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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Current Obsession: Cateyes (and crazy colorful eyes)

Happy Humpday! 

 Today I want to share some recent eye-of-the-day (#EOTD) looks. My family was amazing on Christmas. My husband got me all this amazing makeup and a Zuca bag for me to store it all in. It was a really colorful X-mas! 
 Recently I've been slapping a cateye on just about every look I do. For a while I was intimidated by the look, and couldn't quite master it. I figured if I never practiced I'd never get better at it so I started doing lots of cat eyes and experimenting with different colors and angles and such. These are some of my favorite cateyes I've done (some have been... :-|).
To see some close-ups and find out which products I used just continue reading. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Some Butter London Swatches

Friday, fryday... 

  Today I have Three Butter London picks to show you guys. I've seriously become a huge fan of this brand very quickly. ANNNNND I finally got to kill a leming of mine. That doesn't happen very often. Mainly because I don't often catch "the lemmings", but for All Hail the Queen I made an exception.
To see these swatches continue reading.

Friday, May 25, 2012

butter LONDON Primrose Hill Picnic Lippy and Nail Color Set

Hi loves and happy Friday!!

  Today I have a pretty butter LONDON polish and LIPPY set to show you. I've already shown you one of their other recent set releases in Snog. Today I will be showing you their Primrose Hill Picnic Lippy and Nail Color set.
 Primrose Hill Picnic is a standard Pink jelly-creme. This color is the epitome of girly. I love that the formula on this color has a slight hint of jelly to it so the finish is very shiny and squishy. Needless to say that the formula on this pretty shade of Pink is absolutely perfect and does great in Two effortless coats.
I love the shine on butter LONDON polishes and the fact that their formula never disappoints.

  Sorry this is an instagram pic lool (are you following me yet? letthemhavepolish). I'm still not 100% comfy with taking pics of my make-up so this is te best I could do. In the pic below I am wearing LIPPY in Primrose Hill Picnic and LOVIN IT. I wore it very opaque for a "Barbie" look. I seriously LOVE butter LONDON's Lippy but I wish they were not quite so fragrant. Everything else about this lip color is absolute perfection.
What are your thoughts on the trend of matching lips and tips? I think it's pretty cute. I don't think I'd do it very often but I like it better than matching toes and fingernails. 

Thanks for stopping by loves!

(**BL products provided for review**)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Wonder Beauty Products Hippie Fest

Happy Friday!!

  Today I have, you guessed it.. MOAR Etsy polish!!! The shop today: Wonder Beauty Products. Something seemed unique about this shop and her creations and this particular mica- flake creation really caught my eye. And yes.... They come in a little jar!
 So Hippie Fest is a mix of irregular shaped flakes in Blue, Green and Purple suspended in a micro Green glitter base. For this look I layered Hippie Fest over Butter London Primrose Hill Picnick. I really like this polish and the whimsical effect it creates. And to clarify the polish already comes blended in the jar. It is polish.. In a jar!

So when I saw that it was actually a jar of polish I was all....
 But it became apparent VERY quick that this is quite the genius idea for polishes like this one as it made it so easy to pick out the shardy bits. She sends you your jar of color, a little mixing stick and a bottle of clear that comes with a brush that you dip into your jar. This particular polish does settle out and requires a good mixing before using.
Thoughts on Hippie Fest? Thoughts on jarred polish?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

butterLONDON Snog LIPPY and Nail Color

Hi lovelies!!

 Today's post will feature a little something different, LIPS!! Now, don't get mad (or excited?), LTHP will not be transitioning to make-up reviews as well as nail polish. I just do not have the time. But, I thought this was too cute not to share. As you may or may not know butterLONDON recently expanded their cosmetics line to include lip colors. They recently released Five different LIPPY colors to match some of their most popular, girly shades. This all goes hand in hand with the Spring trend of matching your Lips to your Tips and I'm kinda liking it, honestly.
 In the picture above I am wearing BL LIPPY and nail color in Snog. The glitter topper on my nails is Pretty and Polished in Valentino. It is pretty safe to say that I am obsessed with butterLONDON's LIPPY in Snog. I thought it was going to be too much or too bright for me, because I am pretty tame when it comes to my lip color. Surprise!!! I LOVE IT!! It is the perfect shade of Pinky Red for my skin tone. LIPPY goes on like a lipgloss but it is very heavily pigmented in a good way. LIPPY applies really well and it does not feel heavy or sticky on the lips. The staying power of BL LIPPIES is ridic!!! I can go pretty much a full day without re-touching my lip color when I wear LIPPY. The only "flaw" to LIPPY is that they are very heavily scented. Almost like a floral smell? I cannot really place it but it is strong, so if you are sensitive to smells I would not recommend LIPPY colors. In the pic above I had been already wearing LIPPY for Three hours and had also eaten. Pretty good eh?! The color is quite more vibrant but even the "faded' version is still such a pretty flush of color on the lips.
 Snog nail color is a very vibrant shade of very HOT Pink. Approaching Red territory but not quite. Pardon these awful pictures but this color was not photographing accurately at all and this was the only way I could manage to show the actual shade. The formula on this sucker is AMAZING and perfect in Two coats. Needless to say... I LOVE this....

