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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nicole by O.P.I Seize the Summer- Negative Space Chevron Nail Art

(**Press Samples**)
 Why, yes... I still wear pink on Wednesdays :D. This look is a simple "negative space" look I did using the standard single chevron nail vinyls and some shades from the NOPI Seize the Summer Collection.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pink Wednesday! Happy 10th Mean Girls!!!!

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Happy Pink Humpday!! 

  Seriously though.. where did 10 years go? I highly dislike reminders of how fast time is flying by haha. It certainly does not feel like 10 years since I first saw "Mean Girls" in theaters with my mom. I remember, we had made a mom-daughter date out of it. We left the theater with sore sides from laughing so much. Today I am celebrating 10 years of "Mean Girls" by rocking some cute pink nails, pink clothes... you get the picture ;D.... You better be wearing some Pink too.. or you can't sit with us.  

nopi look photo DSCN7392_zps56846f1e.jpg
 For this look I used shades from the Nicole by O.P.I 2014 core expansion. I started with a base of NOPI I'll have the Salmon. I waited for my base to dry off and the applied striping tape in a random fashion to create fat and thin stripes. The hot magenta shimmering shade is NOPI Always a Flirt
 I accented my pink nails with some tiny gold beads. I topped these off with a coat of Seche Vite. Of the three "mean girls", I can picture Gretchen wearing nails like these :D.

Hilarious timing note: I was watching Mean Girls while working on this post. It is ending as I am typing this very last sentence ;). Happy pink humpday beauties!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#NailArtFeb Californails Challenge Day 17: Studs

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Happy Pink Humpday! 

 Today I am sharing my look for day 17 of the Californails "Totally Doable- I have a Life Challenge". The prompt for today was "Studs". I was really looking forward to this prompt. I love playing with studs, but I rarely get to do so. I'm a huge fan of studded nails. My nails are pretty short right now, which made this a little extra challenging. I wanted to do something a little more elaborate, but studs tend to be too big for my tiny nails. However, I really have been loving the chunkier stud/gem looks so I figured I'd give one a go anyways. 
 photo DSCN6826_zps60c6545a.jpg
 For my look I started with a base of Salon Perfect's In Love. I used three easy coats. This shade of Pink is just lovely, and playful. I used studs from a wheel I got from Born Pretty Store to create a girly look. I used petal shaped studs to create my metallic Daisies :D. I topped everything off with some Seche Vite to seal my studs and smooth the surface. 

 The next prompt is "Floral". I am both excited and nervous for this prompt. I really want to do some freehand floral nails. In all the time I've been blogging, I've never done a freehand floral. As you guys know I've really been trying to push myself when it comes to trying more freehand nail art. 
Californails Feb Challenge photo Screenshot2014-02-01at115556AM_zps2db93afc.png

 Thanks for coming by today!! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pink Wednesday! Zoya Micky Splatter

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Happy Pink Humpday!

  I just watched Mean Girls for the 12,873th time yesterday. And it reminded it that I had not done a Pink Wednesday in some time. Not a whole lot of us still do Pink Wednesday, but I like keeping the tradition alive now and then ahaha.... So you better be wearing Pink, or you can't sit with me.. 
Zoya Micky Splatter photo DSCN7754_zps5af3d8c8.jpg
 I went with a splattered look since I had not done one in a while. I started with a base of Zoya's Micky. I wanted to do a cute, edgy mix of colors so I did my splatters with Zoya Rocky and Josie. To really set off the splatter I added a bit of Black with Zoya Raven. I always forget how much fun splatters are. I topped off the entire look with a coat of Seche Vite. 

Zoya Micky
Zoya Micky photo DSCN7714_zps0c9354f9.jpg
 Micky comes from the Summer Stunning collection. This beauty is a gorgeous shade of vivid Coral-y Pink. It practically borders on neon and it has a lovely, subtle pearly shimmer. The formula on this shade is a dream, as most Zoyas are. I used Three thin coats for my base and ran into no issues with application. 

 Thanks for stopping by today darlings! Now, go put on some PINK!!! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pink-ish Wednesday! Ombre Fun with Inglot Colour Play Nail Polishes

(**Inglot Press Samples**)
Happy Humpday!!

