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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fun with the Sugarpill Elektrocute Pigments and Cold Chemistry Palette

Good evening loves!!

  Today I have a makeup post for you guys... Mainly because I have no nails ready to go just yet. I'm drowning in Fall nail polish collections and trying my hardest to get trough them as quickly as possible. So, this past weekend I got to attend The Makeup Show in Orlando, as many of you guys may already know, if you follow me on Instagam (@L_T_H_P). I always take these shows as an opportunity to really go kind of crazy(er) with my makeup, because no one judges you there, in fact it is embraced. I live in "small town Fl" and here ppl look at me as if I ate babies for breakfast because I am different....and awesome.. lol.
 I was super excited to finally get a chance to play with my Sugarpill Elektrocutes neon, sparkly pigments. I also got a chance to play with my Cold Chemistry palette, which I got a few weeks back and just had not had a chance to play with it.
 I also listened to you guys on my last #EOTD post and I am (with much trepidation) sharing full face pictures on this post as well. A lot of you beauties suggested that I show how the eye makeup worked with the whole face look so.. yeah :D.... Granted they are IG shots, but... baby steps :D. 
 photo newersp_zps205f3e08.jpg
 To find out what I used for these looks and see some full face shots just continue reading ♥. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun with @SugarpillMakeup and The Story of LTHP's Origin!

Good morning!! 

  I am so excited about this post because SUGARPILL!!! I've never been one for lemmings when it comes to nail polish. Which is ironic, considering the origin of my blog lol. I.LOVE.POLISH. That is a plain and simple fact. Lately though... I've been loving on some makeup as well. More like obsessing over it. I find myself watching countless hours of tutorials from my favorite gurus and lusting after the beautiful makeup they use. 
  Sugarpill shadows have been my most hardcore lemming EVER. I've lusted after Sugarpill shadows longer and harder than I ever have any polish o.O (True story). I practically want everything they produce. Have you seen their matte palettes (what a silly question lololol)? Sooooooon, sooon they shall be mineee!!! But anywho, for Christmas, my husband got me the Zillionaire Chromalust Pigment Trio. Quite frankly I wanted it just for the epicness that is Goldilux. I am SOOO happy that I got the trio because Hysteric has me in hysterics over how beautiful it is and Junebug is all kinds of sexy. I am aware they sell the pigments separately as well but I figured they would be like potato chips... Can't get just one. I was right. The husband did fantastic this Christmas!! 

 Last night I shot a quick vid on the origins of my blog. This is one of the questions I get asked most often so I thought it would be fun to share my story with my awesome readers. I'm really excited to finally be doing these videos and answering questions and such. I also have some tutorials planned!! Soon, soonn!!

To see close-up pics of my makeup look just keep on reading after the jump.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Are you Givin' Me the Lip?

Why, yes, yes I am! 

  LOL.. Ok So I am pretty petrified about this post. I have no idea why.... It's mah mouf! Remember a while back when I did [THIS] Milani lippy post? I showed arm swatches because at the time I was just NOT into lipstick, or just plain intimidated by it I suppose. That very day I resolved to get over that silliness. I started experimenting with lippies and practicing my application, taking photos, etc. 
  I realized that a nicely done lip really does complete "the look". I've also found confidence in bold lips. All of a sudden I don't feel right unless my pout is coated in bright color. I find that I feel most comfortable in BRIGHT shades in the Pink family, but I have been expanding to Red's and even Plums. SO! I wanted to share with you guys some random lippy swatches to start getting comfortable with doing these types of posts.

To see some lippy closeups just continue reading  ♥. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Thursday Spam!

Good afternoon!!

  So todayI have some random spamalamadindong for you guys. I really wanna clean out these random swatch folders I have in my computer. I have no idea where they came from or how I managed to forget about the for this long. SO! Here is lots of pretty polishes for yer eye-holes!
 To see closeup pics just continue readin ♥.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Raaaaaaaaandom (Sunday) Spaaaaaaaamming!

Happy Sunday!! 

  Today I have some random swatches I've had sitting in my folders for a WHILE. It's also been some time since I've done a swatch- spam post so.... Enjoy and happy Sunday!
To see close-ups just continue reading ♥.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LTHP Dabbles! My very first #EOTD Post!

Trying new things is always exciting... 

