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Monday, January 2, 2012

Muffin Monday!! Pure Ice Rio

Hi again loves!!

  As promised I am back with a super late Muffin Monday post. I think it is so cute and awesome that you guys ask about Muffin when she is out for some time :D. She just celebrated her 6th B-day last Monday and is laying right by my side as I type this. She really gave me a hard time with this pick... As she would not pick one loool! And when she would pick something, I was not fast enough with the camera... So finally I just made a little pile on the floor and sat her in the middle and this is what I got...
Close enough lool...

 Pure Ice Rio
I kept it really simple because it is late and I am tired and feeling lazy.. Plus Rio is really beautiful on its own and I didn't want to "clutter" it. I used one of my new Red Angel plates. I was really curious about the half- moon stamps that are a part of this set. I believe it is plate RA110. It is a really smart concept and I really like the idea of these half moon stamps. The look is really cute and simple to achieve.

This is Rio on its own. I used Three coats. This color applies really well and dries really fast. I am a fan of Pure Ice polishes. They have some really pretty colors and they are super inexpensive. This one is one of my faves. It's an awesome magenta pink jelly base with a soft Purple microshimmer. 
I hope you like this simple but cute look!

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maybelline Colorama Swatches and I won!!

Yay! Remember Coloramas?

But First! I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote for my entry in the Bundle Monster Facebook contest! I was one of the winners! I placed 6th!!! (WOW!) I am super excited because I never win anything and you guys made it happen for me so it means a lot!! Thank you everyone!

  I remember buying Coloramas soo much back in like 2005 or 2006. Back when I only had a few bottle of polish and actually used them up until they were gone. I have a soft spot for Coloramas. On my wedding day I remember ruining one of my nails and it was an old Colorama that my mom had saved that saved my wedding day mani. Stephanie from Imperfectly Painted sent me these Four pretties and I am so happy to have some Coloramas in my collection again.

First is the pretty Coral Reef. I am almost certain I've had this color before. I think this may have been my very first venture into bright colorful polishes. So this is pretty self explanatory lol. It is a pretty Coral-y Pink with a great creamy formula. This is two coats.

 Up next is Fuchsia Fiesta. This one is a pretty bright Pink with a slight Purple Flash throughout. This one also had a great, Two coat formula.

 This is Emerald Frost. The name really throws me off for this one. 1. It's not actually frosty at all, just very sparkly and shimmery. 2. It's not Green lol! This is a light Blue shimmer with some slight Seafoam undertones and lots of Holo Sparkles. This one needed Three coats.

 Hello Cupid's Wing. This one is a White creme with lots of Silvery Sparkle. This one is really pretty and makes me think of Christmas time. The formula was slightly thick but not terrible. For this swatch I used Two coats of color.

 And just for fun here is a swatch of Pure Ice Splash, also a gift from Stephanie. This one is a light Dusty Sky Blue foil with a somewhat sheer formula. This one took Four coats for full opacity. I still really like this color. Great for Summer!

Did you guys partake in the Coloramas? I miss them They always had the cutest colors and they were so cheap. I remember I looved these little Colorama bottles and I'd find myself buying them because the bottles were so darn cute lol. I still kind of do that. Do any of you guys do that too?

What old school polishes do you miss?
<3 Cristina

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam pt. 2


  It's time for another swatch spam post. Last time I did one I asked if you guys enjoyed these types of posts and a lot of you said you did so I decided to sit down and so some swatching for my lovelies.
In case you missed it (HERE) is the First Random Swatch Spam.

 This is the pretty Dreamy.  This polish is a pretty coral jelly packed full of holographic glitter. This is perfect for Summer. The formula on this one was good. This is Two coats.

A-list is a light, metallic Powdery Blue. This is a pretty color and not frosty like my pictures make it look. I do recommend keeping your hand light and steady with colors like this one to prevent brushstrokes. The formula is easy to work with and it is opaque in Two coats.

  This is China Girl. This is a metallic coral. Once again not frosty just a very metallic finish. I have a feeling these types of polishes are also great for stamping. This is two coats.

  This is Art Deco Orange. Bright, bright true Orange creme. This was my first venture into Orange polish. Surprisingly I loved it! The formula on this one is amazing! Smooth, well pigmented and very easy to work with. Also the pics were taken pre- top coat. This is two coats.

 Glamour Secret. This is what I am going to call a Navy Grey creme. I love this color. Perfect for fall and a creamy excellent formula. This shade reminds me of Zoya's Kelly but with an extra shot of Blue instead of Purple. This is ONE coat!

 And finally we have Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl. I know there are two versions of this color out there, this is the newer one I assume since I just got this color recently. This is an awesome Grape Jelly with Purple and Golden glassfleck shimmer. This is a lovely color! Two coats.
And we come to the end of today's spam post :). I hope you all enjoyed!

Any favorites?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orly Ancient Jade & Pure Ice Heartbreaker

Hello lovelies!!

  So, I know colors like this one are uber done out and just about every polish company has a shade like this one on the market. However,lol, this is a new shade to me. I don't own anything like this one and out of all the lighters Jade tones I've seen I found this one to be the prettiest IMO.

Most color accurate
  This last pictures is the most color accurate. Ancient Jade can be best described as a Greener, Mintier For Audrey. It's a really lovely, creamy light Jade Green. Not quite as Yellow as the first few pictures make it seem. The formula on this was quite annoying, and that's something I usually never say. It was a bit thick and unpredictable. Heavily pigmented so at least there isn't an issue with streaking. For this mani I did Two patient coats of Ancient Jade.

And then I decided that it needed a little something else so I added a coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker and the combo is way too stunning. Heartbreaker is an sheer Aqua jelly base packed full of micro Aqua iridescent glitter. Very beautiful! I love it because it doesn't cover up the beautiful Ancient Jade base, it just enhances it by adding that lovely subtle sparkle.
I was happy to see that this color didn't give me to bad of a case of lobsterhands because I really love this combo and it so screams spring at me :)!

<3 Cristina

Orly Ancient Jade
Pure Ice Hearbreaker
Stamp: CG Jolly Holly
Plate: BM21
TC: Seche Vite

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swap with Colores de Carol ♥

Hello lovelies,

  So I did a little swap with the lovely Carolina from Colores de Carol not long ago and she sent me some awesome Pure Ice polishes along with some cute stickers and a lip gloss that I can't stop wearing lol. Pure Ice is totally new to me and I had been wanting to try some. I left the choices totally up to her because I like to have colors chosen for me and she picked some beautiful shades!
Dreamy- China Girl- Rio- Celestial- Heart Breaker- A*List.
Today I'll be showing you Rio and Celestial. Rio is an absolutely gorgeous Fuchsia jelly packed full of micro iridescent Purple glitter which resembles Pixie dust sprinkled all over my nails. I could not stop staring at my nails for a good while before I applied a coat of Fault Line which complemented Rio beautifully. With Rio there was still some VNL at Three coats but I'm not a VNL hater so it didn't bother me.

  And here is Celestial. This is basically a metallic Royal blue. I know what you are thinking O.P.I Blue my Mind  or CG Frostbite. Close, but no cigar. This is much more of a metallic finish than a shimmer also more of a true Blue... The formula is good on this one but watch out for brushstrokes. Keep your hand steady but light when working with finishes like this one. This is Two coats.

  I'm really liking this brand. The polish is great, the price is even better and they have an awesome color range! I love when inexpensive brands surprise me with how good they are.

Have you ever tried Pure Ice?
<3 Cristina

(**CG Fault Line sent by China Glaze**)