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Monday, August 27, 2012

LTHP's First Cling- Wrap Skittle Mani!

Good Afternoon loves!! 
  I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start to their week. I had an absolutely fab weekend. Saturday I got to go to a little photo shoot/ party for the new Cult Nails Deceptive Collection. Maria hosted a little get together for a few of us #FLbeautybloggers at the Cult Nails HQ and we had SO much fun playing with the new colors and posing for photos. I will have about this day post soon :D! 
  Today's post features my first try at the cling-wrap mani. I'm not sure who originated this technique, but it is SO easy and so much fun.
  My base colors from thumb to pinkie were: China Glaze Orange you Hot, Sation Loudest Color, Kiss my A's, Let's make Lemonade and Shock me Twice Pink. This looks features mostly Sation colors. For the cling wrap accents from thumb to pinkie I used: Bettina Pink Bikini, China Glaze Ride the Waves, Sation Tardy Tart, Oh My Oceania and Miss Emo Shun All. To add some contrast I cling- wrapped with O.P.I My Boyfriend Scales Walls over all my nails and then topped it all off with some Finger Paints Twisted. These looked AMAZING in person but the flakes and brightness of the neons were pretty much impossible to capture in my photos.
  There are many different ways to use cling- wrap for nail art. Just do a Google search for "Cling Wrap Manicure Tutorial". It is crazy the many different looks you can achieve with cling-wrap and some polish. I basically sponged, but with cling wrap.
 Everyone should try this technique! It's an easy way to get some really cool nails! I can't wait to try this again with as many different color combos as possible.

  Have you tried this look yet? Thoughts?

(**Some products provided for review**)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chick Nail Polish Mermaid Inspired Mani

Good Morning and Happy Humpday!

  I was not in a Pink mood when I came home from work yesterday. Also, I've had this mani in my head for sometime and I felt like I had to do it NOW! I'm keeping things really short today because it is very late, I am very tired and I still need a shower... But these pics should really give you something to stare at... Mr. LTHP and I could not believe how amazing this turned out.
 I started with a base of Two coats of Chick NP Raven's Egg. I sponged the tips of my nails in Chick NP All A Twitter. To give the tips some sparkle and a little something extra I lightly sponged all over the Light Blue and somewhat into the Dark Blue with Finger Paints Sparkle TC. I stamped using Red Angel plate RA-111 and Essence Be Optimistic! This light Blue is amazing for stamping! I added some gemstone accents on my Ring Finger and Thumbs. This mani goes back to one of my first layered manis. Some of you may remember [THIS]? I freaking LOVE this!!
The gemstones came from Avon and they were a gift from my lovely M-I-L Cindy. Julie from CNP!! I hope you are reading!! I love this look soo much and your lovely colors inspired the whole thing. 

Thanks for stopping by!

(**Chick NP products provided for review**)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spam Sunday!! Total and Utter Randomness Edition

Hi loves!!

  For this edition of Sunday Spam I have some totally random swatches. The actual plan for Spam Sundays is to have some sort of Theme but for this first one there were a few colors I needed to swatch or wanted to re- swatch. Spam Sundays are really fun to work on so I'm really happy last Sunday's Post had such a positive response. 

  So like I said, this week is going to be a little bit all over the place but I hope you guys enjoy the spam non the less :D....
To see some swatch spam just keep on readin'

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finger Paints Special Effects Collection

Hello my lovely readers!!

  Today I have some lovely pairings using the Finger Paints Special Effects Collection. I know it's been said a million times before, but, OMGGGG I am so excited to see FLAKIESSS in stores and available to us normies loool! But seriously though, I am so happy to be able to have a selection of beautiful flakies readily available to us... These are flakies I feel like I can wear because I didn't pay so much for it that it feels like a relic now... Aheemmm Nfu.Oh #52 I'm looking at you. The only downfall to these is that they are limited edition and available only at Sally's Beauty Supply Stores. Hurry up and grab them why they are around!!

  Yes, they all look the same in the bottle. Flakies are the ultimate definition of the whole "don't judge a book by a cover" thing. I mean how boring does this picture look in the reader, lol? But these... These things right here... Are worth their weight in Gold Flakies!! Just keep reading...
 To see some awesome combinations with these pretties just keep on readin'

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam Part 3

Hello hello!

  You guys like these random swatchy posts right? Anywho these are swatches of the colors I wore under my recent swatching session of  Color Clubs Fractured collection. I deliberately picked colors I had not worn in a while but really loved and had been wanting to re- swatch. 

I'll get started with one of my all time favorite colors. Barielle's Decadence. This stunner has the most incredible formula. It is a solid Two coater and it dries insanely fast and shiny. Not to "toot my own horn", but you see how pretty the application is? That is a clean-up free mani. That is an indicator of just how easy this formula is to manipulate. I love everything about Barielle polishes. I wish I had more in my collection. Two coats, no top coat.

