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Monday, March 23, 2015

Swatch Spam! Because..... Spam! Edition

(**Press Samples**)
Ready for some RANDOM spam? 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day Eight: Metallic Nails

Good evening dahlings! 

  My slacker bum finally sat down to do today's challenge prompt about Two hours ago. Sammy and Rie posted earlier today. I believe Miss Rie had quite a fun night and was also runnin late today lol! My excuse? I got caught up with a hair color project over the weekend (still not finished), and had no time to do my challenge nails. 
  Also, a bit of news... I had a doc appointment earlier today and finally got an answer as to what has been making me ill, turned out to be Crohn's Disease. At this point I am just glad to have an answer and can finally get on an official treatment plan. So there's that... 
  I had a hard time coming up with a look for today's look. I couldn't decide what kind of metallic I wanted to go with... Glassfleck metallic? Shimmer? Glitter? Chrome-y? And then, there it was, like a shining beacon... My O.P.I Goldeneye from the new Skyfall Collection! It was a done deal... 
 Yeah.. I'm rocking a shatter! The base color is Three coats of O.P.I Goldeneye. Once my base was really dry I applied my Silver Shatter. The contrast of the Silver against the warm, Honey Gold is so much more awesome than I thought it would be. I topped it all off with some Seche Vite. The look was definitely metallic.... 

 Now don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Metallic looks for day Eight!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nails Inc. Floral Street and Kings Cross Crackle

Good evening all!

  I know crackle polishes just became a "thing" again just last year, but doesn't wearing a crackle feel old school now? Nail trends come and go crazy fast don't they? Nails Inc. recently sent me one of their new Special Effects Crackle polishes to try along with a lovely White creme so I paired them for an eye catching look. 
 Kings Cross is a vivid neon Orange crackle. The formula on this crackle is the best I've ever come across. It applies like a jelly and you can really have a play on crackle textures. Meaning, the formula on this allows for thinner or thicker application for thinner or thicker cracks. It is very easy to work with.
  As you can see Kings Cross breaks up great and smooth. I hate when crackles get "lumpy" and you end up needing 17 coats of top coat to smooth it out. Kings Cross gets an shiny squishy texture once top coated and it looks awesome. The only downside is that I don't know how many colors this crackle would look good over since it's slightly sheer.

Here is my base color Nails Inc Floral Street. The name threw me off lol :D.
 This polish was such a pleasant surprise. The formula on this color is so smooth, even and perfectly pigmented. This is not a very bright White. This is a "soft" White. The formula is not a jelly creme but it applies like such. This you see here is just Two effortless coats of Floral Street. This might just be my new favorite White creme.
If you like shatters but have had issues with formulas I suggest checking these crackles by Nails Inc. Out. Nails Inc. polishes are available at Sephora.

Thoughts on neon shatter? I kinda love it. 

(**Nails Inc products sent for review**)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

O.P.I The Amazing Spiderman Collection Swatches

Happy Caturday!!!

  Today I have swatches of O.P.I's The Amazing Spiderman Collection. This collection is an interesting mix of colors and finishes. I'm not feeling super chatty today so I'll get straight to the swatches :D.

O.P.I Just Spotted the Lizzard
  Just Spotted the Lizzard is an Olive Green metallic with a slight Blue duchrome. We all know what this looks like so I won't bother to point it out... I actually do not own anything to compare this to, so it is unique in my collection. This color has a nice formula and seems to do best in Three thin coats. It is interesting, but I still don't know how I feel about it honestly. I wish that duochrome you see in the bottle really translated to the nail. Apply carefully to avoid brushstrokes.

O.P.I Shatter the Scales over Just Spotted the Lizard
 Shatter the Scales is a deep Forest Green shimmery shatter. Am I over shatter? Yes, BUT.... This one is pretty bad ass. Putting this Shatter the Scales over Just Spotted the Lizard was what made me really appreciate Just Spotted the Lizard a little more. This shatter is very easy to work with and as you can see it shatters really nicely.
 To see the rest of the collection just continue reading :D.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Four New Texture Coats from Nicole by O.P.I

Good Morning....

