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Monday, July 18, 2011

SpaRitual Wilde Fall 2011 Collection Swatches

Good Afternoon loves!!

  This time around I have swatches of SpaRitual's Wilde Fall 2011 Collection. I have been excited about this collection from the moment I saw the press release. This group consists of Six gorgeous jewel tones shimmers, glassflecks and a semi frost. This collection is by far one of my favorites to come out for fall so far.... Shall we get started? 
SOO! of course the second I started swatching the Sun decided to go away so I only have shade pics of two of the colors and the rest were done in my light box. I will be revisiting these soon in the Sun. in the pic above I am wearing my top pick from this collection Sacred Ground. This is just spectacular. It is a mix of Graphite, Purple and Gold micro glassflecks with incredible depth and dimension. This reminds me of those stones that you might find that look like they have mica in them. The formula is a solid two coater and easy to work with.

This is Rhythm of Life. This one is much Greener in person but my camera was freaking out a ton at it. This one is an Emerald tone with a slight frosty finish. It has just the slightest duochrome, but it is very subtle. It seems to shift from Green to Turquoise. This one also has a great, two coat formula.

Another stunner brought to you by this collection.... Running with Wolves is an amazing copper shimmer that is very heavily pigmented and dense. It looks like Amber sap from a tree. Just amazing!! This one also has a great Two coat formula. 

Spirit Child, a bright and bold Ruby Red shimmer with slight Golden undertones. This one is not the most unique color but biy is it beautiful. I have nothing like it in my collection. This color is insanely flattering and it also applies perfectly. This is two coats.

Instinct made my camera freak out yet again. This is much more Red. Think of an eggplant Purple shimmer and you get Instinct. This color had the most sheer formula of the Six needing Three coats to achieve full coverage and opacity. This is also another love jewel tone. I'd say close to an Amethyst Purple maybe?

Howl. I can't wait to show you Sunlight pics of this baby! This is a Blackened Brown shimmer. Does that make sense? It's stunning, sexy deep and mysterious. Another unique addition to my collection from this group. This one also has a great, two coat formula. This one reminds me of a Smoky quartz or a Chocolate Diamond.

  I am a sucker for anything jewel toned. When I look at all these colors together I see a gem for each one. A Ruby, an Emerald, Amber, Quartz.. etc... SpaRitual has really got my attention with this collection. Even though it is a Fall collection each color is vibrant and rich. I love that they strayed away from the more drab tones that I'm seeing from the other companies, which I still love, but I want variety in my shades for Fall and this collection absolutely delivers. SpaRitual polishes can be puchased at SkinCare Rx.

So which are your faves from this collection? I love Sacred Ground, Howl and Running with Wolves soo much!
<3 Cristina

(**Product sent for Review**)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Orly Space Cadet Revisited

Hi loves!!

  Today I decided to wear one of my oldest colors. I first blogged this way back when I had just started out and I remember thinking (and still think) that this color is one of the most unique and interesting colors out there, Ever. I know it has several dupes but regardless of that fact this is still a color that should be a part of every ones collection. Space Cadet came from Orly's Fall 2010 Cosmic FX collection. I'd say one of Orly's more interesting collections.
I love it in this light. 
This one shows the shift, kind of.
 I suggest clicking these pics for better detail. I was super excited to wear this again because last time I wore it my pics did it even less justice than these do lol. This is such a hard shade to capture.
I could have taken 1,000 photos of this color trying to capture its multi-chrome goodness but it's pretty much impossible. You guys get it though lol! It is a dark Green jelly base packed full of super micro glassfleck sparkle that flashes in Purple, Pink, Green, Gold and just about everything in between. For this mani I used Three coats of Space Cadet. Known dupes are Hard Candy's Bettle and MAC's Mean and Green.

Quick Note: Double up on the basecoat because this will stain like crazy!

Did u pick this one up back in the day?
<3 Cristina

Saturday, April 16, 2011

China Glaze White Cap


  Why had I not worn this yet? No really, Why?!
White Cap... White Cap! Everybody needs White Cap! So this is a White shimmer with a Golden/Green-ish Duochrome. This is absolutely spectacular. I love the way the color changes in the light and how much it sparkles. Even though it is a shimmery White it can be built up to full opacity. This was Three coats of White Cap. The formula is very good as usual. I can't wait to layer this polish over pretty much everything! It's ethereal and dreamy and flattering and every girl should own this. I can't believe I put off buying White Cap for so long.

<3 Cristina

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

China Glaze Island Escape Collection Summer 2011

Yaay! It's my turn now!

  I was super excited to see these come in the mail (Fed ex? lol)! This is a small collection that packs some serious color punch! I wont blab much and get straight to the pictures!

