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Saturday, June 9, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 Swactches

Happy Caturday!!!!

  Finally! The day has come where I show you guys my swatches of the China Glaze Summer Neons. This was easily one of my most anticipated collections of the year. I was never one for neons and all of a sudden something snapped and I wanted ALLL things neon. This collection blew my away instantly. I've been showing you guys some nail art looks with these in the past few weeks. These are SO much fun to play with. 
  As promised! Here are my swatches!! 
 To see swatches of the China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 Continue Reading.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons Weekend Mani

Hi loves!!

  Today I have a mani I did last Friday to rock during this, most eventful, weekend. I really wanted to do something that was eye- catching and colorful so the choice was made that I would be doing something with a watermarble. I know I still owe you guys swatches of the China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 but I cannot stop playing with them in terms on nail art. Here is what I landed on.
  For this tropical mani I started with a base of One coat of Milani White on the Spot. Once my White canvas was dry I went to town with colors. There are few things I love more than seeing a plain white canvas be transformed. I went for the Index/ Middle finger accents in gradients. For the gradient nails I used Surfin for Boys, Beach Cruise-r and Ride the Waves. For the gradient technique I tried yet another tutorial which I have posted below. For the marbled nails I used Loves a Beach, Splish- Splash and Sun Kissed. I just love all these colors together. Just TOO much fun!  Of course they were topped off in my mandatory coat of INM Northern Lights and Seche Vite.
 I kind of sort of love how the pigments in the color blended together in the marbling to create new colors on top of the already awesome neons. I got tons of compliments on these and I was so not looking forward to taking these off. I really cannot wait to show you guys swatches of these China Glaze Summer Neons.

**EDIT** For my marbled fingers I used filtered water and in shot glass. I found that using a shot glass allowed me to get more swirls onto my tiny nails than the small paper cups I had been using. Since the shot glass is such a small diameter it requires less polish to create a tight bullseye. 

Here is the tutorial I followed for my gradient. Nikkie used a nude base, which I realize now I should have done on my gradient nails instead of my white base. I love this girl. She is crazy talented!
Thanks for stopping by!

(**CG Summer neons provided for review**)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Pixi Polishes!

Happy Friday darlings!!

  Today I have swatches of a "new-to-me" brand. These are my first Pixi products and I am really happy with them. These Three pretty shades come from their new Summer line-up of uber bright Pinks, Corals and a stunning Blue.
Pixi Coral Cabana
 I can't even express how much I love this without sounding like a rambling idiot.... This is an almost neon Cantaloupe Melon shade. This is pretty much my new favorite shade of Coral goodness... Hands down. No shimmer, just a simple creme, Coral Cabana seems like it would flatter just about anyone! The formula on this color is absolutely perfect, Two coats.

Pixi Paradise Pink
 Paradise Pink is a very Blue toned Pepto Pink creme with a hint of neon pigmentation. For some time there I thought I was starting to get tired of Pink, but then colors like Paradise Pink come along and remind me that I don't love Pink.... I eat, drink, breathe and sleep Pink. This color has an outstanding formula and does great in Two coats.

Pixi Vivid Coral
 And we come to the "problem child" of the bunch. The problem is not with the polish itself.... It was photographing this obnoxiously bright shade of Hot neon Coral/Pink. As you can see this color is also a true jelly finish so I did Three coats. The formula on this color is also great to work with. In person this looks juicy, like lipgloss for nails. Vivid Coral absolutely lives up to its name.
 I am really crushing on Pixi's bottles and mainly their minty Green caps. Their caps are also ceramic lined which makes it really nice to get a grip on and NO FINGERPRINTS. The brush on these was really nice, nothing special but it does fan out nicely and it is easy to control. These Three shades all had some slight neon pigmentation so they dried to a slightly matte finish. This is nothing a good top coat can't fix.

  Pixi polishes get a thumbs up from this gal!! Will you be checking Pixi out?

(**Pixi products provided for review**)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons Splatered Skittles!

Good morning and happy humpday!

BEHOLD! Super nubs! :(:( 

  Today I have an awesome and very colorful mani I did using 10 of the new China Glaze Summer Neons for 2012. I will have swatches of this collection soon. I could not resist playing around with them first. This collection is full of win and I cannot wait to show you guys! 
   For this mani I started with a skittles base. I think it is easier to say which colors from the Summer Neons I didn't use. I skipped on using Pink Plumeria and Flirty Tankini. Used all of the other colors in the Summer Neons in one way or another. I skipped on the more muted shades because I wanted this to be super bright and just a little obnoxious..... Mission accomplished. I added some splatters of White and Black to give some contrast to the splatters. Needless to say I love this look and of course topped the whole thing off with INM Northern Lights.
I have to say.. I am beyond blown away by the formula on these neons. Seriously AMAZING! I cannot wait to show you guys swatches of these beautful Summer colors.