   I feel like I'm kicking old school today showing you these swatches of crackle polishes even though these are Four brand new releases. I'm sure I speak for most of the nail- obessed world when I say that crakle is pretty much done out. The four Tecture coats I will be showing you today are actually really pretty an totally different from any crackle out there. Yes they are still crackles, but they do have a little something interesting going on. 
To see close up swatches just keep on reading.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

O.P.I Super Bass Shatter- Nicki minaj Collection

Hi my loves!!

  This will be another one of my quickie posts. I wanted to show you Super Bass on it's own post because I did some different looks for each color. So... By this point I think we all pretty much shattered/ craked out, right? At least I know I am... But Super Bass is really something else, especially when paired with the colors from Nicki's Collection.

To see these pairings just keep reading :D!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! O.P.I Pink Shatter and Mod About You

Oh yeah...

  It's a Pink Wednesday post... In the midst of the 31 day challenge madness.. I just had to take five minutes to add some Pink to my life.
Pink Shatter is an extension to O.P.I's Shatter line. This pretty, however, has a mission... They released this pretty as a Breast Cancer Awareness shatter <3. I really like te shade of Pink it is in. It is a vibrant Pink shimmer shatter. It reminds me of the shade of Come to Poppy but slightly lighter. The formula takes on the shade of the base so the shade of Pink can be lighter or darker depending on your base color choice. It's really pretty.

 Here is a swatch of the lovely Mod About You. This is one of my favorite Pink cremes EVER!! It's a soft , milky Pink with a smooth formula. This is Thee thin coats and Seche Vite.
Thanks for stopping by and happy Pink Wednesday!!
♥ Cristina

(**Pink Shatter provided for Review**)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Color Club Back to Boho Collection Swatches: Part 2

Hi Loves!!!

Today I have the Second half of Color Clubs Back to Boho Collection. To see the first half just click [HERE]. This half has the more deep and shimmery colors in the collection.
Red-ical Gypsy. A sexy crimson Red jelly/ creme. I absolutely love this color. It's a great Fall Red. great two coat formula.

Boho Mojo. Light Silver frost. Do. not. like. I hope that polish companies arent trying to push frost on us again.
Vodoo you Do. Now this is more like it. This is quite the interesting color. It's somewhere between Gunmetal and Navy and then there is the lovely Silvery shimmer. Another Two coater.

Nouveau Vintage is the most amazing Brown shimmer and this is also the only true shimmer in the whole collection. It is made up of a Maroon base with Brown and Green micro glitter in it. This one is also a Two coater.

Blue- topia. Amazing, inky Navy Blue jelly. Simple and gorgeous. I think this may have killed my lemming for Nars Midnight Express. IDK how close they are but Color Club had me at Navy Jelly.

And finally we have Artsy Crafty. A hunter Green creme that is just beautiful. Two easy coats. I then layered Tattered in Gold and wore the combo for a few days.

  I pretty much spilled my guts about how I feel about this collection in the first part post which I have linked above. But in a nutshell for those who don't feel like clicking.... I love the colors individually but as a collection they seem a bit random. The formula is great on all of these and I really love the Color Club brush as well. I wish there had been a a bit more glitter and flash since there have been so many creme based collections this fall but I do love cremes and people with smaller collections will find a lot of great core colors to have in this 12 color group.

Which are your faves?
♥ Cristina

(**Products sent for Review**)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ruby Kisses Blue my Mind + O.P.I Silver Shatter

Happy Thursday evening lol! 

*EDIT* I accidentally posted this ahead of time and now I feel silly so I'll just go ahead and put it back up now. loool

  Today I have a simple shatter combo using O.P.I's Silver Shatter and Ruby Kisses Blue my Mind.
In the pic above I have the whole combo matted down with a coat of Hard Candy's Mattely in Love matte top coat.

  Here is what Ruby Kisses Blue my Mind looks like. It is a Royal Blue jelly. Now this was an extremely inexpensive polish. As in I only paid .99 cents for it lol.. So my expectations were not very high. I actually got it to make a franken but I wanted to see it on by itself first. The formula was slightly gluggy and sticky feeling. The brush is nice and flat and full but with this formula, also slightly hard to control. Here I have Two coats and there was some slight VNL but I knew I would be layering. Final Verdict? For .99 cents I'm not complaining too much, but don't have high expectations for it lol.
What are your thoughts on uber inexpensive polishes?

