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Friday, January 18, 2013

Random #EOTD and #FOTD-ness and Pics of my New Hair!

One might say... 

  That I might be on a slight bold makeup- cateye kick... I got so much amazing makeup for Christmas that I am finding every excuse possible to wear all my goodies. These are a few random makeup looks I've done recently that I wanted to share with you guys!  
  In some eventuality these posts will become a "dedicated post". Meaning I will only be covering a full "FOTD" instead of several looks in one post (unless you guys like this better). 
  To see some closeups of these eye looks, some full face shots and my new hair just continue reading!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Current Obsession: Cateyes (and crazy colorful eyes)

Happy Humpday! 

 Today I want to share some recent eye-of-the-day (#EOTD) looks. My family was amazing on Christmas. My husband got me all this amazing makeup and a Zuca bag for me to store it all in. It was a really colorful X-mas! 
 Recently I've been slapping a cateye on just about every look I do. For a while I was intimidated by the look, and couldn't quite master it. I figured if I never practiced I'd never get better at it so I started doing lots of cat eyes and experimenting with different colors and angles and such. These are some of my favorite cateyes I've done (some have been... :-|).
To see some close-ups and find out which products I used just continue reading. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Wet 'n' Wild #EOTD Look Spam

Happy Friday! 

  Today I have a few eye of the day looks I've done over the past few weeks. I'm keeping things short and sweet today. Going crazy prepping for this weekend.  This weekend shall be crazy! The Makeup Show Orlando is this Sunday and Monday and I cannot wait. 

Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone Look
 This look features the neutral toned side of the Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone 8-pan palette. I LOVE this palette. For this look I used the shadows as labeled on the pans. My inner corner was highlighted with NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk and Set with Milani pressed powder shadow in French Vanilla. 

Pop of Jade  
 This look features the Comfort Zone Palette once again. As I said.. I LOVE this palette. For this look I used the neutral side of the palette. For the Green liner I used the Wet 'n' Wild megalast liquid liner in Turquoise.

Dark but Fun
 This look features the Wet 'n' Wild Blue had me at Hello 8- pan palette. I used a mix of both sides of the palette for this look. Mainly the matte colors in the palette.

  All these looks started with a base of NYX skintone shadow primer. My mascara on all of these is Maybelline The Colossal and my brows were filled in with Milani Felt tip brow pen in Deep.

  I hope I can come up with an awesome makeup look for this weekend! XO

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday #EOTD/ #FOTD Looks!

Happy Caturday! 

  Today I have Three Face of the Day looks I did over the past few weeks. I have not had a lot of opportunities to wear kick ass make-up lately and that's why these posts are getting a little more spaced out. These are three looks that I really loved and turned out waaaaaaaay better than I could have ever hoped for.
To see full face shots and close- ups of the eyes just continue reading!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cult Nails Deal With it

Good afternoon lovely people!! 

  Today I have the first of Five looks I will do featuring the amazing colors from the Cult Nails Untamed Collection (A.k.A Coco's Collection). The quick story behind these Five amazing colors is Maria's youngest daughter Coco, now 13, is all about creating colors with mom. This is one fierce teenager. When asked what her inspiration was for the colors she simply answered " The colors themselves are the inspiration." Hells yeah!! This girl has it going on! 
  So anywho, Coco created Five beautifully unique colors and today I will be showing you her favorite shade from the collection; Deal with It. This will be the first of Five fun looks I will be featuring using Coco's colors. 
 To see this look and a swatch of Deal with It just continue reading.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LTHP Dabbles! My very first #EOTD Post!

Trying new things is always exciting... 

  Exciting and unnerving! I've been working up the courage to post this for a while.... For some months now I had been toying with the idea of featuring more than just nails on LTHP. Now, I know this blog is called Let them have Polish and all but... I'm a girl, and this girl also loves make-up! Make-up and I had a little fight and we stopped talking for a while but that has changed now. I was intimidated by make-up and color but blogging and being exposed to so many talented ladies left me wanting to give make-up a second chance!
  With the encouragement of some lovely ladies in my beauty blog networking groups I started playing with my eye make-up and taking pictures. I'm not great at make-up but that being said... Remember when I first started blogging? I had no idea what I was doing then either so I'm hoping with time and practice my make-up skills will improve as well as my picture taking. Just like I did with my nails. So... Yeah! Here's my first Eye of the day(s) post!
 These are all looks that were done early in the morning right before work. I've been thinking of calling this little experiment " Make-up for the working girl". These are VERY basic looks. I always see AMAZING stuff from makeup gurus like Vintage or Tacky, Nikkietutorials and my awesome friend Miss Phyrra so I figured I could feature some "basic" make up for those of us who are still learning :D...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Nail Color Swatches

Happy Hump-Day!!