Thanks for stopping by!

(**China Glaze products provided for review**)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Evolution of a Mani with China Glaze Celtic Sun and my New Nubs- A Must Read

Good morning loves!!

  So, here's the dealio... I usually work on Muffin Mondays on Sundays..... Well Saturday night became extremely eventful when womanly things lined up just right not 26 minutes into the new year... Needless to say I feel like crap and I am in a lot of pain and the last thing on my mind is doing my nails. I decided to do a live Muffin Monday so I will be back later with a Muffin post. In the meantime please enjoy this awesome and totally accidental mani... It's a funny story...
 So it all started with me really wanting to try Celtic Sun. Which is a freaking awesome neon highlighter Yellow. I just got it recently at Sally's. It's an older color but it's still totally awesome and new to me. My camera will never do neons justice.... I started with a base of Two coats of Julep's Holly , which is a light White with just a touch of Pink and it has a pearly shimmer. This color turned out to be a perfect base for this neon Yellow. I then layered Two effortless coats of Celtic Sun over the Julep, topped it off with some SV and it was awesome... Also... Thoughts on my new nubbies? I'm kind of enjoying them....

So then I decided that I wanted some totally Rock 'n' Roll nails and the checker stamp I just got was the perfect choice so I did just on my Ring finger as a cute and chic accent nail. Total love for this look. So I was pretty sure this would be the final look for the night and I was just rocking out with the hubs celebrating New Year's eve when suddenly...
The plate is SE22 and I used Konad Black Special Polish
  I totally jacked up my pinkie nail!!!!!!! Apparently it had not fully dried... So I re- did it and not 10 seconds after applying my top coat (literally) on the newly painted pinkie I jacked it up AGAIN! So I decided I was not going to re-do it a Third time...

   What did I do? Glitter will cover ALL our sins loool!!! I added a coat of my new favorite layering glitter that I found at Charlotte Russe and the pinkie was good as new. And then I was thinking my hand was looking uneven so I did on my Index finger as well... BUT THEN.. I thought my Middle and Thumb nails were looking out of place being naked so I added some awesome star stamps from Bundle Monster plate BM05. And voila! A whole awesome and accidental look was born! I wish this looked as awesome bright as they do in person...
The contrast of the Black against the neon Yellow is just so much fun!! And also I am freaking LOVING this checkered stamp! Ladies!! Salon Express kits at CVS "As Seen on TV" section. It was only $10 and it comes with this plate that has the checkered stamp.

And this was THE final look of the night. I am so in love with this look. It's fun and edgy and I am so shocked at how much I love this shade of neon Yellow. I also love how the CR glitter looks over this bold shade. It is just the perfect contrast.

Thanks for stopping ladies and see you later!!!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Color Club Age of Aquarius

Let me throw some more BRIGHT nails your way...

  Apparently I am in a bold mood lately. This one came from the Miami Beauty Show. It just so happened that the Two Color Clubs I picked up were neons, which is unsual because I don't normally gravitate to neons. Well I was really drawn to this amazing shade of Turquoise. My pictures are not very accurate for this one, I'm sorry.
Age of Aquarius is an amazing neon Turquoise creme. I cannot rave enough about the formulas on these Color Club polishes... Just amazing. This was soo buttery smooth and easy to work with. Because it is neon t dries to a satin finish so it does need a top coat to bring out the shine. This color is far Greener than my pictures show. However (making excuses for my camera lol) my camera just does not like neons, let alone a Turquoise one lol. You guys get the idea right? This is so beautiful and just fun. This was Three coats.

Do you have any neon Color Clubs? Which are your faves?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! Color Club Jackie Oh! and O.P.I Navy Shatter

Holy smokes!

  Ready for a lame joke? I have a much better name for this color. Jackie Ouch! Because it hurts my eyes to look at it it's so freaking bright. Of course my camera did not like this at all but I tried my best.

