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Friday, April 12, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Nyx and Vespa and a PixieDust Recap

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Hi loves and happy Friday!! 

  Today I am showing you my last PixieDust combo as well as recapping the other combinations I wore with these pretties. My final combination was a simple alternating color mani with Nyx and Vespa. Once again I was completely blown away by the wear on these polishes and how beautiful and sparkly they are.
 Zoya Nyx is a lovely Cornflower Blue texture packed with lovely Silver shimmer and glitter. This shade does best in Three easy coats. I also advice waiting a bit between coats to make sure the textured bits do not clump together. Vespa is a really delicate Sage green with that same beautiful Silver Sparkle. Both of these colors are really flattering and easy on the eyes. I wore these babies for about Five days and had very minimal chips.

 Now, Zoya has been, in a way, called out by their fans for going a little photoshop- happy with the Summer PixieDust promo pics. And I kinda get it lolol. I mean they were obviously re-touched with the cute added starry sparkles and whatnot... We know they are sparkly, faeries, there is no need to resort to over photoshopping. That would be like taking a picture of an already beautiful model and trying to shop her to make her "even prettier"... Generally it ends up taking away. So, I took a blurry pic to show just how sparkly these are. And the answer is: INTENSELY sparkly. The best part is that the sparkle seems to float over the textured surface and the "encrusted" sparkles give it this cool precious stone look. But no pic will ever do these true justice.. Just try one out. I promise, it will be LOVE at first try.

I won't go into detail about these combos since they have been previously shown. But I will go ahead and link the original post in case you have any questions. Below are London and Chyna. 

 And here are Dahlia and Godiva. 
 After trying all these, I am very giddy to try the new Summer PixieDusts. Zoya did an amazing job on these colors and the sparkly finish that they chose. I will be honest, I wanted to hate this textured trend... but I don't. I really am loving it a lot and I really like all the different takes from all the different companies. I have to say though, Zoya's are, by far, my favorite! From this group in particular I really adore Chyna, Godiva and  Vespa.
 I know I've said it a lot but the wear on these is AMAZING!!! These are also sheer enough that they can be layered over other colors, or eachother, to create really cool effects. I am really excited to see the vivid Summer shades. These are just AMAZING. They apply like a dream, they dry fast enough and are just beautiful. Textured nails have become my new weekend thing because I know they will always wear like iron and start lots of conversations :D.

 Do you have a favorite shade from this collection? And if so how did you rock your PixieDusts?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zoya PixieDust in Chyna and London

(**Zoya products provided for review consideration.**)

Good morning and happy humpday!! 

  Today I have my second PixieDust combination. This past weekend I chose to wear Zoya's Chyna and London(Grey) together. I put these on last Friday and wore them until Monday. Much like Godiva and Dahlia, the wear on these was incredible! I had minimal chips on my nails after Four days of rough wear. 
 Both London and Chyna have AMAZING formulas. Chyna is incredibly saturated with color and deep Ruby Red glittery, sparkly goodness. I've seen many girls describe it as a textured Ruby Slippers (pick one lol... there are so many versions) and I completely agree. It is just beautiful, rich and complex. I did Three thin coats of Chyna.
 London is a slightly sheer concrete Grey base, but it builds up easily in Three coats. London is packed with fine Silver sparkle and as it dries the sparkle becomes more obvious. With all of these textured polishes, it is best to wait a few minutes between coats. This picture was taken 45 minutes after application. As you can see they are already, pretty much, dry here. They did continue to harden and become more textured looking.

 I really loved these Two together. Chyna is in-your-face beautiful and London is painfully chic and edgy. Once again I am adoring what Zoya has done with the textured polish trend. I don't think I can pick a favorite from this PixieDust collection. They are all so pretty in their own special way.

Do you have a favorite textured polish yet? Or is this trend just not for you?

(**Zoya products provided for review consideration.**)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thursday, September 13, 2012

O.P.I Germany Collection Fall 2012- Part One

Hello lovely readers!! 

  Today I have the first part of O.P.I's Germany Collection for Fall 2012. This collection is made up of 12 fantastic Fall inspired shades. Six cremes, Six vampy shimmers. Today I will be showing you the creme portion of the collection. There is a nice range of classic and unusual with these shades and that is always a plus in any collection. 
To see close- up shots just continue reading ♥.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lynnderella Mercurial

Hi loves and happy Sunday!

