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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zoya Tickled DIY Marbled Decal Nail Art

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 OMG much changes!! Such update :D. I hope you guys are enjoying the new look of Let them have Polish!

 Not even going to lie... I've been completely obsessed with making my own decals lately. I desperately wanted to try this technique with creme polishes, so I did :D. I had this Zoya Tickled trio set aside for a water marble, but decided to try the color drops method instead. I am so loving the effect this technique created with these three creamy shades. How can I not love sweet cotton candy swirls?!
 I painted my nails with Zoya Kitridge. This shade is an amazing, vibrant bubblegum pink creme. I am smitten with this flattering color, and its amazing formula. The formula is very self- leveling and perfectly pigmented.  I only needed Two coats of Kitridge.
 To create my decals I used the method shown in my color drops tutorial. For these decals I did space my drops out a bit more. Spacing out the drops created that petal- like effect. For my swirls I used Zoya Ling, and Zoya Rooney. Ling is a beautiful shade of true cerulean blue creme. She is a very balanced shade of blue. Rooney is a vibrant magenta pink creme. She is a classic that will look great on every skin tone. I just love the amazing pops of blue thanks to unique Ling. She adds such a great contrasting touch. 
 I finished my nails off with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked fast. Of course I added my "traditional" coat of INM Northern Lights because sparkles make everything better. I really enjoy using the color drop method to create marbled nails because it allows me to get more swirls on my nails than a watermarble normally would. I LOOOOVE watermarbles, but I feel like they look so much more kick ass on gals with longer nails. I feel like with the color drops method girls with shorter nails can also enjoy intricate swirl designs on their nails.  

 I am just LOVING the Zoya Tickled collection shades. The collection feels very cohesive, the colors really do flatter each other. I also love that all six shades look like they could work with all skin tones.. These creamy beauties look great on everyone! 

Thanks for coming by today loves!! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliques in Sea me Shine

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Hello and good morning! 

 Today I want to share a quick manicure I did some weeks ago using some Essie Sleek Stick nail appliques. These are in the Sea Me Shine design. My experience with these decals was actually really pleasant. I didn't run into any issues with application, and the sizes of the appliques were perfect. It took me about 15 minutes to do all 10 nails. The best thing about these babies is the part where there is no dry time.  
Essie Sea me Shine photo DSCN3342_zps314abc6a.jpg
 I did apply a base coat to my nails before applying these. I did not top coat them. In previous attempts at wearing decals I had top coated them only to have the top coat ruin the decal itself. For this attempt I decided to skip the top coat and I had great success with wear time. I wore them for about a week.  These are a really cool design. They are kind of 3d and have cool circle glitter accents. They are a very bright "TARDIS" Blue, which was a bit hard to capture. To remove I just used the foil method like I would have to remove a glitter polish. 
Sea me Shine Macro photo DSCN3354_zpsad8b3b26.jpg
 I kept rubbing on my nails all week because the cool, bubble- like, accents felt.. well, cool. I also got many compliments on my nails while I wore these. I have a few more designs from the Essie Sleek Stick line and after trying these I am excited to try the rest. These were a really pleasant surprise. 

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!! Kicking the Month Off in a Bettina and Dollish Polish Halloween Watermarble

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Good afternoon loves and happy October!! 

  I am just in awe that it is already October! So I have decided to kick off the month in a fun Halloween themed mani. I wanted to step out of the "spooky" norm and do something colorful, that still felt "Halloween" to me. What better way to do this than by doing a candy-looking watermarble? Of course I turned to my trusty Bettina shades for the marble. I actually had a lot of fun working on these because I intentionally wanted the patterns to be random on each nail. 
Bettina and DP Marble photo Sep302013_zpseb004ea5.jpg
 To really bring it to "Halloween speed" I layered Dollish Polish Somethings up With Jack from last year's Halloween collection. Which, BTW, will be making a short comeback this year for Two weeks on October 6th. I also accented my middle nail with a little Sugar skull water decal from O.P.I's Halloween set from last year. 
  I am so madly in love with the combination of colors and how the glitter sets everything off. The skully makes it fun and cute :D. I really think the addition of the glitter really made this mani :D. I just loved the "This is Halloween" collection so much, I had to find a way to work one of the shades into this look. 

 And of course, I have to show you guys the marble, which I am still madly in love with. So much so, that I didn't even do my signature coat of INM Northern Lights sparkles. I really wanted them to look like candies. For the marble I started with a base of Cult Nails Tempest. For the marble portion I used all Bettina shades; the green is Hopeful, the Orange shade is Epic and the Yellow is Art Deco Yellow. As usual these polishes were a dream to marble with and I could not be happier with the end result ;). I used a top coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish my whole look.

 Happy October!! I hope it's not too early to start with the Halloween looks heehee!! Halloween looks are just so fun to work on. I hope I can get a few more done before we have to buckle down for our cross country move. 

 I hope you guys enjoyed this look. Thanks for stopping by my painted beauties!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jamberry Nail Shields for Autism Awareness Month!

Hi loves!

  Check these out!!! I was sent these by a lovely reader, Teena,  who sells Jamberry Nail Shields. So as I was browsing through Jamberry's AMAZING selection of designs I stumbled upon this amazing Autism Awareness set that I could NOT pass up.
So, I am not gonna go into an explanation of how to apply these because the process is the same pretty much no matter what brand of decal you are using. The Jamberry decals are very sturdy feeling and nice and long. They come in Nine different sizes and they even fit my teeny nails pretty well. I love that the ends of the decals are nice and rounded so that you can get at least Two uses out of a single strip. I will be honest and say that these don't work very well if you have nubs like I do. The amount of filing you have to do do really trim the decal close to your nail is no conducive to a clean edge with nubbies. If you really want to rock these decals you might want a little bit of a free edge on your tips. 
This is definitelly NOT a "slap-on-and-go" type of thing. You should really take your time to make sure the decals are staight on your nail. Press down firmly and when you are done with all Ten nails it might be a good idea to blast them(from a good distance) with your blowdryer for some heat. This will make them bond extra stong.

 This is what the decal sheet looks like. Here you can see what I mean about the rounded ends.
Jamberry has an incredible selection of designs and I cannot wait to check out some more of them. Next time I wear these I will grow my nails out a little more to be able to get more wear out of them. I think that girls with longer nails might have an even easier time applying these. There is no bubbling or creasing with these with is nice. They are slightly thicker than your average decal so it is a good idea to really press down on the edges around your nail to make sure that they are as flush with your nails as possible.


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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Julep Maven Boho Glam Nail Decals

Hi loves!

  I'm keeping today's post short and sweet because I've been feeling progressively crappier over the past few days. This was my first experience with nail decals and I have to say that I am hooked. Although I love having my options when it comes to nail art and nail polish these decals are great for when I'm feeling... Less than creative or just plain lazy...
  So these came in my December Maven box. I was skeptical at first but after trying one of the decals on my thumb I had to do the rest of the nails. These went on super easy and I had never used these decals before so I was surprised at how quick and easy I managed to get them on my nails. They wore amazingly well. I took them off after Four days because I was ready for something new on my nails. I loved the peacock- crystal pattern on these. 
So yeah. I liked thee a lot. Next vacation.. I am so getting some Sally Hansen decals!!

♥ Cristina