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Friday, October 26, 2012

Pixi Fall 2012 Swatches

Happy Friday!! 

  Today I have a quick post to show you guys Three new(ish) polishes by Pixi. These three pretties were released for Fall/ Winter. I won't ramble much today and get straight to the polishes because I really want to get SO much stuff done today! I hate when it feels like there isn't enough time in the day to get done what I need done... Anywho.... POLISH! 

Pixi Classy Cocoa
 This is pretty much the most amazing, most awesome Brown polish I own right now. I.Don't.Like.Brown... That said.. Just look at this amazing color, how could I not like this?! The base is a light Chocolate Brown packed full of Coppery/ Golden shimmer. In some lights you can even see some slight Violet tones, they are very subtle though. This color is extremely flattering and has a great formula. I used Two coats for pictures.

Pixi Evening Emerald
 The name on this one throws me off lol.. This is not a Green polish. Well, what is it then? It is a beautiful, Blackened Teal shimmer. I love the darkened edges on the nail with this polish. The shimmer is really pretty and reflects light beautifully. I used Two easy coats for my swatch.

Pixi Amazing Amethyst
 Amazing Amethyst is not quite this Blue in person. It is however, a really vivid and pretty shade of shimmery Amethyst Purple. I've read on a lot of fellow blogger posts that this color doesn't feel very unique. I find it totally awesome. I was trying to find something similar in my stash but I came up empty, so in my stash this is actually a pretty unique shade. This color also has a great formula and does well in Two coats.

 I really like this small Fall collection, especially Classy Cocoa. All Three colors have great formulas, which is always nice. I really like the Pixi brush quite a lot. I think it's because it has a longer wand that most polishes. In my book, longer wands make for easier application. Pixi polishes are available from Target and retail for $8.00. 

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by!

(**Pixi Products provided for review**)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Frankens by Polish for Thought

Happy Sunday!!

  Today I have Four lovely frankens that were sent to me by Nicole of Polish for Thought. She sent me some pretty cute creations and left the task of naming them up to me, which was a lot of fun. She wanted me to be "punny" and funny with the names so I did my best to try and live up to her expectations since she gave me awesome colors to work with :D! 
 To see swatches of these pretty frankens just keep on reading :D!

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Picks from A England's The Legend Collection

Happy Friday lovelies!

  Today I finally get to show you the Three AMAZEBALL pretties the sweet Adina was kind enough to share with me. I had been sitting on these polishes for ever before I was able to swatch them. The Sun was not cooperating with me these past few weeks, but we finally had a really nice day and the only thing on my mind was swatching these holographic beauties. All I could think of as I swatched each color was "OMG" because each shade seemed to be more stunning than the next. I'm thinking I'm going to have to order some more colors from this collection... Starting with Ascalon...
 To see swatches of these pretties just keep reading after the jump.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Milani Key West

Happy Sunday Everyone!

  Sorry I don't have a spam post for you guys today. I did not have time during this week to do much plus I had been wearing the same mani since Tuesday because I could not bring myself to take it off. I will be showing you guys this mani very soon, I promise. For today I just have a quick swatch post of a color I used recently as a base for a Jordana glitter. This Milani beauty is part of their Spring 2012 lineup.
 So I LOVVVEDDD this in the bottle..... And I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEEE it on my nails even more. I thought this was going to be a Glassflecky type of finish but when I saw that it was a True Teal foil I just about dropped flat on the ground. This color is bright, happy, clean and Summer in a bottle. The formula is flawless and it is opaque in Two coats. This particular foil has a lot of depth to it and it seems to glow. Milani is really hitting it out of the park this Spring!
What do you guys think? Aren't these some awesome mermaid nails? Uggh! Just love Key West. I love the color and I love the island that inspired the color. Milani has quickly become one of my favorite drugstore brands.

Thoughts on Key West?

(**Product provided for review**)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

butter LONDON Slapper and Trout Pout- Spring 2012

Good morning loves!!

  Today's post is a quickie. I just got these Two BL's in the mamamail and I had to try them like.. STAT. I had been really looking forward to these BL cremes. I've always read wonderful things about butter LONDON cremes and had yet to try one. I have to say that these have some of the best formulas I've ever encountered. I also love how bright and saturated these colors are.

butter LONDON Slapper
Slapper..... How I wish this color would photograph accurately... It is quite a bit Greener and not quite this Blue. It is, however, this BRIGHT. This color borders on being a Turqoise neon, but it is not a neon. The formula for Slapper is just stunning. This color practically applies itself. Uuummm... Go ahead and double up on the baecoat before putting on this pretty. I love these bright Spring Teals that seem to be hitting the scene for Spring. This color is opaque in Two effortless coats.

butter LONDON Trout Pout
AHHHHHHH OMFGGGGG!!! I.Love.This. Trout Pout is a bright Salmon Pink. This color also borders on neon- like brightness which makes it AWESOME. I don't even know how to put into words how much I love this creme. Even though this color is insanely bright I also found it VERY flattering on my skintone. Great Spring shade. This color is opaque in Two effortless coats.