 It's only been about an Eon since I've done a Pink Wednesday... So, here is a Pink Wednesday post ♥. A few weeks back I received the Inglot  Colour Play pastel range. These babies are perfect for ombre manis, they really take the guess work out of picking your shades. For this look, I also went back to my roots by doing some stamping. I used my Pueen Love Elements nail stamping plate set.
Inglot Ombre Stamped with Pueen photo DSCN5568_zps002535d4.jpg
 This look features Inglot Shades, from Thumb to Pinkie: 388, 387, 386, 385 and 384. For the stamping I used Konad Black Special polish and Pueen stamping plates Pueen 32 on my Middle and Ring finger and Thumb. For my Pinkie and Index nails I used Pueen 28. To finish my nails off I did a coat of Seche Vite followed by a light coat of IN Northern Lights. 

 Here are my base colors before stamping and top coating. 388 is a clean, light Lilac purple creme. 387 is an aweome Blue toned bubblegum Pink creme. 386 is a muted Violet- Mauve creme. 385 is a light Pink- toned Mauve creme. 384 is a beautiful muted Coral creme. All of these polishes have a slight flash of smooth complimenting shimmer. You can see the Golden shimmer in the bottle photo above. That said, the shimmer does not really translate to the nails, but it does aid in appication. All of these were really easy to apply and all did well in Three, thin and easy coats.  
Inglot Ombre photo DSCN5542_zps316d620a.jpg
 I miss stamping so much. But at the same time, I'm pretty excited because I have all of these awesome Pueen plates that I have not really gotten to play with yet. So I have those to look forward to :D. I have been terrible about keeping up with plates honestly, if you guys know of any sets I may have missed out on, or new brands, share them in the comments!! 

 So, I am LOOOVING these Inglot Colour Play range. I love them so much, they have even earned a spot on my wall racks. These are great for nail art of all kinds and I just love the formulas and beautiful shades.

Thanks for stopping by darlings! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pink Wednesday! Milani Color Statement Lipsticks- Pink & Coral Lip Swatches

Hello lovelies and happy Pink Wednesday!! 

  For this edition of Pink Wednesday I have lip swatches of the beautiful, new Color Statement Lipsticks by Milani. These lippy swatches are of the Pink and Coral family, which I covered in a quickie post a few weeks back. I knew I really wanted to show you guys lip swatches of this color family because they were/are just SO beautiful and perfect for Spring. 
  There is a funny "story" behind these swatches. It took me a while to get them up because I was actually going through and wearing these. Every time I tried a new color in this family I was like "ooh ooh THIS one is my favorite"... Long story short, they are all my favorites hahaha!
 I won't be going into huge detail about these since I covered the bulk of the review in [THIS POST].

 I used Haute Pink lip liner for all of these swatches. Well, all but Flamingo Pose for which I used All Natural. The liners are fabulous, I had no feathering at all!

Milani Flamingo Pose 
This beautiful shade of creamy Pinky- Coral applies like butter and wore beautifully! 

Milani Flirty Fuchsia
This shade was a definite WIN for me. This is a very vivid shade of Fuchsia, with just the slightest shimmer. This color has a very intense shine as it is a vinyl finish. 

Milani Rose Hip
This is a wonderful shade of light Blue-toned creamy Bubblegum Pink. Out of the "lighter Pinks" this one is the more vivid shade. 

Milani Rose Amour
This shade is a nice, classic shade of Rose Pink. It is light, but it has just the right amount of pigmentation. 

Milani Hot Pink Rage
This one is a fantastic shade of HOT Magenta Pink and it has a sultry matte finish. BIG fan of this shade as well. 

Milani Fruit Punch
This is a light shade of Pink, slight Coral undertones. I fell in love with this color from the second I did my arm swatch. This is a perfect, every-day shade and SO flattering. 
 The only one I could not bring myself to try was Pink Frost. I really don't see how I can make that shade work for me, maybe if I use it as a highlight shade? Anywho, these colors are all made of EPIC win. I ran into absolutely ZERO issues with application on these shades. They all had amazing coverage and felt so nice on the lips. Hot Pink Rage is a little drying, I'm guessing due to the matte finish. All the other shades were fabulous in terms of moisture. 

 Coming very soon are swatches of the Plums and Berries as well as Browns and Neutrals. So far though, this is my very favorite color family (but I love Pink so I'm biased). I just love how Pink looks with my hair colors ;). I can't say enough good things about Milani and all the amazing new products they have been putting out this year! 

I think my very faves here are Flamingo Pose, Flirty Fuchsia, Fruit Punch and Hot Pink Rage. Do you have any picks from this color family? 

(**Milani products provided for my consideration**)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pink Wednesday! Milani Color Statement Lipsticks Pinks & Corals

Hello darlings!!! 

