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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Thursday Spam!

Good afternoon!!

  So todayI have some random spamalamadindong for you guys. I really wanna clean out these random swatch folders I have in my computer. I have no idea where they came from or how I managed to forget about the for this long. SO! Here is lots of pretty polishes for yer eye-holes!
 To see closeup pics just continue readin ♥.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nails by Cris! feat My Two Jennifers

Good Morning loves! 

  Today I have some looks I did on Two of my lovely gal-pals. This past weekend was pretty crazy for me. As usual I waited until the last minute to do my Holiday shopping... So, that was fun lol. I have not had time to do anything with my nails since Friday! As I sit here typing this, my nails are bare... And much too long. 
  I love doing nail art on my friends because they get to enjoy it as long as they please. Many times I don't get to enjoy the looks I come up with. I simply do not have the time to "wear" polish and my looks. I have to swatch, swatch, swatch!! Usually when I do my looks, they are just that :(, not full manis. There is just SO much product coming in during the holidays that I am having a hard time keeping up. Also, remember back in September? When I had to be out for Two weeks because of my Surgery... That DID NOT help haha. That seriously backed me up majorly. So here we are, almost end of the year and I haven't even picked my top releases of 2012 or done a single X-mas mani :(. I hope to change that this week. We shall see.. My goals for this week are pretty ambitious... 

 To see these cool looks just continue reading!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Picks from the Orly Flash Glam FX Collection

Happy Thursday!!

  First off! Thank you all so much for the sweet and encouraging feedback on yesterday's post! You guys are so nice! I think I will continue to do make-up features here and there since you guys were so receptive to the idea of my branching out. Thank you!!!

 Today I have Six eye-popping glitters from the Orly Flash Glam FX Collection. I picked these up a few weeks back while at Premiere Orlando 2012. While there I met up with some of my gals from the Central FL Beauty Blogger group I belong to. The second I found the group among the sea of people the first thing Courtney said to me was "You HAVE to see these Orly glitters". Needless to say she had me at "glitter". 
  I obliged, pretty much immediately, and we practically skipped to the Orly booth where an array of amazingly flashy glitters were waiting to be inspected by me! Narrowing it down to Six would prove to be quite the challenge....
You know you totally wanna see some close-ups of these! Just continue reading :D! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hungry? Have a *Jelly* Sandwich!

Hey it's Sunday!!

  Why blab when there are awesome glitter- jelly sandwiches to be seen!!! 
Continue reading to see some awesome sammies!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Muffin Monday!! Orly Fresh- New Camera Pics!!

Hi loves and happy Monday!

  OMG you guys... This Muffin Monday was a feat to achieve... Muffin was refusing to pick anything and it took Mr. LTHP and I like an hour just to get one good photo of her making her "pick". Working with animals can be the most fun and the most frustrating thing at the same time. But, we finally managed it and she picked me this awesome Orly shade.
  Also, these pictures were taken with my new camera! I am so happy with how they turned out. I can honestly see such a huge difference!
 To see Muffin's Pick in action just keep reading after the jump!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Muffin Monday!! Viridian Vinyl

Good Morning loves and happy Muffin Monday!!

  Today I limited Muffin's picks to Orly colors. I feel like I don't give Orly enough love. I also feel like out of all the big brand name brands Orly "Wow's" me the least. I don't know what it is but their colors just feel tired to me. It seems like once in every collection they have a really amazing color and the rest are just ok, to me. I really like their "specialty" collections like the Cosmic FX and the more recent Mineral FX collections. The pretty Muffin picked today comes from their Plastix Collection.

  I remember this color being one of my very first lemmings. I could not go on without having this color in my collection and I searched high and low until I found it, that was an awesome day. I could go on and on about my feelings on my older polishes back from when I first started blogging, but this could turn into a very long post. I love being able to look back at colors fondly now hahahah!!
To see Muffin's pick in action just keep reading.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Spam!! Pink & Black & Blue for You....

Happy Sunday loves!!

