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Thursday, January 10, 2013

SOB, Cry and Rage... Oh and Floam!


  SO mad :(. I have not had a "bad" nail break since I first went to shorty nails. I think back in 2011 was when I decided to go to shorties. So, I had not experienced a "devastating" nail break for over a year. Yesterday, as I was prepping for a swatchathon, I snagged my middle nail on something and it broke in a bad way. I wanted to cry lolol.. If you have been following my recent shenanigans on You Tube you know that I have A LOT of product that needs to be swatched/ and or nail arted with lol. I SO do not need my nails looking like THIS... I know I LOVE me some nubbies.... But this is TOO nubby for me lolol!
..... Ugh.... So I figured, might as well actually enjoy wearing my Floam. I had only gotten to swatch it once, a long time ago. My bottle is pretty "old" and it had thickened up a little bit, this was not an issue though. I just added a few drops of nail polish thinner and shook it really well. The consistency was fine after I thinned it a bit. I used Three easy, thin coats to get my nail fully covered in Floamy bits. I top coated it with Two coats of Cult Nail Wicked Fast. Even though my nails are SUPER short I am still loving the Floam-y goodness!

  Also! Here is another You Tube vid! This one covers the contents of my Ikea Helmers :D

 I will be posting stashed swatches until my nails grow to an acceptable length :(. I really need to/can't wait get into my swatches and nail art again! I totally want get stuff done and then shiz like this keeps happenin lolol!!! In the meantime I will continue to focus on my FAQ video series and taking my vitamins to make sure my nails grow out fast :D!! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bettina Fiori Collection Swatches

It's Friday....

  But it doesn't much feel like one.... I've been having a rough week. I know it's usually all farts and Sunshine around here but... Truth? I struggle with depression and anxiety. There's days, sometimes weeks, where just the thought getting out of bed makes me want to curl up and disappear. I know I've never opened up about this before because I didn't even know how to approach it or put it out there. It needed to be addressed.... I am a ball of insecurity and awkwardness. I constantly shut down because it is easier than trying to be happy. I don't really have many friends and that is just fine.
  I present myself to be a very happy person but ultimately I am very insecure and indifferent towards most things. If I have no expectations, I can't be disappointed (I realize that's not a healthy way of thinking). I started blogging as a way to focus my energy on something positive and that I enjoy. The past few weeks have been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster from Hell and I can't shake this bad funk I am in.... "Funk" doesn't even sound like the right word at this point... Most of the time I find myself trying to force "it". What is "it"? Well... Everything... I don't want to quit blogging but I constantly find myself reassessing my dedication. I'm in a dark place and I might need a break... I hate to put this out there but it was eating away at me and not entirely helping my situation.

  That being said here are swatches of Bettina's Fiori Collection. A huge thanks for my friend Wanda for  sending these my way!
 Continue reading to see close ups.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Promised Rant...

Hello Lovelies,

  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen some mention of a rant that was building up in me about the O.P.I Texas Collection after seeing it in person recently. It has happened ladies. I could not keep this to myself.... Keep reading for rantings good enough to come from a senile 90 year old....

Texas Collection. Spring 2011
  O.P.I should just not waste their time coming up with mediocre Spring Collections and just put all their time and energy into their already stunning Fall Collections. Now here is a list of issues I have with this collection.

-It does not make sense. There is no color story here. It looks like they mashed up Two different (ugly) collections.
- The "Sorbet" colors are very uninspired and they all look pretty much the same. Two of the colors you have to pick up and check the label (Guy meets Gal- Veston and Big hair Big Nails). I kid you not. While Houston we Have a Purple and Do you think I'm Tex-y and Ya'll come back ya hear? are slightly different I have a feeling that in dim light and on the nail they all look the same as well.
- Which brings me to this "Sorbet" finish. Ok, we knew about this collection for quite sometime... O.P.I doesn't mention anything about this new finish until very close to the release... To me it comes off as a gimmick to distract from the fact that they released a mediocre collection. The finish itself is pretty neat. If you hate VNL and just wont stand for it then don't even bother with this finish. I give O.P.I credit for trying something new... I say next time, perfect a finish and release better (Differentt) colors so it doesn't come off gimmicky and rushed. 
- I'm all for 12 color collections but at least make the colors interesting ( China Glaze knows how to release awesome 12 color collections). These colors are uninspired, not very unique and they do not scream Spring to me. Come on O.P.I! You chose Texas as your inspiration and you give us Corpsey, Silvery colors, translucent Red, depressing Brown and random Blue and Green that have been done about 1,872 times. How exciting.... They could have taken this anywhere and that is what they give us.... BOOORING! 

Now for shiggles here is MY take on the colors:
Too Pink to Hold 'em- Light Berry Pink, probably will look Red in most light.
Do you think I'm Tex-y- Dark Berry Pink, will look Red in most light..
Houston we have a Purple- Medium Purple jelly. Nothin' new.
Guy meets Gal-veston- Coral sorbet that looks exactly like the next color
Big Hair Big Nails-  One shade up from Guy meets Gal-veston (check labels if buying both, not that I see a reason to do that). These will probably also look Red in most lighting.
Ya'll come back ya hear-  Good luck wearing this translucent orange..
Suzi loves Cowboys- A boring predictable Dark Brown
I vant to be a lone star- I vant my fingers to look like I'm in a body bag....
It's totally Fort- Worth it- No it's not....
Austintatious Turquoise- A Turquoise shade your grandma will love
Don't mess with O.P.I- Boring done Green
San Tantonio- A boring done Taupe

 My advice... If they want to continue subjecting us to their Spring collections... Take a hint from Zoya and focus on creating Six beautiful shades instead of 12 mediocre ones. I think O.P.I has become too big for their own good and they are beginning to forget who it is that keeps them in business..... US! The customers!  First they pissed a whole bunch of people off with the whole sellout to Coty thing. Then they were uber late Releasing the Katy Perry collection and now having a very hard time meeting demand. To top it all off they release a sh*tty Spring collection probably because they think they can... I hope to see more pretty things from them in the future. Lately O.P.I has been letting me down.. Yes Burlesque and Swiss were very good collections but this year is not off to a great start in my opinion...

Ladies what are your thoughts?
<3 Cristina