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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mark. Ibiza Sol Polishes Mojito + Tango


  Today I have two mini pretties from Mark. which I also got from my mom-in-law. These are the two polishes Mark. released with their latest cosmetics collection, Ibiza Sol. They are sooo tiny and soo cute. I have to apologize for the swatches here. I wasn't feeling 100% well when I was working on them and they turned out kinda icky :(.

This is Mojito. A beautiful minty Green creme. This is pretty close to Orly's Ancient Jade. This one is slightly more vibrant. The formula on this was great! Very smooth and well pigmented. I only needed Two easy coats for my mani. Look ma!! No (lobster) Hands!!

And this is Tango. A pretty standard Red creme with slight orange undertones to it. This is close to Zoya's Tamsen. This one also has a creamy smooth formula and is opauque at Two coats. This is two coats. No top coat.
I really like these two pretties. I love the cute, tiny little bottles. The brush on these was really good for being a small bottle. The formula is great as well and it surprised me because for some reason I'm always expecting polish in little bottles to suck. Is that weird lol? Anywho, I got these mainly because I'm a sucker for cute, tiny bottles and ended up loving what is inside lol! 

Thoughts on little polishes?
<3 Cristina