  For today's Sunday Spam I will be showing you some pretty Pinks, Blacks and Blues. The inspiration for this theme comes from a line in one of my favorite songs. The song is called "Bruises" by The Chairlifts. I will post a video at the bottom of the post. It is the cutest little love song and I can't help but smile whenever it comes on my iPod or Pandora. I have really strange taste in music and find a lot of inspiration from songs. Music is my happy place so it seemed only fitting that I do a Sunday Spam based on one of my favorite songs.
To see some pretties just keep on reading!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Revlon Whimsical over Orly Frisky

Hello hello!

  It's mine!! It is finally mine. I have the best readers in the world and thanks to the help of some bloggy friends this beauty finally made it to me!!! When Deborah Lippmann came out with Glitter in the Air last year I was actually really let down with it. I expected more from it for such an expensive polish... So I passed on it.... However when Revlon did their flawless dupe I could not help but love it.... SOOOO.... Inevitably... I needed it in my collection.

  When I posted about Royal not long ago a lot of you got the perception that I hate Revlon polishes. That is just not the case lovelies! I just hate Royal. I have a few other Revlon polishes thatI actually quite love. One of them was even in my top 10 of 2011 :D. Whimsical is a total WIN in my book.
  I started with a base of Two coats of the very amazing Orly Frisky. Can I just say how madly in love I am with this combination? I've seen a lot of girls layering Whimsical over soft Blues but I honestly love this even more. The soft, milky Blue base of Whimsical toned down the brightness of Frisky just enough to make this really beautiful. Whimsical does not have the best application as the glitters are very sparse (as was the case with the original version of this color). It is best to dab it on and then spread it on the nail carefully so as not to push all the large Hex glitters to the tips of your nails. I stopped at Two coats because I love the soft and almost angelic look of this combination. I love the Coppery Pink and Light Blue Hexes in this. It's dreamy.... *swoon*
MMMMmmmmm.... That is all!


Friday, December 30, 2011

LTHP's Favorite Nail Polishes of 2011- Top 10(+1) "Big Brand" Picks

Happy Friday everyone!!!

  Today's post is my top 10 favorite nail polishes of 2011 that were released by "big brands". This list was really tough to come up with because at first I had like 75 polishes on my short list but I figured that would have been a little excessive lol... So I sat down on the floor surrounded by my picks and really analyzed each color and how I "felt" when I first saw it and wore and and based on that I narrowed it down to my Top 10 polishes of 2011. You might be wondering about the "+1"... I asked Mr. LTHP if he would like top have a pick of the year and he was all about it so at the end of my "countdown" I will be showing you guys Mr. LTHP's favorite color of 2011. In no particular order I give you my Top 10 Mainstream nail polish picks of 2011.

Orly Fowl Play: Birds of a Feather Collection/ Fall 2011
Um... Does this one really need much of an explanation? There is just so much going on with this polish. There are flakes, there is glitter, all in a gorgeous deep Eggplant Purple jelly base. While the rest of this collection fell quite flat for me, this color gave me hope for what Orly can do. Whenever I wear this I always find myself staring at my hands incessantly.

O.P.I DS Temptation: Fall into Glitter/ 2011 Fall DS Release 
While a lot of people were upset about the DS line deviating away from the holographic finish it was so known for, I could not help but falling for this glitter. The mix of colors is really just stunning and I love the sheer Purple tint to the jelly base. 

O.P.I Crown me Already!: Miss Universe Collection/ 2011 Release
Holy disco ball nails! While Silver glitters may not be that unique this one is definitely a standout in my book. I love the gigantic mirror-like hex pieces that are mixed in so perfectly with all different sizes of bright, clean Silver glitter. This looks like crushed Swarovsky Crystals on your nails. I just <3 this!!!

O.P.I I Lilly Love You: Nice Stems/ Summer 2011 Collection
Yes, another O.P.I lol. I think it's petty obvious why I love this so much. It's not quite a flakie, not quite a glitter. I love all the irregular shaped pieces mixed in with all the little square bits. I love the amazing shade of Pink it is in and I love the amazing textured look that it gives anything you layer it over. 

Nicole by O.P.I Kendall on the Katwalk: Kardashian Kolors/ Holiday 2011
  Nicole by O.P.I really did some beautiful colors and AMAZING glitters this year but to me the BIG standout was this baby by a longshot. It's another interesting mix of glitters that give the polish an awesome "layered" look. It's edgy and complex and for those reasons I love it!