  I flippin' love the names of the colors in this collection. I love how they border on being offensive because that is just my kind of humor. I'm neither a Slapper nor a Trout Pout but I can promise you that I will be rocking the SHIZ out of these colors!


(**Products sent for review**)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Muffin Monday!! Viridian Vinyl

Good Morning loves and happy Muffin Monday!!

  Today I limited Muffin's picks to Orly colors. I feel like I don't give Orly enough love. I also feel like out of all the big brand name brands Orly "Wow's" me the least. I don't know what it is but their colors just feel tired to me. It seems like once in every collection they have a really amazing color and the rest are just ok, to me. I really like their "specialty" collections like the Cosmic FX and the more recent Mineral FX collections. The pretty Muffin picked today comes from their Plastix Collection.

  I remember this color being one of my very first lemmings. I could not go on without having this color in my collection and I searched high and low until I found it, that was an awesome day. I could go on and on about my feelings on my older polishes back from when I first started blogging, but this could turn into a very long post. I love being able to look back at colors fondly now hahahah!!
To see Muffin's pick in action just keep reading.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Muffin Monday!! The Nameless Franken

Hi loves and good morning!

  It is Monday and that means it is time for another Muffin Monday! Today she picked for me a Franken I mixed up some time ago. I never came up with a name for it so it just became "The Nameless Franken". I usually have a pet peeve against nameless polishes but for some reason neither Mr. LTHP nor I could come up with a name for this creation. Suggestions?
 To see Muffin's pick in action just keep reading after the jump.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 18- Half Moon Nails

Hello lovely peeps!!!

  Welcome to day 18 of the challenge! Can I just say how proud I am of Sam, Rie and myself for actually making it this far :D! Today's task is Half Moon nails. I am madly in love with today's look. It's so simple and yet so eye catching. 
 So for this look I started with Two coats of Bettina's Celebrate which is a really pretty Gold Foil. Close to China Glaze's Midnight Kiss but just a bit lighter. Once that was dry I went over the top with A England's Galahad. Let me tell you guys about Galahad... It's the most stunning shade of Fall-perfect Teal. The formula... Holy Jeebs the formula on this... It's amazing! I've never used a creme with a formula quite like this one. It is so opaque but not thick.... Ughhh just perfect. Also a major perk is that I am completely dupeless for Galahad, so yay for that! I had already started loosing Sun here so I had to use this weird angle. The contrast between the foil and the creme really make this special for me.

I hope you guys like these as much as I do :D! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their  Half Moon nails!

Tomorrow's challenge should be fun! Galaxy nails!!
♥ Cristina

(**Some of the products featured were provided by the manufacturer**)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Cult Nails Let me Fly and Zoya Trixie

Hello and happy uber late Muffin Monday!!

  Sorry I am so late today. I've been sooo lazy lately lol. But I did get a little caught up today and I plan to be on time tomorrow. Earlier today I posted a video of Muffin making her choice for today. So without further delay here is the look I came up with.
  I started with a base of Two coats of Cult nails Let me Fly. Then with a bit of sponge I added some Silver accents to the tips using Zoya's Trixie. I really love how the Silver on the tips seamlessly blends into the awesome Silver sparkle in Let me Fly. I plan on having a tutorial for this look later on.

Here is a swatch of the lovely Let me Fly. This is one of my favorite colors from the Summer season. I love the formula in this color and I can't get enough of the brush on Cult Nails polishes.  
Sorry for the late post, but so glad to be here today!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
♥ Cristina

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mini Zoya Spam Time!!

Hi darlings!!

  Today I have some very small Zoya spam. Not too long ago Zoya had another of their awesome promos and these are the Three beauties that came home to live with me...
Posh. The most amazing shade of matte, shimmery Wine Red. My new date nite polish. OMG this is just STUNNING! I have absolutely no interest in seeing this with a top coat because it's just sooo lovely in it's original matte form. This color could not apply any better. This is fully opaque at Two coats but it was pretty dark and even at One coat. I can't wait to wear this baby again.

Akyra. A slightly blackened Peacock Teal? Sure, let's go with that. It's really a beautiful color with a slightly sheer formula. I found that this color did best with Four thin coats. When it was finally fully opaque I could not stop staring at my nails. I love these mermaid-y type of colors.

