Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blue Spam for Autism Awareness Day (pic heavy)

Hello Lovelies,

  April is Autism Awareness month and today is World Autism Awareness Day. The wonderful Jasmine from Color Coated has rallied a lot of us to wear our Blue polish for the month of April to show our support. Today I decided to do a Blue Spam post of a lot of my favorite Blue polishes and will be featuring them separately thoughout the month. This is a cause that is close to my heart and I encourage all you lovelies to wear your Blue today and though April! Pardon some of the older (bad) pics lol.

Are you ready? This is gonna take a while :)
Zoya Crystal
Zoya Ibiza
Zoya Tallulah
OPI Blue my Mind
Blue Moon
Techno Teal
Bijou Blue
Sea Spray
Dorothy Who?
Party Palace Blue
Little Drummer Boy
Teal the cows come Home
Lunar eclipse
Absolutely Alice
Blue Collar
Secret Peri-wink-le
Russian Navy
Simmer and Shimmer
Yodel me on my Cel 

No Room for the Blues
Suzi says Feng Shui
Havana Dreams
Blue Sparrow
Art you Blue?
Catch me in your Net
Rodeo Fanatic
Fell in love with a Robot- Franken from Laqcuer Ware for Tips and Toes
It's up to Blue
Pool Party
Whats with the Catitude?
I hope you will join all of us in wearing your Blue today and though the month of April for Autism Awareness.

PS.You may have heard about a contest Bundle Monster is holding on Facebook where they will be giving away 25 sets of their new plates. I have entered a picture and would really appreaciate if you would check it out and vote (but only if you like it) All you have to do is click (HERE) and leave a comment on the picture.

Thank you my darlings. And wear your Blues!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun with Zoya Phoebe and Mitzi (pic heavy)


  Out of 15 colors I decided I only NEEDED Two lol... And these two ladies do not disappoint. It's like they were made for each other.

  First up is a glossy Phoebe with Mitzi tips left matte. I really love this look. The matte tips make it look interesting, but don't expect them to last very very long :). These two colors play so well together.

 Here is some fun with dotting all left matte. I feel this really captures the Mod inspiration behind the polishes.

So this is the amazing Phoebe. A beautiful Sky Blue matte with a beautiful icy blue micro shimmer. It give the polish such a silky apperance. My take on the formula is that it is a fine matte formula. Fluid, smooth, even and it gives you enough time to work with it beofre it begins to dry. This is two coats of color.

 And this is the lively Mitzi. Bright highlighter Yellow-ish Green. This is sooo awesome! I really liked this from swatches I had seen but once I got it on I loooved it! Once again I found the formula to be easy to work with, a bit thin but fluid. I know a lot of girls have had issue with it but my trick is to keep the hand light and let the brush glide and do all the work. This color has no shimmer in it whatsoever but it does not have a chalky look to it.  This is two coats.

And here is some glossy Skittles. These colors make me happy!
 I love that Zoya has given us some Mattes in some fun and funky shades for the summer. Mattes are a love it or leave it type thing but I definitely love them! The colors scream Summer and the finish makes them unique for the season.

What are your feelings on mattes?
<3 Cristina