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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Matchy- Matchy with my JORD Wood Watch

(**Press Sample**)
Hi hello and happy Thursday! 

  Today's post is all about my awesome JORD Wood Watch and the nails it inspired. A wood watch now? Yes!!! My pretty piece is one of the variations of the Fieldcrest model. There are quite a few color variations available in this style but the Maple sang to me the most. I love the light beige tone of the wood and how it looks so very "natural". 
 This watch is SO light, which I absolutely love. I do not care for clunky timepieces that feel like they might break my wrist if I high-five someone. Don't let that lightness fool you though, this baby feels solidly built. Even though the watch clearly has a wooden texture, everything about the piece is smooth and polished. And speaking of polished, that is what drew me the most to this particular model. The Fieldcrest looks so very sleek, simple and sexy. I love the small stainless steel accents in the watch- face as well as around the bezel. I love watches that don't clearly look "male" or "female" and this particular style possesses that androgynous quality. 
 Now let's talk about nails for a moment. Of course.. OF COURSE.... I had to go and match my nails to this beautiful watch. No lie, I spent a good 45 minutes sitting in front of my Bettina drawer picking out which polishes matched my watch the best, and which would marble best.
 I finally settled on a base of Bettina Lingerie for my woodsy marble. For the marble portion I used Bettina Magnolia, which adds all that beautiful shimmer you see in the swirls. I also used Bettina #195 and Bettina #196. I also wanted to pull some of the Silver details onto my nail art look so I added some dots with Cult Nails Lethal. I topped my marbles off with some Seche Vite.

 I really actually love how these turned out, even if they are a bit darker than the actual watch :D. I really like how the colors came together to create a cool woodgrain look how I had envisioned in my head.
 I love the simplicity of this watch. It seems that very simplicity is what makes it so interesting. I mean, it is a wood watch! What more interest could you add than letting the beautiful wood do all the talking?

 I am really impressed with this JORD wood watch. And I am so grateful to have been presented with the opportunity to feature one on LTHP because I love great and unique products. You don't see a ton of folks going around rocking wood watches, though they should... because they are AWESOME! 

  I am beyond thrilled with this watch! She (he?) is a real beauty and I can't wait to wear it with everything! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Outfit Post: Burning Artists Collective XO America Legs

Happy Humpday!! 

  Today I want to share an outfit post with you guys. This past weekend was a BEAUTIFUL one here in Sarasota, Fl. So, this past Sunday Daniel and I were kinda bored and I asked him if he was up for an impromptu mini shoot. The amazing people behind Burning Artists Collective spoiled me rotten a few weeks back. I really can't express my gratitude enough. But what I can do, is have some kick ass times in their clothing and document it for you guys haha. I like to think I'm fierce now and then (insert "lols" here). 
  photo BACXOAmerica_zps1bb39a94.jpg
 This post is all about my amazeballs XO America Leggings. These pop art inspired leggings were a perfect fit for this mini shoot. We headed to this park, where every year they do an exhibition of amazing sculptures by artists all around the world. 
 I paired my Black and White leggings with a bright Orange top I spotted at Ross (THANKS DAD!!), some simple sandals from Ami Club Wear and accessories from Chantilly Fashion, Nail Veils and Like a Cat Jewelry.
 I seriously love this top. It is so soft, flowy and flattering. The color was perfect against the B&W striped leggings, and created a neat contrasting look.
 These leggings feature a cool "X's and O's" pattern on the left bum cheek and back lower right calf. The vertical stripes really elongate my legs and gives a slimming effect. What girl doesn't love an item of clothing that makes them look taller and slimmer?
 For reference, I am only 5'5" and weigh about 110 lbs (I wear an XS across the board in BAC clothing). I'm def not very tall, but the leggings seem to adjust to my height and there was no bunching of fabric at the ankles.