And this is the ever-popular Charisma. Let's just say this photo does this color absolutely no justice. It is not this Pink. It is a very bright, bordering on neon, Red toned Purple creme. It dries very matte and kinda fug but put a top coat on this lovely and the color completely transforms in the most beautiful shade of Purple. The formula on this is a little tricky as it seems to have some neon pigmentation in it. It's not draggy or streaky but you do have to work a little fast. I will say that every Purple lover needs this baby.

I'm really happy with my picks, especially Posh. Which pretties did you get? Have you checked out my giveaway yet?
♥ Cristina

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam Part 4

Happy Caturday!!

   Today I have another mini swatch spam post. I'm hoping to have something more exciting tomorrow for you guys. I really hope you don't mind all this swatching I've been showing lately. I swear I will be stamping more often and stuff soon. I just have a lot of nonsense going on in my real life right now (BOOOOO!)... But I don't want to abandon my lovelies...
  Rodeo Fanatic is one of my China Glaze favorites. This is a lovely Teal shimmer with a slight duochrome runnign though it. This is Two effortless coats.

Above is Essence Can't Cheat on Me. I picked this cutie up at Ulta not long ago because the second I saw the micro Silver shimmer I knew there was that certain holo something about it. In Sunlight there is a subtle holographic effect to this polish. I can't wait to layer this over darker colors to give them more dimension. This was Three coats and no top coat. Very shiny on it's own.

And last but not least is Bettina's Amethyst. This is a lovely soft metallic Purple with a great formula. IRL this is much more Red toned but the picture is not too far off from what the color actually look like. This was Three coats and no top coat. My momma brought me this pretty from her trip to Puerto Rico. She also brought me two other pretties that, as it turned out, I already had so I will be adding them to my upcoming giveaway. 

Happy caturday lovelies!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, July 17, 2011

PIxel Blu Ray Baby

Happy Sunday!!!

  Today I have a little pretty I picked up while at Ulta recently. This cutie comes from a new brand at Ulta called Pixel. The display was so cute and they are only $1.99 so I had to get at least one! Sooo fo my first Pixel venture I picked Blu Ray Baby.
  So for this simple look I used one of my Sally Hansen chrome pens in Turquoise and BM plate 05 from the original set.

  Pixel's Blu Ray Baby is a lovely "peacock" Teal shimmer that is just classically pretty. The formula on this pretty is actually really really good. It is only slightly sheer but builds up nicely. I also really liked that these have a nice full brush even though they are in mini bottles. This is super easy to work with and I am so happy with my pick :). This is Three coats and no top coat.
I am really happy with this pretty. The display of Pixels was pretty empty but the colors they had left were so cute. I can only assume that they have a nice color range since the display was so bare lol.

Will you be checking your Ulta for Pixel polishes?
<3 Cristina

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

O.P.I Yodel me on my Cell + White Shatter

Hi darlings!!

  Today I am revisiting one of my favorite colors from last Fall. This pretty came from O.P.I's Swiss Collection and I have worn it Once before. Well, recently I was having issues picking what colors I wanted to wear. So, I went to a FB group I belong to and asked the gals to pick a number between 1 and 395 and what ever color the first number posted corresponded to I would wear.

  This is what I decided to do with Yodel me on my Cell. I applied White Shatter in a zig-zag motion and Silver Shatter in a regular motion to my Ring finger and Thumbs.

 Here is Yodel me on my Cell. A lovely Blue-ish Teal shimmer. This one has a sheer formula and has full coverage at Three coats.
That's it! Simple and pretty. 

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Cristina

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cult Nails: A Day at the Races Swatches

Hi lovelies!!!

  OMG I am so excited to show you these beauties. I won't blab much and get straight to the pretties. This collection comes to us from Cult Nails. This is a brand that I had yet to try and all I can say after swatching this amazing collection is I am a fan. And not only am I a fan of these colors but I am also a fan of their creator, Maria. You can check out Cult Nails polish and Maria's blog by clicking on the Cult Nails banner under my Link Love Section on the right side bar :).

  Since it is Pink Wednesday I will get started with Devious Nature. This is a lovely Magenta/ Pink creme with some slight Purple undertones. I love the formula on this color. It is squishy like a jelly but pigmented like a creme. This was fully opaque in Two easy coats. This one also dries super shiny. Here I have it pictured without a top coat.

 Here is Captivated. The name is perfect because that is exactly what this color is doing to me. This one is a stunning Coral jelly base packed full of small square and round glitters in irridescent Coral that lights up the jelly base beautifully. This is like nails on fire just amazing. The formula was slightly thick but not problematic. For the pictures below I used Two coats of Captivated by itself and there was minimal VNL. I absolutely love this by itself.