 First is Papaya Punch. This is an amazing Candy- Corn- Neon- Orange. I LOVE this! Add me to the ranks of Orange-aholics (not so) Anonymous. For the longest time I thought I shouldn't wear Orange but I was wrong. love this! The formula is a dream to work with, very smooth and well pigmented. This is Two coats. Bring on Summer!

 This is Electric Pineapple. Now, a lot of gals have expressed their dislike for this color. Me? I can't help but love it for some reason. Like a Pug, it's so ugly it's cute lol. This is a murky Highlighter Yellow creme. I don't own any other color like this one and for that reason alone I like it. The formula on this was great! Unlike the neons in my collection this was buttery smooth and even. This is Two coats. AND! It didnt give me lobster hands even though it is a Yellow tone. I am slowly getting over my fear of Yellows.

 Cha Cha Cha... Hhmm... I like this but I don't love it. Something about it doesn't sing to me like the rest of the collection. This is a Limey Green shimmer with a slight Golden flash throughout. It's pretty but not my favorite from the collection. The Sunlight pic really shows how intense the sparkle is on this one. This is Two coats, but looking at pics now I'm thinking a Third would've been better.

 Say hello to SeƱorita Bonita. This is a lovely Orchid Purple shimmer. UH-mazing! This is one of my favorites from this collection. I love the sparkle in this shade quite a lot because it gives it depth and then there is that flash of Blue that is so beautiful. This was Two coats but just like Cha Cha Cha, I wish I had done Three coats.

Blue Iguana. And we come to my favorite of the collection.This is a beautiful Electric Blue jelly packed full of Blue glassfleck shimmer. Love... just Love! In the bottle there are some slight Purple flashes but I didn't really see it on the nail. The formula is great but just a bit sheer. For this I used Three coats of color. Soon I will be layering this over a black shade to see it come out to play :)!

108 Degrees is made of pure HAWT! This is an awesome Raspberry toned jelly packed full of matching glassfleck shimmers. How could anyone not love this? It is a Pink , but it a bright vivid and uber flattering tone so by default I love it! The formula on this was great and easy to work with. For this I used Three coats.

I love this little collection. I love the finishes, I love the color range and the formulas are good. I love that in only Six colors China Glaze can cover Three different finishes and please just about everyone. You have your glitters, your cremes and your shimmers covered in lovely shades that are Summer Perfection. When I looked at all these together I was getting thirsty for some fruity Cruise Ship drinks! I love all the colors and I am so glad I live in the Sunshine State to justify wearing these beauties all the time!

I'd have to say my top Three are Blue Iguana, 108 Degrees and Papaya Punch! Which are your faves?
<3 Cristina

(** These were sent to me for review**)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Orly Razzle

I was feeling sparkly today...

  So I decided to try this amazing color for the first time... And then I sat there and wondered why I had not worn it sooner....
  So, Razzle is a beautiful Raspberry toned shimmery base packed with micro Fuchsia glassflecks that give this a beautiful subtle sparkle. Looking at the bottle I thought the sparkle would be more Silver but I like it on the nail so much more, it is like a toned down version of O.P.I Let me Entertain You. I really really love this color a lot. It is also very flattering and I think any skin tone could pull this off. The formula is a great two- coater. This has excellent pigmentation. I think my next pedi will be this color :). I love Berry tones, they are always so happy.

What shades look best on you guys?
<3 Cristina

Orly Razzle
Stamp: Konad Silver SP
Plate: BM16
TC: Seche Vite

Friday, February 4, 2011

Zoya Crystal + Zoya Spam (lots of pics)

Zoya has been rocking my world for the past week or so..

  This is the last Zoya color I had yet to wear in my collection. I'm not gonna say I've saved the best fro last because I love all of my children equally (LOOOOL) but Crystal is absolutely stunning.
  So we all pretty much know what this beauty looks like, but in a nutshell.. Crystal is a beautiful light Blue foil with Golden glassflecky glitter sprinkled in there to give this polish amazing dimension and texture. Even though it's as smooth as can be on the nail this polish is anything but flat. The formula is amazing, I used Three coats of Crystal because I like a really intense sparkle and Two wasn't doing it for me. This sparkles in any kind of lighting. If you love all things sparkly and this isn't part of your collection.. Well you should get on that ASAP! 
And just for fun here is a swatch of every single Zoya I own!! Yaaaay! Are you sitting?
My Zoya Beauties
  Oh and another thing. You all should follow Zoya on Facebook and Twitter. They are very socially aware. They also do special prmos via FB and Twitter that you do not want to miss out on! They also post all kinds of tidbits about new collections and products coming out. What are you waiting for? Go follow them!

Did you enjoy the Zoya marathon?
<3 Cristina