  Today's post is my very first Lynderella ever and a total random act of kindness. See.. Sometime ago I had posted on LTHP's Facebook about how someday I would have a Lynn polish and my life would be complete then. Well to my surprise TWO lovely, amazing readers responded to my post offering to send me extra Lynn's they had and I was so touched. I mean... I knew polish people were nice and awesome but this took the polished cake... Girls were willing to make my month by sending me an amazing and hard to find polish just because they like my blog.. That is crazy to me.. And SOOO sweet and just awesome! Like seriously... Marnie and Bethany: You guys are the bomb and I hope you are reading :D. I am sooo grateful for this RAOK!

  Today I will be showing you Lynn's Mercurial. This pretty made it's way to me thanks to the very lovely Marnie S. I cannot wait to wear this again.
To see more pics of Mercurial just keep on reading :D.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mini Holo Glitter Gal Spamalamadingdong!!

Good morning peeps!!

  So after the massive undertaking that was the 31 day challenge it feels nice to be able to slow down for a minute and take a little break.. But what better way to get back to normal than by showing you guys some awesome Glitter Gal holo spam? I've been dying to show you guys these beauties.. So let's just get to it!!
Above is the ever popular Lizzard Belly. Wow! Drool... Slackjaw... lol! This is the most beautiful dark Hunter Green jelly-ish base packed full of linear holographic sparkle. This was so hard to photograph because my camera just would not pick up the stunning holo effect as amazing as it looked in person. If you like how this looks in pictures then you will be swept off your feet when you see it in person. This baby has an amazing formula and it fully opaque at Two effortless coats.

This is Dark Purple Holo. Mmmmmm Purple and Holo... What more could I ask for? This beauty has the most amazing Holo effect. It's just STUNNING. This polish also has an amazing application. For this one I used Three coats of color to give it full depth of color and even more holo sparkle. This is such an epic WIN!!

And last but absolutely not least is the ever- angelic Light as a Feather. A lovely white with just a tinge of Grey and the most beautiful holographic effect. This one is far creamier and the holo is more subtle than the other Two I've shown today. This is sophistication in a bottle and so very ethereal. For the pics I used Three coats for full coverage and opacity. This pretty also has an amazing formula.

  I am so stoked on Glitter Gal polishes. They have an amazing formula and amazing holographic polishes. Glitter Gal has a great range of colors and I highly recommend them to any holographic polish lover ... And even if you don't like holos.. You may find yourself in a trance over these beauties. Glitter Gal is available from the lovely Lean at Shop Llarowe. Her site has very quickly become my go to for HTF international brands. She had great customer service and a great selection of stunning lacquers.

Have you tried Glitter Gal? Which are your faves?
♥ Cristina

(**Product provided for review**)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zoya Harley

Good afternoon my lovelies!!

  Today I have a color that was long over due to have it's own post. Everyone that really reads my ramblings knows I have a long outstanding love affair with Grey nail polish and this beauty is one of my favorites.

  I had to nubbinize :( I noticed a really bad crack on my ring nail and I'd rather cut them down than have a very painful break so... behold!!! My Nubbins!! yet again lol.
  This simple design was done using Two coats of Zoya's Harley as my base. I then stamped over it using plate BM222 and Zoya's Kelly. I wanted to go for like a "carved stone" type of look. I then added a little rhinestone just for some bling. I love how this looks.

 Zoya's Harley is the prettiest shade of light Silvery Grey and the shimmer in this is so interesting. I also like to think that there is a touch of Pink in this. I don't know what it is but there is something in this color that takes it out of that "corpsey Grey" territory. This color has a flawless Two coat formula. ♥!!!

Why I had not posted about Harley on her own, I could not tell you. This color is soo beautiful!!

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by!!
♥ Cristina

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Summer 2011 Collection Swatches

Hi loves!!!

  Today I have swatches of Dr.'s Remedy Summer collection. This group consists of Three gorgeous metallics and Two classic cremes. 
This is the amazing Tranquil Tangerine. Now... there isn't anything tranquil about this color. It's bold and vibrant and amazing! I don't own anything like this. The formula on this baby is amazing! Actually all Three metallics have an excellent Two coat formula. What I love is that it is not streaky. These are true foil metallics.

This is Bold Baby Blue. Now I think that Tranquil Tangerine  and Bold Baby Blue  should exchange names lol. I see this soft metallic Sky Blue as being tranquil and the tangerine as being bold lol.. That's just me though. I really loved this one. It was like robot nails. Once again I love that it is a smooth metallic foil finish and there are no brushstrokes.

Glee oh Glee. I love this one! It is a soft Gold metallic/ foil. This one is one of those colors that will flatter a lot of skin tones but will really shine on darker complexions. There are a few bloggers I can think of that could really bring this color to life. 

 This one is Lovely Lavender. OMG the formula on this sucker is incredible. I almost left it at one coat. Anywho, Lovely Lavender is  pretty Greyed out Lavender creme. This one is a solid Two coater and has a high shine formula.