Jackie Oh! is so bright it puts my CG Shocking Pink to shame. This first picture is the closest to tone accurate. It is a really pretty neon Pink tone.It is a true hot Pink. About 100 times brighter than the picture makes it look. Here I layered it over one coat of CG White on White and it kind of brought out a bit of an orange tone in the color. The formula is really good on this. It is not draggy or streaky at all. Next time I wear this I will not layer it over white. Here I have it with one coat if W'n'W Kaleidoscope over Jackie Oh!.

And here is the whole thing under Navy Shatter from O.P.I. I freaking love this so much. I especially love how the sparkle peeks through the squishy jelly shatter. I'm also really loving the contrast of the Navy with the hot, hot neon Pink. Oh! And using SV with Navy Shatter did not cause the same wrinkle issue I had with O.P.I RapiDry top coat.
Someday they will make a camera that can tolerate neons lol and that day shall be glorious but until then take my word on this: If you love neon and Pink, then Jackie Oh! is a color to have in your collection. The formula is great and the color is even better! 

Happy Pink Wednesday!
<3 Cristina

(** O.P.I Navy Shatter sent for review**)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's day with Essie Haute as Hello

Hello lovelies!!!!

  Happy Mother's Day Sunday!! I've missed you all so much! I just got back from Ohio today and as soon as I unpacked and ate the First thing that came to mind was this cute little mani. This color was part of my swap with Carina.
Haute as Hello is an awesome Creamsicle Orange creme that borders on being neon. I'm so into Orange lately and this one is so... Yummy! Now, the formula was a slight pain in the behind because of that slight neon finish. It was bit streaky and draggy but for the most part it leveled out at Three patient coats. This was nothing Seche Vite could not handle ;). I really love the final look with the cute little flower stickers. It is not often I like using stickers but sometimes they just work. A very happy mother's day to all of the great Mommy's out there!!

I missed you guys soo much!!
<3 Cristina

Saturday, April 30, 2011

China Glaze Shocking Pink- I'm so Rock-n-Roll Baby...

Ok... so the fact that I just used that phrase probably puts me at a -2 in the Rock -n- Roll scale...

  But anyways... I decided to revisit one of the few neons I own. For some reason I am just not that drawn to neon polishes. They are a pain to apply and they don't photograph well but when the mood strikes they can be so much fun. Well, the mood was definitely striking the second I saw these little Skully stamps on the new BM plates I immediately knew I wanted to put them over my one and only neon Pink China Glaze's Shocking Pink.
This was Three coats of Shocking Pink over a coat of CG White on White. I though adding a white base would help reduce the number of coats needed but it didn't make much of a difference. It did make the color more vibrant. I'm kinda really liking this mani.... It's cute and reminds me of my high school days lol. 

What are your thoughts on neon?
<3 Cristina

CH Shocking Pink
Stamp: Konad Black SP
Plates: BM211 and 225
TC:Seche Vite

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

China Glaze Island Escape Collection Summer 2011

Yaay! It's my turn now!

  I was super excited to see these come in the mail (Fed ex? lol)! This is a small collection that packs some serious color punch! I wont blab much and get straight to the pictures!

 First is Papaya Punch. This is an amazing Candy- Corn- Neon- Orange. I LOVE this! Add me to the ranks of Orange-aholics (not so) Anonymous. For the longest time I thought I shouldn't wear Orange but I was wrong. love this! The formula is a dream to work with, very smooth and well pigmented. This is Two coats. Bring on Summer!

 This is Electric Pineapple. Now, a lot of gals have expressed their dislike for this color. Me? I can't help but love it for some reason. Like a Pug, it's so ugly it's cute lol. This is a murky Highlighter Yellow creme. I don't own any other color like this one and for that reason alone I like it. The formula on this was great! Unlike the neons in my collection this was buttery smooth and even. This is Two coats. AND! It didnt give me lobster hands even though it is a Yellow tone. I am slowly getting over my fear of Yellows.

 Cha Cha Cha... Hhmm... I like this but I don't love it. Something about it doesn't sing to me like the rest of the collection. This is a Limey Green shimmer with a slight Golden flash throughout. It's pretty but not my favorite from the collection. The Sunlight pic really shows how intense the sparkle is on this one. This is Two coats, but looking at pics now I'm thinking a Third would've been better.

 Say hello to SeƱorita Bonita. This is a lovely Orchid Purple shimmer. UH-mazing! This is one of my favorites from this collection. I love the sparkle in this shade quite a lot because it gives it depth and then there is that flash of Blue that is so beautiful. This was Two coats but just like Cha Cha Cha, I wish I had done Three coats.

