Saturday, September 4, 2010

O.P.I Jade is the new Black's also fashionable...

  I am not much for following seasons in nail polish colors... I buy what I like and I wear it when it speaks to me... I recently went out and got myself several new O.P.I colors (You can follow link to see new colors) and in the bunch was the beautiful "Jade is the new Black" from their Hong Kong Spring Collection. I had to get it on my nails, like STAT... And I am so glad I did, I am in love with this color, probably one of my new faves along with another color from the same haul that I have on my toes and I have to post about. Anyways I am rambling.. Let me post something you guys actually want to see :)

OPI Jade is the New Black
Hong Kong Collection
I was inspired by the collection itself for the design :)
 This is such a stunning green shade. Truly a jade green and I think this would look great on most skin tones :). It was opaque in two coats and it went on perfectly smooth of course. O.P.I never disappoints me.

Until my next post :)
<3 Cristina

Color: OPI Jade is the New Black
Design: Brisbane Bronze, Bogota Blackberry 
Plate: B02

Friday, September 3, 2010

China Glaze Classic Camel

 The reason for the title is because today I bought a color that I wasn't immediately drawn to.. Not when I saw swathes online or  after seeing it in person several times. For some reason, I picked it up today... And lucky for me the Sun was shinning through the window of the store and what I saw made my jaw dropped a little... The color is speak of is...

 China Glaze' - Classic Camel
Vintage Vixen Collection
Artificial Light w/o flash. Very color accurate. Click for larger image.
  "Classic Camel" is a half accurate name. This is a true "camel" color, that much is true.. However, this one is a little special as it has micro gold and bronze sparkles in it that make it stunning when the sun hits it as it turns it into more of a Golden Camel while not being metallic.... Ahhh! Just Stunning!! :). In the picture above I have two coats of "Classic Camel" and two coats of Seche Vite as it did not dry very smoothly which is the only negative I noticed about it. It applied very smoothly and it is VERY pigmented. You could probably get away with one coat. This is a really beautiful color and while it may look dull in the bottle and fluorescent lighting , it's really a very unique color in its own right. It was the find of the day!

Here it is with the addition of very subtle stamping...
I edited the photo to look antiqued. I was feeling the "vintage vibe".
Until my next post,
<3 Cristina

Color: CG Classic Camel, Vintage Vixen Collection
Design: CG Hey Doll, Vintage Vixen Collection
Plate: BM15

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holy Argyle!

All of a sudden I feel like a round of golf...

OPI Funky Dunkey
Direct Sunlight
  So for today I decided to purple with a pink argyle pattern. I really love this shade of purple. Of course it went on perfectly smooth and even, as usual. The color is bright, but not in your face which is nice because it could be a "dressy" color if I wanted it to be. Sorry I forgot to post a picture of just the color itself. I was so excited to get the argyle on them I forgot :(. But trust me this is a beautiful true purple shade.

Until my next post
<3 Cristina

Color: OPI Funky Dunkey
Design: Konad Pink SP
Plate: M60

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

O.P.I DS Coronation

Get me my bellbottoms, we're going dancing!!

 I have for you today some beautiful Holo nails. First holo ever for me! I know holos have been done and done again by many blogs, but honestly I cannot get over how cool these polishes are. Here is a swatch of the awesomeness. Don't you wanna listen to some ABBA now?

OPI DS Coronation

Sunlight w/ Flash
Sunlight w/o Flash

  This is trully a beautiful color. I know my camera doesnt capture the Holographic effect too well but you can kinda see it... Anywho the application of this was great, smooth and easy, unlike most holos I have read about. I needed 3 coats for full coverage but I think this color could also be layered over cremes to give a bit of shine to them. Bottom line: I absolutely looove this color!

  I added some sublte "fauxnad" designs because I really want to practice my stamping so here it is

Until my next post
<3 Cristina

Base: OPI DS Coronation
Designs: OPI Charged up Cherry, No Room for the Blues
Plate: C02