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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jordana Playful Pastels Cotton Candy Gradient

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Tuesday beauties!! Today's look is a sweet pastel rainbow gradient I just had to do with the Playful Pastels collection by Jordana. I don't have much info on this collection.  They just showed up at my place, like a yummy little treat :D. I know it is available online from the Jordana site and they retail for $1.99. I'm not sure if it is limited edition or not, but something about this collection does feel LE. As you may have guessed, this cute release is made up of pastel shades, Six of them to be exact. These macaron- inspired shades have got me craving all things sweet.

Jordana Whimsical White- You guys can see this one here, because it is being used as the base for my gradient. Whimsical White is a lovely shade of marshmallowy white creme-jelly. The formula is wonderful and the finish is just adorable. I only needed Two coats.
Jordana Baby Blue- This shade is a classic, true baby blue creme-jelly. The formula on this pretty is definitely crelly and has a perfect squishy finish. I love how the crelly texture functioned in the gradient.
Jordana Merry Mint- This shade has the same type of formula as Baby Blue. Merry Mint is a perfect shade of pastel mint green. It is not a "vivid" pastel. It has a very delicate feel to it, just lovely.
Jordana Sunsational- This shade is a primary pastel yellow creme. It is a very warm shade of yellow and could be hard to pull off for some. In this gradient it shows up more as a more vibrant shade of pastel yellow. This shade has one of the denser formulas in the collection. I think it would do well in Two coats.
Jordana Pink Petunia- This is your classic pastel bubblegum pink creme. This shade also leans on the warmer side of pastel. The formula on this color is also fairly dense, and a true creme.
Jordana Lively Lilac- This pretty is another creme- jelly shade. Lively Lilac is slightly more pigmented than the baby blue and mint shade. The name say it all for this pretty shade of lilac crelly.

 I topped my gradient off with a coat of Seche Vite, followed by a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust. Then I sealed it off again in some Seche Vite to help with dry time. I love how soft and dreamy this gradient turned out. The sheerness of the mint and blue shade were bothering me at first, but the finished result changed my mind.

Thanks for coming by today!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Skittles in "Roughles" ♥

(**Press Sample**)
Good morning!

 Yes, it is a "Roughles" Skittle mani :D. These make me a happy girl; and here is why... A few weeks before these were announced I was bitching to my husband about how I wanted some cute pastel textures. Yes, these are things we talk about.. I've ruined him lol.. Anyhow, I was talking about all the awesome bright, and sparkly textures and how much I love them and my disappointment in the lack of cute pastel textures.
 Enter the Nicole by O.P.I "Roughles". I was DELIGHTED when I saw the press release for these and even more excited when I started seeing swatches. This collection is made up of Four entirely adorable pastel- toned textures that have no sparkle, but a neat "speckled egg" effect.  Get ready for another raving post about these, because I just love them so much! They really filled a gap in my collection. 
 photo DSCN8496_zps422ab4b0.jpg
Index nail- Nicole by O.P.I I'm Stucco on You; a beautiful lilac pastel texture with blue, magenta and Violet "speckles". 
Middle nail- Nicole by O.P.I Rock the Look; a perfect pastel bubblegum pink texture with vivid pink and dark pink speckles. 
Ring nail- Nicole by O.P.I On What Grounds?; an AMAAAZING aqua pastel texture with blue, dark blue and black speckles. This shade stained my nails a little.
Pinkie nail- Nicole by O.P.I Sand in my Shoe; a greeeat shade of "Easter chick" pastel yellow texture with orange and red speckles.

  All of these shades have amazing formulas. They are very dense and pigmented. Even though they are dense they have a really good, even spread. If applied carefully, I could have gotten away with one coat. I used two coats of each color. I love the finish on these. They have that awesome "stucco" look to them when fully dry. Of course it goes without saying that these wore like iron. I wore the O.P.I "Glitter-off" peel off base coat, and they still wore until I decided to peel them off Four days later. I could have worn them longer, but I was ready to a change.
  I am madly in love with these and can't wait to wear them again and again and again. They are just precious and have filled a void in my collection. They came at the perfect time.. SO.. I will take this opportunity to mention that I would REEEEEEEEALLY love some neon textures... Sparkly neon, "stucco" neon... Neon texture all the things please ;).

Have you been lusting after these Roughles? I can't pick faves, they are all just perfect!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#NailArtFeb Californails Challenge Day 11: Pastel

(**Press Samples**)
Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! 