  I am in PINK today!! Well, Pink lips anyway. This edition of Pink Wednesday is brought to you by the EPIC WIN that are the new Pink and Coral shades from Milani's new Color Statement Lipstick collection. Last week I showed you guys some quick swatches of the Red and Orange family. Those were some beautiful and classic shades. I really loved the Reds and Oranges... But these Pinks and Corals have my whole heart, body and soul. Not to mention, they are PERFECT for the coming Spring months. 
  There is only ONE shade here that I do not care for. And that is Pink Frost. The rest are made of total and pure WIN. These lippies have the same soft, watermelon scent as the Reds and Oranges. I really don't mind the scent at all as it does not linger.

 Now for some quick arm swatches. And of course I will be posting lip pictures as well! All of these swatches are just ONE firm swipe of the lipstick. Color me impressed (no pun intended). The pigmentation on all of these is seriously impressive.
Pink Frost: A soft, blushing Pink with a STRONG metallic-frost finish. This is the only shade I'm not loving. Mainly because I'm pretty sure I cannot pull it off. This is a hard color and finish to pull off for me. 
Fruit Punch: A creme finish, bubblegummy Pink with some slight Coral undertones. I LOVE this one. I've already worn it twice! It has a fantastic creamy finish and applies like BUTTAH. This shade was very moisturizing. Fruit Punch is SO flattering! 
Rose Amour: This shade is a light, Blue toned Pink with a great creamy finish. This shade is vivid and lovely. I cannot wait to wear it! 
Rose Hip: Is more on the Magenta side, and once again slightly Blue toned. This shade is also in a cream finish.
Hot Pink Rage: OMG LOVE THIS! Ok, so this shade is a HOT, bright Barbie Pink in a beautiful Matte finish. I LOVE the finish on this shade. Even though it is matte, it has a lot of dimension and feels great on the lips. The staying power on this baby is incredible.
Flamingo Pose: This shade is an amazing shade of vivid Coral. This shade is in a creamy finish. I cannot wait to try this color out as I am a sucker for anything Coral!! I bet this will look good on so many skintones!
Flirty Fuchsia: This one is a deeper, vivid shade of Fuchsia with the slightest Purple shimmer. This shade is described by Milani as a vinyl finish. I am SO excited for this shade, it is so vivid and the shine is beautiful!

Along with the lipsticks Milani also released Two lip liner shades for the Pink and Coral shades. 
  These are amazing! I have only had a chance to use Haute Pink. I used it the day I wore Hot Pink Rage and it was perfection!
 And just for fun I wanted to show you guys a comparison between last year's Red Label and this year's Red Label. They are both fantastic. What is even more incredible is how Milani managed to improve on their, already amazing, formula. I was blown away by last years shades. I didn't think they could get any better. Guess what? They SO do!! Brava Milani!! The new Red Label is much more pigmented, shiny and multi dimensional. The old Red Label is slightly lighter and it does not have that "juicy" quality that the new Red Label has.
 I cannot wait to show you guys lip swatches of these pretties, along with the Reds and Oranges. I also have som new Milani Ultra Fine Liquid eye liners coming your way soon!! 

 What do you think? Any colors jump out at you? I seriously cannot pick a favorite just yet. I love them ALLL (except Pink Frost lol). If you are a Pink lover, you will love these!!! I also can't wait to play around with mixing colors and creating cool looks with these beauties!

(**Milani products provided for my consideration**)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! O.P.I Pink of Hearts Set for 2012

Happy Humpday!! 

  Today I am finally showing you guys the adorable set that O.P.I released this month for Breast Cancer Awareness 2012, Pink of Hearts 2012. This BCA tag team includes a new glitter by O.P.I and an O.P.I classic that pair up perfectly to create one fierce Breast Cancer Awareness manicure. O.P.I has donated over 25,000 to the Susan G. Komen foundation in connection with the Pink of Hearts program.  It is always great to see a brand be connected with the issues, and do their part to help out.

O.P.I You Glitter Be Good to Me over O.P.I I Think in Pink
 You Glitter be Good to Me is a brand new glitter by O.P.I created for this Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. I was not expecting to love it as much as I do. You Glitter be Good to Me is made up of small Piggy Pink glitters with Magenta hex glitter accents. I'm fairly sure that this glitterbomb could be worn alone but I love how it looks layered, as you can see the textures of the glitter better this way. YGBGTM is very easy to work with. I had no issues getting a nice spread of glitter and an even balance of hexes on the nail. Bottom line? I LOVE this combination. These Two polishes were made for each other!