 But just for fun, I tried it layered over something that kind of matched the base. Here I have Captivated over American Eagle's Coral Bits.

 This one is one of my favorites from this collection. Let me Fly is a spectacular dusty Teal creme base packed full of light Blue glassfleck sparkles. I LOVE the sparkle in this because it really shows up well in dim light and it sparkles Blue, Purple and Pink. Just stunning. But really the giant WIN here is the tone it's in. I am a sucker for Teal and this one is just amazing. The formula is great on this one. Very smooth and well pigmented. This is Two coats.

This may come as a shock to many of you but here is my favorite from the group. This is the amazing Cruisin' Nude. This one is a lovely light Neutral tone creme with the most amazing Pink shimmer running through it. You can really see it in the first picture in the bottle and it really does translate to the nail. As soon as the Sun hits this polish the shimmer comes out to play. The formula on this one is slightly thick but not really problematic. It has excellent pigmentation and I only needed Two coats to achieve full coverage.

 Here is Always Winning. This one is super interesting. It is a sheer Golden-Olive-Green shimmer base (got all that?) packed full of Golden holo sparkles. The formula on this one is sheer because it's more so meant to be layered. I wanted to try it by itself first and it does build up to opacity but it is quite gritty because the base is so sheer so a decent amount of top coat is needed to get rid of the grittiness. I don't normally comment on the smell of polish but this one had a pretty strong smell so if you are sensitive to smells, consider yourselves warned lol. In the pics below I have Three coats of Always Winning.

Here is Always Winning layered over Sinful Colors Last Chance. OMG this is THE perfect Christmas mani. (I know... Thinking waaaaay ahead.) This combo is to die for!

And in case you were wondering this is what Last Chance looks like.

I love these colors like I love cake.. Which is a lot. All Five colors are so unique and gorgeous. You guys know that "unique" makes me happy. The formula is great on all the colors. My top Three from this collection are Let me Fly, Cruisin' Nude and Captivated. I love the Sparkle in Captivated and the subtlety of Crusin Nude  and I really love the classic beauty that is Let me Fly. Devious Nature is the epitome of girly and Always Winning is one of the most interesting polishes in my collection. Maria has really outdone herself with this collection and as I said above... I am a fan. I will be rocking these colors a lot this Summer. To see more colors from Cult Nails visit their website by clicking [HERE]. And I suggest you do because this collection is Limited and these are colors that you want in your collection!

Thoughts on this collection? Which do you love?
<3 Cristina

(** Cult Nails "A  Day at the Races" was sent by Maria for Review**)

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a Holo Party for my 300th Post!

Yeah that's right!

  300 posts! That's insanity. When I started blogging back in August I didn't think I would be posting so often but I just can't stay away. I'll keep it short but thanks to those of who who have been here for a while and hello to all of my new lovelies who are here now and finding me still! Thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings and look at my pictures. I appreciate it tons!

  So today I was in a holo type of mood to celebrate. So I decided to wear Techno Teal from the Tronica collection and OMG from the OMG collection. And then stamped in this kind of fence- looking stamp.
I got a few compliments on this mani. I love that the new BM Plate set has these inverted stamps. I used plates BM208 and 209. In my Middle and Ring finger I used the inverted version of what I have on my Pinkie and Index. I wanted to give Techno Teal a bit more of a holo effect so I stampe a larger aread with OMG. This looked really cool in person.

I love holos but I have a dilemma where I don't want to wear them because I don't want to use up my bottle haaha. Anyone else have this problem?
<3 Cristina

Monday, March 14, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Bettina #189

It's Monday again?

  Already?! Well here is a little Muffin to perk you up! Today she chose Bettinas #189. Their core collection colors are numbered, which is kind of a bummer because this beauty could inspire awesome names!
   Also, the giveaway closes today at Midnite!! Make sure to check it out if you have not yet done so by clicking on the picture on the Righ-hand side bar!!
I have a serious Mermaid Complex lol!
  #189 is an amazing Turquoise shimmer that seems to glow from beneath. The shimmer effect in this reminds me of Barielle's Decadence (Which was a Muffin Monday pick as well, might I add). The formula is dreamy smooth and only slightly sheer, but it seems to work because it gives the polish a very glassy look. For this mani  I used Three coats of #189. In the swatch pictures a top coat has not yet been applied so as you can see it is very, very shiny and adding a top coat of Seche Vite made my nails look like glassy pools of Puerto Rican beach water and me feel like a mermaid!

If this were to have a cutesy name, what would it be?
<3 Cristina

Bettina #197
Stamp: SH Color Quick Pen Teal Chrome
Stones: Born Pretty Store
TC: Seche Vite