  Today I'm picking back up with the Californails "Totally Doable- I have a LIfe Challenge". The next prompt I had to work on was "Pastel". While I was out of town last week, it was press sample mayhem back at my house. Within that mayhem was the wonderful Perfectly Poised, Spring 2014, collection by Seche. This collection is made up of Six beautiful pastel shades that were perfect for this prompt. 
 photo DSCN6690_zps35cb5689.jpg
 For this look I wanted to practice my freehand a bit. I kept it simple by freehanding some vertical stripes on my nails using all the shades from the Seche Perfectly Poised collection. For my base color I used Head to Toe, this is a shade of light Peachy-beige. I did top coat my base, just in case I had to wipe off my stripes or any mistakes. For my stripes I used Perfectly Poised(pastel Yellow), Keep it You (sweet Pink), Effortlessly Styled(pastel Coral), Buttoned Up(pastel Lilac) and Conquer the World(pastel Aqua). 
 All of these shades were wonderful  to work with. These all have creamy formulas, and are saturated with color. To finish my nails off I did a coat of Seche Vite, followed by a coat of INM Northern Lights.  

 The next prompt is to match my OOTD (Outfit of the Day), which I will be sharing tomorrow.
Californails Feb Challenge photo Screenshot2014-02-01at115556AM_zps2db93afc.png
Thanks for stopping by beauties! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Milani Retro Glam LE Collection Swatches

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Friday my lovelies!! 

  Today, I have another of Milani's new nail polish collections. This pretty group is the Retro Glam collection. This adorable release is made up of Five dainty cremes and one adorable Black and White glitter topper. I really love the range of colors in this collection. There really is a retro feel to them. They remind me of those old kitchen wall-phones with the 27 foot cords. The ones that would get tangled into an unholy mess... Remember those? Ahh the good 'ol days when you could still slam a phone down to end an angry conversation.... Anyways, back to polish, I adore these colors to bits, but some of the formulas were... interesting...
Milani Retro Glam photo RetroGlam-001_zps3c7c8f81.jpg
 To see close up swatches of these adorable colors just continue reading. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

#MintManisforTaliaJoy #TaliasLegacy Cadillacquer Remember Me

(**press sample**)
Good morning darlings, 

  Today's post is dedicated to the beautiful Talia Joy Castellano (TaliaJoy18 on Youtube and IG). Talia was a beautiful, bubbly and amazingly talented young woman. The beauty community lost a little ray of Sunshine when Talia lost her Six year battle to Two rare types on cancer on July 16th. She was only 13, but she really made her mark on this community and on the world in her short time with us. Childhood Cancer is an awful thing, so very unfair.  To find out more about Talia's story you can visit the [Official facebook page for Angels for Talia]. My thoughts are with her family and friends during this most difficult time. My thoughts are also with the families of children all around the world who struggle with cancer. Talia was very fortunate to have the love and support of her family as well as her millions of fans. She was a very loved person and will be equally missed. Not many children are that fortunate, so lets keep them in out thoughts too; and hope that some day childhood cancer (cancer in general) is nothing more than the stuff of horror science fiction.
  These series of Mint-themed posts you might be noticing around the "bloggerspehere" today were organized by Nicole of Nail Polish Wars. One of the very last photos that Talia posted to her Instagram account was a particularly touching one. It was her hand, her sister and her mother's hand all together and they are all wearing the same, lovely, Mint green polish. Nicole thought it would be a beautiful memorial for us to come together in posting our Mint Manis in memory of Talia Joy. The second I laid eyes on this shade I knew it would be the one I would wear, the name turned out to be a beautiful coincidence. I went with Cadillacquer's Remember Me. And remember I will...
Cadillacquer Remember Me photo DSCN7151_zps1f0eba2b.jpg
 Remember Me is such a beautiful shade. I think Talia would have liked this color. I love how delicate, yet eye-catching it is. It felt "right" for the occasion, ethereal and angelic. This color is a beautiful shimmery Mint crelly base packed full of Silver and Magenta glitter and dots. The formula is perfection and I only needed Three thin coats. I love this shade, and now it has a new meaning for me. I love this dreamy shade and how peaceful it looks. 
 It's funny how someone you have never met can touch your life in such a way. Talia's strength gave me strength. That may be weird for a 26 year old woman to say about a 13 year old girl. But I always thought, if this little girl can go through all that with a smile on her face, then why can't I go through my stuff without a smile too? My thoughts are with Talia's family and friends during this difficult time. 
  Thank you to all those of you who are taking part in this today. Don't forget to use the hashtags #MintManisforTaliaJoy or #MintManisforTalia and #TaliasLegacy when sharing your Mint manis!

