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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LTHP is on Vampy Varnish Today!!!

Good morning darlings!!!

  I have some very exciting news!! Kelly from and I are starting a little collaboration today!! Strating today, LTHP will be on VV every other Wednesday morning with a little nail art instalation. I am SOOOO honored and happy to be working on this continuing series with Kelly. I look up to Kelly and her blog and I aspire to be among the ranks of her awesomeness someday.
 I really hope you guys will head on over to Vampy Varnish to see what I came up with for my very first (of many) How -to pictorial!! I came up with a really cute look for Spring, complete with step-by step photos. I really think you guys will like it a lot!!

  I really cannot thank Kelly enough for having me on her amazing website and for embracing the shorties!!  See you on Vampy Varnish!! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

X-Mas Rush!!! Zoya Holiday Drips

Good Morning loves!!

  Today I am starting a mini-series that will go until Christmas Day. Nothing but Holiday themed looks, all day, everyday until December 25th! I'm kinda bummed I'm getting started so late in the month, but better late than never! Today's look is a quick drippy mani in some beautiful Zoya Ornate Collection colors.
 This look started with two easy coats of Zoya Ziv. For the Green drip accents I used Zoya Logan. For the Red drips I used Zoya Posh. I used a fine brush to freehand my drips. My initial idea was to let Posh dry to its intended satin matte-finish. Basically I wanted matte against glossy. That didn't work out too well, Posh was kinda looking like dried blood drips on my pretty Gold base. Instead I top coated my nails all in Seche Vite followed by Cult Nails Wicked fast. The top coat brought out the pretty Red tones in Posh and brought the look up to Christmas speed, instead of glam-Halloween lol.

  What do you guys think of my melty Christmas look?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cult Nails Spontaneous Studded, Dried and Gradient

Good Morning!! 

  Today I have my Third look in the Cult Nails Untamed Collection series. This manicure features Spontaneous. This color really inspired me to do something sophisticated and just pretty. I really wanted to do a grown up, but girly manicure. Spontaneous is a beautiful, grown up shade with just a little something to make it interesting and unique. 
  For this look I started with a base of Enticing on all my finger nails, except my ring finger. My ring finger was done in Spontaneous. I wanted to do a manicure showcasing a contrast between the soft dried flowers and the edgy studs. On my accent nail I used some of my Cult Nails Studs. For my gradients I used Spontaneous and Enticing. Spontaneous was a little tricky to gradient with, waiting between "dabs" is best to allow the color to build up.
 To apply the dry flowers I did a coat of Seche Vite and then I set the flowers into the wet top coat very carefully with tweezers. I took photos before I top coated the flowers because I didn't know what adding a top coat would do to them.

(**EDIT**) I got the little flowers at a local beauty shop. I think they can also be found at Sally's and/ or Born Pretty Store.
  Spontaneous is a beautiful deep, smokey Amethyst Purple creamy base packed full of glowing Purple micro glitter. It is a beautiful polish, sophisticated and right on trend for Fall.

 Here is a shot of the mani after I top coated over the flowers. It didn't do damage. Just make sure to have A LOT of top coat on the brush to easily cover the flower. I love the finished look of this mani a whole lot. The contrast of soft and edgy is just right and the dried flowers added a lovely touch to the gradients.
 I only have Two more looks to go in this series! One featuring Annalicious and one featuring I got Distracted. They are both colors that are out of this world and I really want to come up with something special for them. While Deal With It and Untamed brought out a younger side of me, Spontaneous brought out the "lady" in me ♥. I can't wait to play with my last Two colors!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

(**Cult Nails Spontaneous provided for consideration**)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Closing Zoya Week with a Designer Marble

You didn't think I'd forget did you? 

  Along with my blog's Two Year Birthday today also brings Zoya week to a close. This last look is a watermarble that features Three colors from the Designer Collection for Fall 2012. I hope you guys enjoyed all these looks I've been featuring over the past few days. I had a lot of fun being inspired by these colors. 
  This marble started with a base of Zoya Dove, which might have been a tad too dark. The marble colors feature Zoya Evvie, Monica and Nattie. Since it was so dark and smokey I did some dots in Dove to accent some of the swirls. I really need to do more marbles to get better at the swirls. I like these colors together.
Thanks for stopping by again and I hope you enjoyed this Zoya Week!

