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Saturday, April 7, 2012

LTHP's Day Out! My 700th Post and a Thank You!

Good Evening loves!

  I realized I was at 699 posts and I actually wanted to take a second to recognize this (kind of) a milestone in my blogging career lol. I know everyone says this, but I never expected this blog to take off like it has. I am so very grateful to each and every person that takes time from their day to stop by and see what I am up to. I am also so happy that I can bring my readers a little bit of joy each day just by sharing something I love so much, nail polish! You guys really keep me going and, of course, if it were not for you guys LTHP would not be the awesome "thing" it has become. I love sharing my passion with the world and I love hearing from all of you on Facebook, Twitter and here. You guys seriously make all the hard work so worth it and I hope to continue doing this for a very long time to come! So Thank YOU ALL soo much for supporting my addiction to nail polish and nail art. Thank you all for being there for me and thank you all for just being so awesome!! I'd also like to thank my hubs and my family for always backing me up in everything I do. *tearing up now*..... I really love doing this and I love that I have such awesome readers!! <3!!! I think a giveaway should be coming soon....

  SOOOO!! Today I took the day OFF and Mr. LTHP and I had a very nice day out and about Sarasota (FL). It was beautiful outside today and we went to the Bayfront Park in SRQ for a nice stroll in the bright Florida Sun. Today was a great day!
Pardon my goofy grin ;). Some shots a-la Nifty Ba! ;). I recently got this cute little dress from American Eagle. Today was the perfect day to bust it out for the first time. The sandals are from Kenneth Cole and so are the Sunglasses.

  I was wearing some new NP Jewelry I was sent by the lovely Stephanie from Beads Ink. The ring is made out of Nail-Venturous Floam. Stephanie had been following my saga of hunting down Floam (which I now have thanks to a lovely reader... See what I mean? You guys rock so hard!) and she decided to surprise me with a Floam ring. The necklace is made out of Dollish Pollish in Random Dancing and Zoya Areej. Let me tell you about how awesome these pieces are!! SO AWESOME! I will do a review on Stephanie's shop later on in the week. I got compliments on both the ring and the pendant today :D. They went perfect with my colorful dress.

Here is a regular shot. I did my hair in a braided headband and let the rest flow loose. I'm obsessed with braids lately............. Freaking LOVE this dress.........

Here are some shots of the bay... So pretty out today!

Happy Caturday!

Friday, March 23, 2012

11 Things...

Good afternoon,
 I had planned to do and post an awesome Hunger Games manicure for today but I feel like trash (I'll still do it later on). So here is this tag I was tagged on (what?...) By Two lovely ladies. Nify Ba! and Nail Polish Therapy. I just met these amazing girls not long ago at the March Meet-up for Central Florida beauty bloggers (#beautybloggersorlando). So anyways.. I feel terrible.. I don't have anything quite ready to post so I figured I would do this tag. I dont normally do tags but I need something to take my mind off my whole body aching. I've spent most of my day, which started at 4:00 am, plowing though The Hunger Games Trilogy. Now my eyes need a break  from the Kindle but I still need mayah distractions... So here is this thing :-S.
The Rules
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your tag.
4. Email the person to let them know that they’ve been tagged.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag. (Um... No.. I don't lol... I suck at these things... too...lazy...can't..tag...)
11 Things About Me, Cristina
1. I don't know if I can come up with 11 things about me. I always blank when it comes to things like this which is why I usually avoid tags like the plague. I don't think I'm very interesting.

2. I have a hard time making new friends. I'm kinda shy, kinda weird and very awkward. 
3. Which brings me to point no.3.. I don't know how, but when I am at work I can be little miss Sunshine and pull it off like I'm such a social butterfly lol. It's the craziest thing.
4. I love my job. 
5. OMG I've only manage Five things!??
(30 min of staring off into space later)
6. I love reading. My favorite authors are Chuck Palahniuk, Ellen Hopkins, Suzanne Collins (OMG You don't say?!lol) I'm sure there are more authors I like but these are the ones I really love. I've never read the Harry Potter Books but I def. plan on it and I'm sure I will love them.
7. My favorite kind of food is anything Authentic Puerto Rican. Arroz con Gandulez, Pasteles, Alcapurrias... And now I'm hungry.
8. I think I'm done thinking up stuff about me now... I'm just gonna answer these questions.