  Exciting and unnerving! I've been working up the courage to post this for a while.... For some months now I had been toying with the idea of featuring more than just nails on LTHP. Now, I know this blog is called Let them have Polish and all but... I'm a girl, and this girl also loves make-up! Make-up and I had a little fight and we stopped talking for a while but that has changed now. I was intimidated by make-up and color but blogging and being exposed to so many talented ladies left me wanting to give make-up a second chance!
  With the encouragement of some lovely ladies in my beauty blog networking groups I started playing with my eye make-up and taking pictures. I'm not great at make-up but that being said... Remember when I first started blogging? I had no idea what I was doing then either so I'm hoping with time and practice my make-up skills will improve as well as my picture taking. Just like I did with my nails. So... Yeah! Here's my first Eye of the day(s) post!
 These are all looks that were done early in the morning right before work. I've been thinking of calling this little experiment " Make-up for the working girl". These are VERY basic looks. I always see AMAZING stuff from makeup gurus like Vintage or Tacky, Nikkietutorials and my awesome friend Miss Phyrra so I figured I could feature some "basic" make up for those of us who are still learning :D...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hungry? Have a *Jelly* Sandwich!

Hey it's Sunday!!

  Why blab when there are awesome glitter- jelly sandwiches to be seen!!! 
Continue reading to see some awesome sammies!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Revlon Royal= Redemption

Hello and happy Friday!!

   Today I have a re-swatch of Revlon's Royal. Remember [THIS] post? Turns out the bottle I had initially gotten was a bad bottle. It seemed like all the pigmentation had somehow settled and dried on the bottom of the bottle and no amount of shaking the bottle would make the pigment blend in. Well, I refused to give up on Royal so while I was at Ulta recently I decided to check out their Revlon selection to see if they had Royal available. They did, and lucky me I had naked nails so I did a quick swatch on my pinkie and the color was divine! Basically opaque in one coat... Thus proving to me that my first bottle was just not good....
 So, I take back everything I said.... This color is amazing and the formula is really great. What you see here is Two easy coats of Royal. I'm so happy I decided to give this shade another go because I would have been missing out on a serious beauty.
I'm keeping it short and sweet today. I've been dragging out what little swatches I have left to post because I watermarbled my nails the other day and I cannot bear (bare?) to part with my awesome mani! Isn't this just electric!?


Monday, February 13, 2012

MaxFactor Fantasy Fire

Hi loves!!

  So today's post is some epic epicness. The second I saw a swatch of this beauty I knew I just had to have it. The only issue? It is only availbale in the UK. Enter the lovely Joanne from Northern Nails. We did a swapity swap and my polish life was completed. I know I'll never shell out the money for Clarins 230, but now that I have Fantasy Fire I don't feel like I am missing out on something really special.
 So for this layering I started with Two coats of Revlon Royal. I could not bring myself to do Two coats of  Fantasy Fire because it is a very small bottle and I don't want to run out of this pretty! So I ended up doing only one coat of FF over Royal but the effect was really strong and noticeable so I was happy with it. I think this is one of the most amazing polishes I've ever seen. The combination of Royal anf FF is just perfection.
 To see some more pics of this combo just keep reading after the jump.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Revlon Whimsical over Orly Frisky

Hello hello!

  It's mine!! It is finally mine. I have the best readers in the world and thanks to the help of some bloggy friends this beauty finally made it to me!!! When Deborah Lippmann came out with Glitter in the Air last year I was actually really let down with it. I expected more from it for such an expensive polish... So I passed on it.... However when Revlon did their flawless dupe I could not help but love it.... SOOOO.... Inevitably... I needed it in my collection.

  When I posted about Royal not long ago a lot of you got the perception that I hate Revlon polishes. That is just not the case lovelies! I just hate Royal. I have a few other Revlon polishes thatI actually quite love. One of them was even in my top 10 of 2011 :D. Whimsical is a total WIN in my book.
  I started with a base of Two coats of the very amazing Orly Frisky. Can I just say how madly in love I am with this combination? I've seen a lot of girls layering Whimsical over soft Blues but I honestly love this even more. The soft, milky Blue base of Whimsical toned down the brightness of Frisky just enough to make this really beautiful. Whimsical does not have the best application as the glitters are very sparse (as was the case with the original version of this color). It is best to dab it on and then spread it on the nail carefully so as not to push all the large Hex glitters to the tips of your nails. I stopped at Two coats because I love the soft and almost angelic look of this combination. I love the Coppery Pink and Light Blue Hexes in this. It's dreamy.... *swoon*
MMMMmmmmm.... That is all!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Revlon Royal= Disappointment


  So, I skipped this color when it came out last year.. It got a lot of hype and I thought it was an amazing shade and I loved all the swatch pics I was seeing... I still skipped on it because for some reason it was not singing to me. Not long ago I saw a post that had used this polish and that single post did me in and I had to have Royal. I was all OMFGWOWAMAZING when I saw this swatch pic.... So I ran out and picked up myself a bottle of Royal .....
  While the finished result with the Red Angel (plate RA109) stamping in Nfu. OH #61 is really actually quite beautiful.... This base color by Revlon was an absolute nightmare to apply. I needed FOUR.... Yes.. FOUR coats and it was still uneven, streaky and not up to my standards. Thank goodness for stamping and being able to cover up "my sins" with the lacey holographic flowers. There almost an Asian inspired look to it so I'm not mad at the end result... 

