Wednesday, May 11, 2011

O.P.I Pirates Week- Sparrow me the Drama & Silver Shatter

It may be Pirates week here at LTHP but...

  It is still Pink Wednesday and how convenient this collection has a lovely dusty Pink as part of this collection. Behold!

Sparrow me the Drama (I love the name on this one because I live by these words haha). This color is so pretty. Is it the most unique color? No, BUT I love how muted it is. I love how they manages to take a Springy Pink and make it kinda dirty and still have it totally amazing and pretty. The formula is great and smooth. A solid Two- coater. This doesn't really remind me of Jack Sparrow but it's still a lovely color and it ties into the collection so well. For this one I decided to go with the feather stamp from BM plate 214.

 And here is Sparrow me the Drama  under Silver Shatter. I really love this combo a lot.

  Happy Pirate Pink Wednesday! I hope you are all having a great week. I'm having a great time playing around with these colors.
<3 Cristina

OPI sparrow me the Drama
Stamp: Black Cherry Chutney
Plate: BM214
TC: Seche Vite

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

O.P.I Pirates Week- Steady as She Rose & Silver Shatter


  Don't ask... I'm so excited for this movie to come out! It looks crazy good and of course I will be rocking one of my O.P.I shades when I go see it... Which one? I have yet to decide but the mani shall be awesome.

  Today I am featuring Steady as She Rose. Uh-mazing!! This one is a soft dusty Greyed-out Lavender. I don't have to stress how much I love this color, right? The formula for this color is amazing. It just kinda melted on my nails and covered perfectly in two coats. This is my Second favorite from this collection, so far. I'm really not sure how my design comes into play with the Pirates theme but something about the color of the stamp and the little jewels remind me of a treasure chest, like little flower shaped doubloons :).

   And here is Silver Shatter over Steady as She Rose. Again, another soft contrast but very beautiful. Pictured taken with Silver Shatter applied over a coat of Seche Vite to make sure the base was fully dry but no SV was used after the Silver Shatter was applied. The effect is easier to photograph this way. Plus I just freaking love the finish/effect SS adds when it dries.

  Loving.. LOVING this color! These soft, yet gritty, tones really get me going and I love how they look on my vampire hands...Can you guess what's coming tomorrow? I bet you can! 

Also, Muffin sends her love and will be back this Monday!!

Thanks for stopping by!! 
<3 Cristina

OPI Steady as She Rose
Stamp: OPI Brisbane Bronze
Plate: BM211
Gems: BP Store
TC: Seche Vite

(** The O.P.I products featured above were sent by O.P.I for review.**)

Monday, May 9, 2011

O.P.I Pirates Week - On Stranger Tides & Silver Shatter

Hello my darlings!!

  I'm sorry this post is another late one but I have been playing catch- up all day long today. Things will be back to normal around here tomorrow. SO! I have decided it is time to do another themed week! I have chosen to dedicate this one to O.P.I. I have to take back every single thing I said about the Pirates of the Caribean Collection lol. I will gladly swallow my words of disappointment. Once I realized this was an extension of the Brights Group I could see the cohesiveness and inspirations behind them and have really grown to LOVE this collection.

  I really wanted to feature each color separately because I came back from Ohio with a Million ideas for each individual color in this collection. The whole "pirates and mermaids and sea life" theme has inspired me and truth is I really missed coming up with ideas brought on by the colors, names and themes of collections. So instead of a swatch post I decided to do another O.P.I themed week. I hope you guys enjoy my manis. At the end of the week I will do a recap of all the colors and will give you my final thoughts on the collection. For now please enjoy the upcoming manis :)

  I wanted to start with the namesake of the collection On Stranger Tides. This is possibly my favorite color from this collection. This is a lovely light murky sage Green creme. It's gritty, it's dirty and I am smitten with this color. It manages to be flattering and Springy even though it has a certain muted quality about it. The formula on this was so creamy smooth and easy to work with. This was Two coats. For this one I wanted to emmulate, What else? But Murky Waters with the stamping and really ended up loving this simple look.

 And here is On Stranger Tides with Silver Shatter on top. How awesome is Silver Shatter? For this I used a slightly thick coat and just let it work it's magic. There isn't a huge contrast between the Two colors but in person it is really very lovely. Silver Shatter is quickly becoming my favorite out of any shatter/crackle polish I own. This pic was taken Pre- top coat because I really love how Silver Shatter dries.

  And there you have the first of a series of manis inspired by the O.P.I Brights: Pirates of the Caribean Collection. I'm so excited to show you guys this collection now that I have my head on straight about it lol. O.P.I has this ability to create colors that creep up on me and I always end up loving everything they do. Yes, even (most) of the Texas Collection haha. 

I hope you guys are as excited as I am! I'm so in love with these and so happy to be back to doing my thing!
<3 Cristina

O.P.I On Stranger Tides
Stamp: OPI Here today Aragon Tomorrow
Plate: M65
TC: Seche Vite

(** The O.P.I Products featured in this post were sent by O.P.I for Review**)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's day with Essie Haute as Hello

Hello lovelies!!!!

  Happy Mother's Day Sunday!! I've missed you all so much! I just got back from Ohio today and as soon as I unpacked and ate the First thing that came to mind was this cute little mani. This color was part of my swap with Carina.
Haute as Hello is an awesome Creamsicle Orange creme that borders on being neon. I'm so into Orange lately and this one is so... Yummy! Now, the formula was a slight pain in the behind because of that slight neon finish. It was bit streaky and draggy but for the most part it leveled out at Three patient coats. This was nothing Seche Vite could not handle ;). I really love the final look with the cute little flower stickers. It is not often I like using stickers but sometimes they just work. A very happy mother's day to all of the great Mommy's out there!!

I missed you guys soo much!!
<3 Cristina