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Monday, April 23, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Nail- Venturous Humble Bee

Happy It's Monday!!

  But despite the fact that it is the most dreaded day ever and there is a blatant lack of Muffin on the blog today I do have an awesome polish to show yoy guys. I scored this baby during Amy's first Etsy run. My heart was pounding so hard I was winded by the time I clicked "Submit Order". Thank goodness it lives up to my hype!
 I've seen Humble Bee worn on it's own so I think it can reach opacity. However, after what I went through to get this, I want to make it last as long as possible so I layered it for this manicure. A decision I do not regret because I freaking LOVE how awesome this looks. My base color is O.P.I My Boyfriend Scales Walls. A very, very light clean and crisp White- Grey. Humble Bee is a mis of awesome neon bright Yellow matte glitters and Black glitter with some larger Black bits thrown in for texture. AMAZING! That.IS.All. I cannot get enough of these matte glitter blends. The "texture" and effect they create is just too cool!

Here is a neat-o macro shot!
So.... How freaking cool is this?!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Etsy Mania! Sweet Fairy Boutique Sea Nymph and Black Ice

Happy Friday!!

  Today I have some more indie finds from Etsy.... Someone needs to keep a spray bottle near so they can spray me with it when I start looking at polish on Etsy. Just when you think you've seen everything.. Some crazy new combination of glitters and textures pop up that just blow my mind.Today I'm featuring some polishes by Sweet Fairy Boutique. Right now she does not have polishes listed but she has a shop full of cute little things!
Sweet Fairy Boutique Sea Nymph over Zoya Meg
 Blinding green glitter packed so dense that it practically covers in one coat? YES please! I did not hesitate for one minute on clicking add to cart on this Green and Teal beauty. The Teal Hexes in Sea Nymph have a holographic shift. In the pics I have it layered over Zoya Meg. Meg is a perfect match on the shade of Green. This polish is so seriously sparkly that it is practically blinding. My camera could not handle it in the Sun haha!

Sweet Fairy Boutique Black Ice over Zoya Shelby
 LOVVEEEEEE! So I have a huge thing for shredded glitters that are not a pain to apply. This adds such cool texture. There is something very mod and retro about this mani. Adding a coat of this would spice up any mani. Oh ANDDDDD the bits actually lie flat!
Just keep adding to the list ladies... Etsy Mania is here to stay!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Etsy Mania!! BeadsInk Nail Polish Jewelry

Hi loves and happy Sunday!!

  Today I have a little quickie review of a lovely Etsy shop that focuses on nail polish jewelry. This shop is ran by the lovely Stephanie P. and it is called BeadsInk. Stephanie contacted me a few weeks ago to see if  I would feature some of her pieces here at LTHP. The issue I ran into with her shop: Wanting everything I saw lol. I finally settled on Two necklaces and Stephanie included the sweetest surprise ever, a ring I was not expecting and it totally warmed my heart.

Remeber the Floam ring and Random Dancing pendant I featured not long ago? They were made by Steph at BeadsInk. The Floam ring was a surprise from Stephanie. She knew I had been hunting down the nail polish, Floam, and she so awesomely made me a ring out of it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Nail-Venturous Floam!!!!!

That's right!!!

  Freanking Floam man! Further proof that I have the best readers ever... I had posted a status update on Facebook that promptly resulted in a swap with a reader who was willing to part with her Floam. Clearly I jumped at the chance to get my hands on this, most elusive, of polishes. So, if you were a kid in the 90's (or had kids in the 90's), you probably grew up watching the awesomenes that was Nickelodeon (in the 90's, not now lol). The second I saw this nail polish on Chalkboard Nails I didn't even have to read what the polish was called to scream out Floam when I saw the pics. I knew I had to have the polish... Getting my hands on it would be nothing short of a saga....
 For these pics I layered Floam over Zoya Wednesday. Floam is a very dense mix on neon Yellow and Blue matte glitter in a clear base. This polish could be worn on its own very easily in Three thin-ish coats. I decided to layer so I would not have to use as much of Floam. This polish is not easy to come by. You practically have to stalk Amy's Etsy Shop or They sell out within minutes of posting. This dries a little bumpy but some Seche will fix that right up!
I seriously love this to bits and the memories it brings back of my awesome 90's Nick days. 


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Etsy Mania! Enchanted Polish- Jinx

Good morning peeps!

