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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Neon Cyborg Eye Look

(**Press Samples**)
  Haaayy!! Lately I've been craving makeup play time. So, I've been doing just that these past few days.... I also have a serious backlog of circle lenses to share with you guys... HOORAY Multitasking :D! I know it is still quite a ways to Halloween.. But WHATEVER! If Wal-Mart can put out Christmas decorations up in October... Then I can certainly start sharing some Halloween-y stuff on here, right lolol? 
 This look is inspired by these awesome cosplay circle lenses I got from Lens Village. These are unlike most circle lenses I've reviewed in that these are more on the cosplay side. I really dig the animated look they have and how vibrant the Pink accents are. I wish I could go around rocking these on the daily though... They are pretty neat. So yeah, I knew I wanted to do something really edgy and kind of crazy. I wanted to do something that is not every day, or "normal". 
 The lenses are the Geo Animation lenses. This pair is among the smallest I own, diameter wise, as well. They are 14.2 mm. I found these to be really easy to put on. This pair was also really comfortable and gave me no issues. My general experience with Geo brand lenses has always been good, now that I think about it. They have always been really comfortable. I also had no issues with my vision being impaired in any way. I could see just fine with these on. 
 Since these lenses made me feel a bit like a cyborg, I went for a neon and metallic look. I felt like the prettiest robot girl there ever was ;). 

Products used: 
Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight. 
NYX Eye Shadow Base in White, concentrated on the eye lid area. 
Sugarpill Tiara (Silver)
Sugarpill Dollipop (Matte Neon Pink)
Sugarpill- Bulletproof (Matte Black) 
Sugarpill- Chaos (Shimmering Purple) 
Sugarpill Soot & Stars (Shimmering Gunmetal)
Sugarpill Acidberry (Lime Green)
Sugarpill Diamond Eyes (Shimmering White)

 I also used a bit of Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Beyond Pink layered over Dollipop for the bright pop of Pink. I used Violet Voss Secret Weapon as my base for the glitter. On my waterline is Rimmel Kohl Pencil in White. For my lashes I used my beloved Ellis Faas Black mascara. The giant Blue lashes are by Red Cherry. The winged liner was done with the Jesse's Girl Waterproof liquid liner. 

 For my brow I used a "base" of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk then Sugarpill Velocity. I also layered a bit of glitter over my Blue brow. I went with Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter in Cancer. I'm pretty stoked on how that brow turned out for only being my second color brow, ever. 

  This is how I roll lolol.... Anyhow, I thought it would be cool to show the complete and utter contrast that is crazy makeup vs. no makeup. Also lens v. no lens. Eventually I will venture into full- face looks again... For now I just wanted to play with eye makeup and these cool- ass lenses. 

  Thank you guys for coming by today!! Who else is kinda ready for Halloween? Bleep. bloop. beep...... 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Lippy Spamalamadingdong!!

(**Milani and Hard Candy Press Samples**)
Good afternoon lovelies!! 

  For this edition of Monday spam I am sharing a TON of lippy swatches! I've become quite the lip color fiend. I remember a time when I feared lip color, and I feel so SILLY when I think back to those days. To me (now), a good look is not complete until I add some mascara and a fierce pout! I've ventured into wearing bold Reds, extreme mattes and mastering OCC lip tars. As you can see, I just LOVE the bright shades. I'm having troubles finding nude tones that look good with my skin tone... So I'll just stick to my brights instead ;). 
 Since there are lots of pics I am doing a jump. To see close ups of these pretties just continue reading ♥.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

We Interrupt this Zoya Week to Bring You... #Kidrobot Misko Owl Inspired Nail Art

Whooo... That was a long title...

  So, if you follow me on instagram you may have noticed my budding obsession with the Kidrobot Misko Owl series. [HERE] is a post that is very informative about what these cute little fellas are. Long story short, they are collctable "toys" design by artists that team up with Kidrobot to be relesead in series. They come in blind boxes so you don't know which owl you will get. Kidrobot has all kinds of crazy series and amazing artist collabs but this is the first time that I absolutely HAD TO HAVE every toy released in the series. The artist who designed these series is Nathan Jurevicius.
  Needless to say I had to find a way to get these little guys on my nails somehow...
  This was all done by free hand no tape involved, which is why my lines are not perfect. For the cute little eyes I used the ruffle mani technique but in a circular motion. This was really easy to do but a little time consuming as I had to wait before placing my next row of dots when working on the eyes.

The colors used were: Bettina Sunrise and Aqua, Rimmel Grey Matter, Milani White on the Spot and Black Swift, O.P.I Off with her Red!, PIXI Paradise Pink and China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic.

Here is a picture of the Four Misko Owls I have so far. Four more to go!
I hope you guys enjoyed this quickie look! I had so much fun working on these nails, mostly because I love the inspiration behind them so much. And to think, my first owl was a total impulse buy during a Books-a-Million checkout lol. Misko owls are just cute little collectibles. I have dubbed my little owls "The Guardians of The Polish Room" since that's where they hang out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Party of 5 Glitters v. Happy Birthday

Isn't glitter just awesome....

  Comedian Demetri Martin refers to glitter as the "Herpes of the Craft World" because once it's on you can't get it off.... I think that's pretty funny.. And kind of true haha....But I still love glitter and all things sparkly especially when it comes to nail polish!
  Here I have Party of Five Glitters layered over O.P.I Suzi skis... I cant tell you how many coats of Pof5G is because this was more of a dabbing style application. I'd say about Two heavy coats. I really like this polish but it's not an actual dupe of Lippman's Happy Birthday. They are very very close though and should kill a lemming if you are not too keen on that $18 Lippmann price tag. Pof5G is all hexagonal glitters, 3 different sizes. All the big glitters are Silver, medium glitters are Blue and Green and small glitters in Red and Purple. I really enjoy these types of glitter polishes because they are so much fun and so happy looking.

