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Friday, January 20, 2012

O.P.I Ya'll Come back Ya' Hear? Glitter- Jelly Sandwich

Good morning loves!!

  Yesterday was my first day at work and it went great! I'm really excited about this job. It feels good to have a nice job with normal hours. The people I work with are all really nice as well. That always makes things a lot better :D. I'm super happy!

  Today I have my first glitter-jelly sandwich. As a treat to my self for getting this new job I rewarded myself by getting an Orange jelly. What color more perfect than O.P.I's Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear? (which has an amazing formula). I am so IN LOVE with how this turned out. And I also cannot believe that it took me so long to try one of these. They look like some sort of candy or cracked glass marble... LOVE THIS!
I started with Two coats of Ya'll Come Back ya Hear? Then I applied one coat of $OPI Only Gold for Me. I decided that was not blingy or flashy enough so I switched to Milani's Gold FX which really gave me the fish- scale look I wanted. So I "applied" Two coats of Milani Gold FX. I finished off with one more coat of YCBYH? and topped the whole thing off with some Seche Vite for extra shine and to dry all those layers o.O 
I'm not looking forward to removal.. But who cares when it looks this awesome! I feel like a fiery mermaid or something. I have soooo many ideas for more glitter-jelly sandwiches. These are a great and easy way to make your nails look fierce and like you put a ton of work into them... YAY!

Have you tried a glitter sammich? What is your favorite combo?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sephora by O.P.I My Personal Serpent and Havana Dreams Drip Mani and My very First Tutorial

Hi lovelies!!

  Today I have a post full of firsts!! I received this pretty $OPI colors from a micro swap I did with one of my Facebook friends. Today I have my very first "drip mani" and I did a tutorial to go along with this post. It's not a great tutorial but I was so excited to start playing around and practicing and such that I just went for it with what I had available for recording lool! I have a tutorial for this look up on You Tube.
 I cannot believe I forgot to take a swatch pic of My Personal Serpent which is the dark Teal color I am holding and wearing as my base. My Personal Serpent is a dark Teal creme and a true ONE coater.  For the drip effect I used Havana Dreams and to top it all off I used a thin coat of INM Northern Lights. I really loved working on this mani because this is such an easy technique and just fun to work on. Later on I should have a Tutorial on this look. :)

What are your thoughts on my drip mani? Have you checked out my giveaway yet?
♥ Cristina

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jordana Tangy & Sephora by O.P.I Only Gold for Me

Hi lovelies!!

  Today I have a combo that could brighten any one's day! This is one of my newer additions to my collection. I wish I had not avoided Orange for so long because lately that is all I seem to want to wear and I don't have many Oranges. Well for today I did a super pretty and tropical inspired mani with one of my new faves!
Isn't this so cute and Summery?! For the flower accents I used plate C02 and Konad Red special polish. The Gold glitter really brings this whole look to life. I really love Only Gold for Me. The tone of Gold is very soft. Unlike Milani's bright, almost Yellow, Gold FX. I also really love that it consists of different sized glitters because it gives the look more dimension. I did my thumb with the same design as my ring finger.

Here is a swatch of Tangy. A Salmony- Orange creme with very slight muted qualities. The formula on this is very good. It flows nicely and has great pigmentation. This is Two coats of Tangy.
I need more Oranges in my life. It's only a matter of finding the right Oranges for my skin tone and I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to trying colors so this should be fun. So with that in mind I ask you lovelies...

Do you like Orange on your nails?
<3 Cristina

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Mani!

Are you all ready for the New Year?

  I wanted BLING!
 When I think of New Years I always think of Silver and Blue for some reason. I'll have all the polishes I used listed by finger at the bottom of the post. I really like playing with different colors on my nails lately. It allows me to use more of my new colors all at once, plus it's so much fun having all different nails!

Have a safe and fun New Years Eve everyone!!
<3 Cristina

Pinkie: OPI Teal the Cows come Home
Ring: Orly Dazzle
Middle: OPI Blue my Mind, SBOPI Flurry Up!
Index: CG White on White, OPI Simmer and Shimmer
Thumb: Orly Dazzle
Plate: M63
Konad Black SP
TC: Seche Vite

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vampy X-mas Eve! Double Feature :)


  I was feeling brave and decided to try a very vampy look. For some reason applying Reds and dark vampy colors make me nervous. IDK why, I'm always scared they are gonna end up looking like a hot mess..... But this turned out so pretty.