11 Questions from Ali(Nifty Ba!)
1. What was your Outfit of the Day
Some super stylin' pijamas....
2. What was the last thing you broke?
The nail that led me to go for nubbies full time. 
3. Do you have a custom ringtone on your cell phone?
Nope lol... I used to have all kinds of cutesy things on my phone and then it started crapping out and I had to a get a warranty replacement and I just did not feel like putting all that stuff back into place. 
4. Are you named after anyone?
I believe a very young queen. My mom always knew what my name would be.
5. What was the last thing you were complimented about?
 My eyes.
6. What has been the farthest you’ve travelled?
Um... I have not done much traveling but I guess when I went ot Niagra Falls (NY).
7. What does your umbrella look like?
It's a boring navy blue with a Kenneth Cole print on it. 
8. Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure meal, treat, or restaurant?
TV Show: Toddlers and Tiaras, Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, and a lot of cartoons. 
Food: Nerds, Merengues, Ice Cream..
9. What is your most prized makeup possession?
I'd have to say it's between my Bare Minerals face make-up and my Benefit Coralista Illuminating Face Powder.
10. What is your most prized possession (non-makeup related)?
My wedding and engagement rings. After that I'd have to say a wedding invitation I have from my grandmothers wedding. 
11. Does Zoya have a nail polish with your name on it?
Kind of... They have a Christina but my name is spelled without the "H".

11 Questions from Leandra (NP Therapy) 
1. If you could name yourself something other than your birth name what would it be and why?
Nothing. I actually really love my name.
2. When you were 5 years old what did you want to be?
A Mermaid... Still kind of do haha.
3. Pick a song that you could hear over and over again for the rest of your life without getting tired of it.
At this very point in my life it is M83's Midnight City. But that changes very frequently.
4. What 3 things could you not survive without on a deserted island?
Water, food and shelter? hahaha
5. What article of clothing or makeup do you most identify with based on your personality?
This is gonna get very specific. My cosmetic soul-match is Nfu.Oh 61. I'm dull in my shell but I'm awesome when in my element. I can be difficult to deal with. I can chip easily. I'm expensive and hard to get ahold of loool.... 
6. What was the best day of your life?
The day my husband and I got engaged. It should be my wedding day but I think of my engagement as such an "us" day.
7. If you could meet your favorite celebrity/actor/actress (dead or alive) what would you say to them?

To DaVinci: "Why the Mona Lisa? Who was she? What drew you to her?
8. What do you know you for certain that you're good at?
Painting my nails! 
9. If someone told you 10 years ago your life (activities, interests, accomplishments, etc) would be what it is now, would you believe them?
Probably not. As a young child I had VERY big ambitions that as an adult I've come to realize were way unrealistic lol.  But I am happy with my life.
10. What is your favorite place and why?
My Bed. It's safe. It's warm... It's where I do one of my favorite things..... SLEEP!!!
11. Fill in the blank: I feel most alive when: I make others happy.

I am super tired now and I will try to come up with some questions for the next person. I will not be tagging so anyone who takes this tag from me can use these questions. I invite everyone to play along.

My 11 Questions to you!
1. If you could be ANY nail polish color from any brand, which color would you be and why?
2. What food could you eat until you got sick?
3. What is your favorite item of clothing that you could wear every day?
4. What is your least favorite part of your beauty routine?
5. What is the craziest thing you have ever done to your hair?
6. At what age did you start wearing make up?
7. What is something you do once in a while just to pamper yourself?
8. What is your favorite 90's TV show?
9. Everyone always asks "What is your favorite song?". I'm gonna go the opposite way. What is a song that gets on your nerves?
10. What is your favorite book?
11. Kitties or Puppies?

Off to cuddle with my heating pad and cry now...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Spam!! #BeautyBloggersOrlando Meet up Edition- A Must Read!

Hi loves!!

  Today's spam post will be something a little different. This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing Beauty Blogger Meet Up for us Central (ish) Florida ladies. It took place at the amazing Cafe Tu Tu Tango at International Drive, Orlando. So today I will be showing you guys a ton of pics I took while at the event. Now keep in mind.. I am not a "photographer" lol... So some of these pics kinda suck... Mostly because I was SOOO excited to be there meeting everyone that I was trigger happy and taking tons of pics! I will list all of the bloggers that were at the event and our sponsors as well.

  I will be sharing everyone's links at the end of the post. If I missed anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know so I can add you!
There are quite a few pics so read on after the jump to see all the fun!

Monday, January 30, 2012

This is your brain on drugs POLISH!


