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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Four New Releases from Barielle

Good morning and happy Thursday!

 Today I will be showing you Four of Barielle's new releases. Barielle just recently expanded their line by 90 colors. NINETY colors!! So, the other day I came home to a lovely little surprise package from the people at Barielle with Four of their new shades and a great protein base coat, and a top coat. I love that Barielle expanded their line so dramatically. Seems like we don't hear much from Barielle's neck of the woods so to see them come out of the Blue with such a huge expansion makes me kinda happy. I really enjoy Barielle polishes and their formulas so I welcome these Four pretties with open arms... Erm... Hands :D!
To see swatches and details about these pretties just continue reading :D.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Milani Silver Stiletto and Jordana LA City Nights

Good Morning ladies and.... Gents?

  Today I have a combo that really blew my mind and I was totally not expecting it to... This glitter really popped over Silver and I never knew a plain Silver foil could be such an amazing base for glitter. I am all about the awesome an unexpected glitter combinations at the moment. I got tired of always thinking of the same expected combinations and started playing around with edgy and crazy combos that I've been putting together as a little series. At the end I might do one final BIG spam post.
  So, this is a base of Milani Silver Stilettos the glitter is one decent coat of Jordana LA City Nights. This glitter is a dense mix of small Purple glitter and larger round Blue glitter in a clear base. LOVE this combination. It is flashy and like a rave on my nails. My only gripe with this glitter? It has an exact dupe in its sister brand Milani (Twinkle) from their One Coat Glitter collection. Both of these collections were released pretty much simultaneously and there is quite a bit of dupage. I hope they don't continue to release the same colors in different bottles. If it helps... Jordana has a bigger bottle and a smaller price :D.
Isn't this just awesome though? LOVEEEE!! 

Thanks for stopping by!
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mini Milani Sunday Spammy!

Hi loves and happy Sunday (Friday to me)!!

  Today I have some mini-spam for you guys. These Three pretties are a part of Milani's new shades for Spring 2012.
 To see swatches of these Milani pretties just keep reading after the jump.

Monday, November 7, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 29- Inspired by the Supernatural


  I'm keeping this even shorter today because today is my Two year wedding anniversary!! Today's task is to be inspired by the supernatural... My inspiration juices are running low and I could not be bothered to come up with something cool for this task :( lol. A lesson in impatience was learned here....
  Sorry lool!!! I know this is soo lazy and sloppy but I'm seriously tired today lol. Mr. LTHP and I have been celebrating our anniversary all weekend long :D. For this I started with two coats of Bettina Allure. I stamped using Konad Black special polish and Bundle Monster plate BM223. 

Ok.. I need a nap now.. lol! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Supernatural nails!

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HITS Hefesto- Silver Holo Amazingness!


  OMG.. OMG.... OMGGG!!!!!!! The Sun was really out today and I got TONS of swatches done!! Yay! Brazil is where it's at loool! I don't know much about the Brand HITS other than it comes from Brazil and they make some AMAZEBALLS linear holographics.... I'm still wiping the drool of my chin.
Hefesto is a Silver linear holographic. The holographic effect is SO strong. my pictures do this very little justice. Now where this holo really stands out from my other Two Silver linear holos is in the formula. OMG this color has an outstanding formula and it is fully opaque in Three coats. What I love the most about the formula is that it doesn't have that signature PITA dragging and streaking that most linear holos seem to have. Not this baby! This is just amazing in every aspect of the word!

You just can't go wrong with a good 'ol fashioned holo!!! Epic WIN!!!

HITS polishes are available from Shop Llarowe. I love this e-tailer because she carries all kinds of HTF brands and she is a sweetheart! I highly reccomend her shop.

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Zoya Trixie

Hi loves!!