 Last but not least is Nurture Nude Pink. I wish I could have gotten Sunlight pics of this but the Sun has not been cooperating much. Ok so it is established that this is a pretty standard nude Pink tone. What my picture is not showing very well is the lovely hidden Pink shimmer a la Cult Nails Crusin Nude. This one is a Three coater but the formula flows easily and dries quick as well.

 I like that this collection has a little bit of Bold, a little bit of classic and a little bit of standards. My top pick has to be Tranquil Tangerine. The orange lover in me just cannot get enough of how bright and juicy it looks. My second favorite is actually Nurture Nude Pink. Why? I loved the formula and I love me some soft seashell Pinks. They are clean and detoxifying. You can visit the Dr.'r Remedy site by clicking on the link on my right hand side bar Link Love Section. Check out their Facebook Page for more goodies!

What are your thoughts on this collection?
<3 Cristina

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Zoya Kelly gets Spongy with Zoya Trixie

Happy Friday!!

  For today I have a simple sponged mani featuring one of my all time favorite Zoya colors. Even though lately I've been craving bright, Summery manis for some reason Kelly kept jumping out at me. Sooo, I decided to go with my gut and came up with this... 
For this simple mani I just used some cut up sponge from the art supply store and some of Zoya's Trixie on the tips of my nails. I ended up LOVING this look. I really like how simple and clean it is but at the same time it is blingy and just a little flashy. Trixie is AMAZING for sponging.

Here is a swatch of the awesomeness that is Kelly. This was one of my first Zoya's ever and will always have a special place in my stash as one of my true faves. I may have a bajilion Greys but Kelly takes the cake.
So what have we learned today? Zoya Kelly and Trixie= Best friends forever!! lol.

What do you think?
<3 Cristina

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Avon Blue Shock, Gunmetal and Vivid Violet

Hello hello hello!

  Today I have some swatches of some pretty Avon colors I got from my mom-on-law. It had been sooo long since I last tried an avon polish. As a matter of fact I remmber the last Avon polish i had was a Golden one and it came in a round bottle. It had a terrible sticky formula that took forever to dry and I always managed to smudge it. Well, this was YEAARS ago and I'm happy to see they have made some changes to the bottles and the formula as well.  On to some colors!

First is Vivid Violet. This one reminds me of my one my favorite O.P.I's (that I don't own ATM) Plugged in Plum. Vivid Violet is a pretty Purple shimmer with some slight Pink undertones. In Sunlight it has these pretty Blue flashes that you can't see in any other light. The formula on this is slightly sheer but flows nicely. I only did Two coats for these pictures but I'm thinking now a Third one would have looked even better.

This one is called Gunmetal. It could not have a more perfect name. This one is a true Gunmetal shimmer. I love this because every time I have picked up a polish tha looked like this it ends up going on the nail like a frosty, brushstrokey mess (I'm lookin at you China Glaze Avalanche). Not this baby! This goes on smooth, shimmery and even. This is Two coats, no top coat.

And finally we have Blue Shock. A pretty, icy shade of Electric Blue shimmer. This one has an extremely sheer formula and what you see here is Three coats (probably could have gotten away with a Fourth). I actually really like this color. It's refreshing and it almost looks like the polish is floating on my nails.
Overall, I am really happy with these. I really, really LOVE Vivid Violet. I also really love the brush on these Avon polishes. It was soft, just the right lenght and slightly flattened so it made the application super easy and quick. These Three color have good formulas and I'm happy to have them in my collection.

Do you own any Avon polishes?
<3 Cristina

Sunday, May 22, 2011

China Glaze Recycle


  Grey is amazing.... And Gilded nails is awesome for killing this lemming for me. The reason why I don't have Sunlight pics is because I am typing this at 1:44 AM... About 10 minutes after I was done with this mani... Yeah, it was a LATE nite mani...
Recycle is an awesome medium Grey creme.Think of a cloudy Sky and you get Recycle. I really really love this color a whole lot. I thought it would be a perpetual lemming. The formula on this is great as China Glaze usual. For the mani above I did Two coats of Recycle. For the dots I used the other colors I own from the CG ECOllection. Shower Together, Solar Power and  Tree Hugger. I initially did the dots with a larger dotting tool and realized I didn't love it so I switched to a smaller dotting tool and then I was really getting the effect I wanted. This mani is so cute and fun even with it's neutral Grey base.

Are you into dotting?
<3 Cristina

Saturday, May 21, 2011

BYS Matte Grey


  Today I have another BYS polish from my [swap] with Gilded Nails. This one is an awesome Matte Grey.
So this is how this polish dries. Not very Matte lol. It more so reminds me of a more shiny Orly Plastix finish. Kind of shiny satin? It's really pretty cool. The formula on this is good. A bit thick maybe? But I'm sure that's only because it is a "matte" polish. Here I did Two coats of Matte Grey. 

