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Thursday, May 24, 2012

From the Vault: Sinful Colors Unicorn

Hi loves and happy Thursday!!

  Today I have a simple swatch for my lovelies. I am running low on postable material so I am having to dip into my "vault" of emergency swatches. I hate when that happens. I just can't really bring myself to post partial collections... So basically I have about Three partially swatches collections and none actually ready to be posted lol.... That's how I roll. Today's color came to me from the Central FL Beauty Blogger meet-up we held in march. I came home with quite a few polishes from the "pickins" boxes that the girls had brought and this was one of them.
 Unicorn is a soft "Chick Fuzz" Yellow creme. This is one of those colors that- every time I went to the store- I'd pick up and put it back down. I was worried about the formula sucking TOO much since I had been reading on other blogs that this could be a difficult color to work with. Well when the opportunity presented itself to try it for free I jumped on it. While the formula was not great by any means, it was not nearly as terrible as I was expecting. It is a tad streaky and patchy but at Three thin coats it looked ADORABLE! I was never one to like Yellow on my nails. Once my "hand" got better I actually started appreciating Yellow on my tips. Yellow is such a happy color and this particular Yellow, I think, looks great on my skin tone. I love that while it is a muted pastel Yellow tone it remains "clean".
I'm so glad to have this as part of my arsenal. I think every girl should have at least One Yellow shade that flatters them. Yellow is such a misunderstood nail shade lol. It's just a matter of finding the right tone of Yellow to work with your skin and then have some patience with the formula :D. Once I found my Yellow I fell in love with the look.

Thoughts on Unicorn?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gimmie the Blues

Happy Saturday my loves!

  It is no secret that I love Blue polish. I just love Blue as a color in general. I find it soothing, refreshing and clean. I love all shades of Blue as well. I love vibrant Blues, soft Blues, shimmery Blues... I could go on for days about how much I love Blue... But for your sake I won't :D. I'll just show you Two awesome Blue shades of polish instead.
Sinful Colors Cinderella
 There is nothing sinful about this color *badum tsssss* trollooololol! Cinderella is a soft Blue base with Pink/ Golden shimmer. The formula on this color is pretty sheer and a bit streaky. For these pics I did Three coats of Cinderella but I think next time I wil layer it over a similar shade of Blue. I still absolutely love this color and how dreamy and princessy it is. Cinderella is the perfect name for this shade of shimmery Blue.

China Glaze Frostbite
 Frostbite is a pretty popular China Glaze shade. It is an electric shade of shimmery Pepsi Blue. The formula on this color is very pigmented and so easy to work with. This was one of my first China Glaze colors I ever bought and I still love it to pieces! This is Two coats of Frostbite.
Moar blue!!!!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Jordana Pixie Pink over Sinful Colors Cinderella

Happy Pink Wednesday and Leap Day!

  Today I have a super pretty layering with some really cute colors. Sinful Colors Cinderella made its way to me thanks to the lovely Liz N. I had been on the hunt for some time and was not able to find it anywhere and Liz came to my rescue. I could not help but want to layer this pretty Pink Jordana glitter over Cinderella for this sparkly edition of Pink Wednesday.
 I.Love.This. I love how the Pink sparkle in Cinderella plays along so well with Pixie Pink. Pink glitters like Pixie Pink don't always translate as pink when on the nail but over Cinderella it looks like the pretty Pink glitter it is. Pixie Pink is small Round glitter with larger Pink Hexes in a clear base.
These were some pretty cotton candy nails and they looked so yummy in person. These are "old camera" pics BTW. I still have quite a few of those to "get out of the way" but I am LOVING my new Nikon baby!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
(**Jordana Glitter sent for review**)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Sinful Colors See you Soon

Hiiii!!! Eeeeeeeee

   I am back! I'm sorry for the being kinda absent this past week but things were a little too hectic and I just needed a minute to catch up and take care of some things "in my real life". Many of you guys know my health has not been great and that's mainly been the cause of my erratic posting lately and the lack of inspiration. I am soo happy to be back though and I hope to continue feeling better. Over the weekend I filmed a tutorial I promised you guys last week on one of my sponging techniques and I will be sharing that with you guys later this week. I'm getting excited about filming more tutorials for you guys and I even found a kickass cam that will work with my Mac, so Yay for that!!

  Shall me go onto Muffin's pick for the week?
So for this simple look I started with Two coats of Sinful Colors See you Soon. I then I wanted to add a subtle design and I was inspired by a mani I saw on the lovely Polish Vixen Marissa's blog. She basically used one of the Bundle Monster French tip designs but flipped it on it's side. I really liked the look it created and it gave me a way to use these stamps because I absolutely suck at using the French tip stamps correctly. For this particular design I used Petites Twilight as my stamping color and BM plate 218.

Here is a swatch of See you Soon. This is an amazing Blackened Denim Blue shimmer. The formula on this color is a little tricky and draggy but with a patient hand and a light touch it becomes fully opaque in two coats. This is also a dupe of Nicole by O.PI's Too Rich for You from the Gossip Girl Collection.

And of course!! Here is a vid of Muffin making her pick!