  Today I will be showing you a polish from the Etsy brand Enchanted Polish. These polishes are created by the lovely Chelsea.She just opened shop again recently... Anywho, some days ago Chelsea reached out to me to see if I would feature one of her amazing creations on the blog and I happily accepted. How could I not? I love the indie polish brands popping up on Etsy. I don't love the stress they bring on, but I love seeing all the amazing things these talented ladies (and guys maybe?) are coming up with. These polishes are creative and like nothing you will see in the mainstream collections. Today I will be showing you one of Chelsea's Holographic creations.
 Say hello to Jinx. This baby is a beautiful linear Navy Blue holographic polish. The sparkle in this baby is blinding and just amazing. I don't have any other holos in this shade which makes me love it even more. The formula on this color is really good and it is opaque and perfect in Two coats.
 Isn't this amazing? The holo is a million times better in person as is the case with holos usually....
I love this shade of Blue. I think I wanna do something cool with my Blue holos soon.... Hhhmmm. Time to brainstorm! Chelsea I hope you are reading!! I love this polish and I cannot wait to see what else you come up with. This is an amazing holographic creation.

Check out Enchanted Polish on Etsy and sign up for email notifications for when she opens up again!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jordana Blue Bash

Oh Glittah!

  BLUE glittah!!! I love Blue... I love Glitter.. I love Blue glitter and Jordana made and epic win of a Blue glitter.... Shall I just get on with it?
 My base color is Color Club Sweetpea. Jordana's Blue Bash is a mix of different sized Royal Blue Hex glitters in an almost clear base. The base has the slightest tinge of Blue, barely there. This glitter is very dense and it could probably be worn on it's own but I've been on a glittering layering kick lately.
I am seriously loving all these Jordana Glitters but I am just about ready to be done swatching them lol. Swatching glitters is the hardest, biggest pain in the butt ever! We all know how much fun glitters are to remove...

Thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Milani Silver Stiletto and Jordana LA City Nights

Good Morning ladies and.... Gents?

  Today I have a combo that really blew my mind and I was totally not expecting it to... This glitter really popped over Silver and I never knew a plain Silver foil could be such an amazing base for glitter. I am all about the awesome an unexpected glitter combinations at the moment. I got tired of always thinking of the same expected combinations and started playing around with edgy and crazy combos that I've been putting together as a little series. At the end I might do one final BIG spam post.
  So, this is a base of Milani Silver Stilettos the glitter is one decent coat of Jordana LA City Nights. This glitter is a dense mix of small Purple glitter and larger round Blue glitter in a clear base. LOVE this combination. It is flashy and like a rave on my nails. My only gripe with this glitter? It has an exact dupe in its sister brand Milani (Twinkle) from their One Coat Glitter collection. Both of these collections were released pretty much simultaneously and there is quite a bit of dupage. I hope they don't continue to release the same colors in different bottles. If it helps... Jordana has a bigger bottle and a smaller price :D.
Isn't this just awesome though? LOVEEEE!! 

Thanks for stopping by!
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Fix a Fail: Just Add Glitter- Jordana Gemstones over Barielle Snap Dragon

Hi loves!

  Sorry for this super late post. Remember yesterday's bummer, Snap Dragon by Barielle? This is how I fixed that problem...
 So Gemstonesis a mix of Small and Larger Hexes in Blue, Purple, Red, Gold, Silver and Green. Basically a crazy mix, birthday glitter. It fixed that Barielle right up!
Yay for glitter!

Have a good night!
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Milani Signature Gold and Jordana Magenta Magic

Good Morning loves and happy Caturday!

  Today's post is a continuation of my glitter-ific mini series. As you may or may not know Jordana recently released a Specialty Glitter collection consisting of about 25 different glitters. I've been featuring them One by One because I really want to enjoy each glitter and come up with awesome and high contrasting combos. Such as....
Jordana Magenta Magic over Milani's Signature Gold. How awesome is this combo? There is a funky 70's thing going on with these Two shades together and I am kinda loving it. I love how the glitters pop against the smooth metallic Honey Golden surface. Just in case you were wondering, Yes Magenta Magic is a dupe of the recently released Milani Fuchsia Jewel FX. This is Two coats of Signature Gold and one "blob" of Magenta Magic
  What I mean by blob is that I first dab on the brush on my nail to put the glitter on and then I spread it around the surface of the nail to prevent the issue where all the larger bits of glitter want to slide off to the tips of the nail.
How fun is this mani? I really enjoyed this combination and I am contemplating putting it on my toes!


(**Products provided for review**)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Design-Seeds Inspired Nail Art Series: Hummingbird Hues Watermarble

HI loves!

  Sooo!! Today I will be starting a little series that will go on pretty much indefinitely. Thanks to the amazing Steph from Imperfectly Painted I have become completely obsessed with Design Seeds. I have literally spent hours just going through all the amazing color palettes and getting so many ideas and so much inspiration. I could not help but want to make a series out of all the manicures I want to do based on these color boards.

