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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Swatch Spam!!

(**Press Samples**)
 Happy Sunday!!! I was just thinking, not long ago, that it had been a while since I last did a swatch spam post. Then, yesterday, as I was going through some drafts I found all of these. The timing was kind of perfect! More after the jump. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Summer 2014- Jellies & Crellies

(**Press Samples**)

  Today I want to share some new summer shades from a HUGE release from Colors by Llarowe. Featured are some of the jellies and crellies Leah Ann created for the Summer season. 
To see up close shots just keep on reading after the jump. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

School Spirited in China Glaze

(**Press Samples**)
Humpday humpday! 

 So, my little brother had his high school graduation this past Saturday :D. As the proud older sister that I am I showed up with some nails in his school colors. I'm sorry this photo is a bit "off". I took this pic with my iPhone because all the batteries for my camera were dead lolol. That said, I am so impressed with the photos my new baby takes :D. I think I might invest in an Olloclip. 

 My bro graduated from Southeast High School. Their colors are Blue and Orange. I used two shades from China Glaze's latest release, the Off Shore collection. The orange shade is Stoked to be Soaked. This shade is a perfect tangerine orange that has a subtle shimmer. I used two easy coats of this color. Once my base was dry I used some bolt-shaped nail vinyls to tape off the sections I'd be painting in blue. For the blue I used China Glaze I Sea the Point. This color is a magnificent shade of true Monaco blue creme. The formula is perfectly saturated with color and so very creamy. 
 To seal em off I used LVX's new gel top coat. OMG!!! I am SUUUPER impressed with this new gel top coat from LVX. It was ridiculously glossy and did not smear my nail art (no fumes!!!). It should go without saying that it dried insanely fast as well. I experienced some shrinkage, but I think it may have been because I did not properly wrap my tips with the Blue shade. Regardless, I'm super impressed with it and definitely recommend it. 

A huge congrats to all the Seniors who had their graduations over these past few weekends!! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lippy Swatch Spam Time!

(**Some products were provided for my consideration**)
Happy Thursday my painted beauties! 

 Today I want to share some swatches of several lippies I can't seem to stop wearing as of late. Lately I've been kinda digging the nudey/neutral lips for some reason. I'm normally into the insanely bright shades, but lately I've been feeling "at home" in neutral-ish shades. Something about a nudey lip with light makeup makes me feel fresh and feminine. 
 photo LippyCollage-JordanaLCMilani_zpse217258f.jpg
To see closeup swatches of these pretties just continue reading ♥. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

#31DC2013 Day 2: Orange you a Sun of Peach!

(**China Glaze Press Sample**)
Happy Monday and happy Labor day to my US dolls! 

  Day Two of the #31DC2013 the prompt is Orange nails. I decided to make this mani a throwback to the 90's "pop art" look. When I was trying to pick what Orange shade to go with, China Glaze's Sun of a Peach jumped out at me with it's awesome punky vibe. Stamping always feels like "home" to me. So, I reached for some plates that screamed "90's Punk" to me and went to work :D. I must say, every time I catch a glimpse of these nails, they make me smile. 
#31DC2013 Day 2: Orange photo DSCN9743_zps3e28c809.jpg
 This look started with Three fairly easy coats of China Glaze's Sun of a Peach, of their Sunsational Neons collection. I will rant about how much I adore this shade soon. Lets talk about stamps now! The zig zag stamp came from Bundle Monster plate BM201. The checker stamp came from Cheeky plate CH3 and the smileys came from Bundle Monster plate BM304. For those of yo who might be curious, I did my thumb to match the Middle fingernail. I used Konad Black Special polish for all the stamps.  
 I top coated my stamps in Seche Vite since I know that TC doesn't smudge when I do stamped art. I followed my Seche with a light coat of INM Northern Lights to give the look a little bit of extra flare. To finish the whole thing off I decided I wanted to mattify the entire thing, so I did a coat of Cult Nails Wax That. I adore this finished look of the mixed patterns and cute smiley faces. How can one have bad day when your nails look like this? I mean, really ;-D. 

