Saturday, April 30, 2011

China Glaze Shocking Pink- I'm so Rock-n-Roll Baby...

Ok... so the fact that I just used that phrase probably puts me at a -2 in the Rock -n- Roll scale...

  But anyways... I decided to revisit one of the few neons I own. For some reason I am just not that drawn to neon polishes. They are a pain to apply and they don't photograph well but when the mood strikes they can be so much fun. Well, the mood was definitely striking the second I saw these little Skully stamps on the new BM plates I immediately knew I wanted to put them over my one and only neon Pink China Glaze's Shocking Pink.
This was Three coats of Shocking Pink over a coat of CG White on White. I though adding a white base would help reduce the number of coats needed but it didn't make much of a difference. It did make the color more vibrant. I'm kinda really liking this mani.... It's cute and reminds me of my high school days lol. 

What are your thoughts on neon?
<3 Cristina

CH Shocking Pink
Stamp: Konad Black SP
Plates: BM211 and 225
TC:Seche Vite

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a Holo Party for my 300th Post!

Yeah that's right!

  300 posts! That's insanity. When I started blogging back in August I didn't think I would be posting so often but I just can't stay away. I'll keep it short but thanks to those of who who have been here for a while and hello to all of my new lovelies who are here now and finding me still! Thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings and look at my pictures. I appreciate it tons!

  So today I was in a holo type of mood to celebrate. So I decided to wear Techno Teal from the Tronica collection and OMG from the OMG collection. And then stamped in this kind of fence- looking stamp.
I got a few compliments on this mani. I love that the new BM Plate set has these inverted stamps. I used plates BM208 and 209. In my Middle and Ring finger I used the inverted version of what I have on my Pinkie and Index. I wanted to give Techno Teal a bit more of a holo effect so I stampe a larger aread with OMG. This looked really cool in person.

I love holos but I have a dilemma where I don't want to wear them because I don't want to use up my bottle haaha. Anyone else have this problem?
<3 Cristina

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swap with Gilded Nails ♥ + Essie Demure Vixen


  I'm so excited about this swap! This bundle of awesome came to me all the way from Australia thanks for the lovely Carina from Gilded Nails. This was my first international swap so I was super stoked to see what international pretties would come my way. I left the choices entirely up to Carina who picked me some beautiful and unique colors.

  She also included for me some Aussie goodies (I've already had a caramel Koala which was super yum!), a pretty nail file and some M.A.C pigments. I'm super excited about the pigments because I've never tried ANY M.A.C makeup.
And there you have it!! Look at them goodies! Why is that a bottle of Kaleidoscope Him Out and Wagon Trail by China Glaze there? Why, YES! Yes it is! Can you believe her? She also sent me two of the BYS polishes from the Alice in Wonderland Collection they did which had some incredible glitters.

So why did I choose to start with Essie's Demure Vixen when all these new and International goodies were waiting for me? I had literally been pondering buying Demure Vixen the same day the package came so I figured it was fate and decided to wear it first. 

 Demure Vixen is one of those lovely Mauve-y/ Taupey- Violet shades we love so much but toned waaay down. I am so madly in love with this color. It's soft and delicate but present. As in the color does not get washed out by skin tone or visa-versa. The formula was great. For this I used Three coats of Demure Vixen. This is also my very first Essie I've ever tried. I liked it.
And how cute is it with the swirly stamp? This is the first mani I've done in a while that I loooved. I love the simplicity and cleanliness of it. I am so into these Nude shades lately and this one really does it for me! 

A big Thank you to Carina again. I almost cried tears of joy as I was unwrapping each little bottle.
<3 Cristina

Essie Demure Vixen
Stamp: SH Color Quick Chrome Pen in Pink Chrome
Plate: BM201
TC: Seche Vite 

American Eagle Nail Polishes

Hello lovelies,

  So over the weekend my mommy, a friend of ours and myself went on a little (much deserved) girls day out at the mall. It was great , I always have the best time with my mom. We're "like this" *crosses fingers* lol. So anyways, while there I made a pit stop for some much needed new jeans. Truth is that no jeans fit me like American Eagle jeans. So while I was headed for the checkout this huge bowl of nail polishes caught my eye. They had a few neons and the colors I'm about to show you today. They are so cute. I love the bottles (they hold a little less than a Hard Candy bottle).

  So these pretties are un-named. I would call 90 Miles to Cuba. I know that's a bit obscure but basically from Key West, FL to Cuba it's 90 miles. This color reminds me of Key West beach water. But I didn't want to come up with something so obvious lol. Key West beach water is literally this exact shade of Turquiose. Just stunning. The shimmer in this so perfectly captures that essence of Key West. The formula for this was a BITCH. It was like that of a neon. You know? Where it is streaky and likes to drag. This was Three patient coats and I will say that it is so worth it. The final product is a beautiful and calming creamy Turquiose shimmer.

  And this one I couldn't think of anything cool so I'm just gonna call it Coral Bits. This one is a Coral-y- Red. Sooo pretty. I'm not sure how I chose this over the pretty neons but something about the juiciness of this color was speaking to me. Not quite Red, not quite Coral but something in-between. This one unlike 90 miles to Cuba has a dreamy formula. It borders on being jelly like and it is super easy to work. This was two coats.
  For last minute little impulse buys I am super happy with these cuties. I am willing to get over the fact that the Turquiose shade has a crappy formula because I managed to solve the issue in Three coats and the color payoff is so worth it. I am also really loving the Coral shade because it is so perfect for the coming summer months.

What do you think? Will you be checking your AE's for polishes?
<3 Cristina

AE Turquiose
Stamp: CG Techno teal
Plate: BM-224
TC: Seche Vite

AE Coral
Stamp: Konad White SP
Plates: BM11, M83
TC: Seche Vite