O.P.I I Think in Pink
 I Think in Pink is an O.P.I classic. This soft, squishy Pink is a dream come tru for me. I am a sucker for "Breast Cancer Pink". You guys know what I mean right? It is such a distinct shade of Pink. Anywho, this is a warm, light Bubblegum Pink "crelly" (as dubbed by Jen). The perfect middle ground between a creme and a jelly. The formula on this color does require a light hand to avoid streaks and bald patches. It is not a troublesome formula, not sticky, not thin, not thick, it actually flows nicely, just takes a patient hand. I used Three thin coats for the swatch you see above. This shade was also a big surprise and a hit for me because I am a sucker for anything slightly jelly and I have no other Pink like this one.

 And because I have a problem... Every polish that is even remotely jelly-like in nature gets the sammich treatment from me.. So naturally, after I did my layering I just had to see if ITIP was "thin" enough to do a sammich with... Surprise! It is, maybe a little too dense for the technique but it still created such a cute effect! So this is a base of I think in Pink with a coat of You Glitter be Good to me followed by one more THIN coat of I think in Pink.
   I am so glad to have these pretties as a part of my BCA arsenal, which grows every year. Let's save the TaTa's girls!! I will always be happy to see O.P.I, an the many other beauty brands that take part in BCA, do so every October. Cosmetics with a purpose are always welcome, and embraced, in the LTHP household!

What are your thoughts on this adorable set?

(**OPI products provided for review by PR company**)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pink [Enough] Wednesday!! Zoya Spun Sugar Mani

Good morning and happy humpday my darlings!!!

  Today I have a Pink Wednesday mani for you guys! It's been forever since I did one of those. This, however, is what I shall call a Pink "enough" Wednesday lol. This manicure was a last minute change. I had set out to try and do some freehand floral nail art and it just was not happening so I started playing with the Spun Sugar technique and went with that instead..... This looks pretty freaking cool!
 To see this look just continue reading <3!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nails Inc. Black Taxi and Princess Arcade- Nail Jewelry

Humpday is here and I'm in Pink...

  Sort of.. Anywho, I recently got to try some of Nails Inc. London's newer releases and I'm really pleased with what I received. Among my pretties were Princess Arcade and Black Taxi. It only made sense to pair them.
 I'm really feeling the index and middle fingernail accents. Layering Princess Arcade over Black really intensified the effect of the beautiful Magenta glitter blend. Princess Arcade has such depth and it makes for some beautiful gradients. The formula on Princess Arcade is slightly thick but manageable. I layered Two-ish coats of the glitter over Black creme. Nail- jewelry is right!

Here is my base color Black Taxi.
 This you see here is just ONE coat of polish. The formula on this was a little thick but easy enough to work with. Besides, they had me at "one-coat- Black".
So I'm really loving my new Nails Inc additions. Nails Inc is available at Sephora stores. 


(**Nails Inc Products provided for review**)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Zoya Shelby Summer Nail Art

OMG It's a Pink Wednesday!!

  I can't even remember the last time I participated in Pink Wednesday. I wonder if I'm still allowed at the cool table... Not long ago I had been bitchin about how much I miss doing nail art. Well, I was finally able to get caught up in my swatching and I was finally able to art it up in here! For this look I went back to my Bikini inspiration.
 So for this cute look I started with two easy coats of Zoya Shelby. I was feeling extra "involved" yesterday so once my base was dry I did a gradient using Zoya Shelby, Zuza and Carly (my gradient-ing needs so much work lol). For the stamp I used Cheeky Plate CH(I forget but will edit later) and Konad White Special Polish. For the dotted accents I used Zoya Zuza and Kimber. I topped the whole thing off with a coat of Seche Vite.
 To see a swatch of Shelby just continue reading.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! O.P.I VIntage Minnie Mouse Collection Swatches

Happy Humpday!

  I know this is kind of a cop out but I have not done a Pink Wednesday in a while and showing you guys this collection just seemed fitting for the occasion. Every Summer (ish) O.P.I seems to release a "themed" collection of Four colors. A few years back it was Summer Flutter, last year they did Nice Stems and this year they are giving us Four Minnie Mouse themed shades. 
Sorry about this jank looking collage... My life will never be the same until a better replacement for Picnik comes along. I've tried Pic Monkey and Aviary but I plain don't like them. Using the Creative Kit in Picasa at the moment but it's just not the same..... So yeah... You should totally keep reading to see some pretty swatches!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Wet 'n' Wild Dreamy Poppy goes Tween

Good Morning loves and happy Pink Wednesday!