  For this first manicure I was inspired by the awesome contrast in the Hummingbird Hues palette. I love the unexpected mix of colors but how perfectly they all go with each other.
 For this marble I started with a One coat base of Milani White on the Spot. For the marble I used all Bettina Colors. They are: #187(Magenta), #197(Grey), Stiletto(Nude), Green, Indigo, Sand Blast(Light , almost White Grey). I ended up wearing this mani for a very long time. This was also only the Second time I have watermarbled all 10 nails! I felt so accomplished and could not stop staring at my pretty marbled nails. I topped it all off with some Seche Vite and INM Northern Lights.

Just for fun here is the palette that inspired this color combination.
If you have never checked out Design Seeds you totally should! This site is such a great source of ideas!

Thoughts on the Design Seeds series?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Milani Key West and Jordana My Superstar

Happy humpday (although it is actually my Monday :-s)!!

  Today I have some amazing mermaid inspired nails. Yes, again trolllolololo! Problem? I hope not because I am just obsessed with mermaids and anything that reminds me of them. But you guys already knew that... This look features a new foil finish color by Milani and a new glitter by Jordana (which I am totally obsessed with right now!).
 This look got so many compliments, that always makes me feel awesome. A lot of girls forget that nails are the ultimate fashion accessory! Me? Personally, I suck at accessorizing. I usually just slap on a necklace, some stud earrings and sometimes a bracelet. I tend to keep things really clean and simple because I am always scared of over- doing it.... But I never have to worry about that dilemma with my nails. I go crazy! I will try any color in any finish and I will rock the shiz out of it... Well these nails were causing quite a stir and it reminded that I had not been having nearly enough fun with my nails recently.... It is as simple as this guys!
 These looked like a mermaids tail with gems all over it. The base color is Milani Key West which is a beyond stunning Teal Foil. It is not a dupe of any color I own. I will have a post on Key West later in the week, along with some more Milani swatches. I've really been wanting to play with glitter lately. But I want to steer clear of the obvious combinations. What would have been the clear choice to layer over Key West? Blues, Purples, Greens? Right? I went the complete opposite direction and used My Superstar by Jordana. This glitter is part of their new specialty glitter collection. My Superstar is a mix of Yellow-Gold hexes and small bits that make up "the base" in there you also have Red Hexes and Light Blue Hexes. This is an amazing glitter. I did 1 1/2 coats of glitter over Key West. It looked like an underwater party and I was loving every second of it!
The Yellow- Gold glitters were just bouncing off my nails and the Red really drew the eyes to my shiny tips. These were soo much fun to wear!


(**Products provided for review**)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jordana Copper Blaze makes Fantasy Fire even Better- Hunger Games Inspired Mani

Happy V-day everyone!

  So I pretty much forgot about Valentine's Day.... I'm not very good at the whole Holiday themed mani thing unless it is Christmas. The funny thing is, I always tell myself that I will try to do at least one Holiday themed mani for whatever Holiday is coming up and I always forget until it's too late. SOOOOO, instead of a Valentines mani I decided to show you guys and updated look I did with Fantasy Fire and Jordana Glitter in Copper Blaze.

  I'm currently balls- deep in "The Hunger Games" series. I really want to have them read before the movie comes out in March. This would be the first time I've read the book before seeing the movie and my inner geek is excited to sit there and play spot- the - difference haha. So for this look I was inspired by the flaming costumes Katniss and Peeta wear during the Tribute intro ceremony.
 The girl with Nails on fire! I had been wearing Fantasy Fire for a few days at this point and I had just the teensiest bit of tip wear but I was not ready to part with such a beauty so I went over to my table. My table currently has about 30 bottles of Glitters! Glitters I plan on doing a little series with, starting with this mani lol.. So anyways, I kept gravitating to the obvious choices of Blue, Purples glitters to mix with the base of Fantasy Fire.... And then there it was like a shining beacon lol. Jordana's Copper Blaze and I was all like OMFGYES! So I grabbed my sponge and did a gradient on my tips for a play on the Copper flashes in Fantasy Fire. The final effect is amazing fiery nails with a twist. The combination of the copper glitter against the deep Navy- Violet- Copper blaze is just so unique and stunning. I got quite a few comments on this look.
So I was pretty much mortified to take this off. I wanted to take it off and put it right back on again. Copper Blaze is such a fun and unique glitter that I cannot wait to use it more. It really screams Fall to me and I can see so many cute manis with this amazing glitter. I hope you guys like this "Hunger Games" inspired mani as much as I do!

Happy V-day and all that jazz!