Zoya Yara: Mirrors Collection/ Fall 2011
Yara, Yara, Yara...... Military green with the most perfect Golden/Green micro glassfleck shimmer... I am always a little speechless when it comes to this beauty because all I want to do is stare at the picture and wish it was on my nails at that very moment. This is one of the most spectacular releases of 2011.

Nicole by O.P.I Kim-plenty in Love: Kardashian Kolors/ Holiday 2011
The reason for this color being on my top 10 of the year is very simple. It is a soft pink that doesn't bore me to tears. I love the soft squishy texture and the AMAZING micro duochrome shimmer that peaks through the soft Pink base so perfectly. I also love that while it is a soft, milky Pink it actually looks really nice on my skin tone.

Zoya Gemma: Intimate Collection/ Spring 2011
Yet another Zoya epic Green. This soft Olive Green comes to life with that soft Blue/ Pink flash that comes out so effortlessly. This color is easy on the eyes and just flawless. This is another color that made a lot of noise when it was released. I, for one, could not wait to get my mitts on it when I first saw pictures. 

China Glaze Midtown Magic: Metro Collection/ Fall 2011
This looks like embers burning... It's just amazing. I don't ever go for Brown tones but the spectacular Golden/Green shimmer in this color really just drew me in and made a fool out of me for ever doubting Brown lol. I love that it's not an "in- your- face" shimmer keeping the color sultry but super interesting.

Revlon Starry Pink/ Fall 2011 Release
Another soft Pink that has something interesting going on. I love that the base has just a touch of Blue making this one of those "lavender pinks" that I love so much. I love the different sized glitters and how they look suspended in the base. I really liked that Revlon did some really interesting glitters this year and that they continue to dupe expensive brands so perfectly.

flakies? Magnetics? What do you guys think?

And now for Mr. LTHP's top pick of 2011.

China Glaze White Cap: Anchors Away/ Spring 2011 Collection
I totally agree with this pick. He really likes duochromes and I remember him commenting on this color waay back when I got it. I happen to love this color because it's delicate but so interesting and unique. He loves it because he thinks it would make a cool car color lool!!!!

Well, that is it for my top choices of 2011. Which ones do you guys agree with? Not? 
♥ Cristina

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 10- Gradient Nails

Hi girls and boys!

  Welcome to day 10 (OMG!!!) of the challenge. Today's task is a very simple one... Gradient Nails. I am absolutely mad about sponged gradient nails. For some reason gradients with glitters always make me think of mermaids. You guys know about my "mermaid complex" and it's just so easy for me to be inspired by beautiful mermaid tails! I asked Mr. LTHP which color scheme he would have liked to see and he said light Green to Blue... So I obliged, with beautiful results.
 So for this simple look I started with two coats of Orly Ancient Jade (which I will have a swatch of later on). For the sponging I used a little bit of "art store sponge" or "sea sponge". For the sparkly gradient I used NYX Sea of Cortez. I really love these nails. I'm not the best at gradients but I'm happy with how this one turned out. The color combination really worked out pretty well.

I hope you guys enjoyed these :). Now, Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their 
Gradient nails!

EDIT** Here is a swatch of Orly's Ancient Jade. Two coats and a coat of SV.
Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 5- Blue Nails

Hello hello!!!

  Welcome to day Five of the Challenge! Today's challenge called for Blue nails. I really had a hard time choosing my color and what exactly I wanted to do with the color Blue because I REALLY love Blue. I finally settled on one of my very first Orly purchases and a color I have not featured on LTHP since like September of last year... I hope you guys like this as much as I do. This is probably my favorite look so far!
  So for this look I started with Three coats of Orly's Blue Collar. Then using two designs from Bundle Monster plate BM212 and China Glaze Little Drummer Boy I stamped the cute designs on my nails. For a finishing touch I went back and filled in the dots with Zoya Tallulah, Jo and Bettina's Gems Zircon. To fill in the peacock feathers I used a very, very fine brush I found at Sally's and Zoya Tallulah and Jo. I am in love with this look!

