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Monday, December 31, 2012

LTHP's Brand Crush of 2012!! Miss Pro Nail- Sation

Hello and happy new year's eve!!! 

  I'm kinda depressed about this year ending :(... For some reason I feel so unfulfilled for 2012... Like I got nothing done :(. I will tell you who got something done this year though, the AMAZING people over at Sation! This brand totally blindsided me this year. Sation is an old brand but in the past year they went through a MAJOR revamping. They re-designed the bottles, the brush and the formulation of their polishes. I love many brands but Sation has a special place in my heart and I will go on about that through out the entire post. 
  I pretty much fell in love with the new Sation the second I received my first batch of polishes for review. They were all so bright, the names were so quirky and unique. The girls at Sation are a pleasure to work with and I have nothing but praise for their treatment of me, and I'm sure all their customers.  To put it in plain and simple terms I just love Sation's vibe and their colors make me so very happy! 
To see a little re-cap of "LTHP's Year in Sation" just keep on reading! 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

LTHP's Favorite Polishes of 2012! Top Ten "Indie" Picks

Good Afternoon!!

  This is my final "top of 2012" post. In our wonderful world of nail polish we have many big companies. i.e Zoya, O.P.I, China Glaze, Color Club.. etc. Then we have the handmade nail polishes, countless brands. AND THENNN there is this group of companies that are kind of in the middle. They are not hand made, but they are not uber major. These are the "inbetweeners". The ones that I really see taking off/ took off this year. I have very high expectations of these smaller brands in 2013! I really love these brands because they are not so influenced by the "mainstream mentality". These brands dare to take risks and create quirky collection. 
To see closeups of these pretties just keep on reading!

LTHP's Favorite Polishes of 2012! Top Ten Handmade Nail Polishes

Good morning and happy Sunday! 

  2013 is coming at us hard and FAST! But before the year is over I have a few more picks to show you for my top polishes of 2012. Today's category is my Top Ten Handmade nail polishes of 2012. As I said in yesterday's post, 2012 was the year of the handmade indie polish. These are the Ten handmade polishes that I hunted down like prey. These are the ten handmade polishes I lost sleep over, got angry at when I got "cart jacked" and cried tears of joy when I finally was able to buy them. Or given the privilege/ opportunity to review them. 
To see closeups and find out a little more just keep on Reading ♥. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

LTHP's Favorite Nail Polishes of 2012! Handmade Nail Polish: Honorable Mentions

Good afternoon my loves and happy Saturday! 

  Today I have my Five honorable mentions in the Handmade nail polish category. 2012 was the year of the Handmade polishes. There was a true BOOM in this market and at one point even a saturation. Many started out selling on Etsy and many later transitioned to shops due to their success. It seems like EVERYONE has/had their own polish line. Some ladies really blew us away and some not so much. It.Was.Crazy! I picked my top Ten for 2012 and then I realized that 10 was not going to cut it. So, I went ahead with Five "honorable mentions", like I did with my mainstream polishes. 
 To see closeups of my Honorable Mentions just continue reading. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

LTHP's Favorite Polishes of 2012! Top 10 International Picks

Hi and happy Friday!! 

  This year I had the chance to try even more brands from other countries, which I LOVED!! I had the wonderful opportunity to receive my first Catrice polishes! I also got some new beauties by Ozotic and some stunners from A England, of course! Bettina was a little quiet this year but they still managed to knock my socks off with a few shades. AND THENNNN there was MaxFactor Fantasy Fire.... Let's get on with it shall we?! 
 To find out more about my top ten international polishes of 2012 just continue reading! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

LTHP's Favorite Polishes of 2012! Top 20 Mainstream Picks

Good morning awesome people! 

  Today I will be showing you guys my most favorite mainstream polishes of 2012. I was trying so very hard to narrow this list down to 10 polishes but I just did not happen, 20 felt right. These are polishes by "big brands". I feel like I will repeat myself quite a bit throughout these "faves" posts because 2012 was a very strong year for nail polish. 
 As you can see I developed a "thing" this year for Golds, Greens, Purples and Golden tones. It was like the nail polish gods got together and started putting out stunning shades based around my dreams(yes I dream of polish... and makeup:). Honestly, this list could be 50 polishes long. But, I will not subject you guys to that nonsense haha! 
To see my picks continue reading ♥.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

LTHP's Favorite Nail Polishes of 2012! Honorable Mentions- Mainstream

Hi loves!! 