To see all of the other ladies who have joined in sharing thei mint manis just click to continue reading. The count is up to 200+, and it just keeps growing! It has been amazing to see the beauty community come together like this.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lovely Looks with the Zoya Lovely Spring 2013 Collection

Happy Humpday!! 

  Today I have some looks featuring the shades in Zoya's new Spring Collection. The Lovely Collection is made up of Three gorgeous cremes, and Three beautiful shimmering pastels. The second I saw these shades I knew I would be doing some looks with them. I couldn't bring myself to just swatch them, I had to play with them :D. Zoya's Lovely is definitely Lovely!!   

 For my first look I went with a cute half-moon look. I might be a *tad* obsessed with half-moon manis. This simple, but eye-catching, look started with a base of Zoya Blu. Blu is the most perfect shade of light, light Blue creme. I wanted to do something with interesting contrast and a bit of an edge so for my accent color I went with Zoya Piaf. Piaf is one of those shades that are so ugly they are pretty. Piaf is a neat, light Mustard- Chartreuse Yellow with complimenting shimmer. I was pretty sure Piaf would not look good on my skintone but combining it with Blu really made it work for me. I love this combination.

 How could I NOT do a cloud mani with these babies?! For this look I started with a base of Jacqueline. Jacqueline is a pretty, light shade of creamy Ivory. There is a very slight, barely there shimmer in Jacqueline. For my clouds I used Zoya Julie and Neely. The finished look is really subtle, but so perfect for Spring!

 For my final look I wanted to do something striped and simple. I started with a base of Neely. Neely is a gorgeous, light Seafoam creme. For the color accents I used Zoya Julie and GeiGei. I used fine striping tape to create the color-blocked look. On my index and Pinkie I filled in the taped gaps with fine brushes. I really like the end result. These remind me of the girly notebooks I used to carry in High School.

 Here are quick swatches of my base shades. From left to right: Neely, Blu and Jacqueline. These were all two coats and I ran into no issues with the formulas.
 I have a few more looks planned for these pretties. Zoya's Spring Collections are always just gorgeous and inspiring to me. As always, the formulas are a joy to work with. These shades all compliment each other and it makes wearing just one at a time impossible for me!

Did you pick up any of Zoya's new Spring shades?

(**Zoya products provided for review**)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

@LCNUSA Blossom Sorbet Collection- Spring Nail Art Look

Good morning and happy Thursday! 

  A few weeks ago I received this, extremely adorable, Spring nail polish set by LCN. This cute little collection of Four is called Blossom Sorbet.  The Blossom Sorbet set is made of Four adorable pastel shades, right on trend for Spring 2013. The second I unpacked these cuties I knew I HAD to do something fun with them. 
 The formula on these polishes was great and easy to work with. I really enjoyed the creamy texture and  perfect pigmentation of these polishes. Oh! They also have a really nice, fluffy brush that fans out perfectly for flawless application. 
 This look started with a base of Soft Daisy. From index to pinkie for the moons: I Love Mint, Vintage Rose and Lilac Blossom. I then went back and added little dot accents above the moons in Soft Daisy. I gave the dots a minute to set and then went back with a very small dotting tool and dotted the centers with corresponding colors.
 For the stripes I used a long, fine striping brush and patience. I'm pretty proud of my stripes. I had never really attempted this technique. I found it surprisingly simple to do, as long as you are not in a rush. I topped my stripes off with INM Northern Lights to hide the little imperfections. After giving my dots some time to dry I topped all my nails off with some Seche Vite and called it a night :D.
  I must say that I absolutely LOVE these shades. They are just adorable and they compliment each other so well. I love when I look at polishes and I actually feel inspired by the colors alone. The Blossom Sorbet set did just that.

 Here is a swatch of my base color, Soft Daisy. This pretty pastel Yellow has the most subtle shimmer that makes the formula a dream to work with. Soft Daisy has a very smooth, even and just plain awesome formula. I used Three coats for my swatch.
 I'm loving the Spring pastels! I had so much fun with this adorable little set. LCN is pretty new to me but so far I am a happy camper!! I hope they keep this up!

**EDIT**- Here is a tutorial on how to achieve this look**
 What are your thoughts on this look? Are you liking the Spring pastels?

(**LCN products provided for my consideration**)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

LTHP Turns Two in Yummy Lime Crime Nails!

LTHP is Two years old today!!! 