  Been a while huh?! I had been really wanting to do a Pink Wednesday for some time and now that I am finally adjusted to my work schedule, got myself organized and my shiz together I was able to come up with a Tweeny design using stamping plate DRK-A and a cute Wet 'n' Wild shade. I love cute and playful manis like this one. While the look is very "young"... I could care less. Someday I let my inner 13- year old shine through my nails.
 For this look I started with Two effortless coats of Dreamy Poppy. I stamped using several designs from Brazilian plate DRK-A in Konad SP. This did not turn out as clean and neat as I envisioned because I am still working out the kinks on stamping with my Brazilian plate. All the images stamp a little differently and I am finding out as I go how they all work, I LOVE the star stamp so much! The girly Skully design actually stamped a lot better on my right hand when I applied less pressure. I still like this fun and edgy look.
 To see swatches of Dreamy Poppy keep reading after the jump.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Edgy Holographic Splatter

Hi hello and happy Pink Wednesday!

  I have some wonderful news before we get started with my usual nonsense.... I have a JOB!! A nice office job in real estate at a really nice community. I am so excited about this opportunity and I can't wait to see where it takes me. I am also happy that I will be able to keep my nails looking pretty lol... I know that sounds uber shallow or maybe dumb.. But I am, after all, a nail polish blogger and my nails should be always looking nice right?

  For today's post I wanted to play with some of my holographic beauties from Llarowe... I've done lots of creamy splatter manis but I had been wanting to do a holographic one because I though the effect of the sparkle would look so cool. I went for it and I am so happy with the awesome and flashy results!
  This is a really simple look. I started with a base of Two coats of Glitter Gal's Frappe. For the splatter I used HITS Atena and Glitter Gal Lizard Belly. I love LOVE love how this looks. Because of the holographic sparkle it almost looks like a watercolor mani. Have you guys seen those yet? They are soo cool and I am dying to try one. I think I will soon. This is quite and edgy and fun look... Holo Splatter! A big win in my book!

What do you guys think?

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Bettina Groovie

Happy Pink Wednesday!

  I've been pretty inconsistent on my Pink Wednesdays lately... I hope I can still sit on the cool table. Today I have an awesome Bettina color that rocked my socks a few months ago and it is still rocking my socks right now. This pretty comes from their Disco Collection, which was a HUGE hit with me. I also got to play with my Red Angel plates that the Hubs got me for Christmas. He is just awesome like that.
 For details about this mani and swatch pics of Groovie just keep reading after the jump.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Pinkmas with Julep Carrie!

Happy Pink Wednesday!

  Good morning lovely ladies (and boys?). Today I have a super cute and girly Winter inspired design. I love how this turned out. It made me wish that it snowed in Florida. Fun fact: I am going on 25 years old and I've never seen snow... I really want to see snow... In the mean time I'll just gaze at my pretty snowflake nails. It's so much fun to turn Pink wednesday into a Holiday themed mani. These remind me of Barbie for some reason.
Eeeee! I just love this. So for this look I started with two coats of Julep's Carrie. OMG so pretty! To give my nails a snowy look I lightly sponged the tips with China Glaze White on White. Using Konad plate M59 and Konad White and Pink Special polish I added the cute layered snowflake stamps. I topped the whole thing off with some INM Northern Lights <3!!

Here is Carrie all by her self. It's an awesome shade of bright Bubblegum Pink. It is a lot brighter that my pics show here. I really love this shade. The formula on this color is really good and fully opaque at Two coats. The one thing I do not care for with Julep is their brushes are too long and hard to control.
 So that is it for today. I hope you are all having a wonderful and short week. I am so ready for Christmas!! 

Happy Pink Wednesday!
♥ Cristina

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Merry Pink Wednesday with O.P.I Nail Polish!

Happy Merry Pink Wednesday!!

  I've decided to kick off my Holiday manis with a cute Victoria's Secret PINK inspired mani. For this I used all O.P.I or Nicole by O.P.I products. Can I just say how much I love how this turned out! I am really in the mood for more Holiday manis now!! But I'm really loving this cutesy twist on the traditional Holiday mani.
 For this mani I started with bases of All Kendall-ed Up, Wear Something Spar-Kylie and It's all about Glam. The little Santa hats came from Bundle Monster Plate BM214 and was accented with Your Royal Shine-ness. I had to leave the middle finger alone because I was loving the glitter by itself. The little presents came from Bundle Monster Plate BM205 and was done in Pink Flamenco and accented in Funky Dunkey. My thumb was done just like the Ring finger. I love this. It makes me smile :D. I absolutely LOVE the little presents ♥! Topped off with Seche Vite.
Yay!! Hee hee... These are fun. MOAR Holiday manis!! Just a few more collections to swatch and I'll be doing Holiday manis out the wazoo!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
♥ Cristina

(**O.P.I Products sent for consideration**)