(**Zoya products provided for consideration**)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zoya Week! Zoya Elisa Stamped and Studded

Good morning lovelies! 

  Today's Zoya look features Elisa from the Diva Collection, Fall 2012. I wanted to do something very... Extravagant in a sense? I think I got what I was going for lol. When I look at this manicure, many things come to mind. Moulin Rouge costumes, a circus ring leader, a German gymnasts leotard or something else along those lines... IDK, but the diva in me is loving this look. It's not something I would normally do but Zoya Elisa brought "it" out in me.
 For this ornate look I started with Two easy coats of Zoya Elisa. Once my base was dry I did a fish-egg accent nail by mixing my Gold and Black micro beads together and sprinkling them over my wet top coat. For the fishnet design I used Bundle Monster plate BM209, Konad Black SP on my Index and Pinky nails and China Glaze Passion on my middle nail. I accented my fishnets with Golden and Black micro beads.
 Sometimes I really like venturing out of my comfort zone and doing manis that are out of character. Sometimes it goes great and sometimes not so much. I think this is one of those times where I am glad I went for it. I could see this manicure somehow being altered in color scheme to work for the Holidays...

Thanks for stopping by!

(**Zoya Elisa Provided   for consideration**)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zoya Week!! featuring Zoya Suri

Good morning lovely readers!

  Zoya week continues today with this stamped look featuring Suri from Zoya's Diva Fall 2012 Collection. Since Suri is such an amazing shade of regal Purple I couldn't bring myself to do something too elaborate. I kept the look simple with pretty stamped flowers. 
  For this simple look I started with a base of Two coats of the beautiful Zoya Suri. For the pretty flower stamps I used Red Angel stamping plate RA119 with China Glaze Passion. The only reason for my purchasing China Glaze Passion was for stamped nail art. Passion is a perfect Gold stamping polish.
 I love this look to bits. Yes, it is very simple but Suri is such a stunning and eye-catching color that I could not bring myself to cover it up with too intricate of stamp design. Purple and Gold= ♥

I hope you guys like this Suri look!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Zoya Week Kicks Off with Zoya Song Nautical Nail Art

Good morning and happy Zoya Week! 

  I was having issues on deciding which look I was going to kick this Zoya week off with so I held a little poll on Facebook to find out which look you guys wanted to see first. You guys voted for the Song look. I knew pretty much immediately that I wanted to do something nautical themed with this color so I put on my brave face and grabbed my striping tape and micro beads and gave it my best shot. 
  I started with my Two coats of Zoya Song. Once my base color was dry I carefully placed bits of striping tape from Born Pretty Store horizontally across the nail and painted over them with my White polish. For that step I used Zoya Purity which has amazing coverage.
  On my ring finger I did a little anchor accent in Silver micro-beads carefully placed one by one. For this look I set my beads into a slow drying top coat. I'm so proud of myself for actually pulling this manicure off. I've seen so many beautiful nautical themed manis on Pinterest and from fellow bloggers and have always wanted to try one but never had the courage to do so until now. I was very happy with my results.
I am so excited for the looks to come for the rest of the week! I was really having so much fun with these colors and I can't wait to show you guys what I came up with!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my next look in this installment!

(**Zoya products provided for review**)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pink Wednesday! Cult Nails Untamed Nail Art and Swatch

Happy humpday!!! 

  Today I have a fun and simple mani done using another of Coco's Collection fierce colors. These shades are bringing out my inner tween and I am LOVING it. For this look I was only intending to swatch and stamp. To my,very happy, surprise Untamed has a perfect jelly consistency so that's when the manicure took a turn for the edgy. 
 I started with Two effortless and adorable coats of Cult Nails Untamed. The glitter used for the sammich is Sation's Video Game Vixen. Once my coat of glitter was pretty dry I did one more thin coat of Untamed over the glitter to create an awesome sprinkled look. For the stamping I used Bundle Monster plate BM321 and Konad Black special polish. For the accents on the big flowers I used Silver studs. I topped the whole thing off with some Seche Vite. I ended up loving this to bits!

 Here is a picture of the sammich before I went ahead with the stamps. Doesn't this look yummy?