   Mr. LTHP thought it would be funny to snap a pic of Truffle and I after my Eight hour polish ordeal.
Never mind you my outfit.... It was my "day off".... Sort of loool! I'm on polish overload hahahaha!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!! Celebrating in Close Enough

Hi loves!

 Today's post is going to be really short and really quick cuz it's my b-day!! So I decided to celebrate in my concoction of flakies that I named Close Enough. Here I an wearing it over Zoya's Raven.
Two coats of each color... Nails on FIYAH!! So Awesome!!
 Well guys thanks for stopping by today!! Sorry I am in such a rush but IT'S MY B-DAY lool!! I'm turning 13  25... I don't feel 25... What is 25 supposed to feel like anyways lool? Anywho.. I hope you enjoyed this quickie post.

Thanks for stopping by loves!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I feel like Garbage!

Sorry guys...

  I just do not feel ok. This cold is crazy... I totally sound like a dude... I need sleeps...

Have a good Monday guys!
♥ Cristina

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding Series: The Final Chapter (Pic Heavy)

Hi lovely people!!

  So I am officially back and settled in back home. It was so good to visit Puerto Rico after such a long time without going down there. Today's post is a very special one. Today marks the final chapter in My bestie's wedding series. I am a little sad that this day came and went so fast, but so happy that it happened and that it went so perfectly. I so wanted everything to be just right for this girl. She means the world to me because she is like the sister I never had. We literally grew up together since we were little toddlers and we have always been there for each other. I was SO happy that I could be there for her on her special day with her now loving husband. I know that they will be so happy together. And I am so happy to know that by her side is an amazing man who will take care of her and love her like she deserves. We had such an amazing time spending time together just like old times! This time went by waaaaay to fast.

  This post will be a little pic heavy :D.
  She wore an amazing Maggie Sotero creation that was just stunning!!! Wasn't she the most beautiful bride? I cried so much. And my feet are still crying today... I wore those heels for 10 hours straight. I danced, I walked .. I had the most AMAZING time!

  Here are our nails! I LOOOOVED how hers turned out! And she got so many comments on her nails. The photographer did some really cool hand shots with her gorg bouquet that I cant wait to see! She wanted edgy nails with different looks for each one. We came up with her design together and can i just say how AWESOME they looked in person. We were up until like 1:30 AM the night before the wedding working on nails lol. It was such a fun night! I kept it simple with some glitter layering. By the time I was done working on the bride's nails I was so beat I had to keep mine easy lol!

  Here is us doing our signature pose :D. We've been doing this since we were little! I love her so much!!!

  The bride having a good time with her sweet hubby! Her hubby is such a great person. I am so happy they found each other.

This is me in the bride's room. Yes, her room matched her wedding theme :D. Black and White Polka Dots, Bows and Fuchsia for everyone!! I love this picture!

My hair and make up. Sorry the pic isn't better. The hair and makeup guy was AMAZING. He really made us all look so beautiful. My hair lasted from 1:00 pm wedding day (Nov 19th) until 6:00 pm the next day looool! I couldn't bare to undo my hair lol. I flew home with awesome hair!

   Their cake was amazeballs!! I LOOOVE this picture with the passion! She just looks so radiant and happy!

Myself (I was her maid of honor), The Bride and Yinet the wedding Godmother. Lizy and Oscar married the traditional Catholic way. I love Yinet too! She is so funny and just a great person. She has been there for Lizy when I couldn't be. I am so happy that they were surrounded by people that love them so much!
 Well this post marks the end of the series. Now I need a new project! This was an amazing day. I am still in awe of everything and I cannot wait to see the official pictures!! I know they will be great together and I hope they have a blasty blast on their cruise honeymoon! Lizy, I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!! I can't wait to see you again!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!
♥ Cristina

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In Memoriam of my Broken Pinkie Nail...

Me in the NUDE!!

  I've had these pics for a while of my nakey nails.. Well, almost nakey. Here I am just wearing Julep's Nail Therapy base coat and some cuticle oil, which is why I look so shiny and greasy lol. But anywho.. I thought I'd share my naked nails because it's been a very long long long time since I've gone commando on the blog.
  This is what I look like in the "nude" lol. Pardon the slight staining :-S. Oh BTW Nail Therapy by Julep is pretty amazing. The pinkie break had nothing to do with a product, it was my stupid fault but this stuff is really good. My only complaint is that there just is not enough product in the bottle....