Some China Glaze Metallic Crackle Swatches

Hi loves and happy Thursday!

  Sorry for the late post today. Yesterday was "one of those days". But! Here I am with some swatches of the China Glaze Metallic Crackles.
This is Cracked Medallion over CG Rodeo Fanatic. This one is a Coppery metallic crackle. I really love this combo. Cracked Medallion applies easily and cracks nicely. This one is just a few shades darker than Tarnished Gold.

This is Platinum Pieces over Dr.'s Remedy Lovely Lavender. This one is a nice clean Silver Crackle. A little less dense that Color Club's Broken Tokens. IMHO this one crackles a little better than Color Club, similar to O.P.I's Silver Shatter in how it breaks up but totally different in Silver tones.

And just for fun here are my Swatches I had shown you before of Tarnished Gold and Oxidized Aqua.
I love these. Yes, the crackle trend is getting slightly our of hand with everyone and their mothers releasing their own versions but these Metalics are petty cool and unique. I'm only missing Latticed Lilac and Haute Metal but I'm not too bummed because for some reason those weren't speaking to me as much as the Golden tones or the pretty metallic Blue. These are fun and they lend themselves to hundreds of awesome color combos!

Crackle: Love it or leave it?
<3 Cristina

(** Some of the products featured were sent for Review**)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! Essie Splash of Grenadine + China Glaze Oxidized Aqua

Happy Pink Wednesday loves!!

  Today I am breaking the rules a little by making the lovely Aqua metallic crackle my main color. I really love this two together. It is like edgy cotton candy.
In the picture above I have China Glaze's Oxidized Aqua crackle over Essie's Splash of Grenadine. Then I really wanted to wear this matte so I added Two coats of Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love.

In the pic below it's glossy. I actually liked this better matte.

And here is a swatch of Essie's Splash of Grenadine. This one is a pretty, very cool toned Pink with heavy Lavender undertones. The formula is slightly jelly like and easy to work with. It is also slightly sheer. For this mani I used Three coats of color for full opacity. This baby came from my recent Apothica haul. It was a lemming that I developed out of the Blue some time ago after seeing a swatch on someones site. I'm not 100% happy with this pic so I may be showing this again soon.
Happy Pink Wednesday!! What's on your tips today?
<3 Cristina

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Color Club Fractured Collection Swatches

Hi loves!!

  Not too long ago I received Color Club's Fractured Collection. This group consists of crackle polishes in Six different shades. Now... the whole crackle thing is getting a little out of hand lol but there are some pretties in this group that I really LOVE!

First up is what turned out to be my favorite combo. This is Broken Tokens over China Glaze's Frostbite. Broken Tokens is a bright Silver foil shatter. Compared to O.P.I's Silver Shatter, this one is a much brighter, "cleaner" tone of Silver. The formula for this is easy to work with and it gives you some time to apply as it does not dry uber quick.

Tattered in Gold. This one is a Gold foil crackle. Here I have it layered over O.P.I's Manicurist of Seville. When compared to China Glazes Tarnished Gold Crackle, Tattered in Gold is much more dense and a lighter shade of Gold. The formula for this one is just like that of Broken Tokens.

Kiss and Break Up. This one is a pretty Red based Purple crackle. It has just the slightest hint of shimmer and crackles so nicely. The formula for this one is pretty sheer so when choosing a base color make sure it's not too busy or too dark. Thicker coats are best with this shade to really get a true Purple crackle. Here I have it layered over Finger Pains Aren't you Gladioulous?.

Here is Splitting Image. A pretty Blue crackle. This one also has the slightest hint of shimmer and also crackles very nicely but has the same sheerness issues as Kiss and Break Up. Here I have it layered over $O.P.I Havana Dreams. <333333 This combo as well.

Clean Break. A standard White crackle. This one has a good formula as well. This one is easy to work with and it also gives you time to apply before it begins to crackle. Here I have it layered over Barielle's Decadence.

And last but not least is Smash Hit. This one is your standard Black crackle. Another one with a great formula and crackles nicely as well. Here I have it layered over Orly's Green with Envy.
Overall, I really like these and the formulas are consistently good and easy to work with. I hope they are selling these as a set because if so they are a GREAT buy. They all crackle nicely and the metallic ones have great color payoff and they are bright and sparkly. I think my faves were Splitting Image and Kiss and Break Up, sheer formulas and all. Mostly because they are unique to my collection and I love that slight shimmer that they have and the fact that they crackle so well. 

