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Sunday, July 17, 2011

PIxel Blu Ray Baby

Happy Sunday!!!

  Today I have a little pretty I picked up while at Ulta recently. This cutie comes from a new brand at Ulta called Pixel. The display was so cute and they are only $1.99 so I had to get at least one! Sooo fo my first Pixel venture I picked Blu Ray Baby.
  So for this simple look I used one of my Sally Hansen chrome pens in Turquoise and BM plate 05 from the original set.

  Pixel's Blu Ray Baby is a lovely "peacock" Teal shimmer that is just classically pretty. The formula on this pretty is actually really really good. It is only slightly sheer but builds up nicely. I also really liked that these have a nice full brush even though they are in mini bottles. This is super easy to work with and I am so happy with my pick :). This is Three coats and no top coat.
I am really happy with this pretty. The display of Pixels was pretty empty but the colors they had left were so cute. I can only assume that they have a nice color range since the display was so bare lol.

Will you be checking your Ulta for Pixel polishes?
<3 Cristina