy Hands Nail Polish Swatches

Hey it's Thursday!! 

  I cannot believe how quickly this year is coming to an end. Can you? It's kind of crazy to think back at everything I've done and it all feeling like it all happened just yesterday. Do you guys get that feeling toward the end of the year? That whole "What- did- I do- with- my- life- this- year?" feeling haha. I still have Holiday shopping left to do but I am super excited for Christmas! 
  Today I have some swatches of some beautifully unique polishes by Happy Hands Nail Polish. Brand creator, Kristi, is a fellow Florida gal. When she contacted me I did a quick look through her shop and fell in love with her unique combinations and cute bottle labels! I am really in love with these polishes and cannot get enough of the unique glitter blends.
 To see swatches of these amazing polishes, continue reading ♥.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day Seven: Black and White Nails

Happy Sunday!! 

  I will be back later with words. For now please enjoy mah lazy Seventh Day nails for the 31 Day Challenge. This look features Aphrodite Lacquers in Don't Copy Me
Three coats of Don't Copy Me. Great formula and easy to work with. So freaking pretty!!!  Now don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their B&W looks for day Seven!

(**AL provided for review**)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day Five: Blue Nails

Thursday already?! Yay for that! 

  Today Miss Sam, Miss Rie and myself are taking on the Fifth prompt in the 31 Day Challenge. Today's task is Blue nails. I won't ramble too much today. Yesterday was one of those days that really try your patience... My camera even decided that it didn't want to work for like an hour for no reason at all.. it was strange. I was pretty tired I really did not know what direction I wanted to take this look in so I finally pulled out my "glequins"( as so dubbed by Miss Sam herself) and did a simple, but pretty Blue look. 
 The base color is Glitter Daze in My White Lighter. This is a most beautiful pale Blue creamy/shimmery base packed full of micro Aqua shimmer and smaller Aqua colored Hexes. I managed to build up the color to full opacity at Three coats and the formula is really good. MWL dries a little gritty and dull but a good top coat will take care of that and bring out the beautiful sparkle. There is one more neat thing about this polish... It GLOWS in the dark. I did some glequin accents in a light Blue color to play off of the smaller glitter in the polish itself. 

 Isn't My White Lighter just angelic?! This polish is part of Etsy Shop Glitter Daze's A Charmed Halloween Collection. 

 Now here is a crappy shot of what it looks like in the dark. It is insanely glowy and awesome. You don't even have to be in full darkness to see the base glowing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I stepped into the dark, I kept waving my hands around like a raver lolol.  
 And there you have my Blue nails for day Five. I wonder what Sam and Rie are up to today! Don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Blue looks for day Five! 

  Thanks for stopping by!

(**GD product provided for review**)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nails by Cris! Featuring Jen's Jem-Picasso's!

Hi loves!!

  So my friend Jen is now a total polish fiend thank to yours truly *curtsies* lol. Last time I did a massive purge Jen got most of the polishes and she and her awesome little girl have been having some fun with colors! I love creating polish fiends, and future ones too! So anyways, Jen came over some time last week and got a kick ass layered mani done by moi. There was SO much going on and yet it all worked perfectly! We though they were a littlle Jem and a little Picasso so Jen named her her Jem-Picassos :D!
  She also wanted to rock some awesome rings for her photos so I went into my LTHP polish ring stash and she chose a ring I made out of China Glaze Luxe and Lush and Midtown Magic (oval) and a ring I made using several Bettina Disco Collection Colors (round). LOVE how the rings complete this look!
   Ok, so we started with a base of Lime Crime in Milky Ways on all nails except the thumb and Ring Finger, which got a base of Sation Shock me Twice Pink. On the white nails we also did a thin layer of Julie G My Private Palace to give the nails some extra bling. On the Pink nails we did a topper of Lush Lacquer in Salt n Peppa. On the White nails we topped it off with Sparkles by Julie in Graffiti. Graffiti is an amazing blend of Black hexes and bars with shards in Blue, Red and Yellow. It is such a bold, fun and eye-catching polish. Surprisingly easy to work with. These looked SO freaking awesome!!! And I am so glad I have finally convinced Jen that nubs are better than acrylics any day!! Shorties all the way!!!

  Here is a shot of all polishes used.

And here is a neato macro of Jen's and mine favorite nail :D!
 I love working on Jen's nails because this girl is just so much fun to hang out with and she always lets me do what I want with her nails :D! 

Aren't these like a party on your nails!! 

(**Some products provided for review**)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous

Good Afternoon!! 

  This post comes to us from Jessica of Nail Polish Anonymous. Who has some awesome indie Sunday Spamalamadingdong for us! This will be the last of mt #FLbeautyBlogger Posts. I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know some of the gals from my neck of the woods. 
  This coming week you will get to see posts from some of my other favorite bloggers. I am so very excited to share all the fab nails these ladies have sent my way!
 Well I’m horrible at introductions so I’m just going to jump into it, I’m Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous and I’m completely freaking out that Cristina is letting me take over her blog for the day. Let Them Have Polish is one of the first nail polish blogs I ever came across and feel in love with so this is an honor, thank you again Christina for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your blog.
 So today I want to introduce you to Feenix polishes, An Esty store/indie brand that was created by an amazing doll Suzette. She has to be one of my favorite shops since Lacquistry. So today I want to show you her new fall collection to kick off fall.
 To see lots of macro shots and swatches just continue reading. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Shimmer Swatches- Part Two

Hello Dahlings!! 