  Today I have some swatches of some new releases by Wet 'n' Wild. These three pretties come from their Megalast Salon Nail Color Collection. Wet 'n' Wild was very generous to the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida. They sent each girl Four different nail colors, Three eye shadow palettes and a gel eye liner. I've been seriously LOVING my new Wet 'n' Wild products. 
  I've been loving their shadow palettes so much that I went on a huge bender the other day and I got, just about, every Three pan and Eight pan palette they have. So, back to the nail color. These Three are great cremes with amazing formulas and the brush... I'll go on about the brush some...
To see swatches of these Three beautiful colors just continue reading.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Wet 'n' Wild Dreamy Poppy goes Tween

Good Morning loves and happy Pink Wednesday!

  Been a while huh?! I had been really wanting to do a Pink Wednesday for some time and now that I am finally adjusted to my work schedule, got myself organized and my shiz together I was able to come up with a Tweeny design using stamping plate DRK-A and a cute Wet 'n' Wild shade. I love cute and playful manis like this one. While the look is very "young"... I could care less. Someday I let my inner 13- year old shine through my nails.
 For this look I started with Two effortless coats of Dreamy Poppy. I stamped using several designs from Brazilian plate DRK-A in Konad SP. This did not turn out as clean and neat as I envisioned because I am still working out the kinks on stamping with my Brazilian plate. All the images stamp a little differently and I am finding out as I go how they all work, I LOVE the star stamp so much! The girly Skully design actually stamped a lot better on my right hand when I applied less pressure. I still like this fun and edgy look.
 To see swatches of Dreamy Poppy keep reading after the jump.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Ice Baby Swatches- It's a Glitter Kind of Day...

Happy Humpday!

  Today I have swatches of Wet 'n' Wild's Ice Baby Collection. It took me forever to get these done because I was actually wearing these *gasp*. I skipped Three of the colors because... I don't really know why because I'm kinda wishing I had picked them up now.. Anyhow... Here are the Five I picked up.
Back Alley Deals. Amazing Grape Purple micro fine glitter with larger round Magenta bits. I love the contrast between the Two colors of the glitters. Just amazing!!

Cost is no Issue. Amazing Aqua colored micro fine glitter with larger Blue particles mixed in. This is unique and beautiful!  

It's all in the Cut. Lovely micro fine Lavender glitter with Light Pink larger particles mixed in. This looks like fairy dust. Very pretty and girly but absolutely not boring!

Believe me, It's Real. Royal Blue micro glitter with larger Purple particles. This is another winner. Great jewel toned glitter. 

Diamond in the Rough. Charcoal micro glitter with Silvery iridescent larger particles mixed in. This is so  sophisticated and textured looking. LOOVE this!

  All of these glitters are suspended in a clear base so they could also be layered. All of these swatches were Three coats of glitter. While they are in a clear base, the micro fine glitter makes it very easy to build up to full coverage. These did not wear great on me at all. They were chipping off within the same day of application.. I do not mind this because I'd rather them chip off than have to deal with the removal of such fine glitters. For me, these will be great "day polishes". Basically colors I wear when I want to be really flashy but they have crap wear. The applied really easily and dry really quick. These dry gritty and dull so a good top coat is an absolute must. Even though they have crap wear I really LOVE these. I love the colors and I love the fact that most of these colors are dupes to some very expensive polishes that have come out recently. These are a serious WIN for me!

Which are your faves?
♥ Cristina


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! Color Club Jackie Oh! and O.P.I Navy Shatter

Holy smokes!

  Ready for a lame joke? I have a much better name for this color. Jackie Ouch! Because it hurts my eyes to look at it it's so freaking bright. Of course my camera did not like this at all but I tried my best.

Jackie Oh! is so bright it puts my CG Shocking Pink to shame. This first picture is the closest to tone accurate. It is a really pretty neon Pink tone.It is a true hot Pink. About 100 times brighter than the picture makes it look. Here I layered it over one coat of CG White on White and it kind of brought out a bit of an orange tone in the color. The formula is really good on this. It is not draggy or streaky at all. Next time I wear this I will not layer it over white. Here I have it with one coat if W'n'W Kaleidoscope over Jackie Oh!.