 And once again I am really loving how the sparkle shows up in this pic. This color really comes to life in Sunlight too. It's soo pretty and sophisticated.
I am so happy to be back!!!! I will be coming back a little later to post the Giveaway winners!!! I'm very excited about that as well!!! Good luck to everyone who entered!!!!
♥ Cristina

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sinful Colors Mint Apple Revisited

Hi loves!!

  For today I have a re- swatch of a very pretty Sinful Colors polish. This is a very popular color and just about everyone I know owns it. As a matter of fact, the other day, when I posted about Daddy's Girl... Just about everyone who commented on the post had brought up this pretty I'm showing you guys today. I really love it and it always makes me hungry when I wear it...
Mint Apple is the loveliest creamy minty Jade Green shimmer. This is just so pretty. The formula on this color is amazing and easy to work with. For this mani I only needed Two coats. There is a slight Golden shimmer that really makes this color very wearable even though it is a light pastel Green tone. I can say I am a fan...

Just for fun here is a second pic :). I really liked how the color looked on this one and the shimmer looks so pretty here.
So, since so many lovelies had mentioned this color I just had to go in my drawer and revisit this pretty :).

Thanks for stopping by :)!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl

Hi loves and happy Sunday!!!

  Missed you guys yesterday but I just did not have time to get much done Friday or Saturday. Today I just have a swatch of one of the prettiest Sinful Colors polishes ever. It's Purple, it's jelly and it's sparkly. What's not to love? Also in case you haven't heard.. I have a You Tube channel now!! There will be Muffin vids coming very soon :)!
Daddy's Girl is the pretties shade of true Purple jelly packed full of Purple sparkles that have a slight Golden duochrome. The formula on this is just a little tricky, a little thick and goopy? It's not terrible by any means. and it takes a little longer to dry than most of my other colors. Nothing one coat of Seche can't fix.... I really love this color, it's juicy! For this mani I used Three coats of color.

Which are your Sinful Favorites?
♥ Cristina

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! My Best Friend's Wedding Series Edition

Happy Pink Wednesday!!

  Today I have a special edition of Pink Wednesday for you guys. I was feeling "inspired" by one of my previous designs but I tweaked it and improved on it and now this is one of my favorite designs ever.
[HERE] You can see the original look that inspired this version. I just love it soo much! So what I did for this version: I inverted the color of the dots and the bow  and added rhinestones to the bows for a little flash and bling. As my base color I used one of my favorite Pinks ever Sinful's Forget Now. . Then for some extra sparkle I added a top coat of INM Northern Lights. Dots plate: BM19, Bow Plate: Konad M59.

Here is a swatch of the amazing Forget Now. It's a lovely Fuchsia Pink glassfleck shimmer. For this mani I used Three thin coats of color. 
For the next few designs I'm going to be doing some more traditional bridal designs. I have a few very soft and delicate ideas floating around in my head that should turn out pretty (I hope). 

What is on your tips today?
♥ Cristina

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl

Hello lovelies,

  Today I have a pretty white shade. This one came from my mama. It's really pretty and delicate and totally bridal looking. My bestie is getting married in November. I will be working on a series of manis inspired by her colors, patterns and such and hopefully I'll come up with the final designs for the brides and bridesmaids nails. This will be a lot of fun! This color has potential!

Tokyo Pearl is a pretty White base with a pearly shimmer. For this mani I layered one coat of Tokyo Pearl over Bettina's Marshmallow because I had a feeling the formula would be sheer and frosty on its own. Layered it is beautiful and delicate and looks like icing on a cake. It applies easy enough and since it was layered It really brought out the White tones in in more. I'm diggin' it

 Here is a swatch of the creamy White goodness that is Marshmallow. I love this color so much! This is two coats.

I can't wait to start working on the manis for my Lizy's wedding. I am so happy for her and so excited to get to go to Puerto Rico for the first time in Six years and for a wonderful occasion. After working on my very first Bridal Post I realized this was a theme that really inspired me so I'm looking forward to that. I've been feeling down lately and I think this might just be the thing to perk me up again. Plus I'm super excited for her to see what I come up with!

Thanks for stopping by :)
<3 Cristina

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam pt. 2


  It's time for another swatch spam post. Last time I did one I asked if you guys enjoyed these types of posts and a lot of you said you did so I decided to sit down and so some swatching for my lovelies.
In case you missed it (HERE) is the First Random Swatch Spam.

 This is the pretty Dreamy.  This polish is a pretty coral jelly packed full of holographic glitter. This is perfect for Summer. The formula on this one was good. This is Two coats.

A-list is a light, metallic Powdery Blue. This is a pretty color and not frosty like my pictures make it look. I do recommend keeping your hand light and steady with colors like this one to prevent brushstrokes. The formula is easy to work with and it is opaque in Two coats.

  This is China Girl. This is a metallic coral. Once again not frosty just a very metallic finish. I have a feeling these types of polishes are also great for stamping. This is two coats.

  This is Art Deco Orange. Bright, bright true Orange creme. This was my first venture into Orange polish. Surprisingly I loved it! The formula on this one is amazing! Smooth, well pigmented and very easy to work with. Also the pics were taken pre- top coat. This is two coats.