  Today I have a few more swatches of some beautiful glitterbombs by the uber talented Cindy of Shimmer on Etsy.  I've featured some of her amazing creations once before. Cindy can bust out glitter blends like it's no one's biz! Her color combinations are out of this world and the textures and finishes her polishes create are like no other indie creations on Etsy. 
  To see close-up swatches of these glittery beauties just continue reading! ♥

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Etsy Mania! Lacquistry Glitter, Bitch!

Hi loves! 

  Today's post features another Etsy beauty. Well, kind of... Lemme tell you a little story. So, a looong time ago I did this HUGE glitter swatch spam post. There were A LOT of combos and swatches. As usual I was sharing the post on my Facebook and I did so by using the tagline "Hey guess what? I love glitter bitches!!" Well the awesome Jenna, who runs the shop Lacquistry, saw that and made a comment that now she HAD to make and name a polish "Glitter, Bitch" ahaaahhaha and so this creation was spawned. 
  Jenna is an amazing indie creator. And she has also set the bar EXTREMELY high for all other indie sellers when it comes to customer service. It took us SIX tries to land on a glitter/ color combination that we both loved. We finally landed on version Six of Glitter, Bitch and here she is. The inspiration behind this polish was Effie Trinket of The Hunger Games Trilogy. 
  Glitter, Bitch is a combination of Small holo Pink hexes, Gold Squares and and hexes, Metallic Purple and Matte Plum hexes. There is quite a bit of textures and finishes mixed in this glitter and I just love it! And let me tell you, this is DENSE :D. I think I could wear this w/o a base color as well. For this look I layered my Glitter, Bitch over Catrice's Dirty Berry(SWOOON). This combination actually does remind me of one of Effie's fantastic costumes. Jenna did such a beautiful job of bringing my vision to life. I cannot thank her enough for putting all the time and effort into making this happen.  You may remember me posting about one of the prototypes in  [THIS] post.
  Right now Jenna's shop is open and she has her Fall collection up. Her polishes sell like hot cakes :D. And why shouldn't they? They are AMAZING and unique! I don't know if Glitter, Bitch will be a part of Jenna's perm line-up as it was kind of a spur of the moment colab between Jenna and I ♥. Either ways  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and this beautiful glitter combination. 

THANK YOU JENNAAA!! You are a gem! 

(**GB provided by Jenna**)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Etsy Mania! Rockstar Nails Punk Rock Barbie and an Update

Good Afternoon and happy Monday,

  I wanted to take a second to apologize for my unexplained leave of absence, to those of you who may have noticed, I've not posted since Wednesday of last week. This is unusual for me as I like to/pride myself in having a post up everyday.
 Ok, so I think I mentioned this but, not this past Saturday, the one before that I was in the hospital. Well yesterday... I got to spend the day there again. So in the span of 8 days I was in the hospital Twice. I was just starting to feel better from my last fiasco and just like that I was back in the hospital. I really don't want to get into details as to what causes these visits. All I will say is that I would not wish this upon ANYONE, no even my worst enemies. I felt like you guys should know why I disappear randomly. I know you guys will understand and as usual be totally awesome about everything, because after all, my health really does come first. And the sooner I am healthy, the sooner I can get back into my rhythm, not just in blogging, but life in general.
  So now that you guys are all caught up, how about a quick swatch of one of my new favorite layering combinations?
  So this is Rockstar Nails Punk Rock Barbie over Color Club's Into the Limelight. PRB is a great mix of Black and White hexes, bars and squares accented by larger Pink squares suspended in a clear base. LOOOOOVEE this so hard! One of the best things about this polish is how easy it was to work with. I did Two "coats" there was some dabbing used to place some of the pieces. The base color is probably one of my new favorites shades ever. I will go on about the Color Club shade when I review the Color Club Fall 2012 Collection.
 I will also go onto say that this was actually the mani that I was rocking the last Saturday I spent in the hospital and one of the nurses LOVED it. She actually thought they were decals :D. I just LOVE how all the colors pop against my vivid Periwinkle Blue base. They really did look almost fake.

 I'm off to get some more rest now. I want you guys to know that I truly do miss blogging when I am not around. I almost get separation anxiety from my blog (creepy, right?). Point being that every time I have to take an unplanned, unannounced break, I feel terrible! But, I know, I know, health comes first.

Miss you guys so much!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Etsy Mania!! JENsations Swatches and Sammi

Happy Friday!! 

  Today I have some swatches of some super cute polishes from Etsy Shop JENsations. This shop is ran by a super sweet gal named, you guessed it, Jen. Her cute little star shaped bottles made her creations a stand-out for me. I love cute little touches like that.
 To see close-ups of Jen's pretties just keep on readin'.