Mrs. Claus over Naughty and Nice
  On my nails today are Naughty and Nice and Mrs. Claus. Naughty and Nice is an amazing dark Maroon jelly-ish- creme. The formula on this is so rich and easy to apply and also had great pigmentation. I used Two coats of Naughty and Nice for this mani. Mrs. Claus is a lovely light Red jelly base, leaning Pink packed with Pink glitter. It's very sparkly and so flattering. On my ring finger I have Three coats of Mrs. Claus. I got these Two as a little gift set (on sale @ Sally's) that included the Peppermint cuticle oil and I absolutely love the stuff!

  And here is another vampy Holiday look using China Glaze Evening Seduction and Sephora by O.P.I Only Gold for Me:

Swatch of China Glaze Evening Seduction:
  For this Second mani I used Two coats of Evening Seduction as my base. It is a very dark Plum creme with a great formula. If you're thinking that Evening Seduction and Naughty and Nice look similar, they do. Evening Seduction is Plum and Naughty and Nice is Maroon. It really only matter in Sunlight because indoors they both just look Black. Layered on top is Two coats of Only Gold for Me, which is the Gold version of Flurry Up! Loove this! This glitter is enough to kill my Lemming for Milani's Gold FX. I know Gold FX is only hex shaped glitters but I like the dimension the smaller glitter adds to this polish.

Thanks for Stopping by,
<3 Cristina

CG Naughty and Nice
CG Mrs. Claus
CG Evening Seduction
SBOPI Only Gold for Me
Striper: Milani Art of Gold
TC: Seche Vite

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sephora by O.P.I Havana Dreams + Flurry Up!

I love a when layering goes amazingly right!

  But first here is a swatch of the very lovely:

Havana Dreams
Sephora by O.P.I
Indoors, Natural Light
  I am traveling this week so I am at the mercy of the lighting in my hotel room :). "Havana Dreams" is a delicate Powder Blue creme. I just love how soft this looks on my nails. I also love that this color has the slightest hint of grey so it is not so pastel that it looks Easter-y. Application of this polish is great. I only needed two coats to achieve opacity and coverage. The formula is very smooth and well pigmented. It reminds me of winter.

Flurry Up!
Sephora by O.P.I
Indoors, Natural light
Layered over Havana Dreams

  "Flurry Up" is awesomeness in a bottle, hexagonal and micro Silver glitter packed in a clear base. Also I'd like to point out that it bares a striking resemblance to Deborah Lippmann's "Today was a Fairy Tale", biggest difference being that "TWAFT" has a blue base. So if you love "TWAFT" but don't love that $18.00 price tag, "Flurry Up" is a nice alternative at $9.00. I absolutely love this so much and I LOVE it layered over "Havana Dreams". I cannot stop staring at my nails because the bling is just blinding and beautiful. For this mani I used two coats of "Flurry Up" over "Havana Dreams" and sealed it all up with a nice coat of Poshe.

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

Base: Sephora by OPI- Havana Dreams
Layer: Sephora by OPI- Flurry Up

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Light Speed!!

 "What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?" .... Obscure Reference of the day... Did anyone else get this at all?... Probably not.... Onto some NAILS :)!

  So I was watching Star Wars (Yes... Star Wars) and had the urge to do some Star Wars inspired nails... See, one of the scenes when the Millennium Falcon jumps into "hyperspace" came on (please someone get this, lol) and it reminded me of one of my glitter top coats and I just had to go for it... Hang on to something...

Sparkle me Silver
Sephora by O.P.I
Direct Sunlight
  My husband brought me this bottle of awesome all the way from Canada. Yes people, I let my husband pick my polishes, lol. Back to the topic, this is an awesome glitter top coat but as you can see it's not your usual glitter. This application was me more so dabbing the brush onto my nail than gliding. Gliding was creating a more scattered look and I wanted a bit more density. I went with a black base to better show the glitter itself, but more importantly creating the "light speed" effect, sort of :).

Thanks for reading,
<3 Cristina

Base Color: O.P.I Black Onyx
TC: Sparkle me Silver