This is another of my beloved baby Blues. This is the uber pretty Havana Dreams by Sephora by O.P.I. The formula for this one is a little tricky but not terrible. I love the dustiness of this soft baby Blue. It's so soft and squishy looking.  This is Three coats of color and a coat of SV.

This is O.P.I's Manicurist of Seville. This one did not photograph well at all. It is not this Reddish. It is far more Berry toned. Think of like a glass of Red wine and you have this color. It has a great, typical O.P.I two coat formula.

This is another one of my favorites. Finger Paints Aren't you Gladioulous? I loooove this color. It is a very cool tone Lavender Purple. It applies like butter and is practically opaque at One coat. I did Two to give my nails a more glassy look. Here I have Two coats of Color and a coat of SV.

This is Orly's Green with Envy. LOOOOOOVEEEE. Let me tell you about this polish, This is one of my first "official-collection" buys back from when I first started blogging. I love the formula on this baby. It is a Three coater but the formula borders on being jelly- like so it is a dream to work with. It glides like a dream and dries very quick and shiny. This is slightly Greener than the photo shows but it is very bright and beautiful. This is Three coats and no top coat.

This is the instantly recognizable Frostbite. Amazing electric Blue shimmer that packs an amazing color punch! The pigmentation on this polish is superb. After I was doing swatching I was tempted to go back and put this on again because I could not stop staring at my nails. This is Two coats, no top coat.
Happy Thursday!! I hope you are having a wonderful week!
<3 Cristina

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finger Paints Aren't You Glad-iolous? + Carnation Creation

Looove the color!!!

   Hate the name.... But moving on. I'm so madly in love with this look right now. I was craving light and airy Spring-y fun since I have been doing some darker looks lately. This really hit the spot!
I love the rings that come with these :)
  Aren't you Glad-iolous is a lovely cool toned Lavender that is rocking my world right now. This shade has just enough Blue in it to pull it out of that pastel Easter color territory. This is actually very refreshing to look at :). As you all know I have huge lady-wood for anything that is a soft Purple so I had to jump on this shade. The formula is AMAZING. Excellent pigmentation, consistency... etc... I was temped to leave it at one coat but I really like my nails to have a glassy look to them and to achieve that Two coats works best. I am madly in love with the stamping for which I used some of the new ChG Tronica colors.
Truest to color
 Carnation Creation is a bright lighter Teal. This is an awesome happy, vibrant creme. The formula on this one was perfection. I could have left if at one coat but as I said before Two coats gives my nails that glassy look.  With this one I highly recommend double base coat. My camera is not a huge fan of these types of colors and it makes them a bit more neon looking than they really are but this is a lovely shade of Teal that will brighten anyones tips and day!

  These may not be the most unique colors but they jumped out at me and I really love wearing them, they make my eyes happy. I'll be wearing these a lot this Spring!  I'm ready for Spring and tanning now... 

Are you?
<3 Cristina

FP Aren't you Gald-iolous?
FP Carnation Creation
Stamps: CG Virtual Violet and Techno Teal
Plate: M77
Stones: Born Pretty Str
TC: Seche Vite

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finger Paints It's an Original! Pedi Post

Hello Darlings,

  It's been a while since I've done a pedi post and I wanted to wear this color so here it is :)

Finger Paints It's an Original!

  "It's an Original!" is an awesome Grape Purple with a slight Fuchsia flash. I absolutely love this color, it is a classic. It's so deep and rich and yet it remains bright and Purple regardless of lighting. The formula on this polish is amazing. I only needed two coats for full coverage. This glides on buttery smooth and it has great pigmentation. I only own Two Finger Paint polishes and they are both amazing. This is absolutely a great toe color. I love wearing Purple on my toenails for some reason and this one is so pretty :). 

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

FP It's and Original
TC: Seche Vite

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finger Paints Art you Blue?

First Finger Paints for me!

 Finger Paints Art you Blue?
Artificial Light

Beehive Pattern Stamp
Kind of looks like Lizard Skin doesn't it? I love this!
  You'd swear my love of Reptiles had anything to do with this manicure :). Maybe I should use Amelia as my next inspiration, she has great coloring! So this was my first Finger Paints polish and I really liked it a lot. The formula was excellent, great pigmentation and perfect consistency. I used two coats for this mani. "Art you Blue? is a dusty Denim Blue with flashes of Silver throughout. I really love this color  for it's simplicity. It's one of those classic colors that you just can't go wrong with, in my opinion.

So you're probably wondering who Amelia is...

  Meet Amelia
She's a Bearded Dragon for those of you wondering. She has a great color combo going on lol. I also have a snake but he's not very colorful... Anyways....

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

FP Art you Blue?
Stamp: Zoya Kelly
Plate: BM21
Top Coat: INM Out the Door