  I hope everyone celebrating yesterday had a wonderful Holiday, lots of great food and presents! My Holiday got off to a rough start as I had a Crohn's flareup on Christmas Eve and had to go to the hospital :(. Thankfully I was released the same day and was able to spend Christmas with the Family. I really had a wonderful Christmas Day! 
  Today I am starting my "Yearly Faves" posts. I had to break it down to several categories because 2012 was a pretty eventful year in terms on nail polish and I ended up with MANY picks. The categories will be as follows: Hon. Mentions for Mainstream and Handmade. Followed by my Top 20 "big brand" picks, top 10 "Lab indie" (i.e: Cult Nails, Pomegranate, Chick NP, Lime Crime), top 10 Handmade polishes and my top 10 international picks. Finally, I will be closing out my "faves post" with a little feature on the brand that most blew me away this year!

This post will showcase Five "mainstream" polishes that missed my Top 20 by a hair.
Zoya Daul 
Zoya Daul. Still to this day, I find myself mesmerized by the beauty of this polish. The way the Golden shimmer seems to float over the surface of the nail is really something magical. There is something delicate, yet striking about Daul and for that I love her!

O.P.I Don't Pretzel my Buttons 
 O.P.I's Don't Pretzel my Buttons really surprised me. 1. I was not expecting it to look good against my skin tone at all. 2. A yellowy nude for Fall? Haha! Well, job well done O.P.I! Not only was this shade flattering and unique for the season, it also has a wonderful formula. 

Zoya Arizona 
 Zoya's Arizona had me at hello. This pretty, radioactive shade of creamsicle Orange is just to die for!

China Glaze Gothic Lolita
 Gothic Lolita *swoooon*. This pretty shade of Orchid Purple, with it's sneaky Blue-ish shimmer is really just beautiful. Back in Spring of 2012, many companies go busy releasing deeper, red toned Purples laced with Golden shimmer. While everyone was busy duping each other, China Glaze blew them all out of the water with the unique beauty that is Gothic Lolita. 

**EDIT** Whoops!!! As I was going through my folders I forgot to pull out my Fifth photo! My 5th Honorable Mention pick is Orly Monster Mash. 
Monster Mash won me over with it's amazing Blend of Prismatic Emeral hexes, bars and micro glitter. Orly really did a fantastic job on the Flash Glam FX Glitters! 

 And that will do it for my Five Honorable mentions in the mainstream category. This year was HELL tying to narrow down my faves. I ended up with about Four pages of notes and lists and I couldn't even tell you how many polishes made my (not so) short-list. But that is a good thing right? 2012 has been a fantastic year for nail polish! 

  How was your Christmas? And are you excited for the new year charging right at us?! I am!! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

LTHP's Favorite Nail Polishes of 2011- Top 10(+1) "Big Brand" Picks

Happy Friday everyone!!!

  Today's post is my top 10 favorite nail polishes of 2011 that were released by "big brands". This list was really tough to come up with because at first I had like 75 polishes on my short list but I figured that would have been a little excessive lol... So I sat down on the floor surrounded by my picks and really analyzed each color and how I "felt" when I first saw it and wore and and based on that I narrowed it down to my Top 10 polishes of 2011. You might be wondering about the "+1"... I asked Mr. LTHP if he would like top have a pick of the year and he was all about it so at the end of my "countdown" I will be showing you guys Mr. LTHP's favorite color of 2011. In no particular order I give you my Top 10 Mainstream nail polish picks of 2011.

Orly Fowl Play: Birds of a Feather Collection/ Fall 2011
Um... Does this one really need much of an explanation? There is just so much going on with this polish. There are flakes, there is glitter, all in a gorgeous deep Eggplant Purple jelly base. While the rest of this collection fell quite flat for me, this color gave me hope for what Orly can do. Whenever I wear this I always find myself staring at my hands incessantly.

O.P.I DS Temptation: Fall into Glitter/ 2011 Fall DS Release 
While a lot of people were upset about the DS line deviating away from the holographic finish it was so known for, I could not help but falling for this glitter. The mix of colors is really just stunning and I love the sheer Purple tint to the jelly base. 

O.P.I Crown me Already!: Miss Universe Collection/ 2011 Release
Holy disco ball nails! While Silver glitters may not be that unique this one is definitely a standout in my book. I love the gigantic mirror-like hex pieces that are mixed in so perfectly with all different sizes of bright, clean Silver glitter. This looks like crushed Swarovsky Crystals on your nails. I just <3 this!!!

O.P.I I Lilly Love You: Nice Stems/ Summer 2011 Collection
Yes, another O.P.I lol. I think it's petty obvious why I love this so much. It's not quite a flakie, not quite a glitter. I love all the irregular shaped pieces mixed in with all the little square bits. I love the amazing shade of Pink it is in and I love the amazing textured look that it gives anything you layer it over. 

