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Thursday, April 10, 2014

#CFLBeautyBlogger Autism Awareness April Link Up

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Good morning beauties! 

 We interrupt this scheduled LTHP vacay to go Blue. Today's post is a special link up between the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida. Since April is Autism Awareness month we decided to come together with some Blue- themed posts for our readers. If you guys are long time readers of this Blog you may be familiar with my Blue looks during the month of April. I was super busy this year and missed World Autism Awareness day, which was April 2nd :(. 
 photo DSCN8662_zps797e65b8.jpg
 I decided to work in Blue, Yellow and Red, inspired by the Autism Awareness puzzle piece logo. The Blue shade is KBShimmer Sky Jinks. This shade is a PERFECT shade of vivid Sky Blue creme. The formula on this color left me a little speechless. It was buttery smooth and very pigmented. The best part is that it did not stain my nails. 
 The yellow shade is KBShimmer Chick Me Out. This shade is a perfect primary Yellow creme. The formula was really very good. The first coat was a little streaky, but it evened out just fine. For the zig-zags  and chevrons I used Nail Vinyls. On my middle nail I did a dotted gradient using Cult Nails Tempest and Chick me Out. I also did a glitter placement gradient on my middle nail, as well as some glitter placement on my ring and index nails using a loose glitter pot from ??? :) lol. 
 For the glittery red zig- zags on my Pinkie I used a Red glitter striper from Stripe Rite. I finished my look off with two coats of Seche Vite. 

Check out the posts from my fellow #CFLBeautyBlogger ladies below ♥. 

    An InLinkz Link-up

Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

#NailArtFeb Californails Challenge Day One: Glitter

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Good Morning!! 

  Today I am starting a cool nail art challenge that will spread through the month of February. This challenge was put together by Californails. The challenge has a fitting, and hilarious name. This is the "Totally doable- I have a life! Challenge". Instead of daily prompts, this challenge gives us Three days between each design. The prompt for day One is glitter. I decided to go with a bridal- "Something Blue" theme for my glittery look. You can follow the hashtag #NailArtFeb on various social media outlets to see looks from many people participating. 
Nail Art Feb day One photo DSCN5656_zps100e91ad.jpg
 For this look I started with a base of Milani Aqua Brisk. I just love this fantastic shade of creamy Sky Blue. On my index and pinkie nail I did some freehand glitter placements. I went with a Silver to Aqua glequin gradient placement. On my Middle nail I did a coat of INM Northern Lights and then stamped in Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and Konad plate M77. I accented my stamp with a teardrop rhinestone. On my ring fingernail I did a coat of O.P.I In True Stefani Fashion and added a cute bow charm from Winstonia. This was my first time rocking nail charms, and I am charmed (badum tsssss). They add such a whimsical touch to the final look. To finish my nails off I did a generous coat of Seche Vite top coat.

 Just to comment really quickly on my glitter placement. I am really happy with how these turned out. The inconsistencies on my index nail were due to inconsistencies in the glitter sizes themselves. The pinkie nails turned out really good as I took a bit of extra time to make sure all the glitters were as close to shape and size as possible. I even went as far as to cut some of the glitters to fill in gaps at the cuticle line and free edges. My thumb matched the middle nail.

 If you want to join :D,
Californails Feb Challenge photo Screenshot2014-02-01at115556AM_zps2db93afc.png

 I'm very excited to take this challenge on! The prompts are really good and they are spaced apart just right :D. 

Thanks for stopping by loves! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Zoya Odette- Glequin Gradient Nail Art Look

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Happy new year my beauties!!!