Here is a swatch of the amazing Blue Collar. I love everything about this Blue. It's a vibrant sky Blue but it has just a slight hint of dustiness to it. IDK.. There is something unique about this color and I can't quite put my finger on it. This color has an amazing creamy formula. For this mani I did Three thin coats of color.
How pretty is this color? Ugh... It's disgustingly beautiful loool.. Now... Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Blue nails!

Now... to get through my Purple stash for tomorrow's challenge!
♥ Cristina

Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 1- Red Nails

Hi loves!!!

  So today starts the 31 Day Challenge here at LTHP. Like I said yesterday the lovely Sam and Rie will be joining me and together we shall conquer this beast of a challenge! Don't forget to stop by their blogs as well to see what they've come up with!!

  So day One is Red Nails and this is my look.
 So I started with a base of Three coats of China Glaze Phat Santa. Then to give it some texture I stamped using Konad plate M57 with China Glaze Long Kiss. I wanted a little bit of sparkle so I sponged just the smallest bit of Orly Star Spangled on the tips.

  Here is a swatch of my base color Phat Santa. This is my favorite Red ever. It's not too bright or too vampy. IDK what it is but it's just the perfect Red shade for my skin tone I guess. I also love the formula on this color and how smoothly it glides. This is Three coats and no top coat.

  I <3<3<3 this so hard!!!
I'm really excited for this challenege and I know doing it with the support of two of my favorite bloggers will make it so much more fun!! Make sure to check their blogs out too to see, what are definitely to be, some amazing nails by Rie and Sam!

Thanks for stopping by! 
♥ Cristina

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trying Something New with Orly Witch's Blue and Orly Blue Belle- I need your HALP!

Hi loves!!!

  I need your helpful opinion once again!! I was playing around when I was taking pics the other day and I really liked how this angle was looking. I really like that I can get in close and really show the detail in the polish but all my nails are lit evenly. What do you guys think? Do you like these pictures?  See the thing is that the other angle pics are so narrow that it would look funny to have both pictures. I have some serious blog OCD... I really love how these look. I also like that my super nub is less distracting from this angle. What do you guys think? Please let me know in the comments!! Should I do both angles? Could you guys live with this style for a little while? Should I just stick to what I have going on with the straight on shot? If i try it for some time will you guys be ok with it? It really does look pretty when I'm holding normal sized bottles.
Witch's Blue. This is the most beautiful shade of Navy Blue shimmer. This color has a fantastic formula. I almost could have done with one coat. Here I have it pictured with Two coats and no top coat. I picked this up in a little Ulta haul I did recently. This is so elegant and just pretty. The Blue lover in me just can't get enough of this color.

Blue Belle. This is so interesting and angelic. This one is a soft icy Blue shimmer with a semi sheer formula. I really love this. It's like they took the shimmer out of Hard Candy's Sky and made it into it's own polish. Here I have Three coats of Blue Belle.

Blue polish makes me happy... So guys!! Photos: Yay or Nay? Do you like these or go back to the old style? Will you guys be ok if I try something new? Let me Know :) Have you checked out my giveaway yet?
♥ Cristina

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orly Fowl Play

Hi loves!!

  Today I have a recent buy from a micro Ulta haul I did. I say micro because I only Three colors and of the Three, Two were Orly minis lol. Well while there I spotted the Birds of  Feather display and I saw this baby and I couldn't resist. Every other color bored me to tears but this one really stood out. The funny part is that I've been told/ read that even Fowl Play itself is a dupe of an O.P.I color. Anywho, it was new and interesting to me so I had to have it.
Fowl Play is the most interesting mix of sparkle and flakes. It really took me some time to "dissect" this polish to figure out what exactly was going on in it. What I gathered is that it is a Sparkly Plummy (slightly jelly like) base with with some Burple Sparkles and Red-Coppery flakies that shift to Green. The cool part about this polish is that when you wear it it looks like you layered Three different things to get the finished look. The formula on this color is a little thick but manageable. I used Three coats for this manicure.

I am beyond happy with this purchase and I cannot wait to wear it again. Colors like this one really make me happy because on a lazy day... This makes it look like you put A LOT of effort into your nails lol...