Well that's it for this shortie post. I just thought I'd share some nudie nails!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coming Soon to a LTHP near You!

Hi loves!!

   So tomorrow myself, Sam from The Nailasaurus and Rie from Nails and Noms will be starting on this challenge!! Who else will join us?

  Stay tuned!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Check out my Guest Post on Colores de Carol!

Hi loves!!

  Just a quick post for today! Head over to Colores de Carol for a guest post from yours truly :)!!

Click on the pic below to go to the post!

I hope you guys stop by to check out my pretty post for Carolina!! 
♥ Cristina

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I haz a Sick...

Hi my loves,

  I know, I know.. It's Pink Wednesday and I said I would be back with something for today but I'm just not feeling well. See, I had a molar pulled yesterday and I have not been able to eat much and the pills I have to take have effectively turned me into a zombie. I'm really weak and tired and I probably won't be back with a post until Friday. I've spent soo many hours sleeping between yesterday and today :(

  I also have a few doc appointmens tomorrow and one on Friday... :( I hope to be caught up in my swatching soon so I have some pretties to show you guys. I'm sorry I've been a tad absent and all over the place lately with my posting but my health is just not been extremely cooperative. Rest assured... Blogging is one of the few things that make me feel better, I won't be stopping any time soon. I will absolutely be back on Friday if even just to announce My Giveaway winners!!

  I have so many goodies to show you guys and I have a few tutorials that I really want to do so be ready for me coming back with a lot of fun stuff.

I miss my lovelies!!! I will be back soon.
♥ Cristina

Thursday, August 25, 2011

As Time Passes by Tag- It's a Funny One.


  I was tagged for this by the lovely Bregje from Ooh, Shinies! I'm really bad about doing tags but this one seemed like fun and short so, why not? The point of this tag is to show how your style of pictures and skills have changed throughout your blogging. I think this tag came at a good time since LTHP just turned One and I've changed my pics around quite a bit to something I think I am finally really in love with.

  So here is what it all started with. A very crappy pic of Mad as a Hatter. My nails are only slightly longer now but taken care of much better.
LOOLLL OMG look at this hawt mess! There was even a smudge on my lens!! AGHHHH! This was my very very first nail polish picture ever! You can even see my gross cuticles from this far away.

This is what my pics look like today. Here I am wearing Swimsuit...Nailed It and Crown me Already! I just recently switched to this angle of pics and I'm really loving it because it allows me to gt in really close and show the detail in the polish well. It also seems to work so well for my shorter nails.
And there you have my "then and now :)". I'm happy with how far I've come in a year as far as photos and nail care goes. I've learned so much thanks to everyone in this community.

I suck at tags and such so I welcome anyone who feels like participating to "tag themselves". I'd really love to see every blogger that has been doing it for a while to to this tag so we can all laugh together haha!
♥ Cristina

Come Check out my Guest Post for The Swatchaholic!

Hi loves!!!

  Today post can be seen on the lovely J's blog. If you aren't following The Swatchaholic yet... What are you waiting for!!! She has AMAZING nails, takes mindblowing photos and is just a sweetheart! I love her blog and I am so happy to be guest posting there today! Just click on the pic to head to the post.

To see all the details on this mani Just head over to J's blog :)!
♥ Cristina

Friday, August 19, 2011

One Year Blog-a-versary nails with O.P.I Mad as a Hatter!!


  I'm giddy!! Today is my little blog-baby's birthday!! I really cannot believe how fast this day got here. I really don't have a big sappy speech prepared. I'm just happy to be here with you guys today celebrating and having a good ol' time. I never thought that this blog would have grown as much as it has in just a year but I am so happy and honored/flattered that people are interested in what I am doing. I'm really happy to be a part of this, very talented, community that is full of some of the nicest people I've ever "met. :) My readers rock, my blog friends rock and LTHP rocks!! I hope to keep doing this for a very long time.

  So in honor of my very first post One year ago today.... I decided to feature Mad as a Hatter by O.P.I. It's funny... I had intentional nubs then... And just yesterday while I was working on this post I broke my Ring nail loool.. We all know about this color so I wont go into huge detail about it. But basically it is one of the most amazing glitters ever made and everyone should have bought it when it was released because now it's really expensive and HTF lol. I have my amazing husband to thank for my full Alice in Wonderland Set which I treasure because that collection was my first serious case of the "lemmings". I had some epic nails in mind and then my Ring finger decided to break so I was left with nubbins. I still wanted to do something cute and here is what I ended up with... Birthday Cupcakes!!!!!!!!
 The Pink I'm wearing is Pink Flamenco. All of the colors used are O.P.I. The ring finger is, of course, MAAH. For the cupcakes I used plate BM14. For the stripes on my pinky I used Konad plate M65. The dots on the cupcakes were done with Dim Sum Plum, No Room for the Blues, Jade is the New Black and Funky Dunkey.

