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Monday, January 6, 2014

Zoya Dream and Mosheen- Snowy Stamped Nail Art Look

(**Press Samples**)
Hello and happy Monday!! 

 If you are celebrating today; Feliz Dia de Los Reyes! Today I have another simple look featuring some stamping. Living in Florida, it can be hard to get into the Winter swing of things. But I was in the mood for something "cool", sparkly and snowy. If I can't have snow on the ground, I shall have it on my nails!
Zoya Dream and Mosheen Look photo DSCN3990_zpsb526001c.jpg
 This sparkly look started with a base of Zoya's Dream. To give my look an extra dose of sparkle I layered Zoya Mosheen over Dream. I then top coated my base and waited for it to dry before stamping. For the snowflake stamps I used Bundle Monster plate BM323 and Konad White special polish. The final step was to top coat my snowflakes with a coat of Seche Vite. 

 I am just madly in love with Mosheen. It looks magical over anything and really add just the right amount of beautious sparkle to any manicure. I just love how the snowflakes look as if they are floating on the surface. 

Thanks for stopping by my beauties! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zoya Naturel Collection Swatches

(**Press Samples**)
Good afternoon my pretties! 

 Who else is kind of glad that the Holidays are over? Don't lie... You know you are hahah. In my case the Hoidays are also laced with many birthdays, I'm celebrated-out. And I still have my birthday coming in 14 days. Yikes! 
 You know what else is nice to get a break from? Glitter polishes! I LOVE glitter. I love that the Holidays usually inspire many glittery nail polish shades. It is a great thing. That said, I am always glad to have a break from all the flash.
  Say hello to the Zoya Naturel Collection. This was Zoya's last release of 2013. Perhaps, they were inspired by the success of recent "Naked" eye palette releases when thinking up this soft, creamy color range. These shades may not be everyone's thing, but there is a nude here that will suit any skin tone. 
Zoya Naturel photo ZoyaNaturel_zps8c61fbd7.jpg
 The Naturel collection is made up of Six new, full- coverage, nude creme tones. To see close up swatches and find out more about these shades just continue reading. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chick Nail Polish Fall/ Winter 2012 Releases

Happy humpday!

  Today I have some new releases by the uber cute, Vegan- friendly brand- Chick Nail Polish. I've been a fan of this brand from the very first time I saw their adorable Chicky logo. Last year All A Twitter was one of my top polishes for the year. I've never been let down with Chick NP's formula either! I think these would make such cute gifts. 
 On a side note: Julie also released an amazing cuticle oil this past Fall. It is a Tangerine- Ginter scented cuticle oil and it has an amazing texture. I LOVE how it smells. Sometimes I want to wear it as perfume.
To see close up swatches of these Four shades just continue reading♥.

Monday, December 3, 2012

O.P.I Skyfall Collection Swatches

Hey it's Monday! 

  Ugh! Anywho! I FINALLY have swatches of the O.P.I Skyfall Collection for you guys! This collection was released as O.P.I's Holiday collection and was inspired by the new James Bond movie; Skyfall. I'm personally not a James Bond fan. I've only seen a few movies about the famous spy but I was young and didn't get them lol. I also didn't speak English haha! BUT I do LOVE these polishes and they are perfect, not only for the Holiday season, but a great representation of Bond-Girl style and class. 
 To see swatches of the whole collection just continue reading after the jump. ♥

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cult Nails Behind Closed Doors Collection Swatches

Good Evening! 

  Cult Nails!!!!!! I love this brand to bits. I love the creator of this brand to bits. I love every little thing about Cult Nails. But the thing I love most is how with every collection Maria manages to blow me away a little more than the last time. Just when I though that there was no way Maria could top herself, she goes and creates one of the most beautiful and stunning Cult Nails Collection I've ever seen. This is the Behind Closed Doors Collection. An amazing group of Five shimmering beauties with quite the sexy theme. 
To see swatches of this AMAZING and beautiful collection just continue reading!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection- Holiday 2012 Swatches

Hello and dreadful Monday.... 