Thanks for stopping by,
♥ Cristina

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Orly Happy Go Lucky Collection Swatches

Good afternoon my lovelies!!

  For this post I wanted to show you guys my swatches of Orly's Happy Go Lucky Collection. This small group came out as their Back- to- School Collection. This quartet consists of Three fun and funky, almost neon, cremes and a too- cute- for- words shimmer.

  I was super excited to see these pretties being sold as a set of Four mini bottles. I really wanted this collection but for some reason I didn't feel like a whole big bottle of these was not necessary. Plus... I LOVE mini bottles. I have a goal of having a full Helmer drawer-full of minis. 
Above is the loveliness that is Frisky. This one is a true Cyan blue creme. It's a very bright and clean shade. This color dried the shiniest of the Four.

This is the edgy Fresh. I was the least excited about this one and it turned out to be my second favorite. It borders on being neon but it's not quite all the way there so it doesn't hurt my eyes to look at it. And I mean... Look at it! It's so refreshing!

This is Frolic. This one is a pretty Purple creme. The tone of Purple borders on the verge of neon but it is not neon which is why it still looks Purple (and not Blue) in the pic :).

And this is Flirty. This one is the only color in the collection which is not a creme finish. It is a Pink creme base with Silver micro sparkles floating around in it. This one also has that "almost neon" look to it as well.

  The formula for all these babies is superb. This is Orly at its finest. All Four colors were Two coaters. Even though all of these colors must have a bit of neon pigmentation the formula is beyond creamy and flows nicely. The reason why I assume there must be a bit of neon in these (besides the fact that they are bright as heck) is that they dry pretty dull. In all of these pictures I am not wearing any top coat so you guys could see how they dry to a satin like finish but very smooth. 

I'm happy with this group because I needed something a little different than all the Oranges and Yellows we got for the Summer season. I'm not ready for fall colors yet!! I wanna wear more of these babies!

Are u ready for fall polishes yet?
<3 Cristina

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reader Franken!! Midnight Master

Hi lovess!!!

  I have a quickie second post for today. This time I come to you with something super awesome, for several reasons. As many of you know I had been wanting a Black glitter in my arsenal but I just could not find one anywhere. Welll.... Behold!! Midnight Master layered over Orly's Fresh.
  Enter the lovely Laurie N!! She is a very good polish friend of mine who I met through LTHP's Facebook page. Well she made this amazing franken using a little bit of O.P.I Servin' Up Sparkle and LA Girls Uninhibited (In other words: pure awesomesauce)She then proceeded to share a pic on my FB's wall and I fell in love with her creation which she had named after one of her favorite books, Midnight Master.... So, I asked if she would consider sending me a little bottle and she did! I thought it was the sweetest most awesome thing. I've never had a reader share their creations with me and this really brought the warm fuzzies and reminded me why I keep blogging. Because of awesome people like Laurie!! My readers mean a lot to me and I shall treasurer it for as long as it lasts (which may not be long because I REALLY love this Black glitter).

A big thank you to Laurie for this pretty!
<3 Cristina

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam Part 3

Hello hello!

  You guys like these random swatchy posts right? Anywho these are swatches of the colors I wore under my recent swatching session of  Color Clubs Fractured collection. I deliberately picked colors I had not worn in a while but really loved and had been wanting to re- swatch. 

I'll get started with one of my all time favorite colors. Barielle's Decadence. This stunner has the most incredible formula. It is a solid Two coater and it dries insanely fast and shiny. Not to "toot my own horn", but you see how pretty the application is? That is a clean-up free mani. That is an indicator of just how easy this formula is to manipulate. I love everything about Barielle polishes. I wish I had more in my collection. Two coats, no top coat.

This is another of my beloved baby Blues. This is the uber pretty Havana Dreams by Sephora by O.P.I. The formula for this one is a little tricky but not terrible. I love the dustiness of this soft baby Blue. It's so soft and squishy looking.  This is Three coats of color and a coat of SV.

This is O.P.I's Manicurist of Seville. This one did not photograph well at all. It is not this Reddish. It is far more Berry toned. Think of like a glass of Red wine and you have this color. It has a great, typical O.P.I two coat formula.