And here is the whole thing under Navy Shatter from O.P.I. I freaking love this so much. I especially love how the sparkle peeks through the squishy jelly shatter. I'm also really loving the contrast of the Navy with the hot, hot neon Pink. Oh! And using SV with Navy Shatter did not cause the same wrinkle issue I had with O.P.I RapiDry top coat.
Someday they will make a camera that can tolerate neons lol and that day shall be glorious but until then take my word on this: If you love neon and Pink, then Jackie Oh! is a color to have in your collection. The formula is great and the color is even better! 

Happy Pink Wednesday!
<3 Cristina

(** O.P.I Navy Shatter sent for review**)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

NYX Carnival v. Happy Birthday v. Party of Five Glitters

Hello lovelies!

  So today I'll be showing you the awesome NYX Carnival. This is yet another dupe of the very popular Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann.

Carnival consists of Small and Large Hex glitters in Blue, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Green. This is also similar to Milani's Gems. This goes on very chunky. There isn't the issue where all the glitter wants to go to the tips with every brushstroke. For this I used Two coats of Carnival. I suggest clicking pics for details.

Here is Happy Birthfay, Pof5G and Carnival next to each other.

 I like all Three for different reasons. I think Carnival comes closer to Happy Birthday than Party of 5 Glitters. Pof5G has too much Silver glitter in it now that I see them all together. Nothing is quite as graceful as Happy Birthday though. I say it's good to have these dupes as back-ups since I really want my Lippmann to last as long as possible ($$$) :)

Thoughts lovelies?
<3 Cristina

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam!

Hello lovelies!!

  Today I have more spam! I've been doing a lot of swatching lately because A) It's fun sometimes lol. B) I have a lot of time to kill. C) I have a lot of colors to try and finally D) I am soooooo stuck in a creative Black Hole at the moment :(.
   Also, the giveaway is now closed! A big Thank you to all the lovelies who participated, tweeted,facebooked and blogged!! I was celebrating 500 Followers and thanks to all of you a WHOLE lot of new lovelies have found their way to LTHP!! I hope you all continue to visit and enjoy this site as much as I enjoy and love working on it for you, my wonderful readers! I will be announcing the winner very soon so stay tuned for that! SO! Onto so polish!

How I Met your Magenta is an awesome Magenta base with a subtle Golden micro-shimmer. I didn't realize there was a Golden shimmer in this until I started applying it. The formula is a bit sheer but easy to work with. At Three coats I had a little of VNL but it wasn't noticeable at all.

This is w/o Top Coat. Dries to a cool Satin Finish!

Gray's Anatomy is apparently a pretty close dupe of Lippmann's Wicked Games. This color is basically a light Grey shimmer with a slight Purple/ Green/ Pink duochrome. It's pretty and ethereal. The formula is a little runny and sheer. This is Three coats and the only decent picture I managed to take. Sorry it' so crappy lol.

Caribbean Frost made me cringe when I read the name. Anything with the word "frost" in it worries me... And then I put it on.. And then I couldn't stop staring. It's not actually frosty, just shimmery. This is a gorgeous Turquoise shimmer with a light Green/ Blue duochrome flash that gives this color amazing depth. This is two effortless coats.

Night Prowl is an awesome Black Base with a fine Purple glitter packed in it. This is similar to ChG Mummy may I? but the glitter in this is much smaller. This is Two coats of awesomeness. This is w/o a top coat so as you can see it does need one to prevent a gritty finish.

This is Essence Movie Star. This is your basic concrete Grey creme. As I've come to expect from these tiny polishes, the formula was flawless and so easy to apply. My regular readers know I can't get enough Grey and this is an excellent one to have. I'll be doing some Grey creme comparisons soon. I have a few .

Last Chance...Oh Last Chance how I love thee... This is amazing. Dark Hunter Green creme, amazing and totally unique in my collection. I don't have anything close to this color and I absolutely love it. The formula bordered on jelly- like so it was a dream to apply and opaque in Two coats.

And here is the amazing Milani Gold FX. Awesome Bright Gold hex glitters! This one was a bit tricky but as you can see it can be worn on its own. This is about Three coats. It is hard to judge coats because I had to apply it in somewhat of a dabbing motion since the glitter kept wanting to go toward the tips. I cannot wait to play with layering this! 

Sorry for the randomness haha! Do you enjoy these types of posts?
<3 Cristina