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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Amazing Times at The Make Up Show Orlando #TMSOrlando

Hi guys,

  As many of you know, I'm blogging out of my parental units house and have very little material to work with. Sad Panda... Anyways.. I did want to share with you some of the amazing artistry and random good time photos from The Makeup Show in Orlando. One of my favorite parts of the trade shows is seeing the artistry all around. Seeing normal gals transformed into incredible creatures by uber talented makeup artists... So here are some of my fave pics from TMS Orlando
 The Makeup Forever Academy ALWAYS blows me away with their creations. They literally take ALL day to complete, and are always AMAZING.
 photo 20130929_163041_zps2a45bde1.jpg
 I could have never "out-fierced" her.. but I sure tried haha!
 DAT SPARKLE!! This was my fave "creature" out of the whole show.
 For more awesomeness just keep on reading ♥. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

LTHP Style! Burning Artists Collective Geode Designs 'Ello Scratch Leggings- A Story of how Mr. LTHP and I Tried to Meet Aliens

(**BAC Press Sample**)
'Ello Lovely readers!!! 

  Today I have a story for you. A story about how the husband and I went to Cali and back, saw some awesomeness, and tried to meet some aliens. As you guys know I have an affinity for all things nylon, shiny, tight and quirky. So.. coming across the awesome indie clothing company, Burning Artists Collective, was an awesome thing for this nylon addict. I absolutely adore their awesome designs and the part where they embrace indie artists... I scored their awesome Piano Score dress, and fell in love with their clothing. I've been very lucky to form a friendship with Teagan Tyze, who created the piano score dress. We loved each others vibe, and they were kind enough to send me a pair of kick ass leggings by Geode Designs called the 'Ello Scratch legs to have some fun with.  
  So, I wore them in an attempt to be friendly to any visitors we might have encountered... Just in case we met any aliens while at the Petrified Forest in Arizona. This was easily one of the most amazing and beautiful places I have ever been to. So husband and I decided to do a little shoot in featuring my neat-o leggings and document any alien encounters that might have happened ;). We had a ton of fun working on this little story so I hope you guys enjoy this post. Something a little different for funsies ♥.  
 There are a few pics so just keep on reading to find out what happened. Oh and... I just had to "meme" this pic lololol! I'm having fun with this whole "blogging thing" from now on! I want to share all of my creativeness with you guys. I always welcome a new challenge and transitions. But, oh yes... There will be nails.. and makeup... and fashion.. and kitties and nonsense. Afterall, my "tagline" does promise all those things hahaa. Let them have Polish!!! From head to toes!!!
 photo ellofront-1_zpsd8c3bc5e.jpg

Thursday, October 10, 2013

That Time LTHP Met Sutan Amrull (aka Raja Gemini) at #TMSOrlando!!

Random post time!

  Last weekend I got to attend The Makeup Show in Orlando. That is where one of my dreams came true. I got to "meet" Sutan Amrull, of ANTM and RuPaul's Drag Race fame. He might be better known to some of you as the amazing Raja Gemini, winner of Season Three of RPDR. I got to watch this man in action and it was incredible. I also got to turn into a bumbling idiot in front of him, but who cares?!! I actually met one of my idols. I got to watch him work and the entire thing was just incredible. 
 photo DSCN1417_zps582c78d0.jpg

Sutan and James Vincent go way back to working together at the first M.A.C counter. It was really surreal to have exposure to such incredible talent in one place. 
 photo DSCN1413_zps4f7af2e9.jpg
MAAAANY more pics after the jump ♥. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

LTHP heads over to!

(**Press Sample**)
Happy Saturday everyone!! 

  I just wanted to do a quick post to let you guys know that I am over on the Nail It! magazine website with a guest post. I went with a texture theme, since I am slightly obsessed with this trend. I also did a look with some of the shades from the Cult Nails In the Garden Collection, for the ladies who do not like textures at all. I hope you guys like these looks! I had a lot of fun working on these. 
To find out the details behind these Three looks, just head on over to You can also read a short interview [HERE].

 I've had a minor setback here (I am also waiting on a middle nail break to grow out)... Ever have something happen to you that makes you feel really old for some reason? So, yesterday.. I was having a coughing fit... and I threw my lower back out  -___-. I mean, REALLY? Who does that? lolol... Who throws their back out from a coughing fit? Anywho, I'm taking it easy and hoping for a speedy recovery because I have lots I want to get done. I am also dying to play with my new Pueen stamping plates!! I have not had a chance to get into those yet, the designs are SO adorable!!

I hope you guys will check out my post for! Happy Saturday everyone!

(**Press Sample**)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Scenes from The Makeup Show Orlando- #TMSOrlando

Happy Friday loves!! 

  This post will be more photos than anything. I've previously posted about The Makeup Show Orlando [Here] and [Here] but Mr. LTHP took A TON of photos and I wanna share (most) them. 
  This will be more of a "picture diary" of #TMSOrlando. There was A LOT happening. The show hosted over 2,000 beauty industry professionals and over 60 brands. There would have been more brands but hurricane Sandy threw a wrench in that. The show was still a great success though!
Many more photos after the jump!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beauty and The Blog Panel at The Makeup Show Orlando/ #TMSOrlando

Good afternoon!

 This is a quick post to share some photos of the panel I got to be a part of when The Makeup Show came to Orlando at the beginning of November. The panel was hosted by the living legend that is James Vincent. being asked to be a part of this panel was a true highlight in my blogging days. I can't believe the amount of amazing connections I got to make at this show.
 The panel was made up of Koren of EnKore Makeup, Elessa Jade of Pursebuzz, Brittany of Clumps of Mascara, Courtney of and myself. The panel was hosted/ moderated by James Vincent. To be a part of this group of talented and successful people in the industry was nothing short of an honor. 
To see more photos just continue reading!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mr.LTHP's Behind the Scenes Look at #TMSOrlando

Hello and good evening my lovelies! 

