Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holy Shattered Crackle Post! (pic heavy)

That's right! I hope you're comfy...

  It's another Crackle post!! How many of you are getting sick of Crackle posts lol? I'm almost (key word lol) ready to give them a little break but before I do that I wanted to show you a bunch of manis I did using Crackles!

Here is O.P.I's Black Shatter over ChG Lighting Bolt over W'n'W Blazed. Shatter and Crackle sittin' in a tree...
Here is O.P.I Black Shatter over ChG Broken Hearted over Confetti Ice Ice Baby over O.P.I Black Onyx.. Got all that? haha

And here is Broken Hearted over Ice Ice Baby over O.P.I Black Onyx with a top coat of Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love.

Here is Lightning Bolt over W'n'W Blazed.
  Here is Cracked Concrete over ChG Pelican Grey.

Cracked Concrete over ChG Dorothy Who?

 Crushed Candy over ChG Atlantis. I am absolutely in love with this combo and the one above.

  Here are Fault Line and Broken Hearted over ChG Pom Pom.

  Here is Crushed Candy over W'n'W Lavender Pearlescent.
This is what happens when you don't wait for your base to fully dry :(
 Here is Fault Line layered over Broken Hearted over W'n'W Bijou Blue. I liked it matte so I left it w/o a top coat.
Fault Line did not crackle much here but for some reason I ended up really loving this finished look.

Here is Broken Hearted over Wet 'n' Wild Bijou Blue.
  So, I don't need to tell you all about how much I love these right? They are fun, funky and the perfect "nail art" for my lazy days! Make my nails look super cool with minimal effort? Yes, please!!! This collection is made of Crackle Win!

  For all of the Matte pictures Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love was used as a top coat. As many of you know I LOOOOOVE crackle manis matted, for some reason I think it shows the effect so much better. Plus I really like the rubberized look that this top coat gives my nails.

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<3 Cristina

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(some) China Glaze Tronica Swatches

I say some because out of 12 colors...

  I only needed Three. I'm really happy that China Glaze released this collection since I missed out on the OMG Collection. I know a lot of hardcore holo fans were disappointed but for those of us who missed out on OMG, Tronica should kill those lemmings. I've read that the Tronicas have better formulas/ wear than OMG but less of a linear holo effect. This is true, but does not take away from the fact that these are awesome and I'm very happy to have them!
  Sorry I don't have Sunlight pics, it was soo cloudy today :(. However, the flash pictures show the effect well. I suggest clicking the pics for better detail. Also I had a mishap while doing the dishes. No broken nails but a scrape on my middle finger right by my nail. Pics will have some blurring in coming posts :(.

  First up, Virtual Violet is the more vivid of the Two Purples in the collection. The formula for this was excellent. I only needed Two coats of color for full coverage and a strong holo effect. I believe this is comparable to OMG Collection LOL.
Click for detail

Techno Teal is probably my favorite of the Three. This one is a true Teal holo that I did not want to take off. The formula for Techo Teal is amazing and also a Two- coater. This is comparable to OMG DV8  I believe.
Click for Detail

Electra Magenta is the absolutely gorgeous cool toned Pink in the collection. I say Pink because that is what I see lol, I do no see Magenta. Beautiful either ways, this one had an excellent two- coat formula as well. This one is comparable to OMG BFF.
Click for Detail
   I am absolutely in awe of the formula on these. They are smooth, even, fluid and pigmented like it's no ones biz. If I had a steadier hand I would've gotten away with one coat of color for all Three. The only OMG Collection color I own is OMG(3 coater/ chips easy) which has a very linear effect. Yes, the holo effect is not as strong on these, but it is still stronger than our other options of holo polishes, which are not that many. So a big thank you to China Glaze for giving us what we have been driving everyone crazy about!!! More Holos!!

Will you be picking up any Tronica polishes? But more importantly have you entered My Giveaway? lol
<3 Cristina

CG Virtual Violet
CG Techno Teal
CG Electra Magenta

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Blue Moon


  Can you believe these are only $0.99?! Yeah, me either sometimes lol! I love a good looking inexpensive polish and this is absolutely stunning! I have the best friend to thank for my entire stash of Wen 'n' Wild Wild Shine polishes.
  So, Blue Moon is an amaaaazing Midnight Blue shimmer that is just fantastic. It's deep and rich and the formula is great. I do fee like I must mention that these have a very strong smell but that seems to be a characteristic of inexpensive polishes. I don't let that deter me from these though, they have great two- coat formulas and you cannot beat the price. I found that it applies very easily and dries quickly as well. They also have a pretty color range and they definitely deliver on the Wild Shine promise! I really love how elaborate this mani ended up looking. For these I was inspired to go "Bollywood" and I absolutely like the look as much as the movies that inspired it (which is very much!).

On a more bitchy note. Link Spamming has become a big issue lately. Link Spamming is NOT cool babes. I've made a [POST] about this before and I don't want to/ like to point this out but it's getting slightly out of hand.

What is your favorite inexpensive brand?
<3 Cristina

Wet'n'Wild Blue Moon
Stamp: SH Color Quick Gold Chrome Pen
Plate: BM08
Stns: Born Pretty
TC: Seche Vite

Review: Zoya Remove +

Hello lovelies,

  I have a short review/ recommendation for you all today.

The Blurb: "ZOYA Remove + does it all! Mild acetone formula moisturizes, nourishes and helps to fortify the nail plate while removing all traces of exising nail lacquer without stipping, streaking or staining."
  Remove + is amazing stuff. It has no fumes whatsoever. It actually has a light, pleasant and clean scent which is very nice. In the picture above I had just removed my nail polish (Bettina Cotton Candy stamped w/ CG Little Drummer Boy and had not washed my hands or done any actual "manicuring" yet. As you can see it is not drying or harsh at all. It takes so little product to remove all 10 nails that a bottle will last a looong time. I have also noticed that my nails have started clearing up quite nicely as I had a slight bit of staining. My cuticles loooove this stuff too. They always looks smooth and hydrated, even immediately after removing polish. Remove + is excellent if you have issues with dry or sensitive skin, like I do. 
   Now, like most of you probably think, all nail polish remover is the same. WRONG! I got a little 2oz bottle of Remove + as a free gift when I ordered my Intimate Collection and that little bottle was enough for me to know that I needed to spend the money on the large bottle. The product featured here (which is their pump bottle of Remove +) was sent to me by Zoya but prior to me receiving that package I had purchased a 32oz. bottle on my own because I knew I wanted/needed it. So this, is very unbiased review. I did spend the money on it initially. Let me tell you, SOOOOOO worth it. Most of you can rationalize spending $18.00 plus dollars on a bottle of nail polish anyways, so spend the money and pamper your hands even more! Remove + is absolutely a part or my Epic WIN tab even though it's not a polish simply because it's an amazing product that really delivers on it's claims and that's always great!

 I also wanted to show you this. I can't normally comment on the wear of my polishes because I don't wear them for more than a day or so at most but this mani I really loved and managed to wear for a few days with great results. This picture was taken after Three and a Half days of wear. During these Three days I did dishes, washed and blow dried my hair twice and filed my nails down while wearing this design. I'm not exactly watching out for my nails all the time lol. This wore like Iron! Not a chip, not even tip wear, even after filing my nails down and not adding any additional top coat.

Have any of you tried Remove +? Thoughts? Giveaway?
<3 Cristina