 If you follow LTHP on Facebook, you may have seen a post about some blogging goals I have for this new year. One of those goals is to master the art of glequin placement. I have a huge level of admiration and respect for the amazing nail artists who have mastered this technique. While glitter placement isn't necessarily hard, it is very time consuming. Glitter placement requires a lot of patience, a steady hand and precision. The finished looks are always beautiful and eye-catching. In the spirit of the new year and sticking to my goals, I jumped right into this glequin gradient manicure. The placement isn't precise on all my nails, and I could definitely use some practice... but I do love this look so much!
Zoya Odette Look photo DSCN3690_zps46409658.jpg
 For this glequin gradient I started with a base of Zoya Odette. Once my base color was fully dry I started working on the loose glitter placement. I did a coat of a slow drying base coat over my dry base color and set the glitter onto that. I forget where I got my glequins from, I want to say it was Born Pretty Store. They definitely have an AMAZING range of loose nail art glitter. For my gradient I used a Rosy Pink glitter, a light Lilac glitter, a Sky Blue glitter and a Cobalt Blue glitter. To finish the look off and smooth out the surface I did Two coats of Seche Vite top coat. 

 While I am not 100% happy with my placement, I do like the finished look. From further away the mistakes in my placement were not as obvious. I will admit, this was rather time consuming, but therapeutic in a sense. I highly recommend that you guys visit [THIS BLOG] for impressive examples of glitter placement manicures.

Happy 2014 and thank you for stopping by!

Monday, August 19, 2013

LTHP Turns THREE in Inglot Goodies!!

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Hello my painted beauties!

  Time really does fly when you are having fun! Today is LTHP's THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!! I cannot believe Three years have gone by so quickly. I also can't believe how much has happened in those Three years. I've met so many amazing people through this blog. I've had some amazing experiences, and so not so amazing ones too. I've learned SO MUCH about this industry that I love. 
 Through the years this blog has grown to be so much more to me than just a blog. I have a real passion for this industry and I see this blog as a stepping stone to greater things (not that blogging itself is not great:). I have so many goals I know I will achieve some day. Of course, I want to thank all of you who stop by every day and keep me inspired. I really see you guys as my friends and your feedback always means so much to me. You guys really do make this fun and worth it! 
 For this Blogaversary I wanted to do something REALLY bling-y and special. The second I received Inglot's new nail art and body spangles I just KNEW a scale-y, blingy look was in order. And what better occasion to do such a look than on the birthday of mah blog-baby! 
Inglot Nail Art Spangles photo DSCN8591_zps58adf983.jpg
 For this "disco-mermaid" look I started with bases of Inglot O2M polishes. Once my base colors were dry I started placing my circle spangles over a light coat of a slow drying clear coat. I placed the circle spangles one by one on my nails, patiently, with a toothpick. I intentionally overlapped them a bit to create a scale-y look. I finished my nails off with a good coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top. 
 I could not stop staring at my nails once I was done. I've never done such a blingy look. I also had a blast working with these Inglot glequins. 

 Oh... and I rounded my nails.... Yup... I did... 

Inglot O2M #684 and #687
Inglot O2M Bday Look photo DSCN8567_zps59b8d4b5.jpg
 I ADORE these Two shades together. #684 is a beautiful shade of Hot Coral creme with a slight Golden micro shimmer that barely translates to the nail. However, it does aid in the application of the color. #687 is a FANTASTIC shade of Minty Blue creme with that same micro shimmer quality that #684 has, but it does show a bit more when the color is on the nail. These shades have really opaque formulas, they can be a bit streaky if you don't use a light hand. I used Two coats of each shade for full opacity. The O2M polishes are water and oxygen permeable.

  I'm off to celebrate my bloggy b-day by unpacking some goodies that came in the mail today! I can't wait to see what year number Four will bring... More makeup, more nails, more cats and maybe even some fashion. LTHP is my baby, my creative expression and I am so happy to share it with all of you! Thank you to all of the readers and companies for your continued support of my painted ventures!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Truffin" Tuesday!! Barielle Green Apple and O.P.I My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!

Hello and happy Tuesday! 