This is another one of my favorites. Finger Paints Aren't you Gladioulous? I loooove this color. It is a very cool tone Lavender Purple. It applies like butter and is practically opaque at One coat. I did Two to give my nails a more glassy look. Here I have Two coats of Color and a coat of SV.

This is Orly's Green with Envy. LOOOOOOVEEEE. Let me tell you about this polish, This is one of my first "official-collection" buys back from when I first started blogging. I love the formula on this baby. It is a Three coater but the formula borders on being jelly- like so it is a dream to work with. It glides like a dream and dries very quick and shiny. This is slightly Greener than the photo shows but it is very bright and beautiful. This is Three coats and no top coat.

This is the instantly recognizable Frostbite. Amazing electric Blue shimmer that packs an amazing color punch! The pigmentation on this polish is superb. After I was doing swatching I was tempted to go back and put this on again because I could not stop staring at my nails. This is Two coats, no top coat.
Happy Thursday!! I hope you are having a wonderful week!
<3 Cristina

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Orly Happy go Lucky Press Release

Happy Go Lucky
ORLY Back to School 2011 Collection

Inspiring Hues to Give You a Thrill

Move over sheer nudes, brights are back with a vengeance. Just in time for a head turning season of
back to school fashion, or for those having a hard time saying good bye to summer, ORLY is proud to
present the new Happy Go Lucky Collection of fun, edgy lacquers. Inspired by the carefree attitude
and thrill-seeking sensibility of youth, the collection exudes uninhibited creativity that adds instant
liveliness to any wardrobe. These bold hues make it easy to test-drive the bright trend overtaking
fashion without committing to pricey accessories or unflattering apparel. Each bottle delivers a vivid,
chip resistant formula, while the brush glides smoothly on nails, never clumping or streaking, for
maximum impact.

The lacquers in Happy Go Lucky include:

Flirty: Pink Shimmer
Frisky: Teal Crème
Fresh: Green Crème
Frolic: Purple Crème

All ORLY Nail Lacquers including the Happy Go Lucky Collection are free of DBP, Toluene and all
traces of Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin.

The Happy Go Lucky Collection Lacquers will be available starting July 2011 for $7.50 each. ORLY
Nail Lacquers and Treatment products are available at, Sally Beauty, Ulta and other
purveyors of beauty throughout the U.S. and in over 100 countries worldwide.

For more information contact LaForce + Stevens or visit us online at

Jeff Pink founded ORLY in 1975 with a simple idea: to innovate natural nail care. By creating leading-edge products and tools designed not only to beautify, but to respond to the needs of salon professionals, ORLY’s beauty experts have redefined nail care and nail fashion. ORLY’s dynamic color palette includes over 150 Lacquer shades that are completely free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. As much a trendsetter as a nail care innovator, ORLY also introduced the first-ever iconic nail look: the Original French Manicure® and reinvented Lacquer application with the award-winning Gripper Cap™. ORLY embodies quality that beauty professionals in over 100 countries worldwide rely upon.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Orly Space Cadet Revisited

Hi loves!!

  Today I decided to wear one of my oldest colors. I first blogged this way back when I had just started out and I remember thinking (and still think) that this color is one of the most unique and interesting colors out there, Ever. I know it has several dupes but regardless of that fact this is still a color that should be a part of every ones collection. Space Cadet came from Orly's Fall 2010 Cosmic FX collection. I'd say one of Orly's more interesting collections.
I love it in this light. 
This one shows the shift, kind of.
 I suggest clicking these pics for better detail. I was super excited to wear this again because last time I wore it my pics did it even less justice than these do lol. This is such a hard shade to capture.
I could have taken 1,000 photos of this color trying to capture its multi-chrome goodness but it's pretty much impossible. You guys get it though lol! It is a dark Green jelly base packed full of super micro glassfleck sparkle that flashes in Purple, Pink, Green, Gold and just about everything in between. For this mani I used Three coats of Space Cadet. Known dupes are Hard Candy's Bettle and MAC's Mean and Green.

Quick Note: Double up on the basecoat because this will stain like crazy!

Did u pick this one up back in the day?
<3 Cristina