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Monday, May 14, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Windestine Carbon Copy

Good morning!

  Words later.. For now please enjoy these pics of Windestine Carbon Copy over Pretty and Polished Candy Coated
 Don't feel well.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sation and Windestine Summery Nail Art

Hi loves!

    Today I have a mani that totally came out of nowhere. When I sat down to paint my nails last nite my intentions were just to do Two quick coats of Sation's Bump in Beige and be done for the night.. BUT theeen...
 I started with a base of Two effortless coats of Sation's Bump in Beige, which is my perfect mannequin hands "crelly"(jelly-creme). Then I applied Two easy coats of One and only Orange by Sation. This is a NEON Tangerine Orange. I've been craving neons lately so this color could not have come in at a better time. My camera was all "DO NOT WANT!" lool I'm sure you guys get the picture. This is BRIGHT! On my ring finger nail I did a gradient using Sammy's tutorial using OAOO and Sation's Fan the Flames Fuchsia. Don't worry, I will have swatches of all these Sation colors soon. I topped my ring fingers off with a coat of INM Northern Lights. On the rest of my nails I did a topper of Windestine's Asbestos which is a White micro glitter in a clear base.
I love this look. These nails make me happy! Also, I am seriously loving the gradient technique! I've done sponged gradients before but not using this technique and I really like the look of this method. I need to practice it but overall I am happy.

Thanks for stopping by!

(**Sation products provided for review**)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Muffin Monday!! Nicole by O.P.I Listen to Your Mom-ager

Happy Muffin Monday!!

  It has been about a month since Miss Muffin has made an appearance on LTHP and I was feeling bad about that... SO! I made it a point that when I got home from work last night I would absolutely work on a Muffin Monday for you guys. I figured I'd limit her choices to some of my most favorite Blues since it is the last day of April, Autism Awareness month. So here is what I did with her pick.... It got quite involved(for me) It's been a while since I've done nail art... And yes, I did all Ten nails :D. I fully intend on rocking these for a few days because I LOVE them!
 It's been SO long since I've done nail art that I get to actually WEAR! I'm kind of excited (DORKNESS). So she picked for me Nicole by O.P.I Listen to your Mom-ager, I absolutely adore this shade of deep Royal Blue shimmer. So for the stamping I used Cheeky plate CH06 and White Konad polish. I feel like my stamping is a little sloppy since it's been a while since I've stamped, especially dots. For my index fingers I did Two coats of Windestine Asbestos over the Blue base (LOOOOOVE this nail!!). On my Ring and Thumbs I did matching rhinestone accents. The stones were a present.
 Hee hee! MUFFIN!!! <3! She did not make this easy.

I just love this look! Maybe a bit "Holiday" but I could care less... It also comes off a bit prom... So it fits in at the same time haha!
So.. Epic nails are epic :D? Oh BTW, I am LOVING my new Cheeky stamping plates. This is probably my favorite set right now. I wish I had more hands!!

Thanks for stopping by!