  SO sorry this post is running late. I got distracted yesterday while working on my hair. I got into one of my cray cray funks and decided I wanted to re-do my hair colors. I've been taking Folic Acid supplements (per my doctor) and my hair, and nails have been growing SO fast!! But, anywho... My roots were KILLING me, so I got wrapped up in that project and completely forgot to post this awesome mani I did with Truffle's pick(s).  
 Muffin is still refusing to pick lol. She will just sit there looking pretty like "What, what do you want human?". This week though, Truffle decided to join in the fun and picked me some shades to play with.
 I don't know what it is about this look but I LOVE how it turned out. The color combination is weird and yet it works so well. Truffle picked for me Barielle's Green Apple and O.P.I My Paprika is Hotter than Yours. These are both phenomenal, vibrant shades!! They both have amazing formulas, incredibly saturated and creamy! I used Two coats of each shade. For the triangle Purple accents I used Zoya Pinta. I finished the look off by adding some contrasting "glequins" and topping the whole look off with Twee & Honey's This is Matteness- matte top coat.

 And here are the kitties doing their thing.

 And because I loved these shades together before I even added accents. Here are my base colors. I am smitten with O.P.I MPIHTY!! That said, my camera was not a fan lol. It is an AMAZING Summer/ Spring shade and if you even remotely like Oranges, you will want this baby. Green Apple by Barielle is a really fun and unique shade and you can't beat that Barielle formula!
 I'm loving all these fun and quirky shades for Spring and Summer. I think those are my favorite seasons for nail polish. I had so much fun working with these colors and I can see why Truffle has trouble deciding ;).

  Time to go finish working on my hair!! I will have pics for you guys as soon as it is done ♥.

(**OPI and Barielle products provided for my consideration**)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

X-Mas Rush!!! Snowy Holiday Gradients

Good morning my lovelies!! 

 Today's look really captured my heart. When I saw this in my head, it was not nearly this pretty. Don't you love when that happens? I wanted to do something very snowy and subtle, yet eye-catching. I also really wanted to use some of the adorable "Holiday-ish" stamps I'd never used before. So I settled on snowy gradients with pretty snowflake stamps. The matte top coat was and afterthought, and as it turns out, the perfect finishing touch for the effect I wanted to achieve. 
  This look started with a clean White creme base of Zoya Purity. Once my base was dry I started working on my gradients. For the Green to White gradients I used Zoya Shawn and O.P.I Don't touch my Tutu. For the Red to White Gradients I used Zoya Rehka and O.P.I Don't touch my Tutu.  
  Sponging with a creme and a jelly made the gradients blend beautifully, flawlessly and very easily! It also made the clean-up fairly quicker because Don't touch my Tutu is a sheer White jelly so it came off my cuticles and skin with no problem. I really like the look created where the White jelly met the Creme polishes. The Red to White gradients required more build-up as Rehka went a little Pink when layered over the White creme base. 
  To really smooth out the gradients and give them a snowy effect I did a layer of Cult Nails Doppelganger. I was so tempted to stop there and just leave the gradients, but I really wanted to stamp. For the snowflake stamps I used Bundle Monster plate BM323. The Silver snowflakes were done with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and the Gold with China Glaze Passion. I then top coated with Seche Vite and placed some "glequin" accents on the flakes. I finished the whole look off with a coat of Twee & Honey's This is Matteness- matte top coat to give the finished mani a frosted glass kind of look.
 That does it for today's look! I hope you guys like my frosty gradients :D. I am so relieved that I finally have all the shopping done!!! Yay!!! Now I can really focus on cranking out some awesome Holiday looks!!!

What do you guys think?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day Five: Blue Nails

Thursday already?! Yay for that! 

  Today Miss Sam, Miss Rie and myself are taking on the Fifth prompt in the 31 Day Challenge. Today's task is Blue nails. I won't ramble too much today. Yesterday was one of those days that really try your patience... My camera even decided that it didn't want to work for like an hour for no reason at all.. it was strange. I was pretty tired I really did not know what direction I wanted to take this look in so I finally pulled out my "glequins"( as so dubbed by Miss Sam herself) and did a simple, but pretty Blue look. 
 The base color is Glitter Daze in My White Lighter. This is a most beautiful pale Blue creamy/shimmery base packed full of micro Aqua shimmer and smaller Aqua colored Hexes. I managed to build up the color to full opacity at Three coats and the formula is really good. MWL dries a little gritty and dull but a good top coat will take care of that and bring out the beautiful sparkle. There is one more neat thing about this polish... It GLOWS in the dark. I did some glequin accents in a light Blue color to play off of the smaller glitter in the polish itself. 