Here is a swatch of Mad as a Hatter in all it's glittery glory.

 This here is what I had started with but the blue just wasn't speaking to me. I needed something brighter and happier. The blue I'm wearing here is Suzi says Feng Shui.
Now for the fun part.... Keep checking back for a giveaway being posted later today!! I really hope you guys like what I put together <3.

Happy b-day to LTHP!!! And here is to many more blog-a-versaries!!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, August 7, 2011

O.P.I Too Pink to Hold 'Em and some LTHP News!

Happy Sunday lovelies!

  Today I just have a simple swatch. I was feeling lazy/ tired but I still wanted some color on my nails. Too Pink to Hold 'Em seemed like the perfect choice because I wanted a flush of fresh color. I can't believe that I had yet to actually wear to beauty. I had swatched it once but never actually worn it and I am loving it! I'm also still in a Summery mood even though all these Fall collections are out. Take a look.
So there is some crazy glare going on in my pics because these jellies are soooo shiny it's just crazy. This picture was taken pre- top coat. I love the formula on these O.P.I sorbets. It glides so perfectly. For this mani I did Three coats of color and that was just what I needed. My nails look like shiny little strawberry candies.

  Also some exciting news! I got my first bit of press! Along with some other great bloggers and friends of mine! This is so exciting!!
The picture above has been linked to the whole article! This is so exciting. I am uber flattered that they have me up there with the likes of Jen The Polishaholic and Jeanette The Swatchaholic... It's incredible and I could not be happier :)!

Happy Sunday loves!
♥ Cristina

Thursday, August 4, 2011

7 Awesome @iFabbo Posts(Leave A Comment, Get A Comment!)

Hi loves!!!

  Today I have something pretty cool thanks to the lovely people at iFabbo. They have started a round up of their own and I am the hostess for this round up. I am so excited to be a part of this! This is a really great opportunity to network with other bloggers and find new, awesome blogs to stalk follow :).

Welcome! We’re delighted to be part of Cristina’s blog, who is hosting the Awesome Posts! For those
who don’t know, iFabbo is an organization that unites fashion, beauty and style bloggers with brands.
Want to join? It’s free. Apply here. What are the Awesome Posts? We find interesting iFabbo member
articles and one blogger to host links to them. We then encourage our members to visit the host’s blog
to show their support.

Latest iFabbo news: The July newsletter is out! This month’s featured blogger was Kimberley
Nissen from The Plastic Diaries. Also featured, was our London Event Recap. Check out Pics on
Our Facebook Page. Founding-member Jesse Draper from The Valley Girl Show was also featured.

7 Awesome Posts from iFabbo members:

1.Jenn @ Jenn Staz: “Eye Makeup Brushes 101 + Budget Friendly Tools”

2. Jessica @ I Heart Skin Care : Mini-Me Favorite Travel Goodies

3.Kenya @ Ruby Envy Beauty: “My Summer 2011 Fashion and Beauty Essentials”

4. Elisheva @ Bellabusta: “The Ultimate Multitasker: 1 Striped Shirt= 4 Fab Looks”


5. Andrea @ Fox in Flats: “5 Pigtail hairstyles you can wear without being confused for
your daughter’

6. Kimberlee @ I Have a Degree in This: “How My Non-Blogger Friends Feel About

7. Cristina (Our Fabulous Host!) @ Let Them Have Polish: “ My Epic LGBT Pride
Rainbow Mani”

Want to be considered as the next Awesome Posts host? Simply leave THREE

1: In the comment area below (Stuck for something to say? Share your best blogging tip).

2: On the commenter above you (If you’re first to comment, you get to skip this step!)

3: On one - or more - of the bloggers featured in the Top 7 list above. Anyone can leave
a comment (providing they meet the host’s comment policy), but you need to be an
approved iFabbo member to be chosen as host.