  So as many of you know yesterday and today (Nov 4th and 5th) was the debut of The Makeup Show in Orlando. The Makeup Show has been traveling for the past Seven years but this was their first stop in Orlando. Needless to say I was excited about this incredible opportunity. The Makeup Show put on a preview for the bloggers that were attending the show and it was hosted by non other than James Vincent, who is an industry legend. 
  Mr. LTHP was my assistant for the weekend. He was taking my photos while I did the social media, networking and the blogger panel. The blogger preview took place this past Saturday while the vendors were setting up. Many of our Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida were there, among them Miss Maria of Cult Nails. Cult Nails had a big weekend with them having their first booth at a beauty show! So John, Maria's husband was setting up the booth for Cult Nails and Maria snuck Mr. LTHP to the vendor floor to hang out with John and take pictures while we got our preview from James Vincent. This is Mr.LTHP's behind the scenes look at the setup and behind the scenes of #TMSOrlando.
 This is a pretty pic heavy post so to see all the pics just keep on reading!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LTHP Social! Let's Talk Beauty Mixer and Panel

OMG took me long enough lol!!!

  I can't believe it has taken me this long to post about this awesome event I had the pleasure of attending and being a part of back in July. This mixer took place at The Mezz in Downtown Orlando, Florida and was put together by Bluprint Style PR. At this event local women had the chance to come and mingle, get introduced to local beauty brands, have a few drinks and have an all around good time.
  At the Let's Talk Beauty Event I also had the opportunity to be a part of my very first panel. I got to sit alongside some very talented and influential ladies. To be even considered as being in the same league as them is an honor! All the pictures below are courtesy of the BluPrint Style PR Facebook Page.
 This was such a fun event. There were tons of giveaways and it was just an excellent opportunity to network with local industry-folk.

 Below are some pictures of the fun!

 The panel was made up of Safia of Lipstick Mixtapes, A local hairdresser from Trend Studios: Orlando, Su of Chronicle Stones (HELLO Nail Veils!), Maria of Cult Nails, Courtney of and myself.
Su, Maria and Courtney
   Below is Safia, who always rocks some fierce fashion, make up and hair. Safia is fierceness in a little package and I just love her to bits. She emphasized the importance of wearing colors! Colors and more colors! I could not have agreed with her more.

 Below is  Miss Su of Chronicle Stones. She really emphasized on the importance of Branding Yourself. You guys really need to check her work out. Her jewelry is amazing and she also has created a line of re-usable nail accessories made of semi-precious metals called Nail Veils. I will be posting about these babies soon!

  This panel was really about how brands and bloggers have come together now days to reach the consumer on a different level.

 Below is me having a mini panic attack lol. IDK what it is about microphones that makes me so nervous. This was also my first time being part of a panel.

 The lovely Courtney of had some great tips about SEO and indie make up companies.

 The fierce Maria of Cult Nails spoke of the beginnings of her brand and her expectations for Cult Nails in the future. Maria always looks like such a movie star!

 Me tee hees! I mainly spoke about how I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging lolol. Well that and how bloggers really play a bit part in hyping up products, especially in the cases of indie brands.

 Miss Courtney

 The venue was SO amazing for this mixer. We had pretty views of DT Orlando and mood lighting. The venue has a very artsy feel in general. It was beautiful. They also had set up tables where you could shop Cult Nails polishes and Lipstick Mixtapes Lip color.

  Quite a few of lovely ladies from the Beauty Bloggers or Central Florida came out to show their support an mingle as well. Below is Miss Kimberly of Libby's Pink Vanity, Courtney and myself.
  This was really a fun event and I wanna thank the people of BluPrint Style PR for organizing this event to bring the Brands, the bloggers and the local "beauty minded" together. I can't believe I got to be in a panel alongside some women who I seriously admire. 
 This is a very exciting time to be a beauty blogger in the Central Florida region. Now we have The Makeup Show making it's debut in Orlando in November and who knows what will come of that. I am VERY excited to say the least. November can't come soon enough!

  Good nite and happy Tuesday!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Talk Beauty!!!

Hi loves!!

  I wanted to share this with you guys really quick. This evening myself, along with other beuties from the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers will be in Downtown Orlando at The Mezz for this wonderful event!
For more details about this event please visit: Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door.

  So if you are in the Central Florida Area come out to see us tonight! There will be goodies and giveaways as well!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

#FLBeautyBloggers Neiman Marcus Breakfast Event

Hello again loves!!

  This time around I wanted to share some "scenes" from this past Saturday. The lovely people of Neiman Marcus of the Mall at Millenia were so amazing to the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida. They put together a lovely breakfast for us followed by a great presentation from their beauty department. This was very exciting as I got to learn a lot more about the Neiman Marcus beauty department. 
  I don't really have a Neiman Marcus nearby me so it is not a store I am not entirely familiar with and most of the time I don't even feel comfortable going in there when I am in a mall that has one. IDK what it is about high end designer merchandise that makes me so nervous. I feel "inadequate" when I walk through stores like Neiman Marcus (lol?). I'm weird like that. 

Yes... There were LOTS of pretty nail polishes. These are from LeMetier. Summer Neons is where it's at!
 Intimidtion aside, I had an amazing time and by the end I felt better about being there among all those beautful cosmetics that I could never afford hahahah! I keep it real....