 What I am mad at is this (*points at swatch*)... It just doesn't look as perfect and smooth as I would like.. This really was a PAIN to apply. I've never had a polish be more problematic than Royal. If you are not patient, experienced or.. PATIENT... DO NOT get this color. This color has a streaky, runny almost watery formula.... Not happy with it at all.... I don't even know how this color got some much hype when the formula is such a mess... If only the beauty of the color matched the formula....
Maybe it was just my bottle... But who knows. I don't own many Revlon polishes and this will be the one and only Jelly I ever get from Revlon. This experience was enough to put me off Revlon jellies for the rest of my polish days....

Do you own Royal? Did you have the same issues?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 17- Glitter (Swatchy-Spam)

Hi loves!!

  Today the challenge task is Glitter! I was going to do a "look" for this day but I decided instead to do some swatchy spam because these colors had been sitting on my table for some time and I REALLY wanted to swatch them. I had intended for this post to be huge and full of glitter swatches but the skin on my hands was flaking and I had to stop at Four colors :(:(.
This is the amazing Blue Mosaic by Revlon. This pretty is made up of small light Blue glitter and larger hex glitters in Blue, Green and Silver. The glitter is suspended in a clear base. For the pictures I did Three coats and it was pretty close to full coverage but this would do really well layered as well.

 I'm interested in seeing how this compares to O.P.I's Gone Gonzo.

Starry Pink. A soft, milky light Pink base packed full of small round Silver glitter and larger Silver hex glitters. This is really beautiful and delicate, girly.. Just dreamy. This is also a Three coater but it dries fast. This really applied great.

I need this on my toes soon!

Facets of Fuchsia. Yaaaaay for dupes of expensive polishes!! This one is a Black jelly base packed full of small and larger Hex Purple glitters. This one is also a Three coater and applies really well. I had issues getting it to wrap around the tips of my nails so I think I will be layering this over a Black creme next time I rock it...

Deborah Lippmann, eat your heart out!

And finally is Glamrock from Nina Ultra Pro. This is my one and only Nina and I'm really happy with it. This one is a dark Grey jelly base uber packed of small Silver glitter and larger round Silver glitters. It was pretty opaque and even at Two coats but I added a Third thin coat just to give it a little extra sparkle. Once it's built up it looks Black with Silver bits and it's totally amazing. I can't complain at all. It's a super dense glitter and pretty unique. 

And there you have my glittery spamalamadingdong! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Glitter nails!

Have a sparkly day!!
♥ Cristina

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Revlon Steel her Heart

Hello ladies and not,

  Today I have a swatch of a color I got in a mini- swap I did with Steph from Imperfectly Painted. She is awesome with a capital A. I don't remember how we got on the topic of Maybelline Colorama polishes but Steph and I were Twittering and she mention she had Four Coloramas she could send my way so I said "Hells Yeah!" and along with the Coloramas she sent me a beautiful Pure Ice polish and this Revlon shade.
Steel her Heart is what I wanted China Glaze's Avalanche to be.... Steel her Heart is a beautiful Gunmetal Grey metallic. Even though it is slightly brush-strokey, with careful application it can be prevented. The artificial light pics are picking up a lot of the Silver tones which make it look frosty, but this is not frosty at all. The formula is good on this color, easy to work with but watch out for brush strokes. In the pics above I have Two coats of color and no top coat.
Sorry I haven't been doing more creative things lately but I have been seriously stuck on this goal of swatching my entire collection. I am only 11 colors away from having that done so I have been swatching like crazy and not stamping enough. I have a few things I want to start working on as soon as my swatching project is completed so things should be getting more exciting around here pretty soon. In the mean time I hope you are liking my swatches.

Also if you have not yet done so, pretty please check out my entry for the Bundle Monster Facebook contest. You can vote once every 24 hrs until April 20th. Please help me win one of these sets gals! You can check out my entry by clicking the picture on the right side bar.

Thanks for stopping by :)
<3 Cristina

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Starting the year of Perplexed...

  I couldn't put off wearing this beauty any longer, and what better way to bring in the New Year than with an amazing color on my nails.
  Perplex.... Finally you are mine!!  I've really wanted Chanel's Paradoxal for a long time. I wasn't too thrilled about the price tag so when pictures of Perplex started hitting blogs I was beyond myself with excitement. I've seen many comparisons and they are practically one and the same. Perplex is a Taupe/ Purple shimmer. Not quite a duochrome, but similar concept if that makes any sense. In dim light the color is a lovely Dark Taupe but turn your hands in any direction and there is the most amazing Purple flash. The formula is amazingly smooth and very well pigmented. For this mani I used Two coats of color. This has to be one of the most interesting, flattering colors ever.

Are you all sick of Perplex posts yet lol?
<3 Cristina

Revlon Perplex
TC: Seche Vite