  I am back and so is Muffin. Today she picked a color I've used many times, but have never actually worn on it's own. It's bright and obnoxious and totally perfect!
 So.. i freaking LOVE this look. I used Two coats of Zoya's Trixie as my base. Then I stamped using Bundle Monster plate 208 and Konad Black Special Polish. I love how they look like shattered mirrors or something. I also love the inverted stamps and the cool effect they create.

Here is Muffin making her pick. Sorry, no vid this week :(.

And here is a swatch of the Awesome Trixie. A bold and bright Silver foil. Great formula and totally opaque at Two coats.
I hope you all had a great weekend. I am starting to feel better and I will be posting more frequently. I think I might start taking random weekends off so I don't have another meltdown :(. Anywho..

Thanks for stopping by <3<3<3!!
♥ Cristina

Monday, September 5, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Cult Nails Let me Fly and Zoya Trixie

Hello and happy uber late Muffin Monday!!

  Sorry I am so late today. I've been sooo lazy lately lol. But I did get a little caught up today and I plan to be on time tomorrow. Earlier today I posted a video of Muffin making her choice for today. So without further delay here is the look I came up with.
  I started with a base of Two coats of Cult nails Let me Fly. Then with a bit of sponge I added some Silver accents to the tips using Zoya's Trixie. I really love how the Silver on the tips seamlessly blends into the awesome Silver sparkle in Let me Fly. I plan on having a tutorial for this look later on.

Here is a swatch of the lovely Let me Fly. This is one of my favorite colors from the Summer season. I love the formula in this color and I can't get enough of the brush on Cult Nails polishes.  
Sorry for the late post, but so glad to be here today!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
♥ Cristina

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Friday, August 26, 2011

O.P.I Miss Universe Collection Swatches

Yay sparkle!

  Today I have my swatches of O.P.I's Miss Universe Collection. I'm so attached to this collection. I love the colors, I love the finishes and I will admit that I used to be a huge fan of the pageants. I have very fond memories of me and my Grandma watching them religiously through the years when I was a little girl. These colors are stunning and you cannot beat all the sparkle it packs for being a small group. 
Don't they look so lovely all together?

It's my Year. This is just lovely. Let's just get this out of the way. No, it is not a dupe of Rally Pretty Pink or Faye. And I'll tell you how they differ. This is much more Purple and much less "gilded". The Golden/ Green sparkle in this leans far more Green and it is much less dense. In this color you can really see the beautiful Plum shimmer base. If you guys really want me to I'll compare all my "gilded plums". But the only ones that are really dupes are RPP and Zoya Faye.

Congeniality is my Middle Name. This photographed far Redder than it is. It is much more of a Cranberry tone with a subtle Purple sparkle throughout. I have nothing else like this color. I really love this for the Holidays as well. It is a very sophisticated color. I believe this is the color that Suzi, herself, wore to the pageant.

Swimsuit...Nailed It. OMG BLUE FOIL! I love this. It is the most amazing shade of Royal Blue (no pun intended) foil. I freaking love the fine sparkle packed in the jelly Blue base. It has the perfect finish. This is so very pigmented. BE WARNED. I wore this for about Three days, could not stop staring at my nails. Be ready for the removal. Use the "foil method" AND triple up on the base coat lol. I doubled and had some slight staining. Thankfully it has not taken long to get rid of the stains.

Crown Me Already! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! Yes, it is a pain to remove but WHO CARES!! Look at this! It is the most amazing mix of big hex glitters, small round glitters and micro glitter. I love how bright and clean this Silver is. It was like bits of shattered mirrors on my nails.

I wore this look for like Three days. In LTHP time that's an eternity.

  All of the colors have a great, manageable formula. They are all Three coaters but they dry fast. They all need a good top coat because they all dry slightly gritty. I suggest Seche Vite. My mani wore like iron through the whole weekend. I love the colors. I love the sparkle and I came up dupeless for all Four colors. No dupes always equals a happy Cristina. I can see myself using these a lot for nail art.

Which ones are your faves?
♥ Cristina

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam Part 4

Happy Caturday!!