(**Jordana Glitter provided for review**)

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding Series: The Final Chapter (Pic Heavy)

Hi lovely people!!

  So I am officially back and settled in back home. It was so good to visit Puerto Rico after such a long time without going down there. Today's post is a very special one. Today marks the final chapter in My bestie's wedding series. I am a little sad that this day came and went so fast, but so happy that it happened and that it went so perfectly. I so wanted everything to be just right for this girl. She means the world to me because she is like the sister I never had. We literally grew up together since we were little toddlers and we have always been there for each other. I was SO happy that I could be there for her on her special day with her now loving husband. I know that they will be so happy together. And I am so happy to know that by her side is an amazing man who will take care of her and love her like she deserves. We had such an amazing time spending time together just like old times! This time went by waaaaay to fast.

  This post will be a little pic heavy :D.
  She wore an amazing Maggie Sotero creation that was just stunning!!! Wasn't she the most beautiful bride? I cried so much. And my feet are still crying today... I wore those heels for 10 hours straight. I danced, I walked .. I had the most AMAZING time!

  Here are our nails! I LOOOOVED how hers turned out! And she got so many comments on her nails. The photographer did some really cool hand shots with her gorg bouquet that I cant wait to see! She wanted edgy nails with different looks for each one. We came up with her design together and can i just say how AWESOME they looked in person. We were up until like 1:30 AM the night before the wedding working on nails lol. It was such a fun night! I kept it simple with some glitter layering. By the time I was done working on the bride's nails I was so beat I had to keep mine easy lol!

  Here is us doing our signature pose :D. We've been doing this since we were little! I love her so much!!!

  The bride having a good time with her sweet hubby! Her hubby is such a great person. I am so happy they found each other.

This is me in the bride's room. Yes, her room matched her wedding theme :D. Black and White Polka Dots, Bows and Fuchsia for everyone!! I love this picture!

My hair and make up. Sorry the pic isn't better. The hair and makeup guy was AMAZING. He really made us all look so beautiful. My hair lasted from 1:00 pm wedding day (Nov 19th) until 6:00 pm the next day looool! I couldn't bare to undo my hair lol. I flew home with awesome hair!

   Their cake was amazeballs!! I LOOOVE this picture with the passion! She just looks so radiant and happy!

Myself (I was her maid of honor), The Bride and Yinet the wedding Godmother. Lizy and Oscar married the traditional Catholic way. I love Yinet too! She is so funny and just a great person. She has been there for Lizy when I couldn't be. I am so happy that they were surrounded by people that love them so much!
 Well this post marks the end of the series. Now I need a new project! This was an amazing day. I am still in awe of everything and I cannot wait to see the official pictures!! I know they will be great together and I hope they have a blasty blast on their cruise honeymoon! Lizy, I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!! I can't wait to see you again!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!
♥ Cristina

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding Series: Part 6

Holy Jeebs!!

  This wedding is approaching fast and hard! Believe it or not this Saturday my best friend in the entire world is getting married! I've been working on a series of manis inspired by her wedding colors and patterns. I am running so low on time to get all my ideas out there... I'm pretty much convinced that the "winning" design will be created on the spot for Lizy though... Here is what I came up with for this look.
  This one I did with the bride in mind. My pearl application is not great but this would be soo much easier to do on an other person. Anywho as my base colors I have Zoya Christinna and NOPI Kim-plenty in Love. I stamped my ring finger with the cute polka dotted bow design from Konad plate M78. I topped the whole thing off with lots of SV to test the durability of the pearls.... They held up quite nicely.

I'm really bummed I may not get to show you guys all the things I wanted to do but I really just ran out of time... I will be throwing lots of Holiday swatches you way pretty soon though! This week is just a little crazy!! I'm leaving for P.R on Thursday and I am so not ready loool!!

What do you guys think?
♥ Cristina

Friday, September 30, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding Series: Part 5

Hi loves!

  It's been a while since I've done one of these! I have a few ideas in mind I've just honestly been lazy and down lately... I hate to come off like I'm making excuses but the truth is I'm feeling just a litle burnt out lately.... So anywho I got this idea and I honestly think this will be a lot easier to do on someone else. I think I would definitely alter the moon base color to something a little more dense.
 So for this look I started with a base of Three coats of China Glaze White Cap. I then sponged with O.P.I Pink Flamenco and Zoya Raven. I debated adding a stamp but I thought with the rhinestones and the sponging there was already enough going on. I think it's a pretty look but I don't think it's bride worthy :(. I think my next idea will be better....

Here is a swatch of White Cap. This color is just so lovely and it photographs amazingly well. Just agelic! Three coats.

And it's lovely in the Sun!
Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina