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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Raaaaaaaaandom (Sunday) Spaaaaaaaamming!

Happy Sunday!! 

  Today I have some random swatches I've had sitting in my folders for a WHILE. It's also been some time since I've done a swatch- spam post so.... Enjoy and happy Sunday!
To see close-ups just continue reading ♥.

Monday, October 11, 2010

L.A Girl Calcium Nail Hardener

Hello Lovelies,

 Another slightly lame post :(. I have been having health issues lately that have put a damper on things. I'm hoping to start feeling better consistently soon or at least have a doctor give me a straight answer as to what the issue might be :( or is..... I promise things will be back to awesome soon.

  So about 7 weeks ago my nails took a major hit with two of them breaking painfully short and me having to cut down the rest as a result of the breakage. You can see the original post (HERE). I have been using the L.A Girl Calcium Nail Hardener since that day. My nails have never been fast growers so I was not expecting a huge growth spurt with the addition of this hardener. What I have been noticing is that my nails are much thicker and I don't get little white marks on my nail beds like I used to. I've had absolutely no staining while using this product as my base. This nice because I wear very bold colors most of the time that I'm sure would have my nail looking like an ugly rainbow if I did not wear a good base coat LOL.

L.A Girl Calcium Nail Hardener
1 Coat.
 I know this doesn't look like much growth for seven weeks if you checked out the original post. I was working on getting them all the same length and I am also pretty clumsy. I've been keeping them consistently at this length until I get used to longer nails and keep growing them from there :). I think this is pretty good stuff. I suppose what kind of base coat you use is a personal prefference and not as important. What is important is that you always wear a base coat no matter what to protect your nails from staining and make your polish last longer :). I found my LA Girl Hardener at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Thanks for reading :)
<3 Cristina

LA Girls Calcium Nail Hardener.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Update on Nails

Lat post for the day,

  Exactly one week ago I broke some nails painfully short and I decided to try a nail hardener by L.A Girl. Here are some pictures of the progress.

Left Hand
Right Hand

 There has been a decent amount of growth, what I'm happier about is that there has been no flaking of my nails. I have also noticed that my nails are feeling a lot less thin. 

So that is my one week update. I can't wait for my nails to be even and pretty again :)

Until tomorrow :)
<3 Cristina

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nail Crisis :(!!!

Hello Guys,

  Today is a sad say for me. I work at an office supply retail store and here in Florida it is Back to School time... It's like a mini black Friday. Sunday was the last day to go shopping because school started today... So, naturally we were slammed because .. you know how those darn schools always wait 'till the last minute to let you know when school starts again..... Right.... Anywho two of my nails suffered major damage, one breaking painfully short and one just breaking... So... *cries a little* I just trimmed down all my nails and will not be wearing any polish until they are worthy once again.

  What I'll do instead is try out this L.A Girl Calcium nail hardener... And keep you guys posted on the progress of my nails. I reeeeeeally wanted to try "Nail Envy" by O.P.I, but... Really? $17? I couldn't bring myself to take the plunge....

 This is what I saw when I came home....

This really hurt... And now it looks awful!

Left Hand (day 1)

Right Hand (day 1)

Well guys,
Until my next post, hopefully a happier one :)

<3 Cristina