   Today I have another mini swatch spam post. I'm hoping to have something more exciting tomorrow for you guys. I really hope you don't mind all this swatching I've been showing lately. I swear I will be stamping more often and stuff soon. I just have a lot of nonsense going on in my real life right now (BOOOOO!)... But I don't want to abandon my lovelies...
  Rodeo Fanatic is one of my China Glaze favorites. This is a lovely Teal shimmer with a slight duochrome runnign though it. This is Two effortless coats.

Above is Essence Can't Cheat on Me. I picked this cutie up at Ulta not long ago because the second I saw the micro Silver shimmer I knew there was that certain holo something about it. In Sunlight there is a subtle holographic effect to this polish. I can't wait to layer this over darker colors to give them more dimension. This was Three coats and no top coat. Very shiny on it's own.

And last but not least is Bettina's Amethyst. This is a lovely soft metallic Purple with a great formula. IRL this is much more Red toned but the picture is not too far off from what the color actually look like. This was Three coats and no top coat. My momma brought me this pretty from her trip to Puerto Rico. She also brought me two other pretties that, as it turned out, I already had so I will be adding them to my upcoming giveaway. 

Happy caturday lovelies!
♥ Cristina

Friday, July 15, 2011

Zoya Kelly gets Spongy with Zoya Trixie

Happy Friday!!

  For today I have a simple sponged mani featuring one of my all time favorite Zoya colors. Even though lately I've been craving bright, Summery manis for some reason Kelly kept jumping out at me. Sooo, I decided to go with my gut and came up with this... 
For this simple mani I just used some cut up sponge from the art supply store and some of Zoya's Trixie on the tips of my nails. I ended up LOVING this look. I really like how simple and clean it is but at the same time it is blingy and just a little flashy. Trixie is AMAZING for sponging.

Here is a swatch of the awesomeness that is Kelly. This was one of my first Zoya's ever and will always have a special place in my stash as one of my true faves. I may have a bajilion Greys but Kelly takes the cake.
So what have we learned today? Zoya Kelly and Trixie= Best friends forever!! lol.

What do you think?
<3 Cristina

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Slytherin House Inspired Nails!!

Hi lovess!!!! I know A THIRD post for the day! I couldn't wait to share these with you guys!

   I can hear the collective nerdgasm over the happenings of today as I type this. It all ends here. I can't believe it's been 11 years since these movies started... I'm not like a hardcore Harry Potter fan by any means but I do enjoy the movies quite a lot. Late last year I had a chance to visit The Wizarding World of HP at Universal Studios Orlando and it was so mind blowing!

  So for I decided to do themed nails for such an epic occasion. I kept it simple and turned my nails into little shields. If I had any kind of freehand ability I would have done little snakes in the center. I really like the finished mani even though it is not my bestest taping job. This was my first time doing the checkered pattern and it was a little more involved than I thought it would be. Erika makes it look so easy....
So for this mani I did alternating nails in Zoya's Trixie and SpaRitual's Twisted Vine. I ran into somewhat of an issue when I was painting over the Silver because the formula is slightly sheerer than I thought it was so it was having issues fully covering the Silver... But when it was all said and done I really liked this mani.

I went with Slytherin House because I'm convinced that would be my placement in Hogwarts. I'm a little dark and misunderstood lol... So I would fit right in!
Are you going to a midnight showing? And what was on your nails!?
<3 Cristina

Monday, July 11, 2011

Muffin Monday!! O.P.I DS Coronation and Zoya Raven Holo Splatter

Happy Muffin Monday!!!!

  Today Muffin picked me one of my oldest O.P.I's. I was so excited when she picked me this because I had not worn this since like August of last year.

