Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orly Ancient Jade & Pure Ice Heartbreaker

Hello lovelies!!

  So, I know colors like this one are uber done out and just about every polish company has a shade like this one on the market. However,lol, this is a new shade to me. I don't own anything like this one and out of all the lighters Jade tones I've seen I found this one to be the prettiest IMO.

Most color accurate
  This last pictures is the most color accurate. Ancient Jade can be best described as a Greener, Mintier For Audrey. It's a really lovely, creamy light Jade Green. Not quite as Yellow as the first few pictures make it seem. The formula on this was quite annoying, and that's something I usually never say. It was a bit thick and unpredictable. Heavily pigmented so at least there isn't an issue with streaking. For this mani I did Two patient coats of Ancient Jade.

And then I decided that it needed a little something else so I added a coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker and the combo is way too stunning. Heartbreaker is an sheer Aqua jelly base packed full of micro Aqua iridescent glitter. Very beautiful! I love it because it doesn't cover up the beautiful Ancient Jade base, it just enhances it by adding that lovely subtle sparkle.
I was happy to see that this color didn't give me to bad of a case of lobsterhands because I really love this combo and it so screams spring at me :)!

<3 Cristina

Orly Ancient Jade
Pure Ice Hearbreaker
Stamp: CG Jolly Holly
Plate: BM21
TC: Seche Vite

Monday, March 28, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Bettina Art Deco Purple

Monday, Monday

 Don't really care for Monday. Muffin picks on Mondays, Purple polish on Monday. Muffin Monday! Don't ask lol.. It's Monday...
  This was my very first attempt at a sponge mani. Not only was it incredibly easy, it was a quick process. For this I used O.P.I Show it and Glow It.
  It's creme, It's Purple therefore I love it. Art Deco Purple is a vibrant shade of Purple, something between ChG Spontaneous and O.P.I's Funky Dunkey. It's like they got together and made a baby and this is what came out. Somehow it manages to be an unique color in my collection and I held it up to all my lighter Purple cremes (which is quite a few).The formula is buttery smooth and well pigmented. For this I used Two coats of color.

Monday, Monday bummed on this Monday hahah! How are my lovelies today?
<3 Cristina

(**The Bettina polish featured above was sent by Bettina for consideration**)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bettina 45 & Orion + 185 & Nova

Hello lovelies!

  Today I some a core Bettinas to show you. This is the pretty #45 with a coat of Orion layered over it. I am lalalaloving these Two together. I also have a hard time believing that in Puerto Rico this brand sells for only $1.99!!! I thought it was a lot more than that lol! Please come to Florida and then take over the US Bettina!! We are all waiting lol!!

 And I just had to try it Matte and I loved it even more!
  In the pictures above I am holding Stars Orion. This polish is something along the lines of O.P.I Princesses Rule! but this is a slightly darker shade of Silvery Pink shimmer. For the photos I just used one coat of Orion over #45.

#45 is a basic light Nude-ish Pink creme that applies like a dream. This is a very basic color from their core collection. I really love the dustiness this color has and that it is very easy to wear but it does not give me mannequin hands. Once I had it on I saw how close it matched the base for Orion and I just had to experiment with layering!

I really love the layered polishes together. It gives an ethereal, soft look without being boring. Two perfect colors for my lazy days! haha

  And then I decided that I wanted to try the second color from the Stars group which is Nova. These two colors are very sheer shimmers. They are lovely and ethereal on their own but I really wanted them to pop which is why I layered them over creamy colors that matched the Stars color base close. Here is Nova layered over #185.
Matte Of course!
And this is #185. Delicious chocolatey goodness is the best way to describe this. I should wear these types of colors more often, they look pretty against my skin. Anyways this was like applying hot chocolate on my nails. The formula was AMAAAZING on this one. This is a solid two-coater.

  I am beyond loving these two combos. I really like the leayering matted because it gives my nails a beautifuls Suede- like appearance. These are cute versitile shades and awesome "defaults" :).

What's a color you should wear more but don't?
<3 Cristina 

(** The Bettina polish featured above was sent by Bettina for review**)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swap with Colores de Carol ♥

Hello lovelies,

  So I did a little swap with the lovely Carolina from Colores de Carol not long ago and she sent me some awesome Pure Ice polishes along with some cute stickers and a lip gloss that I can't stop wearing lol. Pure Ice is totally new to me and I had been wanting to try some. I left the choices totally up to her because I like to have colors chosen for me and she picked some beautiful shades!
Dreamy- China Girl- Rio- Celestial- Heart Breaker- A*List.
Today I'll be showing you Rio and Celestial. Rio is an absolutely gorgeous Fuchsia jelly packed full of micro iridescent Purple glitter which resembles Pixie dust sprinkled all over my nails. I could not stop staring at my nails for a good while before I applied a coat of Fault Line which complemented Rio beautifully. With Rio there was still some VNL at Three coats but I'm not a VNL hater so it didn't bother me.

  And here is Celestial. This is basically a metallic Royal blue. I know what you are thinking O.P.I Blue my Mind  or CG Frostbite. Close, but no cigar. This is much more of a metallic finish than a shimmer also more of a true Blue... The formula is good on this one but watch out for brushstrokes. Keep your hand steady but light when working with finishes like this one. This is Two coats.

  I'm really liking this brand. The polish is great, the price is even better and they have an awesome color range! I love when inexpensive brands surprise me with how good they are.

Have you ever tried Pure Ice?
<3 Cristina

(**CG Fault Line sent by China Glaze**)