 I love how my necklace looks in this photo. As a matter of fact, I just LOVE this necklace.. So much so that I've named her Roberta (if Ru Paul can name his wigs, I can name my necklaces hahaha). This beauty came from the talented Brittany of Chantilly Fashion. She does beautiful and whimsical pieces of jewelry.  I am also wearing cute little "gear" earrings from the steampunky Like a Cat Jewelry. I stumbled upon these ladies at Tampa Comic Con and just fell in LOVE with their vibe and creations. Sunnies are from Target.

 How 'bout a close up shot of my Chantilly Fashion necklace and circle knuckle ring by the talented Su of Chronicle Stones and Nail Veils. On my nails was the mind-blowing KBShimmer Rollin' with the Chromies.

I take a walk, take a walk, take a walk... Great.. Now I have Passion Pit going through my head...  Sarasota can be beautiful some times.

Mandatory "goofing shot" haha. There were so many of these neat "rock people" sculptures. They were like something out of Dr. Who.

 I could go for more days like this one. I could also go for a drop of a few degrees in temperature. C'mon Florida hahah!!! People everywhere are getting snow and I'm here in my Bikini getting ready to lay out and catch some rays. 
 Back to BAC for a minute lol. So the XO America legs by Silver Seed designs are actually on sale right now! They are down from $62.50 to $29.95. That is a SWEEEEEET deal. These are great quality and have a great fit as well. BAC is killing me right now with all their new collabs as well. They have teamed up with some amaaaazing artists for the new collections. If you are into art and fashion, or art as fashion... You will definitely dig the BAC vibe. 

 Thank you all for stopping by today. Don't forget you guys still have ONE more day to enter my KBShimmer Giveaway!! As always, a huge thanks to my patient and supportive husband for snapping beautiful pictures of my outfit and the scenery. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

LTHP Style! Burning Artists Collective Geode Designs 'Ello Scratch Leggings- A Story of how Mr. LTHP and I Tried to Meet Aliens

(**BAC Press Sample**)
'Ello Lovely readers!!! 

  Today I have a story for you. A story about how the husband and I went to Cali and back, saw some awesomeness, and tried to meet some aliens. As you guys know I have an affinity for all things nylon, shiny, tight and quirky. So.. coming across the awesome indie clothing company, Burning Artists Collective, was an awesome thing for this nylon addict. I absolutely adore their awesome designs and the part where they embrace indie artists... I scored their awesome Piano Score dress, and fell in love with their clothing. I've been very lucky to form a friendship with Teagan Tyze, who created the piano score dress. We loved each others vibe, and they were kind enough to send me a pair of kick ass leggings by Geode Designs called the 'Ello Scratch legs to have some fun with.  
  So, I wore them in an attempt to be friendly to any visitors we might have encountered... Just in case we met any aliens while at the Petrified Forest in Arizona. This was easily one of the most amazing and beautiful places I have ever been to. So husband and I decided to do a little shoot in featuring my neat-o leggings and document any alien encounters that might have happened ;). We had a ton of fun working on this little story so I hope you guys enjoy this post. Something a little different for funsies ♥.  
 There are a few pics so just keep on reading to find out what happened. Oh and... I just had to "meme" this pic lololol! I'm having fun with this whole "blogging thing" from now on! I want to share all of my creativeness with you guys. I always welcome a new challenge and transitions. But, oh yes... There will be nails.. and makeup... and fashion.. and kitties and nonsense. Afterall, my "tagline" does promise all those things hahaa. Let them have Polish!!! From head to toes!!!
 photo ellofront-1_zpsd8c3bc5e.jpg

Monday, September 23, 2013

LTHP Style! Black Milk Clothing Leggings!

Fashion! Turn to the Right!!! 

 Alright guys... first "fashion-y post".. Here we go!! I've decided to dedicate this post to one of my new-ish loves; Black Milk Clothing. 