China Glaze Sun of a Peach 
CG Sun of a Peach photo DSCN9724_zps1e3ab650.jpg
 I knew I loved this shade from the second I read the name, Sun of a Peach. C'mon!! If that didn't make you at least smile, you are a grumpus cat hahah. This shade is the most amazing shade of pastel neon Peach, leaning Orange. I know the words "pastel" and "neon" should not usually go together.... But that is the best way I can describe this fantastic shade of summery fun. I seriously love this color and if I was only going to pick up ONE shade of the Sunsational Neon collection, it would be this baby right here. 
 The formula on this shade is not the best thing ever, but it was not as horrid as I was expecting from reviews I had read. I found it to be quite nice, smooth and even for being a neon shade. There was some slight streaking, but if you keep a light hand it should not be a problem. I used Three easy coats for my base. Here it is shown with top coat, as it dries to a satin-matte finish.  

 So, Day Three calls for Yellow nails.. Ahh my old nemesis.. YELLOW!!! I am determined to make this year's Yellow mani a great one! Now, I am off to see what all the other awesome ladies have done for their Orange Day prompt!! 

Thanks for stopping by loves! 

 To see more Orange looks from many more awesome gals check out the inlinkz after the jump! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pretty & Polished Fall 2013 Collection Swatches- Fall in Love with P&P

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Humpday!

 Today I have another AMAZING collection from another of my favorite indie brands, Pretty and Polished. This collection is themed around the concept of "Fall-ing in love", in the Fall. Get it, get it? I think it is freaking adorable!! The theme of the collection is very evident in the names of the colors, which are so cute and punny. This is a really fun take on Fall, and I love the variety of colors and textures. Chels did an awesome job on these!! 
P&P Fall 2013 photo PampPFall2013_zps117ca566.jpg
 To see close up swatches of these awesome shades just keep on reading ♥. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Salon Perfect Neon Collision Swatches

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Thursday!!! 

   Ahhh remember the days of etsy-stalking the Nail-Venturous shop for Floam? I sure do... I remember getting "cart jacked" so many times. I remember throwing hissy fits. I remember the day I finally got Floam in my hands thanks to a wonderful reader. It was a most glorious day. I also remember wondering how long it would take mainstream polish companies to catch on and start releasing dupes of indies.. The answer to that.... about a year and a half...  
  Enter the Salon Perfect Neon Collision Collection, available at Wal Mart, right MEOW! If you were a fan of Floam and all the other "floamy" releases, you will love the Neon Collision glitters. These neon glitter polishes are incredibly bright, fun and reminiscent of Floam. They even released a dead on dupe for Floam, which I will be covering in a later post. Micro neon glitters densely packed in a clear base? I'll take it in every single color combo you can think of!! 

Salon Perfect Zapped over LVX Mynt
neon collision photo DSCN5997_zpsb61ba55c.jpg
 Zapped is a bright, lime neon Green and Blue neon glitter blend suspended in a clear base. The blend is heavier on the Green that it is on the Blue so it creates a cool, speckled effect. The spread of glitter is good on these, just a bit thick, not problematic. I think they could be worn by themselves, but I decided to layer all my Neon Collision shades for my swatches. I used Two coats of Zapped over my base color. 

Salon Perfect Bang over LVX Deco 
Neon collision photo DSCN5962_zps0ce08644.jpg
Bang is an awesome blend of Neon Orange and Marigold glitter in a clear base. This one is the only one that has two different sizes of glitter as it has slightly larger Marigold hexes. I had a HARD time photographing this because it is SOOOOOO bright! I used Two coats of Bang over my base color. 

Salon Perfect Shocked over Sation Queenie in a Bottle
neon collision photo DSCN6040_zps70eacb7b.jpg
Zapped is an even mix of neon Pink and Blue glitter suspended in a clear base. I'd say this is most like Pink Floam. This baby was one of my faves in the bunch. I used Two coats of Zapped over my base color. 