Nicole by O.P.I Kendall on the Katwalk: Kardashian Kolors/ Holiday 2011
  Nicole by O.P.I really did some beautiful colors and AMAZING glitters this year but to me the BIG standout was this baby by a longshot. It's another interesting mix of glitters that give the polish an awesome "layered" look. It's edgy and complex and for those reasons I love it!

Zoya Yara: Mirrors Collection/ Fall 2011
Yara, Yara, Yara...... Military green with the most perfect Golden/Green micro glassfleck shimmer... I am always a little speechless when it comes to this beauty because all I want to do is stare at the picture and wish it was on my nails at that very moment. This is one of the most spectacular releases of 2011.

Nicole by O.P.I Kim-plenty in Love: Kardashian Kolors/ Holiday 2011
The reason for this color being on my top 10 of the year is very simple. It is a soft pink that doesn't bore me to tears. I love the soft squishy texture and the AMAZING micro duochrome shimmer that peaks through the soft Pink base so perfectly. I also love that while it is a soft, milky Pink it actually looks really nice on my skin tone.

Zoya Gemma: Intimate Collection/ Spring 2011
Yet another Zoya epic Green. This soft Olive Green comes to life with that soft Blue/ Pink flash that comes out so effortlessly. This color is easy on the eyes and just flawless. This is another color that made a lot of noise when it was released. I, for one, could not wait to get my mitts on it when I first saw pictures. 

China Glaze Midtown Magic: Metro Collection/ Fall 2011
This looks like embers burning... It's just amazing. I don't ever go for Brown tones but the spectacular Golden/Green shimmer in this color really just drew me in and made a fool out of me for ever doubting Brown lol. I love that it's not an "in- your- face" shimmer keeping the color sultry but super interesting.

Revlon Starry Pink/ Fall 2011 Release
Another soft Pink that has something interesting going on. I love that the base has just a touch of Blue making this one of those "lavender pinks" that I love so much. I love the different sized glitters and how they look suspended in the base. I really liked that Revlon did some really interesting glitters this year and that they continue to dupe expensive brands so perfectly.

flakies? Magnetics? What do you guys think?

And now for Mr. LTHP's top pick of 2011.

China Glaze White Cap: Anchors Away/ Spring 2011 Collection
I totally agree with this pick. He really likes duochromes and I remember him commenting on this color waay back when I got it. I happen to love this color because it's delicate but so interesting and unique. He loves it because he thinks it would make a cool car color lool!!!!

Well, that is it for my top choices of 2011. Which ones do you guys agree with? Not? 
♥ Cristina

Thursday, December 29, 2011

LTHP's Favorite Nail Polishes of 2011- Top 10 International/Indie Picks

Happy Thursday and good morning to you all!

  Today's post is my Top Ten Picks in the International/ Indie brands category. The reason why I decided to give these their own post is because there have really been some excellent polishes to come to us from smaller and international brands this year. This way it was also easier to be able to narrow it down to 10 picks per category. When I first took on the task of picking my faves of the year I thought I'd have like 54 picks :D.... Anyways.. Enough rambling! In no random order, I give you my Top 10 Indie/International brand picks for 2011.

A England Tristam: The Mythicals Collection
A England comes to us from.. You guessed it! England! This brand was started up the the very lovely Adina and she burst into the scene with a super strong collection. Tristam is Navy Blue scattered holographic perfection. Not only is this color unique and beautiful, it has an outstanding formula. When Adina created this color she really knew what she was going for because this was no mistake :D. The whole collection is really beautiful but Tristam is on a league of its own.

Chick Nail Polish All A Twitter: 2011 Collection
Chick Nail Polish has not been around very long but man did they grow on me fast! This Baby Blue creme just blew me away! It is THE perfect shade of Bridal Blue and it also has an outstanding formula. This brand is new to the scene but if Julie keeps coming up with colors like this one Chick Nail Polish will soon be a part of everyone's collection.

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly: Released in 2011.
 Blackened Green linear holographic goodness... What more could you ask for? This Aussie brand really knows how to make a killer holo. When this color burst into the scene we all went crazy and when I finally got to try it I could see why. While the base is clearly green it looks practically Black and I had been dying for a black linear holo.

A Englad Galahad: The Mythicals Collection
This could easily be my most favorite creme of 2011. This color also got a lot of love when it first came out. It is just Teal perfection. I could sit here and try to think of a flaw with this color but there are non.... 

Specialita HITS Hefesto: No. Olimpo Collection
When I first saw this my eyes popped out of my head. I love this shade because while it can be worn fully opaque it can also be layered over anything to give other colors a strong linear holographic finish. The formula on this shade is just brilliant as well. Brazilians make some amazing polishes!