 So this time around I decided to layer DS Coronation over Zoya's Raven to bring out the holo sparkle even more. I saw Jen the Polishaholic do a splatter mani using CND Effects over Black that looked amazing and I wanted to emulate the same feel of that mani by using this DS Coronation for the splatter. In person this is sooo freaking cool!
DS Coronation really comes to life when layered over other colors. It's a scattered Silvery holo and it's just beautiful. The formula on this is easy to work with and can be built up to opacity on its own. On my Ring finger I have Three coats of Coronation over Raven.
Kind of Blurred to show sparkle
This one shows the Subtle Holo.
 And here is a swatch of Zoya's Raven. This baby is a pitch Black creme with the most subtle pearly shimmer. This pretty is opaque at Two coats and has a decent formula. It is slightly thick but not hard to work with. This also dries slightly dull so a top coat is a must. UH-mazing!
Happy Muffin Monday!!
<3 Cristina

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

O.P.I Serena Williams Glam Slam! England Duos


  This is by far my favorite of all the Duos released to date. The colors are amazing and vibrant. The are also in one of my favorite finishes, foils! Let's just get straight to the goodness shall we?

Up first the epic win that is Grape, Set Match!. The name is pure Grade A cheese but soo stinking cute lol. SO, this one is an awesome Grape Purple foil with pretty Pink flashes. Now, see that slight duochrome in the bottle? It doesn't really translate to the nail. No worries though, the colors itself is amazing! This is Three coats. No top coat.

 Next is my favorite, Your Royal Shineness. This one is an awesome Silver foil. I freaking love this. It's not a bright "in-your-face" Silver but more like a toned- down Silver with slight tarnished undertones lol. This is like if Silver Shatter did not shatter. It would look like this. Totally amazing. This is Three coats. No top coat.

 And here is Serving up Sparkle over Grape, Set Match. This is an awesome glitter top coat. I wouldn't attempt to wear this on it's own. This one has medium hex and small square holographic Silver glitters packed in a clear base. The larger pieces don't really like to stay on the brush but with careful, patient application you can get a few of them on the nail. This doesn't bother me because 1. It's glitter, 2. It's holo sparkle and 3. Just look at the Blurry shot! This is super bling-tastic! Two coats of Serving Up Sparkle.
I am so pleased with these duos. The colors are interesting and unique, at least in my collection. The surprise for me was Your Royal Shineness. I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do. These are by far my favorite duo released so far. You can find them in two different combos. One of the sets comes with Grape, Set Match and Serving up Sparkle and the other set comes with Your Royal Shineness and Servin Up Sparkle. Glitter and foil lovers will fall in love with these!!! Available in June 2011.

Are you excited about these duos? 
<3 Cristina

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nfu.Oh 61

Do I need to say much? Praise the polish gods as they have smiled upon me again!

 I know this has been blogged to death lately but I here is my turn at Nfu.Oh's #61. This is Silver Holographic in all it's glory.
A quick note on the pics above: These were taken post SV top coat. The SV did mellow out the holo effect just a bit but not terribly. It was still a serious driving hazard lol. I got this mani idea from Soguesswhat11 on Youtube. Check out her vids she does some really cute stuff!

The pictures below were taken before top coat. Next time I wear this I will leave it w/o top coat. I know it will chip faster but I love how linear and amazing this is. Click em!!
So this is pretty spectacular isn't it? This had been on my perpetual wishlist since I started blogging and discovered the amazigness that is holos. I never thought I'd actually get it, let alone be able to buy it in person lol. I scored this while at the Miami Beauty Show. #61 is the most amazing Silver linear holo there is, ever (or at least in my collection). The formula was a bit dreadful and I did not get the Aqua Base (which probably did not help) but honestly in Three patient coats it all seemed well. The brush on this is a bit stiff but it works with this polish. There isn't much else I can say about this because we all know it's so amazing! I suggest clicking on the pics to see better detail of the awesomesauce!

Nfu.Oh 61 Love it? Or love it?
<3 Cristina

Stamp: Konad Black Sp
Plate: BM04
TC:Seche Vite