When choosing a host and blogs to feature, we look at who our most-active members
are (the ones leaving comments and tweeting links to our host’s blog). If you’re an
iFabbo member and you have an awesome post for our next round, submit it by e-mailing
awesomeposts[at]ifabbo[dot]com with your name, and a link to your awesome post.
For more info on iFabbo, visit our site, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Facebook
page. TIP: Make sure you tweet a link to this page! You want to be sure someone
comments after you! We’ve made it easy for you to Tweet this - just copy and paste!
Leave a comment, get a comment with @iFabbo’s 7 Awesome Blog Posts:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ginger Kitty Designs Clarins 230 Bracelet


  That one word about sums up my feelings on this beautiful piece I was lucky enough to win. The lovely Tracey from GKD was holding a b-day giveaway on her blog and I actually won one of the amazing pieces she had up for grabs.

  I am madly in love with this. I love how the pendant is so bold and big. The quality of this piece is amazing. It's crafted perfectly. There are may imitators but Tracey is the originator and you can absolutely tell because her work is beautiful, original and well done. I love staring at this bracelet and watching the colors shift. It's a rainbow in a bubble. I've had my eye on a few other of her pieces she has for sale on her Etsy shop. You guys should check it out if you haven't yet. You can do so by clicking on my banner for GKD under my Link Love section. Be warned though! You will fall in love with the pieces and the fact that she can create customs works of art with your favorite polishes! How awesome is that?
Clarins 230 is just magical! I, myself, have had my eye on a pair of bobby pins in GOSH's holo. They are just adorable! But honestly, I could not rave enough about Tracey's unique line of work and Tracey as a person. Expect excellent customer service and beautiful jewelry! 

Now what are you waiting for? Go check out her shop!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zoya Touch Collection Press Release.

2011 limited edition, full coverage nude nail colors
soft  sensual  sexy
Zoya Nail Polish presents 3 new, full coverage nude nail polish shades designed to coordinate with a variety of skin tones ranging from light to dark. Each softly kissed with a bit of metallic to make them ultra wearable.
To watch a short video about the colors:

Zoya TOUCH Collection
Minka (ZP561) - latte beige cream with a metallic kiss
Shay (ZP562) - desert rose sand beige cream with a metallic kiss
Pandora (ZP563) - mauve beige cream with a metallic kiss

Zoya is the new color of fashion...
The Zoya TOUCH collection was designed to recreate the custom looks developed for and inspired by the runways of New York Fashion Week.

Ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Zoya are free of harmful industrial chemicals like toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Find Zoya TOUCH as well as over 300 other ultra high-fashion Zoya shades at As always, each and every Zoya color is made for women so we name them after women.

TOUCH by Zoya
PRE-ORDER May 25 - May 31, 2011
shipping JUNE 1, 2011

Sug. Retail $8.00 per 0.5 fl. oz. bottle (US)

Are you guys excited about this collection? I sure am since I hace discovered my love for Nudes!!
<3 Cristina

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zoya Promo Time!

Limited time only
Get Zoya Dove and Zoya Caitlin FREE with ANY** purchase on
Special Promotional Offer*!
Try the Zoya "French Twist" manicure created by Haven Spa for the Joy Cioci presentation at NYFW! For a limited time with any** purchase (excluding Zoya Color Spoons) on you get Zoya Nail Polish in Caitlin and Zoya Nail Polish in Dove for free!! Just enter the code ZB52 when you check out! These trend setting spring colors are MUST have in any collection! This offer is only good until Monday May 23 (11:59PM EST)! Act now and try the "twist" everyone is talking about!
*Online only, cannot be combined with any other offer , promotion or coupon. US ONLY. Promotion ends Monday May 23 at 11:59 PM EST. Offer good for 1(one) open stock .5 oz bottle of Zoya Caitlin  and 1(one) .5oz bottle Zoya Dove with the purchase of any NON-SPOON item on Art of Beauty Inc. will not honor promotions that are submitted after promotion has ended - No exceptions. No exchanges. No returns. Worst case scenario please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Comments, videos and pictures posted about this Zoya Nail Polish Exchange outside of or are not representative of the opinions of Zoya Nail Polish, Art of Beauty, Inc., Qtica and Qtica Smart Spa and we do not confirm the accuracy of any postings. Customers are responsible for maintaining active accounts. If username or password have been lost we (Art of Beauty, Inc.) are not responsible for restoring accounts or giving out any account information. S/H not included. 
**offer excludes Zoya Color Spoons
© 2011 Art of Beauty Inc. All rights reserved

<3 Cristina