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Monday, May 23, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Le Beauty Sparkling Wine

Hi loves!!!

  Look who's back!!! Muffin missed you ladies so much!! For those of you who have started following recently Muffin Monday is the reason a lot of people follow this blog in the first place lol. It's not the manis or the polish but this awesome polish picking kitty! She had been on a little extended break but now she is back and ready to pick!!

 Muffin fell right back into rhythm and picked something straight away. This pretty color does not have a name. Well, I couldn't find one so I came up with Sparkling Wine. You'll see why...
Perfect name right? This one is another beauty from my [swap] with Gilded Nails. I loved it immediately. The color is a beautiful Wine toned jelly packed of holographic glitter. I really love the sparkle in this one a lot because it looks like it's suspended in the jelly base. The formula on this color is great as jellies usually tend to be. For this I used Three coats of color. The smell on this one was also pretty strong. Adding a coat os SV only enhanced this beauty even more.

Muffin is so happy to be back!
<3 Cristina