However.... I really wanted to see it go fully matte so I added two coats of Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love, matte top coat which gave it a super neat sort of rubberized look. Now this is more like it!
It's Grey, it's matte and super awesome. Carina really outdid herself with this swap package and the amazing polishes she sent my way. I can't wait for you guys to see the rest!

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Cristina

Friday, May 13, 2011

O.P.I Pirates Week- Skull and Glossbones & Silver Shatter

And we come to Grey!

  Thank you O.P.I for giving us one of the most awesome Greys I've ever gotten on my nails. Oh yes... i went there. You guys know I have a thing for Grey and this one is just .... yeah... awesome.

Skull and Glossbones is an amazing light putty Grey that (to me) seems to have just the slightest hint of Green that gives this color that distinctive "dirty" look that all the colors in this collection have.  The formula for this color is great. It was completely even and opaque in Two coats. I know I just showed you guys this stamp recently but how could I resist? This is plate BM225 and the stamp was done in Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees because I wanted to give my nails like an aged pirate ship flag look. I love this!

 And here is Skull and Glossbones  under  Silver Shatter. This combo was another very subtle one but the looks was so interesting. I really like these two together.

I am so excited about tomorrow's manicure. I cannot wait for you guys to see!
<3 Cristina

OPI Skull and Glossbones
Stamp: Suzi Skis...
Plate: BM225
TC Seche Vite 

(** Some of the OPI products featured above were sent by OPI for Review**)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Revlon Steel her Heart

Hello ladies and not,

  Today I have a swatch of a color I got in a mini- swap I did with Steph from Imperfectly Painted. She is awesome with a capital A. I don't remember how we got on the topic of Maybelline Colorama polishes but Steph and I were Twittering and she mention she had Four Coloramas she could send my way so I said "Hells Yeah!" and along with the Coloramas she sent me a beautiful Pure Ice polish and this Revlon shade.
Steel her Heart is what I wanted China Glaze's Avalanche to be.... Steel her Heart is a beautiful Gunmetal Grey metallic. Even though it is slightly brush-strokey, with careful application it can be prevented. The artificial light pics are picking up a lot of the Silver tones which make it look frosty, but this is not frosty at all. The formula is good on this color, easy to work with but watch out for brush strokes. In the pics above I have Two coats of color and no top coat.
Sorry I haven't been doing more creative things lately but I have been seriously stuck on this goal of swatching my entire collection. I am only 11 colors away from having that done so I have been swatching like crazy and not stamping enough. I have a few things I want to start working on as soon as my swatching project is completed so things should be getting more exciting around here pretty soon. In the mean time I hope you are liking my swatches.

Also if you have not yet done so, pretty please check out my entry for the Bundle Monster Facebook contest. You can vote once every 24 hrs until April 20th. Please help me win one of these sets gals! You can check out my entry by clicking the picture on the right side bar.

Thanks for stopping by :)
<3 Cristina

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam pt. 2


  It's time for another swatch spam post. Last time I did one I asked if you guys enjoyed these types of posts and a lot of you said you did so I decided to sit down and so some swatching for my lovelies.
In case you missed it (HERE) is the First Random Swatch Spam.

 This is the pretty Dreamy.  This polish is a pretty coral jelly packed full of holographic glitter. This is perfect for Summer. The formula on this one was good. This is Two coats.

A-list is a light, metallic Powdery Blue. This is a pretty color and not frosty like my pictures make it look. I do recommend keeping your hand light and steady with colors like this one to prevent brushstrokes. The formula is easy to work with and it is opaque in Two coats.

  This is China Girl. This is a metallic coral. Once again not frosty just a very metallic finish. I have a feeling these types of polishes are also great for stamping. This is two coats.

  This is Art Deco Orange. Bright, bright true Orange creme. This was my first venture into Orange polish. Surprisingly I loved it! The formula on this one is amazing! Smooth, well pigmented and very easy to work with. Also the pics were taken pre- top coat. This is two coats.

 Glamour Secret. This is what I am going to call a Navy Grey creme. I love this color. Perfect for fall and a creamy excellent formula. This shade reminds me of Zoya's Kelly but with an extra shot of Blue instead of Purple. This is ONE coat!

 And finally we have Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl. I know there are two versions of this color out there, this is the newer one I assume since I just got this color recently. This is an awesome Grape Jelly with Purple and Golden glassfleck shimmer. This is a lovely color! Two coats.
And we come to the end of today's spam post :). I hope you all enjoyed!

Any favorites?