Now I only have one request of Color Club... More holos, pretty please? :)
<3 Cristina 

(**Color Club Fractured Collection sent for Review**)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Muffin Monday!! July 4th Patriotic Edition!!

Happy 4th!!

  I'm not very patriotic or whatever but I couldn't resist doing themed nails for my first July 4th as a nail blogger. So what I did is I limited Muffin's choices to Red, White and Blue and took it from there!

 She picked for me China Glaze's Frosty. Sooo... I took the lazy way out and shattered that bish!! I ended up actually liking the result... I honestly couldn't be bothered to do the more elaborate design in I had in my head because I am so far behind I am doing my nails literally the day before the post goes live loool! There needs to be a swatch-a-thon somewhere in my near future...
For the glitter on the tips I used Red, Silver and Blue glitter stripers from Sally's. The shatters are O.P.I Navy and Red Shatter.

Here is a swatch of Frosty. Shimmery White goodness!! This is Three coats and no top coat. I flippin' love this color. It makes me sad that some day I might be out of this color and I might not be able to find it again :(.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Essie Jam 'n' Jelly + China Glaze Tarnished Gold

I am <3<3<3 with this combo!

  I freaking love anything that's Bollywood inspired. I love the colors, textures and patterns. Have you guys ever seen a Bollywood movie? It's like an explosion of color on the screen. Well this combo today reminds me of something like the fabric on a beautiful Sari.

I am really happy with Tarnished Gold. It is a true Gold crackle. The formula is a little sheer but as it crackles the color becomes more intense. The formula for this crackle is easy to work with. This is Tarnished Gold over Essie's Jam 'n' Jelly.

 And this is the spectacular Jam 'n' Jelly by Essie. This pretty came from my Apothica haul. This is a color that I bought on a whim. The picture on Apothica looked pretty and when I tried to look up swatches I could not find a whole lot about the color or many good swatches. I'm super happy with this purchase though. It's an amazing, somehow warm, Fuchsia shimmer and the formula is to die for! The formula is so pigmented that I almost could have done with one coat. This is Two effortless coats of color.
I only picked up two of the metallic crackles but I am super excited to try the next one. And Essie... Oh Essie how you have grown on me... 

Happy Friday!
<3 Cristina

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

O.P.I Yodel me on my Cell + White Shatter

Hi darlings!!

  Today I am revisiting one of my favorite colors from last Fall. This pretty came from O.P.I's Swiss Collection and I have worn it Once before. Well, recently I was having issues picking what colors I wanted to wear. So, I went to a FB group I belong to and asked the gals to pick a number between 1 and 395 and what ever color the first number posted corresponded to I would wear.

  This is what I decided to do with Yodel me on my Cell. I applied White Shatter in a zig-zag motion and Silver Shatter in a regular motion to my Ring finger and Thumbs.

 Here is Yodel me on my Cell. A lovely Blue-ish Teal shimmer. This one has a sheer formula and has full coverage at Three coats.
That's it! Simple and pretty. 

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Cristina

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! Bettina Pink Bikini + O.P.I Red Shatter + O.P.I White Shatter

Hi loves!!

  For this Pink Wed. I have some majah layering. I decided to use one of my beauties I scored while at the Miami Beauty Show. I flippin' love this color so much! It's Pink, it's bold and it makes me happy to look at it.
 So, Pink Bikini is a beautiful bright Pink creme unlike anything I own. This color reminds me a bit of O.P.I Pink Flamenco but give it a hint of dustiness and you get Pink Bikini. This color comes to us from their newest Summer Resort Collection. I only picked up two colors from this group but I'm thinking based on the Two I own that I'll have to find a way to score the rest of the colors. Pink Bikini has the typical Bettina formula that is made of awesomeness and pigmented goodness, two coats. I really love it with Red Shatter layered over it. Reminds me of Valentines Day. Again... Thinking waaaay ahead lol. After I added the White Shatter I did a top coat of Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love because I love me some matted down shatters.

Happy Pink Wed!!
<3 Cristina