  These babies are top coat eaters!!! You can see that on my photo of Shocked(Pink one). I had top coated it and by the time I had my photo, the top coat had settled into the glitter. So a good top coat is a must to smooth out these pretties. That said, these are awesome, bright, neon and badass!! I can't wait to wear and comp the Floam dupe for you guys! The Floam dupe, btw, is called Kaboom and I will be sharing that one by itself soon. I don't have a fave, I adore all of these!! I was always a sucker for this "colored sand" looking polishes.  

 What are your thoughts on the Neon Collision glitters? 

Friday, August 2, 2013

O.P.I Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection Pairings

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Friday!! 

  Though I've never really been a fan of the Bond movies, I must say OPI has made some stunning polishes inspired by the franchise. Last year's Skyfall Holiday collection was full of WIN. So many of those shades are really stunning. This year O.P.I came out with a Six piece Liquid Sand collection inspired by the iconic Bond Girls. 
 I rocked the daylights out of these and loved every second of it. The colors and finishes of these are really interesting and beautiful. There is a great mix of classic, flashy and subtle in this group of colors. Overall, I am a huge fan of this collection. 
OPI Bond Girls Pairings photo Texture_zpsc7c2a9f7.jpg
 I went for pairings because most of these were actual manis that I wore for many days. The wear on all of these liquid sands is just ridiculously amazing. These do no chip, they do not fade and they wear like iron. 
 I don't want to sound like a broken record so I will get this out of the way now lol... The formula on all of these is AMAZING. They apply with much ease, I used Three thin coats for all these liquid sands. They were all good to go within 45 minutes. I don't know what sorcery is in these, but as they dry tge sparkle becomes more and more intense! I will never top coat these, they are just perfect in their beautiful matte form! 
O.P.I Jinx and Solitaire
OPI Jinx and Solitaire photo DSCN7850_zpsc80f687e.jpg
Jinx is a beautiful, fiery shade of vivid Coral with a strong Golden duochrome. It reminds me of one of last years Fall DS shades, but in liquid sand form. I literally could not stop staring at this color once it was fully dry. It is just amazing. Solitaire is a really pretty Silvery-White base with little chunky Silver glitter accents. As it first applies it looks like an ugly frosty mess, and then it starts to dry... and it becomes the most interesting shade of shimmering textured White matte. I adore the complete transformation of this color as it dries. It is really chic and different from every other texture out there. 

O.P.I Tiffany Case and Pussy Galore
OPI Tiffany Case and Pussy Galore photo DSCN6377_zps32616c07.jpg
I took this photo Two days after application o.O!!
These Two shades have my full attention hee hee. Tiffany Case is probably my most favorite liquid sand ever. She is GLORIOUS! This shade is a heavy dose of matte cerulean Blue sparkle accented by small light Blue sparkling hexes. Tiffany Case is painfully sparkly and just magical in Sunlight. Pussy Galore is a playful matte sparkling Pink. It was very much like Solitaire, in that it looks frosty and ugly as it applies. As it dries the base becomes this beautiful sparkly Pink accented by micro, barely there, Magenta sparkle. It almost reminds me of a textured version of Suzi and the Lifeguard. I loved wearing these Two together as they reminded me of yummy cotton candy.

O.P.I Vesper and Honey Ryder
I've actually already gone over these two beauties ont he blog before. You can check out the original post for Vesper and Honey Ryder [HERE]. Honey Ryder has a very special place in my collection. She is just BEAUTIFUL! 

 My faves in this group are Tiffany Case, Honey Ryder and Jinx. Though I really do adore all of them and I love that there is a bit of everything in terms of color. They gave us delicate, vampy and flashy all in one collection. 

Did you pick up any Bond girls? Which are your faves?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Truffle Tuesdays! Bettina Mandarin- Nail Art and Swatch

(**Press Samples**)
Good evening and happy Truffle Tuesday! 

  Today Truffle picked me an awesome shade of juicy, shimmering Orange. She completely threw me off by not picking me a shade of Blue haha. That said, I am IN LOOOOVE with the finished look. The shade Truffle picked for me inspired a tropical color-blocked mani. This was my first official color-blocked mani, and I had a lot of fun working on it. 
Bettina Mandarin look photo DSCN7934_zpse76e9210.jpg
 The base color is Truffle's pick, Bettina Mandarin. I really wanted to do something really Summery so I accented my base color with some color-blocking done with Bettina Kiwi (Chartreuse) and Fruit Punch (Magenta). All these shades are creamy shimmers so the finished look was super flashy, colorful and juicy-looking.
  I didn't really set out with a plan, I just kind of placed the strips of thin tape randomly on each nail and painted the gaps with a fine brush and my selected colors. I finished the look off with Two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat to smooth out the seams and bring out shine. 
Mandarin Truffle photo DSCN7873_zpsc8671523.jpg
I choose YOU!
Bettina mandarin photo DSCN7879_zps37064150.jpg
 Mandarin is a spectacular shade of vivid mandarin Orange creme with a very strong Orange-Golden micro shimmer. I absolutely LOOOOVE this shade and the shimmery finish. The formula on this shade is PERFECT. Bettina has never disappointed me with their formulations. I seriously cannot get enough of these creamy shimmers, they seem to glow. I used Three thin coats for my base.

 Truffle sends her love and hopes you enjoyed her pick for today. I definitely approve of Mandarin, it is as delicious as actual mandarins :D. Now, I'm off to color-block ALL THE THINGS!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Milani Fantastical Plumage LE Collection Swatches

(**Press Samples**)
Longest. Week. Ever! 

  OMG it's finally Thursday! I have no idea why, but this week has really dragged on for me... My goodness I am ready for the weekend! Today I am sharing my swatches of one of Milani's new nail polish collection releases. I always get excited when I find out that Milani is doing new polishes. As far as drug store polishes go, Milani takes top billing for me. They hardly ever disappoint, they have great formulas and they have a great color range. 
 This is the Fantastic Plumage Collection. This group is made up of Five vivid cremes and one Black & White glitter topper. The cremes in this collection are absolutely to die for!
Milani Fantastic Plumage photo RetroGlam1_zps0cce1e35.jpg
To see close up swatches of these fun pretties just continue reading. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Lippy Spamalamadingdong!!

(**Milani and Hard Candy Press Samples**)
Good afternoon lovelies!! 

  For this edition of Monday spam I am sharing a TON of lippy swatches! I've become quite the lip color fiend. I remember a time when I feared lip color, and I feel so SILLY when I think back to those days. To me (now), a good look is not complete until I add some mascara and a fierce pout! I've ventured into wearing bold Reds, extreme mattes and mastering OCC lip tars. As you can see, I just LOVE the bright shades. I'm having troubles finding nude tones that look good with my skin tone... So I'll just stick to my brights instead ;). 
 Since there are lots of pics I am doing a jump. To see close ups of these pretties just continue reading ♥.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Mani Spam

(**Press Samples**)
Good evening my darlings!! 

  Today I have some random mani-spam for you guys. I also have a teeny bit of "news" today. If you follow LTHP on Facebook, you may have already seen this update, but I wanted to post it on the blog too. 
 Muffin's passing was a very hard, sad and almost traumatic experience for me, she was such a big part of our home, and this blog. I was heartbroken to have to bring "Muffin Mondays" to a close in such a sad manner. But that said, I knew that I had to keep the tradition of polish-picking kitties going on the blog. SO, starting tomorrow a new weekly feature will begin with Truffle picking up where Miss Muffin left off. Every week, on Tuesdays, Little Truffle will be picking me a polish to work with. Truffle Tuesdays are a-comin'! After all... my blog tag line does promise Nails, makeup and CATS!!!  
Monday Spam Collage photo Spam1_zps491f8798.jpg
 To see closeups of all these pretties, just continue reading after the jump. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Truffin" Tuesday!! Barielle Green Apple and O.P.I My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!

Hello and happy Tuesday! 

  SO sorry this post is running late. I got distracted yesterday while working on my hair. I got into one of my cray cray funks and decided I wanted to re-do my hair colors. I've been taking Folic Acid supplements (per my doctor) and my hair, and nails have been growing SO fast!! But, anywho... My roots were KILLING me, so I got wrapped up in that project and completely forgot to post this awesome mani I did with Truffle's pick(s).  
 Muffin is still refusing to pick lol. She will just sit there looking pretty like "What, what do you want human?". This week though, Truffle decided to join in the fun and picked me some shades to play with.
 I don't know what it is about this look but I LOVE how it turned out. The color combination is weird and yet it works so well. Truffle picked for me Barielle's Green Apple and O.P.I My Paprika is Hotter than Yours. These are both phenomenal, vibrant shades!! They both have amazing formulas, incredibly saturated and creamy! I used Two coats of each shade. For the triangle Purple accents I used Zoya Pinta. I finished the look off by adding some contrasting "glequins" and topping the whole look off with Twee & Honey's This is Matteness- matte top coat.

 And here are the kitties doing their thing.

 And because I loved these shades together before I even added accents. Here are my base colors. I am smitten with O.P.I MPIHTY!! That said, my camera was not a fan lol. It is an AMAZING Summer/ Spring shade and if you even remotely like Oranges, you will want this baby. Green Apple by Barielle is a really fun and unique shade and you can't beat that Barielle formula!
 I'm loving all these fun and quirky shades for Spring and Summer. I think those are my favorite seasons for nail polish. I had so much fun working with these colors and I can see why Truffle has trouble deciding ;).

  Time to go finish working on my hair!! I will have pics for you guys as soon as it is done ♥.

(**OPI and Barielle products provided for my consideration**)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day 31: Re-create a Mani


  SO sorry I didn't post this earlier today! I had them ready to go and it totally slipped my mind that today was Tuesday!!! I'm caught up in the Holiday haze I guess lol. Too many 3-wick BBW Candle fumes? Anyways! Today is day 31 of the 31 day challenge!! We had quite a few hiccups, we lost a gal, but Sammy and I made it to the end! Battered, bruised and bloody, but we made it (dramatic much? lol) . So for my recreation I actually chose one of Rie's manis.
  I figured since I re-created Sammy's Dior nails for my day 30 nails, that I would pick one of Rie's looks for my final day. Miss Rie was not able to finish the challenge, she did make it pretty far in though. I went with Miss Rie's Tribal manicure. Now... you guys know my hatred of all things tribal right? So yeah, I was pretty much shocked at myself for loving this look so much. Miss Rie was inspired by a fellow nail blogger as well. This is a different take on tribal, and it just stole my heart!
 My base color is Bettina Starfish. The black accents were done with Milani Black Swift. The white accents were done with Milani White on the Spot, and the yellow with Milani Yellow Whiz. The accents of soft Blue are Zoya Jo. I was surprised at how simple this lok was to achieve and how much I loved it! Thank you Miss Rie for the inspiration!!

  So, that is it guys!!! I will be doing a recap post soon with all of the looks. I also want to update my 31 Days of Nail Art tab. I think it will be cool to see what a year of practice can do in terms of improvement.   I'm glad we did the challenge again, even though it took us quite a bit longer than 31 days. We did it!!! Now to focus on some Holiday nail art!! Don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their looks!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chick Nail Polish Fall/ Winter 2012 Releases

Happy humpday!

  Today I have some new releases by the uber cute, Vegan- friendly brand- Chick Nail Polish. I've been a fan of this brand from the very first time I saw their adorable Chicky logo. Last year All A Twitter was one of my top polishes for the year. I've never been let down with Chick NP's formula either! I think these would make such cute gifts. 
 On a side note: Julie also released an amazing cuticle oil this past Fall. It is a Tangerine- Ginter scented cuticle oil and it has an amazing texture. I LOVE how it smells. Sometimes I want to wear it as perfume.
To see close up swatches of these Four shades just continue reading♥.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day Thirteen: Animal Print

It's November! 

 WHAT?! Anyways today Sam, Rie and I are taking on the 13th prompt in the 31 Day Challenge. These nails are inspired by, and in honor of, my beloved bearded dragon. Her name was Amelia, she recently passed. She had a long, happy and healthy life. I got her as a little baby and later on she was "adopted" by my mom and brother later on. They loved her very much too. It only made sense to do some nails in her memory ♥.
  I started with a base of Julie G nail polish in 9 to 5. I then cling-wrapped some Bettina Sunrise. You cannot really see the contrast of the cling-wrapping but it looked really cool in person. To give it some flash I sponged the tips with Julie G in Metallic Heels. The stamping was done with Bundle Monster plate BM224 and Bettina Orange. I topped it all off with some Seche Vite. 

 Here are two of my favorite pictures of Amelia. She had the prettiest peach, orange and red color scheme. She was a sweet little lizard. Beardies are great pets! 
Now don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Red looks for day One!

Friday, October 19, 2012

O.P.I So So Skullicious Halloween Minis for 2012

Good evening loves!

  This time around I have the adorable Halloween minis set that O.P.I released earlier this month. This set is made up of Four "Day of the Dead" inspired shades. The kit even includes the most adorable Sugar Skull water decals to accent the colors! I'm not normally big into Halloween but nail polish is the exception to that "rule". Halloween polishes always seem to be fun in a different, quirky kind of way. Which is why I love 'em! 

O.P.I Mourning Glory
 Mourning Glory is a classic Black creme. The formula on this black is opaque and pretty dense. I did see a hint of "smoke". When compared to O.P.I Black Onyx you can see a very slight difference. Black Onyx is like a patent leather Black where this is more of a "normal leather" black lol. I used Two coats for full opacity. I'm still a sucker for a plain Black manicure!

O.P.I Hi Pumpkin!
 Hi Pumpkin! is like a radioactive shade of Pumpkin Orange creme. This is a FUN color. I practically wanted to eat my nails when I wore this because it looks like candies. Perfect little Halloween candies. The formula on this shade is easy to work with. For the swatch above you see Two coats, some nails required a thin Third coat.

O.P.I Candlelight
 Candlelight is a nice warm Yellow creme. I would describe this as an Egg-Yolk type of yellow. I actually really like it! The formula on this Yellow was a nice surprise. It was not excellent by any means, but easier to work with than my one an only other O.P.I Yellow, Need Sunglasses? For the photo I did Two coats (I was also using this as a base for a glitter that day), but in reality this color would probably do best in Three thin coats.

O.P.I A Rose from the Dead
 A Rose from the Dead was an unexpected Halloween shade for me. A Pink for Halloween? Sure haha! This is a really pretty shade of Blushing Pink creme. It is vivid and muted at the same time. The formula on this shade is a dream and does great in two easy coats. Also, this color is insanely flattering!

 And just for fun here is a quick look I did using O.P.I A Rose from the Dead with some indie glitter layering and Two Skully decals from the O.P.I set. I'm not much for Halloween nail art myself, but this look I really do like because it is not your traditional Halloween color scheme.
 I have quite a few Halloween Collection posts coming your way so I hope you guys dig Halloween polishes as much as I do lolol! This little Halloween Set by O.P.I is a must have, even if just for those freaking ADORABLE skully decals! The polishes are cute, fun and great to work with but the decals bring it all together! The packaging on this set is adorable as well and I don't nomally notice things like that. 
 The set is available now from O.P.I retailers. 
  Thoughts on halloween nail art/collections?

(**O.P.I products provided by PR for review**)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day Two: Orange Nails

Happy Caturday!! 

  I'm keeping in really short and sweet cuz it's late Friday nite and I wanna go chill with the hubster lolol! The prompt for today is Orange Nails. I kept it simple by doing a "BWitches Brew" jelly sammich. 
 For this challenge look I started with a base of Zoya's Ziv(swatches soon). I followed my base with Three thin coats of Twee & Honey's Viscera(swatches soon). To create the sandwiched look I topped Viscera off with O.P.I Barre my Soul followed by O.P.I Ya'll Come Back Ya' Hear? The layering of different toned jellies gave the glitter and metallic base underneath a smoldering, yet murky look. Hence why I dubbed these my "Bitches Witches Brew" nails.

 Thanks for stopping by! Sam, Rie and I will be back tomorrow with our next prompt, which is Yellow nails.  Now don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Orange looks for day Two!

(**All products provided for consideration**)

Monday, September 17, 2012

O.P.I DS Indulgence and DS Luxurious for Fall 2012

Hey it's Monday!! 
  I trust ya'll had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty mellow. The husband and I just hung out, I worked on some friendship bracelets and took it easy. As many of you know my health has been all over the place and as a result my polishing has slowed down practically to a stand-still. Luckily I have a lot of swatches sitting in my folders ready to go. This week I will be playing catch-up hopefully as next week will be FULL of doctors visits and even a small surgical procedure. 
  As a result of all this I will be featuring some lovely bloggers next week as I do not want the blog to go silent while I work on getting some answers and getting healthy. That's right! Guest posts on LTHP :D! You guys will be treated to some features by some of my favorite bloggers and some of my lovely gals from my #FLBeautyBloggers group. 
 Today I have some quick swatches of O.P.I's new DS Releases for Fall 2012. This year the DS releases are Two beautiful Gold-laced glassfleck shimmers; One Red based, One Orange based. These may not be holographic but they are still pretty spectacular. 

 O.P.I DS Indulgence is a deep Red, almost Raspberry toned glassfleck strongly laced with micro Golden shimmer. This color looks like flames. My photos do this no justice. The formula on this color is really good. I used Three coats to give my nails a really intense finish. This is really quite beautiful. 

O.P.I DS Luxurious is a bright Tangerine Orange strongly laced with that same burning Golden micro-shimmer. Once again this is a spectacular shade. I really love this for Fall as well as the Holidays.  My camera totally freaked out at this particular shade of Orange. This color definitely glows. This color also has a great formula, I also used Three coats for Luxurious. 
 Now for my "thing" with these. I don't know if I can justify the price-jump on these. Are they spectacular colors? Absolutely, without a doubt. But what made these DS polishes so special was that they were holographic, and they had the diamond dust or whatever. Which I suppose they still have, but we are not buying these because of the diamond dust, now are we? We went crazy over these because they were holo. Now last year they released some complex glitters, this year they went to complex glassfleck. I don't know if these are fully worthy of that Silver Cap, beautiful as they are. I'm so torn...

  What are your thoughts?

(**OPI Products provided for review**)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

N-n-n-n-n-Nick- Nick-Nick- Nickelodeon- Nails!

I'm a kid of the 90's....

**Quick Edit**: Holy smokes guys! This is my 800th post!! Let's celebrate with some SLIME!!! 

  And in the 90's Nickelodeon was KING! I miss 90's Nick SO much. Remember Doug, Clarissa Explains it All, Hey Arnold and Rocko's Modern Life!? Man.... Those were the days.... Thank goodness for Netflix and their thorough availability of so many of these shows! So back when Nick was King they were all about the Slime and their colors were always this radioactive, Snot Green and... Well... Radioactive, Cheetos Orange. 
  Since I was such a huge Nick fan-girl it only seemed fitting I pay tribute to one of my favorite childhood memories with some slime-y nails using two of China Glaze's Summer Neons for 2012. 
  These colors are PERFECT for a Nick inspired mani! I used Orange you Hot? and I'm with the Lifeguard. I did the bases in alternating colors and the drip in similar fashion. My drips are not the best but I think they work for the look I was going for. I had so much fun working on these and thinking back to the countless hours I spent wishing I was on Family Double Dare and Guts... I topped it all off with some INM Nortern Lights.
I hope these bring back some fond and fun memories for some of you! My husband pretty much cracked up and busted out laughing when he saw these and immediately yelled out "N-n-n-n-nick" LOOOl!

  Ahhh the memories.
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 I can name EVERY character in this photo lol. Can you? 

I hope this mani does Nick proud lol!! Any 90's Nick fans in the house?