Bettina Hustle: Dico Collection/ Fall 2011
Puerto Rican brand Bettina really makes some iller cremes but when they do a shimmer they really make a statement. This whole collection was a part of my "short list" but when it really came down to it Hustle kept screaming my name. I love the subtle Teal to Purple shift when it's layered over Black. I love that it looks spectacular on it's own and droolworthy over Black.

Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude: A Day at the Races/ Summer 2011 Collection
  Florida based Cult Nails is ran by the awesome Maria who really knows how to wow us with her amazing creations. This is just the perfect shade of nude for my skin tone but I am also in love with the awesome Pink/ Golden flashes that play hide and seek in this creamy base. This was my first true nude love. 

 Cult Nails Captivated/ A Day at the Races 
 Do I even have to explain why this is in my top 10 picks? I hope I don't lol... 

Bettina Coutour: New Classics/ Fall 2011 Collection 
This muddy Taupe is just so sophisticated and just a classic (no pun intended). Mostly I am madly in love with how it makes my skin look. It really plays well with my skintone and that really made this shade special for me. 

Bettina Starfish: Resort Collection/ Summer 2011
This is, hands down, my favorite shade of Orange in my collection. It is just amazingly bright and juicy. When i think of Orange, a true shade of Orange, this is what comes to mind. I wish Oranges would photograph better but regardless this shade needed to be in my top 10 because I LOVE it!!

  That is it for my Top 10 picks from International or Indie brands. I could have easily done a top 20 but I had to cut it down lol. This year I really got to experience different brands from different countries and companies of all sizes. It is nice to see what is trendy in other places and what smaller companies who are not so much influenced by media and fashion can come up with. I have not been blogging for very long but it seems like there was a slight boom in cool international and indie shades this year. A lot of brands also became a lot more accesible to us U.S gals thanks to etailers like Llarowe, Overall Beauty and Harlow &Co. I cannot wait to see what these companies will do in 2012!

Thoughts? Faves? 
♥ Cristina

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LTHP's Favorite Nail Polishes of 2011- Honorable Mentions

Hello and good evening!!

  The year is coming to an end it is that time to pick our faves!! I've been all about these posts because I love seeing everyone's picks as their faves for the year. I didn't get to do this last year because I had just started blogging and I didn't really have much to choose from. I originally intended to only do a "Top 10" but the task of narrowing my list down from 57colors on my short list (LOOOL) down to just Ten was just impossible. So I'm doing things a little different for my 2011 Faves...

  I've decided to break my picks down into different categories. I will be showing you guys my Top 10 International/ Indie brands in one post, my top Ten mainstream brand picks in one post and I have chosen Five "honorable mentions" as well. These will all be colors from 2011. Tonight I will be showing you guys my Five honorable mentions. These are colors that I absolutely fell in love with but they didn't  seem to get that much recognition from blogland. These are in no particular order. Let's get to it shall we?!

Zoya Kendall: Feel Collection/ Winter 2011
This shade is just dreamy. It's a soft neutral and a great go-to color. This shade came out very late in the year for Winter and it's a stand out because it is such a soft neutral shade. When I think of winter I think of sparkles and vamps and this color really detoxified me.

Color Club Nomadic in Nude: Back to Boho/ Fall 2011Collection
I remember when I first received this collection for review I started with this color because I thought it was the most boring... I ended up wearing it for Four days and not wanting to take it off. I later found out that this was a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Waking up in Vegas which kinda explained my strange attraction to this rather unusual Greige.

 O.P.I On Stranger Tides: Pirates of the Caribbean Collection/Summer Brights 2011
When this collection came out I hated it.. And then I received them.. And swatched them and I was immediately drawn to this shade. A lot of people were going mad about Mermaid's Tears and Silver Shatter but this shade really stood out to me. I love the "dirty minty Green" quality about it.

China Glaze Pelican Grey: Anchors Away/ Spring 2011 Collection
  I love Grey. Plain and simple. Even though I own about 68 different shades of Grey this one is really special due to the awesome Pearly shimmer that seems to float on the surface. 

Zoya Mitzi: Mod Mattes/ Summer 2011 Collection 
Matte? Check. Bright? Check. Awesome Formula? Check. This unusual Tennis Ball Yellow- Green really made my Summer vibrant. I love Zoya's mattes and this was is absolutely a must have for you ladies that enjoy some BRIGHT nails.

  That is is for my honorable mentions. These are colors that while I loved them very much they came just a little short of my Top Picks but still needed to be recognized. These may be a little plain or boring to some I find them so pretty and refreshing. Tomorrow I will be showing you guys my Top 10 Indie/ International Brand picks. That is where things really get exciting!

Have a good nite loves! Thought?
♥ Cristina