To see more pics of Snog and a side by side of LIPPY and the nail color just keep on reading :D

Thursday, February 2, 2012

butter LONDON Slapper and Trout Pout- Spring 2012

Good morning loves!!

  Today's post is a quickie. I just got these Two BL's in the mamamail and I had to try them like.. STAT. I had been really looking forward to these BL cremes. I've always read wonderful things about butter LONDON cremes and had yet to try one. I have to say that these have some of the best formulas I've ever encountered. I also love how bright and saturated these colors are.

butter LONDON Slapper
Slapper..... How I wish this color would photograph accurately... It is quite a bit Greener and not quite this Blue. It is, however, this BRIGHT. This color borders on being a Turqoise neon, but it is not a neon. The formula for Slapper is just stunning. This color practically applies itself. Uuummm... Go ahead and double up on the baecoat before putting on this pretty. I love these bright Spring Teals that seem to be hitting the scene for Spring. This color is opaque in Two effortless coats.

butter LONDON Trout Pout
AHHHHHHH OMFGGGGG!!! I.Love.This. Trout Pout is a bright Salmon Pink. This color also borders on neon- like brightness which makes it AWESOME. I don't even know how to put into words how much I love this creme. Even though this color is insanely bright I also found it VERY flattering on my skintone. Great Spring shade. This color is opaque in Two effortless coats.

  I flippin' love the names of the colors in this collection. I love how they border on being offensive because that is just my kind of humor. I'm neither a Slapper nor a Trout Pout but I can promise you that I will be rocking the SHIZ out of these colors!


(**Products sent for review**)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

butter LONDON Spring/Summer 2012 Preview

Hi loves!

 Please enjoy the following press release from butter LONDON.

butter LONDON™ and Founding Creative Director Nonie Creme are pleased to introduce the new S/S 12 lacquer collection.  

Says Creme,  “What a season! Pops of neon colour everywhere, tempered by sherbet pastels and cool neutrals. It left us plenty to play with in the nail realm.  I’ve mixed a couple of softer opaque shades in cantaloupe and pale pistachio, and followed up with an intense retro turquoise and slightly glittery hot pink.  Finally, a quietly marvelous sheer oyster that packs a tiny punch with micro glitter particles for those seeking a new way to wear neutral. The message this season is KNOW who you are, then BE who you are! It’s all about the Individual this season, and the beauty world is yours to rule.”

Bossy Boots
Colour Description - Light, opaque pistachio green. A beautiful take on neutral for this season
Dictionary Description - A derogatory name for someone who is pushy or bossy, (usually reserved for children)

Disco Biscuit
Colour Description - Tropical hot pink with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles
Dictionary Description - A club term from the rave days of the early 90’s for a tablet of Ecstasy

Colour Description - A sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles.
Dictionary Description - To be tired or exhausted. “Wow, you look knackered. What did you get up to last night?!”

Colour Description - A truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright.
Dictionary Description - Brit-speak for ”slut”.

Trout Pout
Colour Description - An opaque shade of cantaloupe, pale and retro.
Dictionary Description -  Cruel slang for a woman who has “over done” the collagen in her lips, leaving her with a rather fishy face.

Aren't these just beautiful!!! I cannot wait to see them in person!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year in Butter London Jaffa

Good Morning!!!!!! And to those of you hungover *whispers* Good Morning.....

**NOTE** Yesterday I broke my middle nail on my photographing hand. As a result I decided to start the year off fresh since I had a broken nail on my other hand as well and cut all 10 nails down to nubbins. THIS is what they look like now :D. I kinda like them :D. I will have a post about this look soon.

  I hope everyone had a safe and happy NYE. I had an awesome night just chillin' with the hubs. Today's  post is my very first ever butter LONDON polish and I am loving it! I know Orange isn't the color one normally thinks of when it's cold and gloomy out in a lot of places, but this baby will brighten any one's day. So, I'm thinking now... That I need some more BL's in my life after trying this awesome Orange beauty!

butter LONDON Jaffa
Isn't this the yummiest looking color you've ever seen? I love this shade of Orange. It is like an Orange popsicle melted on my nails. The formula on Jaffa is AMAZING! It is somewhere between a creme and a jelly which gives this color a perfect, juicy and shiny look. The brush on these is amazing and it glides so smoothly and perfect. Jaffa requires Three coats for full opacity but it is the easiest Three coats you will ever apply. A Jaffa, BTW is a type of seedless Orange. How fitting right?!

Just for fun here is a shot of Truffle, who likes to think of my ligh spot as her own personal sunning place. She will literally shove me out of the way when I am taking pictures just to lay there and look back at me like "look mommy, I'm so cute". She was talking to Mr. LTHP :D.
I'm hoping 2012 is a great year for my family and I and everyone out there. I am so excited to see what this year brings. Hopefully more amazing colors like Jaffa.

Have a great day loves!
♥ Cristina

(**product provided for review**)