  Here is a pic of Lippmans Happy Birthday and Party of 5 Glitters together.
  As you can see Happy Birthday is a mix of Hexagonal and small square glitters. The hex glitters are Blue, Pink, Orange, Silver, Yellow and Green and there are small Dark Blue and Red glitters. This is a magnificent polish and a big splurge for me but I had to have it and really enjoy wearing it soo much! Anywho these are both great, fun glitters and I say Pof5G is great alternative to HB. At first glance, who can really tell the difference anyway?;-)

What do you lovelies think?
<3 Cristina

OPI Suzi Skis
Rimmerl Grey Matter
Wet'n'Wild Party of Five Glitters
DL Happy Bday

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!


  I turn 24 today!! What better way to celebrate than with Deborah Lippmann's
Happy Birthday!!!!
  I wont go into too much detail on this mani because we all know what Happy Birthday looks like :). Birthday Confetti fun goodness!!! The color I used as my base is Rimmel's Grey Matter which I have posted about before (HERE). I'm gonna go celebrate my B-day now!!!

Have a great Sunday Lovelies!
<3 Cristina

Rimmel Grey matter
DL Happy B-day
TC Seche Vite

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PINK Spam!!! ♥

Take this Pink haters lol.. Just kidding darlings :)!

  But seriously what is it with so many bloggers hating Pink? I love Pink. It makes me feel happy and girly and it's usually flattering on my skin tone. I feel like I have to apologize for some of the pics because they are really crappy lol... Anywho this is most of the Pinks in my collection.  I &hearts; PINK! enjoy!

China Glaze Innocence

China Glaze Shocking Pink
Orly Elsbeth's Rose

China Glaze Empowerment
Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter over CG Empowerment
O.P.I The Show must go On!

The Epic Win that is CG Strawberry Fields

O.P.I Charged Up Cherry

Rimmel Shocker

Sinful Colors Forget Now

CG Rich and Famous

Milani Digital

What are your feelings on Pink nails?
<3 Cristina

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Untrieds Spam: Part 1

Hello all!

  I had only 10 polishes in my 121 polish collection that I had yet to swatch or wear so I decided to have a little swatch- a- thon and see what was going on with these polishes. Today I have the first Five for you guys. And it is official, I've worn every single color I own!!

Rimmel Grey Matter
Rimmel Grey Matter

 Grey Matter is an amazing light grey creme. The formula on this polish is buttery smooth and dries extremely shiny and fast. This is a must have for all Grey lovers out there. In my opinion there aren't enough great Grey cremes and there should be more because it looks so awesome on nails.

Rimmel Pulsating

  Pulsating is a deep Magenta shimmer with a Purple flash throughout. The formula on this is smooth and well pigmented. Dry time is once again great. This color is very flattering as well.

Sinful Colors Forget Now

  I REALLY love this color. Forget Now is an amazingly bright Barbie Pink (leaning Magenta) with Pink and Light Purple sparkles. Holy shiz am I excited to wear this one again. It sparkles like crazy and the color itself is so pretty!

 Sinful Colors Show me the Way

  Show me the Way is a bright lime Green shimmer. The formula on this one is a little sheer. I needed three good coats for full coverage. When I put on the first coat I immediately questioned my purchase because it was the ugliest shade of baby vomit Green, but a few more coats took care of that issue. This is a fun color!

 Sinful Colors All about You

   All about You is all about BLING! This polish consists of Orange-y Gold micro glitter with Red glitter suspended in a clear base. This one has to be built up to opacity. I used Three thick coats to achieve full coverage. I want to play with this polish and use it in a few layering experiments because I think it could be very Holiday!

Well lovelies that is it for today's post. I'll have more untrieds tomorrow and then I'll have a lot of Holiday themed manis coming you way! Can you believe I haven't started shopping yet?!!

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

SC Show me the Way
SC Forget Now
SC All about you
Rimmel Grey Matter
Rimmel Pulsating
TC: OPI Start to Finish

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rimmel Climax + Sinful Colors Frenzy

Fun times with tape and Polish!

  This was so much fun! I can't wait to try playing with tape again.

 Fun with Tape and Konad
Purple Frenzy
  I decided to try to do some taping and I really had fun with this because it was so easy and the results were great. I got the idea from Chloe's Nails she does great things with just tape. I really love this Sinful Colors glitter too. This is the ever popular "Frenzy" which consists of Purple and bright Blue glitter suspended in a clear base. For this it was more of a dabbing application. Just awesomeness!

Rimmel Climax
60 Seconds

Direct Sunlight

   "Climax" is a lovely shimmery Lavender that flashes Pink and Golden. This polish has a great smooth formula. I needed Two coats for full opacity with this color. This polish dries pretty fast. The brush on this was weird. It was a wide flat brush like the kind that comes with the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure line. I have a love hate relationship with these kinds of brushes because I feel like I have very little control over it...
What do you guys think, do any of you know what I'm talking about with the brush?
<3 Cristina

Base: Rimmel Climax
Stamp: FP It's an original
Glitter: SC Frenzy + Silver Stripe Rite
Plate: M63
TC: Out the Door