  I really don't wanna do the sappy speech so I'll just thank you for being so AMAZING and keeping me going when even I didn't think I could. Honestly today really did sneak up on me. I had completely forgotten that my blog b-day was coming up so I didn't even get a chance to do "special" nails. But I did do these nails featuring Lime Crime brand new Nail Polish Collection Les Desserts d' Antoinette and they just seemed so fitting for the occasion. 
  This look features all Seven colors in the collection. I started with a base of Milky Ways. On my Index and Pinkie fingers I did some gradients using Milky Ways, Once in a Blue Mousse and  Lavendairy. On my Middle nail I did a gradient using Milky Ways, Parfait Day and  Peaches♥Creme. On my Ring finger I did a gradient using Milky Ways, Crema de Limon, and Pastelchio. I topped these off with some Seche Vite followed by some INm Northern Lights.
 I wanted to create like a parfait nail kind of effect, or cotton candy, my husband mentioned they reminded him of swirly sorbet. Whatever they look like, it's absolutely yummy! I had actually taken this look further by stamping and adding freehand touches. It was in those touches that I unintentionally ruined my manicure so I opted so just show you my pretty gradients instead.
 I have many more looks planned for these. The formula on these colors is just amazing for all kinds of nail art techniques. I also love that all the colors compliment each other perfectly and deliciously. I mean when I look at these I can't wear just one.

 Here is a swatch of my base color Milky Ways. I was pretty much amazed at how perfect the formula is on this shade. From the first brushstroke it was a dream to work with. It's not a stark White and not chalky.  I only needed Two coats for full, even coverage. I love the brush on these polishes and the cute little frosted bottles that don't show finger prints... Ahhh the little things... I'm pretty much obsessed with this shade. It's a different type of White, slightly creamy, maybe just a drop of Orange? I can't place it but I LOVE it. I have a thing for a clean White nail and I can see myself wearing this one quite a lot.
Thank you all for your support and stopping by to see what I'm up to and read my ramblings sometimes :D! I know I'll be doing this for quite some time to come!

Happy Sunday and again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

(**LC polishes provided for review**)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Barielle Summer Fun Set goes Miami Art Deco

Happy Friday! 

  Today I have another cloud mani for you guys. It's pretty safe to say I am obsessed with the cloud mani technique. It is fun and easy to do, you get striking results and the color combinations are as endless as your imagination. So I received this cute little set from Barielle made up of Five, very Art Deco, pastels and I just had to do something with all of them together. I went with Clouded Skittles. 
 The base colors from thumb to pinkie are: Berry Go Round, Ocean Breeze, Peach popsicle, Mint Ice Cream Cone and Pink Flip Flop. All five of these colors came together in a little set called Summer Fun. All Five shades are pastels with the most fantastic formulas. I couldn't bring myself to separate the colors because they looked so good together. These are straight out of South Beach Miami!
 Here are some skittle swatches of the Barielle Shades.

Since theft fuckery on Instagram (everywhere really) is at an all time high I've added an extra mark to these photos.... Which I'm not thrilled about and I don't plan on doing to every photo, just the ones I feel might need it. BTW! There is ONE AND ONLY LTHP Instagram account and the user name is: Letthemhavepolish. I've also started using the hashtag #officialletthemhavepolish and if you'd like to share your nail art with me on IG you guys are welcome to use this tag! Sadly I've come across many thieves claiming my site to be theirs as well as my work.... Yay.... Instagram gives me frown lines.... So there's that.
  I'm also not loving the part where Instagram doesn't give an absolute crap about the reports that are filed and they never respond to tweets Waaahhh Waaahhhh... And here I was thinking Instagram was all in good fun. Nope, even there, there are douche bags looking to piggy back off of your success. I had a panic attack the other day where I almost shut down the blog and walked away. It is so hurtful to see someone claim my work when I work so hard on what I do for this website. And for the enablers(IG) to not carry through with enforcing the rules is an even harder slap on the face. I guess if it's on the internet it's fair game but I've still not come to terms with that fact... And it still breaks my heart everyday to know that

  Here is a shot of the Five polishes used for this manicure.
 Barielle cremes are the shiz! They always apply like butter. I was really pleased to work with these. Pastels can be such a pain in the butt to apply but these were just fab!


(**Barielle products provided for review**)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring Pastels done Right by Milani

Good Morning my loves!

  Today I continue my Milani Mini series with Four more of their new Spring 2012 releases. These Four Spring pastels have a little something special going on. There is nothing plain or boring about these shades. They are fresh, girly and just super pretty! Shall I get on with it?
 To see swatches of these beaties just keep reading after the jump.