  Ooooohhhhh Fashion!! Anywho, now that "that's out my system... It is absolutely no secret that I am obsessed with all things nylon, shiny, tight, obnoxious and awesome. Few brands cover all these bases better than, Aussie-based, Black Milk Clothing. I remember the first time I saw a picture of a pair of Black Milk leggings, I was blown away by how vibrant and just plain spectacular they were. It was a picture of, their very popular, Purple Galaxy leggings. Now, I know my style is definitely not for everyone, and I totally get that.  
 So back to BMC, I remember being all like "WHOA dem bitches are expensive" lolol... Needless to say I caved in because EVERY single photo I saw of Black Milk Clothing items was just amazing... And I HAD to find out what all the hype was about. I was done in from the second I got my first piece. Which was actually purchased for me by my amazing husband as a surprise. It was the Rainbow Galaxy dress. I was so blown away by how beautiful and colorful it was.
 I love Black Milk Clothing because in their clothing I feel confident and like I can take on the world. It may sound silly, but wearing their clothes has so boosted my confidence. As a girl who used to struggle greatly with body image; this means the world to me. They are definitely a treat, but what a treat! I mean, IDK what sorcery is in these legings... It used to be I thought everyone who wore Black Milk had/has amazing bums.... No, it is just Black Milk sorcery (though I'm sure some of these gals really do have fantastic bums :). Sorcery I tell YOU!! 

  All of these pics are phone pics :(. And if you follow me on Instagram (@L_T_H_P) you may have already seen quite a few of these photos. However, I really wanted to do an "introductory post" to what LTHP style is like ;). As I said, I want to give you guys a glimpse into more aspects of my colorful life. I don't necessarily want to discuss the outfits, I mean it is pretty clear in the pics what is going on hahaha. I guess I want to create a funky "look-book" of sorts? Who knows! I just want to have fun with these posts, be gentle haha. So, in a way I really love these pics. They are "real", they are me, and I feel they really capture a bit of my essence. A huge thank you to my amazing husband, Daniel, who always is such a good sport about taking these photos :D. We have a lot of fun doing these.

  This outfit involves a few of my favorite things. A tee with a kitteh on it, my holo Purple BMC mermaid legs and my converses. My BFF got me the tee and I think she found it at Wal Mart :D. Have fun with you wardrobe!! It is MEOW or never!!
 photo bmpurplemermaids_zpse2847f7a.jpg

 I also love to jump in my photos haha. For several reasons: 1. It's fun. 2. It's fun. 3. It shows the clothes in "action".  The top in this shot is from Target and my sandals from
 photo PurpleMermaid_zps6dfa2601.jpg

 You guys remember this shot right? Remember the post where I matched my nails to these leggings? That was fun... I should do it with my Purple ones too!! I think Glitter Gal Purple holo might just be the perfect shade for that! Or maybe Zoya Aurora.

 One of my first BMC purchases were their original bone legs. I just love these to bits. They are a bit big on me now, but I dont care haha. I stil love them so much. Every time I wear them I get tons of compliments. The top is from American Eagle and sandals from Ami Club Wear. I am also wearing the BMC Wet Look bandeau, but you can't really see it haha.

 And another of my favorite BMC pieces are my Hex Code leggings (these were very limited however, i think they are no longer avail.). How awesome are these!!!! The blogger nerd in me needed these the second I laid eyes on them!! They are so perfectly "me" haha. I just love that I can wear pretty much anything I want with them since they do have a full spectrum of colors on them. The tee is from Tee Fury and it features Pam from Archer. Where my Archer fans at!?? *sploosh!!* hahah
  These are just a few of my fave pairs. I do have a few more, but no real good pics of them yet lol. It feels weird typing a post not about nails or makeup haha. But it also feels really good!! I know a lot of you come here for nails and makeup, but please, for the love of all that is good, don't be mean if this post is not up your alley. I know not everyone is interested in fashion or what I am wearing, but as a girly- girl and a general human being.... It feels good to write openly about some of my other passions. And if can inspire someone to really be themselves and dress how they want, because it makes them happy... my job has been done :D. 