  But, you know what would make any Monday better? This Holiday Collection by Zoya!!! Glassfleck holos, dense metallic shimmers and even an obnoxiously awesome bar glitter... Sign me up for that! This collection of Six colors is one of the strongest groups I have seen Zoya release in a while. This might also be one of the more anticipated Holiday collections, definitely the first one to make its way to me. I am over the moon with this collection and shall rant more about how much I LOVE these as the post goes on. 
 One of the biggest things that got me with this collection is that they are not your typical "Holiday Colors". Do they scream Holiday? In my opinion, absolutely! Think of chic New York store decorations, etc... They are shimmery, rich and truly "Ornate"(Ahhhh ahhh see what I did there lolol). Ultimately I love that it is not a collection full of Red cremes and  Green mediocrity. I bow down to the brilliant Zoya Fairies who worked on this collection. So! Onto the colors!

Zoya Aurora
 Aurora was an immediate stand-out for me. Aurora is the most perfect shade of medium Red toned Purple dense "jelly" packed full of small Holographic glassfleck. This polish is just perfection in every way. In the right light the holographic effect is almost linear. I can tell you that I have not had a Purple polish blow me away like Aurora did in a very long time. Formula- wise this color is easy to work with and does best in Three thin coats. If you love Purple... You will absolutely need this beautiful polish.

Zoya Logan
 Where do I even start?! So beautiful... Should have sent a poet.... (lolol the realms of my nerdiness knows no bound). So! Logan! It is the most perfect shade of darkened Emerald green micro shimmer that all blends beautifully to create a foil- like surface. This shade of Green has quite a bit of Blue in it so it makes it a very unique shade of Green. There is also a fine Golden micro shimmer laced in with the Green that warms up the colors and gives it a perfect Holiday glow. I could have done with Two coats but I went with Three thinner coats instead.

Zoya Storm
 Storm is a simple black creamy-jelly packed full of Holographic Glassflecks. The look is very cosmic and twinkly with Storm. Where Storm differs from other "Twinkly blacks" is in those glassflecks. generally colors like these are packed in small to micro glitter that can make the surface of the polish gritty or bumpy. There is non of that with Storm, every glassfleck lays flat and the surface is smooth and shiny. Storm does best in Three thin coats.

Zoya Electra
  Electra is for the BOLD! Electra is made up of TONS of fine bar glitters, Silver Holographic in finish, suspended in a clear base. I'm sure this is more meant to be layered but as you can see, it definitely achieves full coverage on it's own. How many coats you ask? Only Three! My nails looked like they were covered in shredded tinsel and I was loving every second of it!

Zoya Electra over Zoya Logan
 I just HAD to see it over Logan. I know Halloween has not even passed but doesn't looking at this make you wish for the Holidays to get here faster!?

Zoya Blaze
  Blaze is a saturated Raspberry jelly base packed full of those same Holo glassflecks we saw in Aurora and Storm. They could be called sister polishes, just in different tones. Blaze practically applies itself. This color could be worn at just Two coats but I did Three for photos. Blaze is like holographic Velvet.

Zoya Ziv
  Last but most def not least is the stunning Ziv. Oh.My.Wow! Ziv is a very warm shade of Gold foil accented by, what looks to me like, coppery micro glassflecks and even small Gold flakes. And here I was thinking all Gold foils are pretty much the same.. WRONG! Ziv is out of this world! The amazing thing about this color is that the finish is practically Chrome-like but it is SO much more beautiful and refined than any other Golden metallic polish that has been released this Fall season. For Ziv I used Two coats.

  Bet you forgot it was Monday didn't you!? Aren't these just amazing! I never hold my breath when I see Press Releases, but I knew from the get-go that this collection by Zoya was going to blow me away. There really isn't much more to say that I have not already said. Individually and as a group, these colors are to die for and very much unique in my collection (that alone is a feat as my collection is... o.O). These are the types of shades that the nail polish community will talk about years from now and still be in total awe of their beauty.

  The Ornate Collection is available now from The set retails for $48 and each individual color for $8.00. If I had to pick faves I'd def go for Aurora, Logan, Ziv and Electra.

*golf clap for Zoya* Brava Faries! Brava!!

(**Zoya Ornate collection provided for review**)