Blue Iguana. And we come to my favorite of the collection.This is a beautiful Electric Blue jelly packed full of Blue glassfleck shimmer. Love... just Love! In the bottle there are some slight Purple flashes but I didn't really see it on the nail. The formula is great but just a bit sheer. For this I used Three coats of color. Soon I will be layering this over a black shade to see it come out to play :)!

108 Degrees is made of pure HAWT! This is an awesome Raspberry toned jelly packed full of matching glassfleck shimmers. How could anyone not love this? It is a Pink , but it a bright vivid and uber flattering tone so by default I love it! The formula on this was great and easy to work with. For this I used Three coats.

I love this little collection. I love the finishes, I love the color range and the formulas are good. I love that in only Six colors China Glaze can cover Three different finishes and please just about everyone. You have your glitters, your cremes and your shimmers covered in lovely shades that are Summer Perfection. When I looked at all these together I was getting thirsty for some fruity Cruise Ship drinks! I love all the colors and I am so glad I live in the Sunshine State to justify wearing these beauties all the time!

I'd have to say my top Three are Blue Iguana, 108 Degrees and Papaya Punch! Which are your faves?
<3 Cristina

(** These were sent to me for review**)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sinful Colors Dream On + NYX Gilded Glitter


  YES and yes! So my awesome Mr. LTHP picked this beauty up for me while away on a work trip. His reasoning: He saw it, he liked it, he got it for me :). Did I mention I have an amazing husband?

  I can see why this jumped out at him... Dream On is an awesome neon Red based Purple creme. When I say neon I mean NEON. Sadly, my camera is not too fond of these types of colors and always does funky things to them but I get the general gist of this color right? It is so in your face bright and awesome! This dries a bit matte since it's neon. The formula was just a tad streaky but nothing a light hand cant handle. This is Two coats.

 Then I added two coats of NYX's Gilded Glitter. This is basically small Gold flakie style glitter with micro gold glitter packed in a clear base. Let me tell you about how much I love this. It's a flakie style, it's a bright Gold, it can be built up as much or as little as I want and it applies like a dream. I also love that it lays flat and no matter how many coats I layered it remained smooth in finish. I suggest clicking the last macro shot of the awesomeness that is this polish. I really love this combo a lot! The Gold really complimented the neon Purple. This is Two coats.

  I have a few more NYX glitters to try out and I cannot wait! They have really fun and funky glitters that are driving me crazy with how awesome they are and how much I don't need them but want them!

You may have heard about a contest Bundle Monster is holding on Facebook where they will be giving away 25 sets of their new plates. I have entered a picture and would really appreaciate if you would check it out and vote (but only if you like it) All you have to do is click (HERE) and leave a comment on the picture. I'm honestly not 100% sure on what is going (as far as voting) on but I encourage my lovelies to check it out and enter and vote!

Have you ever tried NYX?
<3 Cristina

Friday, February 11, 2011

Orly Passion Fruit + Black Shatter


  I loooove passion fruits and Black Shatter... I warned you guys there might be a few appearances of shatter around here haha. So, BIG disclaimer.... This pictures are sooooo not even close to color accurate it's not even funny. My camera was not liking the neon-ness (like that?) of this color and was having a really hard time capturing it. Just my luck, it's disgusting and rainy outside...
Closest to accurate and not very... :( Sorry.
   I just have to say I LOOOVE Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love. It gives this rubberized, smooth matte look to my manis that I just love. I like that it's not a lumpy kind of matte, if you know what I mean where it can almost look streaky and lumpy at times... Not this, this is really smooth and of course it dries really fast.

  So Passion Fruit is a neon Orangey- Pink creme finish polish. That makes sense right? It's like highlighter bright and totally amazing (Not this Red at all). For a neon this polish has a great, even and smooth formula. It is not streaky at all. I used Three coats of Passion Fruit for my mani and I had a little of VNL but nothing too bad. Like I said... These pics.. Not accurate at all lol... My camera does not like neons. So of course I had to add the Black Shatter because I had yet to see it over a neon color and it is amazing! I played around with the application of the Shatter on each nail to see how it would end up on each one. Pretty neat huh? This stuff is fun! After it was all said and done for some reason I wanted the look to be matte so I topped it all off with Two coats of Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love. It looks sooo badass in person!

   BTW did you know that has CG Crackle Shipping out now!!! I ordered all but the Black one since I already have Black Shatter. I cannot wait to play around with these.. Sooo many ideas!

Are you guys excited for Crackle?

Orly Passion Fruit
OPI Black Shatter
TC: Seche Vite & Matte-ly in Love