 Isn't My White Lighter just angelic?! This polish is part of Etsy Shop Glitter Daze's A Charmed Halloween Collection. 

 Now here is a crappy shot of what it looks like in the dark. It is insanely glowy and awesome. You don't even have to be in full darkness to see the base glowing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I stepped into the dark, I kept waving my hands around like a raver lolol.  
 And there you have my Blue nails for day Five. I wonder what Sam and Rie are up to today! Don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Blue looks for day Five! 

  Thanks for stopping by!

(**GD product provided for review**)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

#AwesomeNailsAreAwesome Guest Week!! Featuring Amanda of Fashion Footing

Good Morning lovely readers!!! 

  This week of guest awesomesauce continues with Amanda of Fashion Footing. So for this guest week I hand-picked a lot of the gals you are seeing. BUT I also wanted to give a chance to some bloggers to come on board and get some exposure. SO! I asked for some volunteers on Twitter, only to be bombarded (in the best way possible) by girls who wanted to guest post for me. That was such a heart warming surprise. Amanda was one of the first to reply and she has been a follower and supporter of LTHP for a long time so it only made sense to have her on board for this week of awesomeness! 
Hey guys!

 I am so honored that Cris is letting me show my little nails to you guys on her blog! The very first blog I started following when I was getting really into nail polish was LTHP, so this is a little bit surreal!!
It took me a while to think of what I wanted to do for this post. I don't stamp and my freehand nail art skills are... well... basically non-existent! What I do best is glitter. Glitter glitter glitter But I didn't want just a plain glitter manicure. I mean, this is Let Them Have Polish. You guys are accustomed to quality and creativity! So I took some time to think.
 Then I decided to do a glequin manicure. Glequins are glitter sequins; Sammy the Nailasaurus named them glequins, because who wants to say Glitter Sequins all the time?
ANYWAY, this is my glequin manicure!

 I started with a base of Wet n Wild Black Creme, my go to black. One coat people! Then I placed the glequins on the nail, one by one. My pinky was definitely my favorite but I am not a terribly patient person so there was no way that was going to happen on all of the nails! LOL

 Well, I hope that you enjoyed my glequins and thank you Cris for letting me guest post! I can't wait to see what you've come up with when you get back! :-) 


  I LOVE GLEQUINSSS!!! And I love Amanda's use of Glequins here. I have a ton of glequins that I'm just dying to play with and seeing Amanda's post only intensifies that urge(lolol "urge" like glitter is some kind of drug.... bahahah.. wait...????... Is it?) I love how she did her ring finger mosaic style. So playful and awesome! Thank you so much for the sparkly nail art Amanda!! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#AwesomeNailsAreAwesome Guest Week! Featuring Carolina of Colores De Carol

Good morning!

  Rolling on right with the awesome is my very good friend Carolina of Colores De Carol.. This girl is a gem and I love her to bits and thank her so much for taking from her time to come up with this beautiful nail art for my awesome readers. This is classic Carolina. She always does great combinations of stamps and techniques. 

When Cristina invited me to do a guest post for her blog I couldn't believe it,  I love her blog, she's so talented and has a great imagination doing nail art.
I love Cristina, so much, we started blogging almost at the same time and we were sharing our passion for nails since we met online  two years ago.
 Today I have for you this manicure, I used a-england Perceval, a gorgeous metallic red. I applied two easy coats. On my ring finger I use a black creme nail polish and applied red hex glitter over the entire nail.
 I stamped the rest of my nails using an image for a plate QA16 I got from eBay. 

I hope you all enjoy what I did for you, 
Cristina, I wish you the best, feel better soon!
I just love this, and those of you who have been following Carol for a while know what I mean what I say that is just just SOO Carol! She's amazing at what she does!! Thank you soo much Carolina♥.