 And here is a swatch of my base color, Cult Nails Untamed. This is an adorable shade of vivid Bubblegum Pink jelly packed full of Twinkling Violet sparkles. The sparkle is just barely there, very whimsical, dainty almost- I am a fan! This is just Two coats. I only did Two since I was planning on doing nail art. Had I been just wearing the color itself I'd say Three coats will be a much more opaque look. I do like that this polish has huge versatility due to the fact that it is an awesome jelly texture.
 And there you have the Second in a Series of Five looks I will be doing featuring each of Coco's colors. I really love how this turned out. There is a little bit of a girly edge to this manicure. It seems these colors are having that effect on me :D! Happy Pink Wednesday!!

What do you guys think?

(**CN and Sation products provided for review**)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cult Nails Deal With it

Good afternoon lovely people!! 

  Today I have the first of Five looks I will do featuring the amazing colors from the Cult Nails Untamed Collection (A.k.A Coco's Collection). The quick story behind these Five amazing colors is Maria's youngest daughter Coco, now 13, is all about creating colors with mom. This is one fierce teenager. When asked what her inspiration was for the colors she simply answered " The colors themselves are the inspiration." Hells yeah!! This girl has it going on! 
  So anywho, Coco created Five beautifully unique colors and today I will be showing you her favorite shade from the collection; Deal with It. This will be the first of Five fun looks I will be featuring using Coco's colors. 
 To see this look and a swatch of Deal with It just continue reading.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Windestine Carbon Copy

Good morning!

  Words later.. For now please enjoy these pics of Windestine Carbon Copy over Pretty and Polished Candy Coated
 Don't feel well.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Etsy Mania!! The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze

Happy Mother's Day and happy Sunday!!

  First off: Happy Mother's day to all of the wondeful ladies with babies out there! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Te quiero muchichichisiiisimo!! Saluuuud! Hahaha!

  Today I have one of my first Etsy purchases! This pretty comes from Etsy Shop: The Hungry Asian. This awesome creation by Kae jumped out at me immediately. It's ridiculously eye- catching and has a really interesting finish/ effect. If you have not been to her shop you should seriously change that. She has beautiful creations and great swatches of her products.
 So, Sneeze Breeze is an awesome mix of non- reflective Blue Glitter and Black Glitter in a clear base. This is a very dense mix. Even though it is worn with a base here this glitter could be easily opaque on its own in Three coats. My base color is KAYS Ecstatica (I will be having a KAYS swatch spam post soon.) I did Two coats of Sneeze Breeze over my base color. I could not stop staring at my nails. I did a really nice thick coat of Seche Vite to give the glitter that encapsulated look. I seriously love this polish!

 My new favorite thing.. Macros of awesome polishes!!! My camera didn't know what to make of the bright neon Blue bits...
Have a wonderful day loves!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Etsy Mania!! All That Glitters Spottie Dottie Light and Dark

Happy Sunday lovely readers!

 Are ya'll sick of my Etsy posts yet? I sure as shiz hope not because I have so much indie coming your way still loool! What can I say? I went on a huge Etsy binge a couple of weeks back and I am still working through all the stuff I purchased. On top of that I also have the never- ending stream of samples that I have to swatch and such.
  So basically, over the past few weeks I've had a huge surge of indies come in from my purchases that I am STILL trying to get to because I can't bring myself to "just swatch" my indies. I actually want to wear them and enjoy them. So.. enough ranting now.... Onto the shop of the day: All that Glitters. This girl is talented and I mean TALENTED! I own Four of her creations and I love them all to BITS! If you have not been to her shop you should seriously head on over and take a peek!

All that Glitter Spottie Dottie- Dark
 Black.Glitter! Spottie Dottie Dark is pretty self explanatory. It is different sized Black hexes and bars suspended in a clear base. The Spottie Dottie series are not SUPER packed with glitter so you do have to do a little bit of fishing and careful application to get a cool effect. This does not bother me one bit because it gives the polish versatility. For this look I layered Spottie Dottie Dark over Color Club Daisy Does It.

All that Glitters Spottie Dottie- Light
 Spottie Dottie Light is the same concept as SD Dark except with White glitters. My version of this polish is a little special due to those awesome big Square glitters. In its regular form SD Light is the same as SD Dark, different sized Hexes and bars. Shop owner Kirsten had actually made an announcement about how this batch would be a little different because her supplier had sent her Large White Squares instead of Hexes and I got a little excited at the prospect of having a "special" Square-y Dottie Light hahahaha! Here it is layered over Color Club Wing Fling.
 How cute are these polishes? I also love that I can layer over each other to make up my own mix of Black and White glitter. Head on over to All that Glitters on Etsy to see more of K's goodies!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Wonder Beauty Products Hippie Fest

Happy Friday!!