 Well, this has been fun but I am actually off to swatch a lot of awesome Halloween collections! Like, REALLY, AWESOME! I am so impressed with what China Glaze and Dollish Polish did for Halloween this year and I cant wait to share swatches of those! I really hope that you guys enjoyed this post though. I hope to continue doing them, even if just for myself. 

 Do any of you guys own any Black Milk Clothing pieces? Any faves? 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Because Matching your Nails to your Black Milk Leggings is a Thing Now

(**China Glaze Press Sample**)
Hello darlings and happy Wednesday! 

  It is a dark, Grey and gloomy day here in (what is supposed to be) Sunny Florida. I don't know about you guys, but bad weather makes me a sad panda. I get so lazy, slow and just plain out of it. I know I can't be the only one lol. Anywho, if you follow me on Instagram (@L_T_H_P), you know of my obsession with all things Black Milk Clothing. I am simply addicted to the shiny nylon goodness. Everything they make is so unique, fun and colorful. 
Mermaid Leg and Nails photo DSCN6224_zps0ab9933f.jpg
  I own about Seven pieces from Black Milk Clothing. Two of my favorites are my mermaid legs. I own them in Purple and Silver holo. I seriously want everything in this fabric, in all colors. I am so obsessed with anything mermaids. The "scales" are craaazy holographic. It was very hard to capture in my photos. Every time I wear my Black Milk pieces I always get so many compliments. I just adore their clothing to pieces. 
  So I really wanted to match my nails to my Silver mermaid legs, because you know, that is entirely a thing. 
BM Mermaid Nails photo DSCN6259_zpsa0ee6929.jpg
 I had to take this pic in weird lighting to get the holo to come out, the Sun was long gone at this pont. SO, for my mermaid nails I started with a base of China Glaze's Cosmic Dust from the Hologram collection. This is a lovely shade of light Gunmetal grey holographic awesomeness. For my mermaid scales stamp I used Red Angel stamping plate RA-111 and Konad Black special polish. I topped off my nails with some Seche Vite and called it a day. They were a perfect match to my fierce leggings. 
Long view Mermaid legs and nails photo DSCN6236_zps3150f504.jpg
  Here is a shot of my base color Cosmic Dust. This holo has a nice-ish formula. As it applies it looks a bit frosty and streaky, but as it dries the streaks and frost disappear and turn into holographic awesomeness. I used Three thin coats to achieve evenness and full opacity. In the photo below I had not top coated my nails yet. When added a top coat, it did mute the holo finish just a bit. Sorry about my weird-looking skin here, I had a hard time capturing the holo effect properly. 
China Glaze Cosmic Dust photo DSCN6189_zps263dd71a.jpg

Do any of you guys own any Black Milk clothing pieces? They are seriously amazing. Oh and for shiggles, here is a pic my husband took of me last time I wore my Silver mermaid legs. I had the huge honor and fangirl moment of having Black Milk share this photo on their Facebook fanpage. That same day they had also shared one of my photos on their Instagram as well. It was so surreal having my favorite clothing line share my photos with their fans!
 Oh and for the record, there was no photoshopping done to this photo. This photo is a cellphone pic. I am naturally slim and will not make any apologies for it. People called me anorexic, a bad role model because I'm "too thin" blah blah blah.. WHATEVER. Us girls can't win.. We're too thin, we're too fat.. What is right then? Me, I'm happy with myself, I am happy with my body and I will flaunt it while I have it. My tattoo was done by tattoo artist Robbie Ludders of Sarasota, Florida. 
BM mermaid back photo 1044875_10201347073823003_1968279474_n_zpsefc14e16.jpg
Thank you so much for stopping by today my loves!! I'm off to see about doing an Independence Day mani. What is everyone wearing for the holiday?

(**China Glaze press sample**)