 Glamour Secret. This is what I am going to call a Navy Grey creme. I love this color. Perfect for fall and a creamy excellent formula. This shade reminds me of Zoya's Kelly but with an extra shot of Blue instead of Purple. This is ONE coat!

 And finally we have Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl. I know there are two versions of this color out there, this is the newer one I assume since I just got this color recently. This is an awesome Grape Jelly with Purple and Golden glassfleck shimmer. This is a lovely color! Two coats.
And we come to the end of today's spam post :). I hope you all enjoyed!

Any favorites?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sinful Colors Dream On + NYX Gilded Glitter


  YES and yes! So my awesome Mr. LTHP picked this beauty up for me while away on a work trip. His reasoning: He saw it, he liked it, he got it for me :). Did I mention I have an amazing husband?

  I can see why this jumped out at him... Dream On is an awesome neon Red based Purple creme. When I say neon I mean NEON. Sadly, my camera is not too fond of these types of colors and always does funky things to them but I get the general gist of this color right? It is so in your face bright and awesome! This dries a bit matte since it's neon. The formula was just a tad streaky but nothing a light hand cant handle. This is Two coats.

 Then I added two coats of NYX's Gilded Glitter. This is basically small Gold flakie style glitter with micro gold glitter packed in a clear base. Let me tell you about how much I love this. It's a flakie style, it's a bright Gold, it can be built up as much or as little as I want and it applies like a dream. I also love that it lays flat and no matter how many coats I layered it remained smooth in finish. I suggest clicking the last macro shot of the awesomeness that is this polish. I really love this combo a lot! The Gold really complimented the neon Purple. This is Two coats.

  I have a few more NYX glitters to try out and I cannot wait! They have really fun and funky glitters that are driving me crazy with how awesome they are and how much I don't need them but want them!

You may have heard about a contest Bundle Monster is holding on Facebook where they will be giving away 25 sets of their new plates. I have entered a picture and would really appreaciate if you would check it out and vote (but only if you like it) All you have to do is click (HERE) and leave a comment on the picture. I'm honestly not 100% sure on what is going (as far as voting) on but I encourage my lovelies to check it out and enter and vote!

Have you ever tried NYX?
<3 Cristina

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam!

Hello lovelies!!

  Today I have more spam! I've been doing a lot of swatching lately because A) It's fun sometimes lol. B) I have a lot of time to kill. C) I have a lot of colors to try and finally D) I am soooooo stuck in a creative Black Hole at the moment :(.
   Also, the giveaway is now closed! A big Thank you to all the lovelies who participated, tweeted,facebooked and blogged!! I was celebrating 500 Followers and thanks to all of you a WHOLE lot of new lovelies have found their way to LTHP!! I hope you all continue to visit and enjoy this site as much as I enjoy and love working on it for you, my wonderful readers! I will be announcing the winner very soon so stay tuned for that! SO! Onto so polish!

How I Met your Magenta is an awesome Magenta base with a subtle Golden micro-shimmer. I didn't realize there was a Golden shimmer in this until I started applying it. The formula is a bit sheer but easy to work with. At Three coats I had a little of VNL but it wasn't noticeable at all.

This is w/o Top Coat. Dries to a cool Satin Finish!

Gray's Anatomy is apparently a pretty close dupe of Lippmann's Wicked Games. This color is basically a light Grey shimmer with a slight Purple/ Green/ Pink duochrome. It's pretty and ethereal. The formula is a little runny and sheer. This is Three coats and the only decent picture I managed to take. Sorry it' so crappy lol.

Caribbean Frost made me cringe when I read the name. Anything with the word "frost" in it worries me... And then I put it on.. And then I couldn't stop staring. It's not actually frosty, just shimmery. This is a gorgeous Turquoise shimmer with a light Green/ Blue duochrome flash that gives this color amazing depth. This is two effortless coats.

Night Prowl is an awesome Black Base with a fine Purple glitter packed in it. This is similar to ChG Mummy may I? but the glitter in this is much smaller. This is Two coats of awesomeness. This is w/o a top coat so as you can see it does need one to prevent a gritty finish.

This is Essence Movie Star. This is your basic concrete Grey creme. As I've come to expect from these tiny polishes, the formula was flawless and so easy to apply. My regular readers know I can't get enough Grey and this is an excellent one to have. I'll be doing some Grey creme comparisons soon. I have a few .

Last Chance...Oh Last Chance how I love thee... This is amazing. Dark Hunter Green creme, amazing and totally unique in my collection. I don't have anything close to this color and I absolutely love it. The formula bordered on jelly- like so it was a dream to apply and opaque in Two coats.

And here is the amazing Milani Gold FX. Awesome Bright Gold hex glitters! This one was a bit tricky but as you can see it can be worn on its own. This is about Three coats. It is hard to judge coats because I had to apply it in somewhat of a dabbing motion since the glitter kept wanting to go toward the tips. I cannot wait to play with layering this! 

Sorry for the randomness haha! Do you enjoy these types of posts?
<3 Cristina