  Today I have, you guessed it.. MOAR Etsy polish!!! The shop today: Wonder Beauty Products. Something seemed unique about this shop and her creations and this particular mica- flake creation really caught my eye. And yes.... They come in a little jar!
 So Hippie Fest is a mix of irregular shaped flakes in Blue, Green and Purple suspended in a micro Green glitter base. For this look I layered Hippie Fest over Butter London Primrose Hill Picnick. I really like this polish and the whimsical effect it creates. And to clarify the polish already comes blended in the jar. It is polish.. In a jar!

So when I saw that it was actually a jar of polish I was all....
 But it became apparent VERY quick that this is quite the genius idea for polishes like this one as it made it so easy to pick out the shardy bits. She sends you your jar of color, a little mixing stick and a bottle of clear that comes with a brush that you dip into your jar. This particular polish does settle out and requires a good mixing before using.
Thoughts on Hippie Fest? Thoughts on jarred polish?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Lac Attack Jewel of the Nile

Good afternoon and happy hump day!

  Today I have another of my Etsy buys. The shop being featured today is Lac Attack. When I saw this awesome polish I just knew I had to have it. This pretty also killed my lemming for I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous Pinkerbell. I don't know how close they really are but looking at swatches, they are pretty similar. I so cannot get over these matte glitter blends. I just love how they look!
 No, this is not a dupe or even close to Floam. Now that- that is out of the way :D... Jewel of the Nile is a lovely mix of Blue and Green matte glitters with larger "see through" Pink bits thrown in for contrast. How adorable is this polish?! For this manicure I layered Two coats of JOTN over a franken that was sent to me by the lovely Nicole from Polish for Thought. She sent me Four of her creations and left the task of naming them up to me. I named this pretty pink Princess Bubblegum (Any Adventure Time Fans in the house?) I will be featuring her pretties soon! So I seriously love this combo and I even made a ring out of it :D!
 I seriously love the little Pink bits in this. They look like they are floating on my nails. Here is a pretty macro :D!
The cuteness... I haz it! Thanks for stopping by loves!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Candeo Colors Orchid and Dolce

Good morning lovelies and happy Tuesday!

  Today I have.. You guessed it! MORE Etsy finds! The shop in the spotlight today is Candeo Colors. I stumbled upon these Two pretties by, what I assume to be, nothing more that pure luck. I had never heard of this shop but these were the last Two colors she had available that day and I NEEDED them. Candeo Colors has very fast made a name for themselves and they sell out within minutes of opening shop. These are not easy to come by as it seems to be the case with a lot of these Etsy frankeners. But with beauties like these... Why would they not sell out within seconds?

Candeo Colors Orchid over Zoya Reagan
 Orchid is a beautiful deep Purple-y/Magenta shimmery base packed full of Large Holo-y Hexes and smaller copper hexes in the shimmery base. This color could be opaque on its own but I layered it to give it a little extra depth and to make my bottle last as long as possible. I'm in awe of the combination of glitter colors and sizes. This polish is nothing but pure glittery awesomeness and sophistication.

Candeo Colors Dolce over Milani U Pinky Swear
 Oh Dolce.... This is just yummy... I cannot think of a better word to describe this. It is a soft milky Pink base packed full of all different sized glitters in White, Pink and Violet. There are also some Half Moon glitters that I had no luck picking up but they are there. Once again, I layered my Dolce to make sure I don't run out any time soon. I love the look of this creamy glitter. The name is perfection.
 I can't wait for mainstream companies to start watching these girls more closely. I don't want dupes.... But where is THIS kind of creativity in our mainstream brands? Lesbi-honest... We all love these Etsy frankens, and their creators are seriously talented ladies, but the low supply to the very high demand is just not working out. Also, the whole "stalking" bullshit is getting old. I feel like we are all giving ourselves heart attacks over snatching up even just one bottle. I cannot be mad at these ladies because we all know they work their fingers to the bone but I can still hate the fact that it's like the biggest C*CK tease ever! "Hey look at these amazing polishes I can make...-.... Oh.. But you can't buy any...."